Did Arsenal job affect Unai Emery’s mental state?

Unai Emery’s ex-girlfriend Sacha Wright for his failings at Arsenal, calling her a ‘white witch’, as their break-up coincided with a losing streak which ultimately cost the Spaniard his job in December.

Sacha has revealed that the former Seville coach just couldn’t be taken seriously in the end, and that she got the blame for the failings at the club.

“It was then that he blamed me for getting him the sack,” she claimed. “He told me I was a white witch as I had brought him so much bad luck.

“He said, ‘It was the day we broke up that we started to lose’.

She jetted out to meet the former Gunners’ boss in December shortly after getting back together, only to be blamed for the failings which ultimately cost him his job.

“I flew out to meet him in San Sebastian just before New Year’s Eve and it was then that he blamed me for Arsenal losing.

“I trusted Unai and really believed we would get married and have kids together one day.

“I thought he was a gentleman and a real family man. But in the end I realised he was not ready for a serious relationship.”

She continued to reveal that while she was committed to a long-term relationship and becoming a family, the difficult relationship just couldn’t head in that direction.

“We would meet up after most games and sometimes during the week too,” she added. “If the team had not been playing well he would tell me, ‘I’m having a tough time. It’s very stressful at the moment’.

“He was always watching football and checking the results.

“He would even lie in bed with one game on his computer and another one on his tablet. This would be in the morning and also right before we went to sleep.

“It was bit annoying but it was his routine and I accepted it.”

As much as there are two sides to every story, this seriously sounds like the former Arsenal coach, who led our side to the Europa League final last term, may have been feeling the pressure of the job.

I’m no psychologist, but trying to label his ex a ‘white witch’ and blaming her for the club’s failings sounds like somebody who needs a reality check.

Unai Emery is currently being linked with the AC Milan job, and this latest story may not portray him in the best light.

Did Emery’s home life affect the team’s performance? Will this story hinder his hopes of a return to action?


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  1. He has literally blamed everyone else for his failure except for himself.
    He needs to accept he didn’t succeed and move on, he’s continuing to lose respect everytime he makes a new excuse

    1. I believe it was not his fault totally. What I saw was players not putting any effort to get the manager sacked. He is a great coach he just lack the mentality to control players egos.

  2. Don’t think so, more other way around. His professional life obviously affected his personal. Indeed very stressed out by EPL’s pressure with a huge challenge on his back; replace Wenger.

    I did write few time that he was mentally affected, losing himself, isolating in his depression.

    It is not a funny topic, glad he left, not fall furthermore….

    Hope is well as all of you guys…

    Arsenal is not an easy Club to manage, he saw it after just missing out CL spot in bofh EPL final race & EL.

    He deserved then to build team to add what we missed to achieve goal: 3 players:

    Partey who was not played enough in Milan then.

    Zaha who fought to join us.

    Maguire or Koulibaly to play with Kos.

    Kroenke refused to pay for these players, all clubs asked for straight deals.

    Kroenke gave 50M budget to add to players’s sales… Strategy was to target clubs that accepts payment plans.

    25M for Pepe
    10 for Saliba
    10 for Tierny.

    Kroenke pulled a trick but look what brought these 3 players and imagine team with other 3 addition instead.

    We would be a better team for sure and Kos would have stayed then. Zaha was in great form and EPL ready so does Maguire, Partey showed how dominant he is in midfield since.

    Like Wenger convincing Suarez and Kante, adding Sanchez we saw and Ozil in such team then would have of course secured multiple titles , not struggle so much.

    Sack coaches in these conditions is shameful. Arteta saw task ahead of him last on winter’s window. Asked for Koulibaly while Napoli wanted to sell and made Torreira as proriority.. We should have locked him then same for lock up he requested in both defensive flanks…

    Of course Emery would leave done better and Koulibaly helped this outrageous central defense that won’t ever allow us to play and win.

    1. Managing a top club is stressful
      Emery had coached at Seville and PSG which would certainly have been stressful but it didn’t stop him applying for the Arsenal job.
      I’m afraid that I can’t put too much store on what his ex girlfriend thought. She probably wanted to sell a story and now I am commenting on it then it has worked I’m always suspicious of these types of story
      Of course I am sorry that his inability to grow the club ended in his departure but if you have mental health concerns then top level football management certainly isn’t the best career choice.
      I do genuinely think he was a decent bloke but he got paid handsomely for his efforts
      It is a pay off. An easier life or the stress of a top level appointment. It goes, I’m afraid, with the territory

  3. I find it really sad that a, basically nice human being, was pushed to this kind of action.

    I must say, I feel a little guilty now, having been one who was calling for his head, without realising the enormous pressure he must have been under.

    I guess this story is a lesson to all of us who think we know how to run a top club like The Arsenal.
    Just look how more relaxed and happy our previous manager looks these days – I hope UE makes it at his next club, however that is.

    Good luck in the future Unai – time is a great healer.

  4. All my instincts as an older fan who has been several times around the block, scream out to me that this story is either made up or, which is more likely, the actions of a woman scorned for whatever reason. I just think it extremely unlikely that UE would have labelled her a “white witch”.

    More importantly, this story whatever it shows, is absolutely NONE of OUR business and it is tasteless for anyone, myself included to commentate on it. Lets ALL leave it there and move on instead to something that just may be true.

  5. Emery has to take some of the responsible, but not much in my opinion, because he inherited an absolute nightmare!

    When one looks at the state of the club, and the squad when Emery joined, and then the crippling injuries on top of that, I feel he definitely overachieved in his first season. That Ramsey injury near the end of the season, was what finished us off. Our form just nosedived after that.

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