Did Arsenal really just lose striker transfer to Spurs?

Stranger things have happened in football, but this one does seem on the face of it to be up there with Arsenal signing Sebastien `the squid´ Squillaci or Chelsea deciding to give the goal shy Radamel Falcao another season in the Premier League.

With Arsenal fans still clinging to the hope, and seemingly realistic possibility, that Arsene Wenger will sign the fantastic France international star Karim Benzema from Real Madrid before the summer transfer window ends, the news that we have just lost out to north London rivals Tottenham for the transfer of a different striker might come as a shock.

The player in question is the young Cameroon international Clinton N´Jie (no me neither) and he has just signed for the spuds from Lyon in a deal worth around £10-12 million according to the Daily Star. According to the report, this deal would have been done sooner but the Lyon president said that another big Premier League club tried to get in on the act and the paper is saying it was the Gunners.

There are two things (at least) wrong with this picture in my opinion; firstly that I do not see why we would be after an average and relatively unproven young forward in the first place and secondly that if we were, we would surely have beaten the spuds to his signature.

Do you think that Daniel Levy is just trying to cause mischief and is maybe hoping to convince their long suffering fans that he has just done a brilliant piece of transfer business?

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        1. Remember a couple of years ago, when welbeck, Cleverley, Carroll, Downing and Evans were in the same booth of talent. Look at where they all ended up: Everton, West Ham, unwanted by manu and then welbeck to Arsenal. What was he thinking – that Sturridge 2.0 was possible? I think most of us were able to see that Sturridge had qualities of a goalscorer even when he wasnt performing in Chelsea, where as Welbeck? Only deluded Arsenalfans see that trait.

          What signing do you reckon is the worst: Welbeck or Park?

    1. have we ever stopped for once to think what would have happened if we delayed to complete SANCHEZ’s transfer last summer?……. What would this team have looked like today?

    2. Well played Stoke!……….who says they play rugby?……..i saw a decent team play today against the spud……… How they pulled a comeback from two goals down in few mins:…….Fascinating!…..on the pitch today, there were no clean boys with ridiculous passes of no end product…….. HOW TO DRAW UGLY……..Lloris was fantastic for spuds tho……..on the whole, it was an enjoyable game….. Both sides were entertaining to watch!

      1. The hell with spuds. They are not on the same level as us. We need to bounce back tomorrow. If we don’t it would be worrying times. We lack killer instinct upfront, benzema would turn us into title contenders. Hope this old Wenger gas something planned. Watching aubameyang now, he scored a lovely goal and assisted another lovely goal. There is no chance he would leave Dortmund. Wenger better wrap up the benzema deal.

  1. I doubt very much that it was Arsenal. N’Jie is not who Arsenal needs. Rumour this AM that Arsenal is going for Rabiot. Doubt that – too.
    Benzema is unlikely – Expect Man U to go for CR7 – Benitez will keep Benzema.
    Wenger should go for Cavani.

    1. cavani?
      now theres a new name…i havent seen that name on here for 17 minutes
      theres several names that should be banned from this site…from sheer overuse

      cavani, reus, benzema. category a
      suarez, costa, the word ‘dm’, cat b

          1. I have lost it. Still can’t believe we haven’t signed a quality player. Time is running out. I’m getting more and as days pass by

  2. What an article! I guess of our lack of activity in the market is getting to some of us. Wenger see what you’ve done?

    1. be honest though…kinda impressive who were being linked to, before wenger we were being linked to n’jie and sanogo type players…now look!

    2. Wenger has destroyed our hopes of a title challenge. His lack of activity in the market has cost us the title once again. This old man needs to retire, we need a new manager like klopp.klopp will bring the best out of this team.

      1. Imobile said, that Kloppos only talent is to motivate people. but almost no tactics in training. so i think he cant win anything outside Germany. And what did he win in Germany last season by the way? Klopp for Wenger would be massive weakening, believe me that.

  3. We are not that crazy. Is he better than Akpom? Goodness father. Our kids are smelling goals all over on loan (even Toral?) and we are thinking of where our next goal will come from. I don’t know whether to go to bed till the future time. Bellerin and Chambers on mind mind till tomorrow. I like youths that are fearless and want to prove some points. Bring in “the new” Fortune also and our men will step up. We need those three points tomorrow, even by half a goal is there is.

  4. Arsenal have improved with transfers we cant now gamble on unproven players.. i have a feeling wenger has a good plan and a backup one aswell .. lets wait.. and for the palaces game we shall bounce back im sure ..
    We just need to get that run in now.. and once wenger gets it ryt this early and then add best quality stricker we are inn for wonders

    1. must u wait for the palace game 1st?pray you ain’t giving urself false hope……. We need those signings quicker than ever!

        1. We can win the remaining games with the same squad.. liver had six strikers n still finished below 4th .. we only need balance n im not against signings id love to have them sooner but they need to be available..n im a gooner evasince 15 years now..

    2. Where in the hell do you guys get these “feelings” Everybody seems to be “getting a feeling”
      Wtf is that about. Does that mean i have nothing left to say in my brains but my famous 6th sense is telling me that this is what’s going to happen?
      Do you see dead people too?

      1. Figure of speech, in football their are no certainties til after the result or after the final. Its better than saying I know this will happen thus coming across like an arrogant ass or a pessimistic plonker. I feel is similar to IMO which Im sure you use, or I doubt, I propose, I suggest or if you ask me ..I don’t get it?..your beef.

  5. Dear oh dear, no one had heard of Anelka either when we signed him and look how that ended up.
    Pathetic article, again!

    1. Thumbs up for the Anelka comment but thumbs down for pathetic comment. And no I am not an ass kisser.

      On the Article, yeah I think you are right and that it’s a case of Levy trying ever so hard to make it look like one-upmanship. Even that whole extra 600 seats to their new stadium tells you they are obsessed with us. Most people settle on a nice round number or thereabouts. He knows their fans will say wtf that lot are targeting Benzema and we are signing some unknown that doesn’t even look the most promising. That’s what spurs do when they can’t get a top target they just go and get someone or anyone in instead. Wenger gets allot of stick for not doing similar but looking at allot of liv and spurs buys ..maybe proves him right.

  6. The biggest transfer we missed was and will be schneiderlin. Watched southampton today and the way they crumbled made me feel schneiderlin was a really key figure for them. The boy is 25 so he is still young and can go a long way. Funny how fans totally rejected Morgan because he signed for Man united.

    The problem is we hate other teams so much that we over protect our club and player rather than being reasonable some times.

    1. Wenger has signed his balls. Now he can go on and bang them to the wall till they break.useless old manager who has lost it all.

  7. If we did try and sign this guy for £11m then there’s no way a genuine bid of £40m plus will ever be made for Benzema. Hope Wenger is asked about these alleged bids.

    It wasn’t Levy that claimed we made a late bid , it was the Lyon chairman and the only reason he’d lie would be to convince Spurs to stop haggling and get the deal done.

  8. First off, it’s the Daily Star! Secondly, I don’t understand why you said “firstly that I do not see why we would be after an average and relatively unproven young forward in the first place”. Have you already forgotten the name…Sanogo! Anything is possible under Wenger.

    1. I highly doubt that Arsene will go and sign an unknown or little known striker after coming out and saying he will only sign someone who can walk into our first team. That’s what the hold up is supposed to be, he cant get a club to part with their star name.

  9. smh…11 years.
    Every season, same Wenger, same nonsense, same outcome…broken record.
    Yawn…could care less. Looking at the way these mid-table and lower table teams are playing, it is going to be a very difficult season. Only Sunderland looks very weak. The teams just below the top 5 season are looking solid as well…good quality additions to the likes of Stoke City, Swansea, West Ham and Crystal Palace.

    Makes for an intriguing season and league…not good news for Arsenal.

      1. Tired of the same excuses every season. Same old shiiiiiiit every year. We had the chance to sign players like kondogbia, Morgan,Jackson and we missed out on all. This time no excuse Mr Wenger! Just leave us alone

      2. I’m happy that 50% of the fans agree with Wenger out. Shows there is still hope to save our club

  10. Just get Benz or Auba or someone of their class…tired of seeing us nurturing youngsters and waiting for the fruit. We need some immediate impact…ST&DM.. PLEASEEE SCROOGE!!!!

  11. N’jie or no N’jie Arsenal are on the right path. And on the right path they will remain till the end of this season. Arsenal will not fail this season as they look to complete the winning of the fifthruple by winning the remaining quadruple having already won one the title of the 5 titles which is the Shield. The Boss is very experienced in the transfer market as he knows when to submit a bid for his targets. Moreover, the Gunners are not need of much additions save a top quality left back and a top quality right winger as Jack Wilshere alone may not be able to cope with playing there during the entire season. And Welbeck wants to play through the middle. Should the Boss be forced to sign Karim Benzema, consequently one of Welbeck, Walcott and Giroud will be sold. And Arsenal don’t want to sell any of these 3 quality Gunners. Therefore, a transfer balance could be strucked by the Boss as he looks to keep those his 3 strikers but sign-on a left back and a righ winger. I think he may in the long run convert Gibbs to attacking defensive midfielder to pair him with Coquelin at the Gunners defensive base. He almost scored the 2nd goal against Chelsea in the Shield game. But for his lack of goal scoring intent. He gave the goal bound ball to Courtois hands.

  12. Get real guys, we will never win the bpl with lecoq and giroud… They are not champions material. They are good for a top four finish. But we might not even get top four with Liverpool looking so strong this season.

  13. OT Lowly rated Lcity just did what we couldnt do to WH. Sir Wenger I hope u learn something from this..

  14. just watched a magical performance by Dortmund’s P.E Aubemayang WOW if there is anyone i would want to see upfront in an Arsenal jersey its him. He’s like Gervinho on steroids! amazing

    Personally dont think we will sign anyone upfront. I think we will pick up someone in midfield, but the extended absence of Welbeck may push Wenger to bid if so P.E.A is the choice for me!!

  15. I don’t like Giroud at ol… But signing players like some of us have been clamouring will create disharmony somehow…. Giroud is useless… But let’s just rally behind the team.. Wenger will b off soon, trust me.. And on a sad note my namesake has been kicked out of an open door at Roma… Poor man.. Now he’s gonna hev his wife shagged…..

  16. Hahaha , cause disharmony amongst players you don’t rate ?

    We didn’t need ozil , what disharmony has that caused ?…. Sometimes you buy out of necessity , but unless you’re the best team in the world , generally people buy to improve !

    If giroud or welbeck got upset through lack of playing time then that’s just how it is , we should be aiming for titles , not keeping players who can’t deliver us titles happy !

    Aubamayeng was sensational tonight and his pace is tailor made for us , forget benzema , pay silly money for this lad please wenger !!!!!!!

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