Did Arsenal over celebrate after beating Fulham?

Arsenal won their fourth straight league game of the season in as many matches when they beat Fulham yesterday.

It is a result that makes them the only team to have won all their matches in the league in this campaign.

Prior to the fixture, Fulham had not lost any of their opening three games, even though they faced Liverpool in their first match of the campaign.

Beating them was tough, but Arsenal showed incredible character to secure the win, with Gabriel Magalhaes scoring the winner after giving Fulham a helping hand in getting their goal.

They understandably celebrated the win at the end of the game, who wouldn’t?

But BeIN Sport pundits Richard Keys and Andy Gray believed they over celebrated.

Keys said, as quoted by Express Sport: “Steady, it’s Fulham! And they trailed at one time. 

“Yeah, well played, you came back to win it and they keep their 100 per cent record intact. But they haven’t won the [Premier League] title tonight. They have won a London derby.”

Gray added: “They have had nothing much to cheer about over the last few years-”

Just Arsenal Opinion 

These same people will criticise us if we had lost or drop points in that game, and now they have a problem with how we celebrated the win.

We have the right to celebrate how we want, and it is normal now to get criticisms about our celebration, so we won’t change.

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  1. I say dont give KEYS and GRAY the oxygen of publicity they crave.

    IGNORE THEIR ODD VIEWS ALTOGETHER. They are no longer mainstream football people anyway, since they were forced off Sky Sports ages ago

    1. Agree. It was laughable punditry and should be ignored. Even more so because one of the reasons for the celebrations was that we were trailing in the second half.

  2. What did they say when Tuchel ran the entire length of the pitch to celebrate a goal against Spurs?

  3. Not only should they celebrate how they see fit , this also shows a lot of disrespect to Fulham. Their just a pair of wrong’uns who got found out and sacked

  4. Keys is a prize wally, just a pedant with his head up his own backside. Nobody likes pedants.

  5. One day, a football pundit will actually analyse the tactics in depth and say something useful/interesting that we didn’t already know.

    I may have a problem with players’ wages, but pundits are on another level of pointlessness – total waste of time and money paying them (often 3 at a time plus a presenter) to say nothing of any value whatsoever.

    An AI program to introduce football would be as good.

    This article reminded me that my dad watches football on mute, he hates the drivel commentators and pundits spout.

    1. Shrewd and to the point post.TV punditry has become a sort of parasiticaland self serving TV industry that contributes almost nothing, and at huge cost.

      We could well do without it at all. We could also well do without all the irritating and time consuming theme tunes and all sorts of intros which are basically just time and space fillers and of no real use to anyone watching . Though they feed the egos and bank accounts of TV execs and self serving pundits, of only a tiny few say anything interesting or new to us at all.

    2. I do the same as your dad . I would love it if a TV company would show matches with no commentary. I could enjoy the crowd noise and not have to listen to commentators who have a degree in the bleeding obvious

    3. @IDontKnowWhyIcare, I agreed with your point. But having problems with players wages is an attribute of witchcraft and Wizardry. They are not paid with your monies, please let them so they deliver for what they are being paid for.

  6. Why is there an article on here featuring two has been know nothings who were unceremoniously kicked out of Sky tv for their comments and now banished to, I believe , Qatar, a country not associated with anything wholesome, liberated or fair?

  7. Can’t stand Andy Gray Richard Keys or Martin Tyler not one of them. Andy thinks he knows everything

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