Did Arsenal just trigger another striker’s release clause?

It looks like the impatient and increasingly worried ranks of Arsenal fans might not have to wait too much longer before we find out who will be Arsene Wenger´s second signing of the summer after the Switzerland international midfield star Granit Xhaka.

There has also been the Nigerian wonderkid Kelechi Nwakali but that was a deal done a while back and we probably won’t see him in the Arsenal first team for some time. The second signing that I am talking about seems likely to be the young Brazilian forward Gabriel Barbosa according to a report in the Express.

There have been a growing number of Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the talented 19-year old and the report reveals that Brazilian broadcaster Radio Bandeirantes claimed that a Premier League club has just made a transfer bid of ·15 million which is enough to activate a release clause in his contract with Brazilian club Santos.

Surely it must be the Gunners and Wenger that have done this, if it is true of course, and you would think that we are not going to have another Jamie Vardy situation here, although Santos was the club that managed to persuade the Barcelona star Neymar that he would be better off staying with them an extra year.

It sounds like an exciting move for Arsenal but would that be the only new striker we signed or has Wenger got other irons in the fire?

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  1. Mixed feeling about thid kid. Predominantly a right winger who reminds me of Hulk when he emerged on the scene but he has been featured as a center forward in all Brazil’s group games at the Copa. Looks like a proper talent but he’ll probably cost a LOT of money.

    1. His passing and ball control is in a different league compared to Hulk. Hulk for me is one of those Brazilians who doesn’t play like a Brazilian. Not for a forward anyway. This kid looks Brazilian, his passing at times looks to be a step or two ahead of his opponent. Granted I just watched his highlights/clips, but from what was shown, he looks a tricky little customer. He looks strong like Hulk, but not the height. And we know what they say about lower sense of gravity. For me, scoring fifty goals in just under 150 games at his age is a fine return. One goal in three games for a kid who’s up against experienced pros leads me to believe that their is surely something to work with here. Even if we pull the trigger and fail on this one – We should pull the trigger some more while we are looking into S America. Hit up Argentina, Uruguay, Chille, and again Brazil while we are out there.

  2. I thought the Takuma Asano rumors were a joke..Now he came forward and said he is surprised by Arsenal’s approach and seems to hint at a loan move…………………………………………………

      1. There might be two ways of looking at this one. The first way which springs to mind is obviously shirt sales. Would sell millions of shirts. Money from shirt sales might just give us those extra millions to go and bid for one of the biggest players.

        The second way of looking, is that he might be seen as capable of filling in for Welbeck for a while. None of our current wingers can fill in up top the way Welbeck can. He is only twenty, so he might improve over the future.

        I’m not sure about this one though. The Japanese are very honourable with matters you want them to be discreet with. Unless that’s just me from watching too many Samurai movies and stuff. We’ll see, but if it’s a case of a player using us to better his own options, again, getting a bit fed up of it.

  3. i just thought that i would fancy/support it if we bought hulk 😀 but sadly i just saw that he will go to china.. no player with ambitions would change to china.. well if he wanted to go to a club without ambitions he should have come to us 😛 (i’m an akb, take it with humor 🙂 )

  4. This summer is the summer of releasing clauses….

    Pls let get more names for Wenger and Arsenal to that requires clauses to be activated!

    I start with Ricardo Rodriguez..19mrelease clause! Smiles**

  5. They say Arsene Wenger often buys players the fans don’t want right?

    Well, I like the way folks are kicking against a move for Lacazette. That means we are getting our guy.?

    Seriously though, people saying stuff about Lacazette don’t know what they saying.

    Get me Gabigol and Lacazette, I’ll say we are fully prepared for seasons to come.

  6. Who was Aubameyang at Saint-Eteinne, and who is he now at Dortmund? Of course your guess is as good as mine! A worldclass striker isn’t he? Oh Arsene pls get me Gabigol and I don’t give a damn of how u rate me!

  7. Aubameyang was already a star at St. Ettiene. He was even top scorer sometime. Other times, second top scorer. And shining at international level too. I used to watch him a lot and I was actually disappointed in Wenger not getting Aubameyang instead of Giroud who was a one season wonder back then. Dortmund just helped him attract more attention. On the other hand, I don’t know how many goals Gabigol has scored. I just think it’s a gamble signing him but it’s okay. Since we can’t get the best forwards, let’s get the promising ones.

  8. Wenger is at it again WHO THE HELL IS TAKUMA ASANO. Arsenal need a proven Top Quality Striker not some guy Wenger bumped into on the Streert. Please Wenger go manage England.

  9. Do we really believe Wenger will bring in a 19 year old and trust him to lead the line?

    For me it is clear if this kid is brought in Giroud will lead the line and that would be bad news.

  10. Its highly unlikely we were going to get a replacement of Giroud, in the case of (Vardy), he was not there to replace Giroud but to fill in for Welbeck, all of us want that replacement for Giroud and i guess we will still be waiting for that this season, (Lukaku) is who i still see as a proper replacement.

    In regards to Takuma Asona from the clippings from youtube, he seem to be well built, good pace and has some amount of finishing ability, young and untested in this league, but we must realise that talents are all over the world and with proper grooming could become world stars, some of the fans only believe in the finish article and do not realise that some of the finish acts we are craving for was at one point a TAKUMA.

    The money mention is just a drip in arsenal bucket (A mean Barrel) and lets hope if deal come to pass Asona will develop as expected and not injury prone as a promising Ryo, However, this does not mean we must stop trying filling the positions needed in te sebior squad, because this season will be quite competitive and we need a good start

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