Did Arsenal transfer window just get MUCH easier with Mbappe?

I would love to buy a super car and drive it around some top quality tourist hot spots while geting some of the most gorgeous looking women in the world to cater to my every whim. Unfortunately for me the chances of that happening are about as big as a gnat.

Sometimes you have to accept that something is out of your reach, no matter how annoying that might be. Olly Murs, for example, may be able to forge some sort of career in music but we all know he is crapola and could not polish the boots of a proper star like Prince, David Bowie etc.

Arsenal are not the Olly Murs of football, thank god, but we are not Elvis Presley or The Beatles either, so maybe the news reported by Metro about Monaco wanting well over £100 million for the young French striker Kylian Mbappe will allow Arsene Wenger to get on with the real transfer business of the summer is a good thing.

It is not going to happen Gooners.

What could happen, though, and what needs to happen is for Arsenal to get busy and sign a few players of real quality. Can we do that?



  1. If we Really want to Challenge for EPL this season then we should we ruthless with signing quality players, there are alot we can still convince to come even without Champions League, For the 1st time i will see Wenger and Arsenal trying to spend over the odds, like £100 millon for a top Player, Even if we can’t get him which my instinct tells me we won’t then we should be aggressive with others and be fast
    Here are the followings that would make us challenge for EPL next Season
    1) A World Class Striker,
    Realistic: AUBAMEYANG.
    Unrealistic: AGUERO; If Sanchez leaves for City we can make huge move for him
    LEWANDOSKI; If he wants to come to EPL or Sanchez moves
    BENZEMA; If Madrid gets Mbappe and wants to sacrifice Benzema (though i don’t see this ever happening)
    *********Top Striker
    Realistic: Lacazette
    Unrealistic: Lukaku, Morata, Belotti,Chicharito. (Due to other clubs looking for them all)
    2) A Top Winger
    Ousame Dembele, Thomas Lemar, Rihyad Mahrez,Antony Martial
    3) Top Midfelders
    Nainggolan, Cecs Febregas, Michel Seri, Idrissa Gana Gauye,
    4) A defender, simon kjaer if we are sending Chambers on loan again…..But i would want us to keep Chambers

  2. Giroud​, like so many others in Arsenal team is a victim of poor management of Arsene. To any other manager Giroud an OX will be starting. Arsene now a days is a man with low confidence. So he couldn’t have a clear cut policy and even if he have , he can not stick to it. See it was obvious for an ardant Arsenal fan like me that Arsenal need 3 CB protection, but Arsene could think of it only when a conterpart become successful on that strategy. He is too old to be innovative.
    Had he started games with both Giroud and Sanchez together, Giroud as striker and Sanchez as free moving Man behind him then Arsenal shouldn’t​ be now out of CL.
    Arsene pretends adamant , but always trying to please critics.
    Vermealan , Debuchi, Campbell, … and now Perez are all victims of his lack of confidence.
    Now with the likes of Sanchez, Ozil, Giroud, Welbeck, OX …. aresnal has finally became a really top team who can challenge. It was well evident from the FA cup final. Even without signing any one new Arsenal can challenge for Premiere league , provided they keep all the good players and make use of good talents at their disposal wisely. The likes of Elny,Perez.. are fine examples​.
    Even if they want to add , it is an LB ( improvement on Monreal ) , RB ( someone defensively stronger than Bellerin , Debuchi should have filled, but Arsene destroyed him) and a CB like Kompany .

  3. If i had to choose between £56 million 26 year old Lacazette and £63 million 28 year old Aubemeyang… I would choose Aubemeyang.

    Both combined would be cheaper than Mbappe funnily enough.

    Anyway, I hope Wenger strengthens our team with a prolific striker and another good forward, whilst keeping Alexis.

    1. Arsenal_Girl the problem with Aubameyang is the African cup of nations. You don’t want to be missing your best striker for a month plus because he has got to represent his country in a tournament that takes place during the league season. Lacazzette on the other hand is European so except he gets injured, he will be available all season. And then he is two years younger too. So these are factors that cannot be ignored when making a choice of whom to buy. I personally prefer Aubameyang because I have seen him play and he is deadly. But my head Says Lacazzette for the above reasons.

  4. Funny comparison. Thanks for telling the naive fans that buying Mbappe for 100 millions is highly improbable for Arsenal.

    And I don’t think Arsenal could get Aubameyang or Lewandowski either, because of many factors. But if Arsenal can get one of them, it would be a huge boost to Arsenal.

    A real playmaker that can dictate the tempo is very important as well. I hope they are still chasing Jean Seri or Rafinha.

  5. We are not signing any player for more than 50 millions.Even if Messi was available for 50 million, Wenger would bid 30 million on him.

  6. Just a thought guys-

    But if Mbappe did use Arsenal as a stepping stone to Barcelona – that would help Arsene go for the deal-

    Yes he would cost a lot initially. But we would make a profit in resale – so this would be a money making asset which for sure is what Arsene likes

    And we get 3/4 great seasons out of him

    That’s why I hope (against history ) that we do have a slim chance of getting him

  7. There’s no way in hell Mbape is worth anywhere near that amount. It’s all as a result of the media hype. What really has he done? Yes he had a good season and I have seen many other youngsters do so in the past. For instance the young Portuguese Sanchez was the rave of the moment last year and Bayern splashed the cash for him and guess what happened after – he couldn’t make the Bayern squad. Thinking that Mbape is a sure banker to progress is naive of anyone. If he was that great then we would have heard of him much earlier. Neymar was in the limelight for more than two seasons before moving to Barcelona and Mbape is no where near the level Neymar was before the move.

    Mbape is an interesting prospect but he’snot yet anything near the hype. How many of his goals came from taking on defenders and dribbling past them to score? How many came from outside the box? Does he take free-kick? Has he scored any? How good is he in the air? He’s got good speed, dribbling and positioning but he’s no young Ronaldo De Lima.

    On another note, I doubt any club has really made the more than 100m pounds offer to Monaco that the media are claiming. Monaco would be stupid not to snap their hands and cash in while the ovation lasts. If they dont sell him for the claimed 120 million pounds how much do they want to sell him later? 500m? Even with the transfer madness these days, no club would be foolish to pay such over 100m for a teenager whose stars have just shone for 6 months.

    1. what a great analysis.
      All he has is potential and prospect. I was surprised to go thru his goals and noticed most were.. rebounds, cross and short n one on one.
      The fee(£110m) is too much and he could end up like Martial if he is not careful…

  8. I agree and disagree with very the different lines of thought on here.
    1. Mbappe is priced out of our reach.
    2. Giroud if used well is better than Lacazzete.
    3. We need a player that can control the tempo of play at the front. (A youthful Carzola of sorts).
    4. Wenger’s confidence curve is dipping and its the reason the team in under- performing.
    5. The squad needs to be trimmed of mid-table talent. This said, i think we have big players that lack confidence.

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