Did Arsenal transfer target Vardy just confirm Gunners snub?

It could all be a storm in a teacup and Arsenal might still get their man of course, as no official agreement or rejection has been forthcoming from the Leicester City and England star Jamie Vardy. But after the star striker jetted off with Roy Hodgson and the England squad to take part in the Euro 2016 tournament there were already growing fears that he may have decided to snub Arsenal and stay with the current Premier League champions.

So the news reported by Metro that Vardy has now changed the header of his Twitter page top show the Foxes celebrating with the Premier League trophy has just added a lot of fuel to the fire of speculation. It certainly does not offer any encouragement to Arsenal fans about him completing the move to north London this summer.

Social media users have certainly taken this move by Vardy as a sign that he will reject the transfer to Arsenal, although at least he has not actually said anything. There were reports that his current club has made a counter offer to persuade the forward to stick with them and his team mates have apparently been on to him as well.

However, he could also just be trying to focus on his international duties before making a final decision on his club football. But it does look like Arsenal will have to wait and without any sort of assurance that the wait will end up with the right result.

Should Arsene Wenger already be looking at alternative options?

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  1. If vardy has a counter offer from leicester then he has to do something. No doubt the counter offer will have different conditions other than money, things like release clause, either deleted or amount increased etc.

    Header photo has been changed on twitter to leicester lifting trophy, vardy picture changed to shirt for 2016/17. If you go to twitter you can see it. Shirt has collar which is for the16/17 season, cannot see gold piping on shoulders and crown is wrong colour but collar is givaway, I think it is for 16/17 season.

    Vardy is engratiating himself with the Leicester fans with these actions, in case he stay or he has decided to stay with leicester. What I think it does mean is that he is not certain he is coming to arsenal.

    1. … or he is trying to butter up the Leicester fans for what he’s about to do to them?

    2. I think it’s a done deal but all these speculation about him coming or not is just Wenger’s deflection tactics in manipulating the media attention while he focuses on securing his other targets.

  2. Move on to Higuain, Mahrez or Miki, and Koulibaly Wenger. No need waiting around for Vardy we are the Arsenal for Christ sake, he should have even walked to the Emirates getting such a chance.

    Jasenn and Morata still up for grabs too and we can even test Dortmund’s resolve of holding on to Auba with a bumper offer.

    Our search for filling that number 9 jersey continues.

  3. Lol, I doubt he left without accepting or rejecting the offer. If he said yes to us and announced before the jetting off, he’ll have a tough time from the majority of the English fans, Leicester fans especially, if he said no, I’m guessing he would have announced it already. I see Wenger’s hand all over this, Wenger loves suspense and if Wenger’s hand is all over it it means he has some say in the matter becoming public which could only mean Vardy’s in.

  4. Either he is buying himself time with LFC fans so he can focus on the Euro or he’s simply not coming. It also appears that West Ham aren’t in for Ox or Walcott since the WHFC president’s son tweeted so.

    I only see Milik and Janssen as our most realistic striker targets currently but Wenger may still have a few tricks left him and somehow bring in a proven quality striker. The positive from all this is that at least we know Arsenal is actively looking for a good forward.

  5. Hahahahaha

    From Vardy Arsenal medicals to Vardy’s uncertainty arrival….Fatboy gooney must be Laughing his A** out as we speak

    This transition during the transfer window is not a new Ordeal in our history

    Get used to it!…… Next

  6. For me there is a lot of downside for Arsenal in this saga and this is yet an other example of how bad our transfer business is.

    I could go on and on but will try to keep it short:

    If we had identified Vardy as our striker target we had more than enough time to close the deal, fact we didn’t is bad business and bad execution.

    If Vardy snubs us publicly and we don’t sign a bigger name, our reputation or ambition to be considered a big club will be harmed. If we can not sign a 29 year old one year wonder from Leicester, why would Higauin or Morata, let alone Aubamayang stand in line to sign for us?

    If Vardy comes around a signs, Arsenal fans have reason to doubt his desire to come to us. It will be hard for Vardy to claim it was always his dream to play for us after this latest episode of uncertainty. As far as I am concerned he should be keen to play for us or stay at Leicester. If there is any doubt in his mind, don’t bother showing up, we have enough over paid players who have difficulty showing their unwavering commitment on the pitch, week after week.

    1. You say that “If we had identified Vardy as our striker target we had more than enough time to close the deal, fact we didn’t is bad business and bad execution”

      Jansen, are you able to explain when a bid could have been submitted formally to leicester, given that the transfer window opened on 1 june and vardy departed to france on 6 june. Fifa rules preclude us from talking directly to the player. I am not sure how the rules work regarding release clauses and when a bid can be made.

      In other words can you set out how arsenal should have gone about this, in compliance with the rules (whatever they are), to justify your claim of bad business and bad execution.

      1. @jonm – Are you joking?

        Do you think there is no dialogue before a formal offer? Teams feel a player’s managers out on an informal basis all the time.

        You think they could not have ascertained before they made a formal offer whether Vardy would be interested or not?

        Even if they had no idea whether there formal offer would be accepted or not they could have given him 3 days to accept it after which it was null and void. This would allow them to issue a press statement today saying that “at this point in time Arsenal does not have an offer out for Vardy neither are they waiting for him to make up his mind”.

        Do you think he would need more than 3 days to accept an offer from Barca? or even City?

        It is hard for me to imagine that you maneuver yourself in this position even when you have a 5 day window.

        1. Jansen, I am sure arsenal would have made informal inquiries before submitting a bid. So you are suggesting that Arsenals negotiating strategy should be one of:
          1. Submit offer on wednesday 1 june to leicester city fc. Offer to state if it is not accepted by saturday 4 june then offer is withdrawn and is null and void.

          What do you mean by “accept” the contract, is it a signed contract or a verbal non binding agreement or something in between. I would suggest that getting a signed contract in place in three days would be very difficult, in fact seeing as leicester are party to all this, they have to release vardy from his current contract, then leicester legal people will make sure it does not happen in three days. A verbal non binding agreement is not worth the paper it is not written on.

          i cannot see how making offers with a three day time limit would result in us signing any top players and at the moment vardy is a top player, this season he has broken the PL record for scoring in consecutive games and his 24 goals have fired leicester to the PL title, and that is why we want to sign him.

          Arsenal have submitted a bid and are waiting for a response. No doubt leicester have responded with an improved offer to vardy and this is delaying things, vardy is away from home in an england training camp, not at home and able to discuss things with family and friends, so again this may make the decision harder for him.

          I just cannot see what else Arsenal can or should have done.

          At least liecester and ranieri are behaving professionally and honestly, not trying to deny that the release clause exists.

          1. Jon if you believe that there is no possible way Arsenal could have secured the commitment of Vardy in 5 days, you have to wonder why they even tried? and what they were trying to achieve by going for it? because from where I am sitting it looks like Vardy is doubting if he wants to join us and Arsenal has showed their hand and lost control of the process.

            Poor execution IMO wether you believe they never had a chance given the time frame, as you seem to believe, or whether they approached a player they could not convince, what I think seems more likely.

            I hope we get our man, but I maintain if we he stays at Leicester we look like a team who got rejected by Vardy. Not good for our image.

  7. we should move for Aubameyang or Higuain now lest we risk waiting for a Vardy that ll stay in Leicester n by then all targets have left for other clubs.
    n we end up with No1

      1. Just offer 70m Aubameyang, 25m Rodrigues, 25-30m Benatia/Koulibaby. Sell Gibbs Theo and one or two fringe player, but Mkhitaryn. It will never happen, but dreaming can be ok sometimes. Bout, 150m, and fans will love the new Wenger, well worth it.

    1. Wilshengz, i would be more than happy with No. 1. I suppose its a choice between messi, ronaldo and lewandowsky.

        1. Wilshegz, your first post was quite clear snd a good point. I just could not resist making the comment,

    2. Yeah, brilliant idea! Let’s forget Vardy, who might snub us and move for Higuain who has already snubbed us 3 years ago…

  8. it is only when it comes to signing a striker that these dumb speculations occur; reminds me of higuan saga. it takes arsenal forever to just sign a striker. this is just the begining, in a couple of days we might even hear more strange news. this is just so exhausting.

  9. i don,t understand Vardy,s problem,if he didn,t want to leave the foxes why was he offered to clubs??and if he is still undecided we are better off going for a player who “really” wants to play for us,i wish i were having a bad dream arsenal being turned down by vardy,have things got that bad at the emirates??

    1. Could be agent trying to get the best contract. Or Giroud mentioning how one or two strikers are coming, he might think if he signs this early, it still leaves Wenger plenty of time to get that second striker Giroud stupidly mentioned.

  10. I hope he’s not delaying the decision if he knows he’s staying, because that would mean he wants us to wait around and miss out on other targets. As an opposing player it is a clever tactic. Or he might want to see how much we really want him, because if we can move onto the next target without waiting, well than that would mean Wenger is not completely sold on Vardy being the answer. We should have been triggering this clause around the same time as Xhaka, 3 days before he has to travel for England?. This sounds like we have gotten some unwanted feedback from the market. What happens if he has a blinder of a tournament, we may get some rivalry for his signature. Looks like allot of clubs are waiting to see how players perform this summer, just when we were starting to like how Arsenal came straight out of the blocks.

  11. This vardy saga is just wenger being a cheap bastard.. Sign Aubameyang, pay 64 million (same fee barca paid for suarez) and get it over with. Then go and get a CF and call it a day.

    Who wants a 29 year old who’s never played ONE cl game and who can’t play our style of play just because he costs 20 million?

  12. I cant see Vardy arriving at the Emirates.

    He was on a reported 60k and we have made a reported 120k offer – double your money. If he was sold on AFC it should have been a done deal.

    If it was all about money, then given Leicester have reportedly offered an improved contract, the financial edge is now largely lost. If it was about AFC something has stopped him.

    You can guarantee LCFC will do all the can to keep him. When Vardy goes, others will follow. It’s all about ambition for them, one season wonders or something more.

    In the meantime you can guarantee every Leicester player is leaning on the guy, England players will be citing Walcotts ‘could of been, but never will be’ and every other team interested will now be talking to his agent.

    It’s reported he’s waiting till after the euros to decide. To decide on what? AFC? Money? We’ll both were clear so there’s fa to think about. If more likely to be about playing and with that nothing’s certain. I don’t see Wenger committing on that basis. Wenger said today (for whatever strange reason is in his head) that Vardy lacks international experience, so despite his 29 years of age (and quite frankly being as good as he is going to get) Wenger is clearly saying ‘you’re not the best option for all games’. Hardly gonna excite Vardy.

    There is also a legit question as to whether he is the right player for us. If he’s not biting our hands off maybe not. There’s already a huge question about whether our style suits….versus ball over the top Leicester.

    Frustratingly, we are normally so slow off the mark yet had sorted Granit and seemed we were close with Vardy. It looked promising.

    It’s a bit of a fu, we should have made him a take it or leave it offer (conditional on agreement pre the euros) and stayed in control. Maybe that’s what’s happened and we are now not going for Vardy, maybe that’s why Wenger said Vardys not good enough to start for England.

    Ultimately I think we’ve lost this battle and don’t expect to see Vardy in red and white. We need to move on before we lose another decent option.

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