Did Arsenal really deserve all 3 points at BATE? Emery thinks so….

Unai Emery was defiant in the face of criticism after the Gunners were humbled by BATE in Belarus against a team that hadn’t played competitively for two months. The Spaniard yet again left Ozil out completely and he defended his team selection after the game. “Last week we won and we played with the same players,” he said. “For me today there was no difference to the performance. We deserved to win but didn’t get the result.”

“They were very organized defensively and they found the moment in the game. It’s not for one player or another. We can win with every player and lose with the same players.”

This same team struggled to beat bottom side Huddersfield last weekend, and many think that we were lucky to get away with a win, so it was a similar performance to last week, but neither of them were impressive!

But Emery must be praying that they can get themselves together for the return leg even though Lacazette can’t play, and he is confident that we will turn it around. “It’s the first match,” Emery continued. “We are going to play another 90 minutes next week and I’m sure it’s going to be different.

“Our big opportunity is next week at home. Today is not the result we wanted. We deserved more but they worked for this. Next week is going to be different with our supporters.”

We certainly hope so because we can hardly afford to crash out of the only competition we have a chance of winning at this early stage. Surely Emery must be feeling the pressure right now…



  1. ken1945 says:

    Just like one of our ex-manager famously said…I” didn’t see it”.

    This time though, he must be talking about the complete 90 minutes if he thinks we deserved to win!!

    1. Phil says:

      Ken-is there any real difference in the performances to when AW was Manager for his last season?Im all for giving Emery time but THAT performance against THAT team on Thursday was totally unacceptable.
      Is there progress?Do we look like a team that is ready to threaten the Top4?I can’t see it.
      We have good players at this Club.We have one EXEPTIONAL footballer at this Club.The issue is the Manager just wont play him.

      1. Durand says:

        Phil I think Emery is responsible for that woeful performance.
        1. Emery said he is about attacking football, being protagonists, where is it then?
        2. Emery said rather win 5-4 than 1-0. Then why play 3 CB and 6 or 7 defenders every match? That won’t get you 5 goals or anything close.
        3. Team starved of creativity and sterile offensively despite having 2 WC strikers. Yet Emery runs out Iwobi who clearly isn’t at that level yet, and Mhki who has proved to be a bust time and time again.

        His spat with Ozil needs to end for the best of all. Play Ozil to help get results on pitch, or play him to shop around for other clubs. Surely Emery must be feeling it now, and hopefully can figure it out for all of us.

        1. Midkemma says:

          ” Play Ozil to help get results on pitch, or play him to shop around for other clubs.”

          Fully agree with this perspective, if fans want to get rid of Ozil then we kinda need to drum up some interest, how are we doing that when Ozil doesn’t make the bench and is consistently bashed by people who think he is lazy.

          I think he can still do an amazing job and not calling for him to be sold, just recognise the logic that if we want to get rid then we need to get someone interested and willing to pay… Who will when he is being treated the way he is?

          1. Durand says:

            I’ve never managed a game Midkemma, but even I know if you want to move a player you have to show him off to sell him.

            Playing him does that, and we need creativity from somewhere. Not to mention he can add a spark or some flair to our dreary play. Fine line between manager stamping authority and losing the clubhouse.

            It’s part of manager’s job to get the best out of their players and making the team better as a whole than individual parts.

            Currently we are floundering; defense a shambles despite 6 or 7 defenders, no creativity, 3 shots on goal is embarrassing, and Emery looks bereft of ideas and solutions.

            Why not try a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-2-1 with Ozil? Not like we’ll play worse, concede more goals, or play boring football. Purely down to Emery now; time to show the reputation he’s earned.

        2. JimBeam says:

          Fully agree. I’m not a fan of Ozil but we have him so let’s play him at least in games that we need a good passing attacking midfielder. If he helps us win that’s great, if he plays terribly that’s great too, it will help Emery’s cause. By not playing him he is actually shooting himself in the foot.
          Look, we would not be talking about Ozil, if we were winning. If we had beat Huddersfield and Bate 5 nil each none of this conversation would be happening. We would be talking about how great the team is.
          So Emery has lost this round, his team without Ozil and Ramsey is not performing. For the good of Arsenal he has to play both, you know that Ramsey will give his all and with Ozil he has nothing to loose.

        3. Kedar says:

          His defensive tactics are causing us too much problems…. 3 at back is worse formation especially when you have ineffective and inefficient wing backs and wingers….
          This formation made tittle for Chelsea considering Hazard and Pedro on Flanks and Marcos Alonso and Mosess on wing backs…
          Chelsea weren’t much fearful like City but they were extremely efficient in final third with Costa, Hazard and Pedro
          We doesn’t have as good as Hazard or even Pedro… Kolasinac is not Alonso… Alonso was goalscorer…
          We have to have flat 4 formation… And we cannot play through wide areas of we want to accommodate Aubameyang and Lacazzet centrally…
          Best would be 4-3-1-2 formation
          With Leno as GK
          AMN, Koscielny, Mavropanas and Kolasinac as backline
          Torreira, Xhaka and Guendozi or Suarez as CM
          Ozil as number 10
          And Aubameyang and Lacazzet as Forwards
          No nonsense and no brainer…

        4. Kedar says:

          Problem is even putting 7 defensive players we are not stop conceding…

      2. Midkemma says:

        I’d say Yes (to real difference) Phil but I guess a lot of people will jump on what I am about to say.

        I was sick of sideways passing with Wenger but even that was better than all the backward passing we have with Emery.

        1. gotanidea says:

          In my opinion, the team play with more direct balls now, but overall they look similar to Wenger’s Arsenal

          1. Midkemma says:

            Your opinion…
            Oh right, so Iwobi is great kinda opinion…
            Like we deserved to win… PMSL.

            Did you watch the game?

            Actually, that was a stupid question from me, I was being idiotic…
            If you watched the game and understood the rules then you wouldn’t be saying the daft things you do say. You fit the GotNoIdea nickname.

            You think we are more direct by getting the ball and passing it backwards so we can build an attack out from the back.. Seriously, I think you need to learn the English language. Passing it back to play out from the back, to use the player numbers to create a ‘free player’ to help progress an attack isn’t direct. That is slow, it is a deviation, we get the ball and go towards their goal via our GK and CBs.

            That is not direct.

            Direct would be from where we get the ball and directly to their GK, not pass back to our GK.

            Do we need to start giving English lessons ?

            1. Pat says:

              Midkemma, thanks for you intelligent and honest analysis of our football under Emery. We can all be passionate, we can have pure support for this player or that manager but none can compare to honesty in a very intelligent way.

              1. Midkemma says:

                Thanks Pat.
                I should cut out the spiteful jabs in my posts and I do rewitte a lot of them to reduce the amount I initially put in, still working to get better on that side though.

                Need to learn to keep my cool better. I’ll always try to explain myself to the best of my ability 🙂

            2. Mobella says:

              Aren’t you too hard on him. You should know the guy understands English perfectly even more than i. He just like being antagonist. So he say some dummest thing sometimes. He has said some thing fat worse than that.

      3. gotanidea says:

        Yes, I wish I have his exceptional salary

        No worries, Emery would most likely start him at the Emirates

        And I agree with Emery, Arsenal deserved to win, but the finishings were bad

      4. ken1945 says:

        Phil, we both can agree on AW’s last season in charge was awful and (it doesn’t matter if he was sacked or decided to go himself) he realised it was time to go.

        We have not improved on the pitch in any way whatsoever judging on the last four matches, but Thursday night, watching on TV, was something else.

        I know that actually being there is totally different and we could still hear our away supporters giving their all. Congrats for that anyway, probably the only positive to come out of the game…our supporters!!!

        Not sure if you’ve caught up with the posts from the game, but, incredibly, some on here don’t see a problem.

        The really deceitfull thing about this is, if Ozil is picked for the return game, they have set him up to be crucified…win and he can only perform against smaller clubs…lose and UE was right in not playing him.
        He is being backed into a corner where he has no way of escaping. I find the whole situation deplorable and I hope he sees his contract out just to show those doing this he won’t be used.

        Did you catch the post of mine where I reprinted Ozils response to being left at home? It speaks volumes of the man himself and his commitment to the club.
        at least he is willing to stay and fight for his place.

        The other one is on the “Is Ramsey a glory hunter” topic and concerns our thoughts on wenger’s autobiography…I would love to know your views on these two subjects.

        Hope the journey home was not too bad consideringwhat we are discussing…

        1. Phil says:

          Ken-I’m too hooked on JA to not scroll through at least once a day even when away.So I’m up to date with all the Headline Topics and also the quotes from Emery himself and the supporters.
          My take on the topics you mentioned
          Aaron Ramsey would have stayed at Arsenal for the rest of his career if he could have.Emery himself stayed before he arrived that he would build the team around Ramsey as a No10.So for Ramsey to have his contract proposal removed is something we will,as supporters,never know the full story.Good footballer Ramsey.Not great.But good.On days he was very good.But can we do better?Especially with the wage demands?I would like to think so.As for being a Glory Hunter.I don’t buy that.If he was he would have jumped ship years ago.I hope he enjoys life in the beautiful city of Turin.But I’m afraid he will be a squad player there and not a first team regular.
          Mesut Ozil-HD a player EVER divided opinion as much as him?I just love great FOOTBALLERS.Robert Pires was a GREAT FOOTBALLER.Patrick Viera was a HREST FOOTBALLER.And of course like you I agree the best of the lot was Dennis Bergkamp.We have had great players here since the Invincibles.Cesc was outstanding.So was RVP for two seasons.I would Class Ozil with Fabregas and RVP in terms of ability.BUT.Those two regularly won games and carried the team.Ozil does not.BUT.Its difficult for ANY PLAYER to play in a team with a Manager insisting on tactics that are completely alien to the players.Its also impossible when you are continually overlooked.
          I have a feeling Ozil will win any field with Emery.He has a longer contract and the teams recent performances DEMAND Emery plays him,starting on Thursday evening.Then it’s up to Ozil.He simply MUST make a difference.With Lacazette suspended Emery has the opening to slot him into a No10 in a free role with PEA in front of him.Lets get a 4411 on the pitch and get at them.Ozil will give us creativity we just do not have when he’s not in the team.But the question is will he be able to keep his place no matter how well he plays and influences the team?Thats on Ozil to a certain extent but on Emery to decide.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Thanks for your thoughts Phil.
            For the first time ever, I am debating whether to make the journey down on Thursday, I feel rather ahamed of my club and the actions being taken off and on the field.
            Never ever thought I would say or feel like this.

            What about the names AW has come up with that he tried to sign?

            Xabi Alonso says he was ready to sign, but we wouldn’t / couldn’t find the extra £3 million be asked!!
            Doesn’t this sound sooo familiar?

            1. Phil says:

              Well Ken,maybe Kronke will realise that good sound investment NOW is what is needed.If we don’t improve the quality of the team we will soon be overtaken be Wolves and Everton.Perhaps that’s whats needed.The stock value that is now100% with the owner will fall dramatically and by then we are playing catch up just to get back into the Top6 let alone CL places.
              I’m hoping Kronke will give the Msnager a £200m Transfer budget because that’s whats needed.But even then we will not be getting the players who will only want CL Football.
              It’s going to be an interesting summer I believe.
              And got you to even think about not coming to the Emirates on Thursday Ken is reflecting the mood of many.I predict a 40,000 attendence at best.

        2. Midkemma says:

          “I hope he sees his contract out just to show those doing this he won’t be used.”

          I hope he does as well. It could also help the club to learn how to deal with players better, I liked the respect we shown Giroud at the end which is (in my opinion) worthy of being proud about. How the club is treating Ozil… It is embarrassing.

          I hope it won’t put other star players off joining us, well, any that would join a club in our position.

      5. gooner4life says:

        Totally agree, that performance was completely unacceptable ti will be interesting to see if UE plays Ozil for the return match. Ozil is a lazy player but he can open the opponents defence with one pass which can change the whole match.Although he will need to provide two passes if we are to go through to the next round. To be paying Ozil £350K each week for doing nothing is just disgraceful.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      I’m hearing it’s because he pulled a sicky just because he didn’t want to be on the bench for the Tott game. If that is true then that is not at all professional, players in reserve are praying that they’ll get a chance to come on and impress in the NLD, it’s disrespectful to them and to the club that’s paying your bills. See this is the thing, we don’t know what’s going on back there. Some say it’s because of his wages, but I can’t imagine Alexis would get this treatment if it was he who stayed. Some say they had a butting of heads, fell out with one another, I can see this, we have a manager who tries not to give preferential treatment and we have a player that was used to it throughout his career. Some say it’s because of that newspaper story, that Ozil organized the event and Emery is mad because they brought Guendouzi along, and Ozil should’ve known better and the other players look up to him. Others just believe that Ozil does not fit with the team as well as he’d like, we have two strikers and then if Ozil plays it is very narrow up top. Some say it’s because of the training ritual, Ozil did not dive right in and do what is asked of him. Others say Emery is just being a d**k, trying to show who’s boss. Some say it is due to bonus fees on top of the huge wage. There are more but you get my point, we have no idea what went on to cause the split, and in my opinion something happened.

      1. ken1945 says:

        So where did you hear this from B.O.T.?
        I constantly scoure the media looking for any Arsenal topics, but haven’t come across the information you have unearthed…I am not disputing what you say, just would love to know the source.
        Thanks fellow gooner.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I’ve heard this in numerous places from fans, website articles, social media and basically opinions from all over. It’s been going on all season. The one today I read from an article online, in newsnow, also I think I came across it yesterday. About the sicky and him not wanting to report fit because he knew he wouldn’t start. It said he had a scan and it revealed something slight with his back and it being close to his hamstring, but the staff felt he could’ve easily played the game and that he exaggerated the injury. Like I said, no-one knows much except maybe the people on the inside.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            It’s on Metro that article I spoke about above, headline says Arsenal coaches believe Ozil has been exaggerating his injury, and crediting it to the Daily Mail. Surely you remember fans saying as much yourself and articles in here bringing up the topic. As for the others, and more, I’ve heard loads of reasons for his falling out over the last 5 months. Which goes to show that nobody has a clue. Even now when I went looking for that latest one I heard, I came across another one saying that Arsenal players know the reason and it involves Neymar.

    3. Malcolm Townsend says:

      Look at the state of the pitch when they come to the Emirates they will get stuffed wait and see

  2. Midkemma says:

    The way we played… I hate to admit it but we deserved to lose. Football under Emery is boring and pathetic. High line with slow defenders, asking Iwobi to be a creator, tactics that clearly hamper our strikers from free flowing goalscoring.

    I hope we win our home game but I am dreading it, I don’t want that day to arrive yet… I can’t handle another humiliating performance.

    I have not missed a single game for years, I honestly can’t recall the last game I missed, I can’t ignore us when we are playing and now I am dreading that day. I wish I could switch my support off at times like this, the pain is horrid.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Three easy home games should be enough as the team’s confidence booster before facing Tottenham

      There is no way Aubameyang and Lacazette would let those games to be goalless and it should be entertaining to see

      1. Midkemma says:

        You like watching paint dry?
        Do you have something wrong with your head, was you dropped on it at a young age?

        Auba and Laca will prob have to share 4 chances created between them both, they will prob score but that is cause we have two top class CF who could walk into any team in the EPL.

        It is a shame we have a clueless manager and moronic fans like you who like the boring crp.

        1. ken1945 says:

          gotanidea, is that so?
          How comes they let the easy game on Thursday end with neither scoring a goal between them?
          Perhaps they weren’t supplied with the necessary through balls to allow them to do so?

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “Last week we won and we played with the same players,”
    what a stupid thing to say, sorry I ain’t sorry!
    So last week against Huddersfield we played and won perfectly that the same team needs to play on Thursday.
    What’s the difference between Emery and Wenger in his last years??
    I don’t think this one is learning anything and I think his ego is bigger than the club. His decisions are affecting the club, everyone outside the club already know this but it seems he doesn’t care.
    I pointed it out before, he had my support when appointed, but within 5 months, I knew he’s not the one to take us to the top, and I still stand by my belief.
    Yes he hasn’t spend as Pep and Klopp did, but you could point out improvements and point out the changes those managers had before they spent. At least you saw the sign but here, it’s as if the club took two steps forward and four steps backwards

    1. Midkemma says:

      You seen it before me Eddie, I was saying that it was still the honeymoon period… I can’t disagree with what you say anymore, I see it and I am glad I am not saying he needs multiple windows to sort it out.

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Midkemma good for you.. People who ignore the truth are the people who fail to see how the team is shaping and how things were going downwards earlier on because they chose to wallow in the illusion that we are going places under Emery, I tell you why it’s bad? Because these same people knew and saw the truth, everyone knew during that unbeaten run, we struggled a lot and were lucky to win some of the games, they saw it and how it was shaping but choosing to ignore the truth just to make themselves feel good is cowardice.
        When you see someone pointing a gun at you, you know it’s a potential threat, loaded gun or not loaded, you don’t wait for the triggered to be pulled before you take cover. I don’t need to give him three seasons before I save myself from the heartache and illusion we call change

        1. Jah son says:

          I give thanks for people like you who spend tons of time writing to explain the simple problems we face as a club. You are a true fan boy ? I lift my hat to you for never giving in.

          1. Sarmmie says:

            As in, there are times I have a lot to say at times but I just can’t type so long and that much. I’ll just wish there’s an avenue for voice notes

        2. Midkemma says:

          It was you who did the article about the 22 games wasn’t it?
          I remember articles easier than who wrote them, sorry 😛 It stuck in my head as it got me thinking.

          Not so much to you Eddie but to others, please do take the time to watch Emery tactics with Arsenal along with why TiFo Football thinks letting Ramsey go is a mistake. I don’t agree with it all but I personally enjoyed them, thought provocative.

          Like how some articles on this site get me thinking, it’s enjoyable.

          1. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Lol..funny guys. Massive respect ?

  4. Mobella says:

    I have seen all sort derogatory words like ; No backbone, Lazy, Mentally fragile, Weak and dross used to describe some of our players both ex and present. If at those words should be put side by side with a professional athlete name. Players like Ozil, Ramsey, Walcot Giroud ( mentioned for reference purpose ) had been and still called all sorts of names because some fans think and/or believed they are not fit or of required qualities to wear the red and colour of our dear club. This make me wonder and to ask my fellow fans what qualities or skill sets must a play have or don’t have to be called lazy, have no backbone because literally a man with a piece of vertebrates missing or broken can’t even stand upright let alone kick a football. So I ask, is Theo Walcott with 71 goals and 48 assists in epl and 108 goals in all comp can’t be called lazy or has no backbone or Giroud with 105 goals in 253 with 89 of those in epl deserved to be called lamppost and as for Ozil and Ramsey enough has been said about them. What do guys think

    1. Durand says:

      Giroud was a one dimensional player, never scored 20 PL goals in a season, went 17 games scoreless, despite never having real competition.

      Walcott could run fast and speed was top class, the dribbling, taking on defenders, and his strength were lacking. Also when was the last time he was consistent or took a game by the scruff of the neck to get a result?

      Those qualities have been missing for years. We saw flashes of that with Sanchez, but that’s it. I know players I’m speaking of cost money; when has Arsenal been in for them? When have we moved players on to upgrade? Giroud was the last for Aubamayang, and Sokratis has more fight than quality.

      It’s manager’s job to find a way to get more from players, is it not? Fans may be demanding, but shouldn’t they be? They pay lots of money and aren’t getting value for it. That blame falls on the whole club; Kronke down to Raul, down to Emery, and down to players.

      Fans spending to be entertained allows them to live that lifestyle, and high time they give us value for it. It’s a ruthless business or it should be. Win or be entertaining, and currently Arsenal are doing neither.

      Bring on Willock, Saka, or Medley if you have too; can’t be worse than what we have at the moment.

      Criticize my opinion, that’s fair enough, but no one should ever question my love or support for this club, the expectations I have for it, and my speaking up when disappointed.

      1. Mobella says:

        I agree with all you said by Walcott and Giroud but you still don’t answer my question. What qualities much a player has to be called lazy or hardworking and how is it relevant to winning or losing the match. We have in football what is call interception, recovery, ground covering, duel won and stuff like that which every player in a match has statistics for. Can a lazy player that does nothing on the field has an number except 0 for those. That is what I want to know.

        1. Durand says:

          Results carry more weight than stats, for me at least. So what if player runs 6 miles, 100% sideways and backpassing. I’ll take the guy runs 4 miles and finds bit of magic to make the pass or volley the deflection that wins match.

          We can debate semantics all day long, but if guy is garbage for 80 minutes but slots home a goal in the 85 minute to win, which matters?

          Kola can’t defend well, but if his cross results in assist and we win 3-2, do we focus on stats or results?

          If Auba misses a sitter, but scores winning goal from a 20 yard rocket outside the box, which matters more; 3 pt result or the missed sitter stat?

          I’m more concerned about outcomes than results, others see things differently and that’s fine also. To each their own; in opinions and thoughts.

          1. Durand says:

            “Outcomes than stats” it should read. My apologies

            1. Andrew E says:

              I agree with Durand about Giroud and add that he did not have a single shot on target during the whole World Cup campaign.

    2. ken1945 says:

      Mobella, the biggest problem with our supporters is that we have to be seen as being either for or against.

      There is no middle ground that can be discussed without abuse of the poster, their level of education, mental ability, their age or use of language.

      This is a type of relentless bullying that needs to be eradicated,

      This kind of abuse then escalates to players and the question of their ability, mental fraility, commitment as you so rightly point out.

      Of course the players probably don’t/can’t read this, but that doesn’t justify the actions.
      However, we read it, react to it and genuine debate and views are lost in a tirade of accusations and counter accusations that get more contentious with every passing day.

      I have had enough of this and choose to rise above the BS by not conversing with those that do this and I assume that others who feel the same about me would/should do the same.

      I am not so egotistical to think that others couldn’t find my posts just as bad, so I am always ready to accept criticism, learn and apologise when necessary.

      As for wearing the shirt, we should get behind the person wearing it and everyone should remember that, in 99% of cases, those that criticise have never been anywhere near having the talent, backbone, mental strength or ability of those players they continually abuse.

      Just my personal opinion of course Mobella, but it seems more and more of us are getting sick and tired of this kind of abuse, after all we are all, supposedly, supporters of The Arsenal Football Club.

      1. Mobella says:

        “As for wearing the shirt, we should get behind the person wearing it and everyone should remember that, in 99% of cases, those that criticise have never been anywhere near having the talent, backbone, mental strength or ability of those players they continually abuse.” Sir you are talking about me here. I’m a terrible footballer that is why I didn’t make to professional level and pay to watch those guy play. I hardly overly criticize any play if I ever do at all. My father told me to mostly criticize anyone with my positive action, that is show the person i can do it better, than word and if I have to use my word I should first ask myself why I’m not the one doing what I want to complain about if I can do it better. That have be with me most of the time. That is why most of the people I work with tell me I like to do most of the thing myself

        1. ken1945 says:

          I have obviously worded my reply wrongly and I apologise.
          My comment was aimed at those that you were actually hinting at!!
          You have always been positive and I enjoy your posts.
          Sorry old friend, does my post NOW make any sense?

          By the way, your reply enforces my thoughts about your character.

          1. Mobella says:

            I know that for sure. I was just attesting to the point you made there sir.

            1. ken1945 says:

              That’s a relief then!!!
              There’s enough misinterpretation already on here.
              Having re-read it again, I see my mistake.

              It seems we now have a group of fans (old/young – female/male – pro – anti) who won’t be spoken down to, but would rather debate in a friendly rational way, despite sometimes having opposing views.

              Perhaps we will also learn from each other, rather than arguing incessently and I KNOW that I am certainly describing myself in that statement!!

  5. Kedar says:

    If we consider that Arsenal would have taken their chances in the 1st half specially by Mkhitaryan and Lacazzet then we can say we deserved to win but the fact remains same that it was dire performance…..

    1. Jah son says:

      So now games are about first half ?
      How much first half have we won all season?
      The Arsenal of old would have provided giroud with loads of chances. Just by playing to a system.

  6. arsenal#7 says:

    I read comments about us staying in this competition because we have a chance to win it and
    get to Champions League football.

    Is there anyone realistically expecting us to win this?
    Please start a list. It would be interesting to see how many of the posters actually believe it.
    I for one see NO possible way the Arsenal can get anywhere near final 4 let alone win it.

    What Emery is saying is the same thing Wenger said for years :We should win but did not!!

    Strange enough the only thing that has changed is the quality of players we have and recruit
    is going downhill.
    We used to have a few 2-4 world class players. we are down to 1 now and our current manager
    is another Mourinho. Let’s see where Iwobi and I got an Idea ,his most devoted fan, gets us this year.

  7. Grandad says:

    Emery is mistaken.

  8. Fola says:

    Left to me I know and believe that this same set of players could have won all those games they drew and lost (especially both man.united games) only one thing was missing (and I speak from a football bettor perspective) *Mesut Ozil* and not because he is Mesut Ozil but because he is the best player Arsenal has (only Aubameyang comes close….if you don’t agree argue with your grandfather and the stats). I say this cos after years of betting I know the effect the best player (and most paid) of a team has when he is playing or otherwise ( I always bet Barca to lose when Messi is not playing…Chelsea to lose when Hazard is not playing…Liverpool to lose when Salah is not playing…(except when these players are injured of course)….these are called value bets…they don’t necessarily lose all but it’s psychological somehow…like you can’t be playing shit when Messi wants to win and all teams know Liverpool are less dangerous without Salah even if he gets substituted out…opposing teams become more cocky) If you don’t bet you might not notice this….but I do know…..and I’ve personally witnessed Ozil and Sanchez take down man.u and Chelsea within 20 minutes of football but somehow Ozil is not good enough to make this dirty squad…I love football fans and their short term memory

  9. rkw says:

    i expect us to win thursday …. if we dont he should go … which gives emery to the seasons end but if he doesnt get in to top 4 which i dont see happening he should go then … need a much hungrier manager with a clear football philosophy which gets us back to playing attractive football with the edge and determination that was lost during wenger’s final decade ..

  10. Sean Williams says:

    Emery has caught the ‘Wenger Virus’. Oh No! The beginnings of delusion at Arsenal. Sorry but we need to think of the future. Time to give Eddie Howe a few years to re-ignite the Arsenal spark. KROENKE OUT!!

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