Did Arsene Wenger REALLY believe that Diaby would be Arsenal’s new DM?

I honestly don’t know why Arsenal fans keeps asking whether Abou Diaby will soon be able to play, considering that Arsene Wenger yet again refused to buy a defensive midfielder in the hope that Diaby would be able to fill that role.

Four weeks ago Diaby himself told us that he had been lined up by Wenger to play as DM. He said: “The boss and I have spoken about it and it could be an option,”

“The boss told me he could see me playing in that position and that he thinks I have the ability to do it.

“I’ve never played there before, so it’s something new for me but I think it could be an option for the team and for myself to add something to my game.

“I have an attacking mentality so to stay back and create the link between the defence and attack is something new. I would like to get used to it, to learn how to be effective in that role if I play there, and then we will see.

“The way I see the game will be different, as will my position. I need to learn how to do that effectively.

“First of all, when you play in this position you have to be effective defensively. I would need to track back, break up play and also avoid the opponent from playing through the lines.

“For me, those are the first things. At the same time, you are always involved, you take a lot of touches and you need to make sure that you play the right passes to find strikers and midfielders in good positions.

“You need to be able to contribute to both sides of the game.”

Yes, you need to be able to contribute, but to do that you actually need to be on the field, and Diaby has not played since appearing with the reserves for the Capitol One Cup against Southampton over a month ago, which was his first competitive game for 18 months, and was also the first time he tried playing as DM. Diaby said after the game: “I’ve never played there before, so it’s something new for me but I think it could be an option for the team and for myself to add something to my game.”

Wenger afterwards said that Diaby was definitely the reason he didn’t buy anyone else for that position. Le Prof was aked if he regretted buying a new DM, and he replied: “Not at all. Abou Diaby is a natural resource that I have because he’s a top-quality player. If you look to find better quality players than Diaby on the market you will have big problems. He has not played for one and a half years and I tried to find a solution that suits him and us.

“What’s happening is that he’s not at his best at the moment because he needs competition. He has not got that change of pace and the power in his challenges that are his strengths, but if I can maintain him without any injuries he will come back and it could be a very satisfying solution for him and us.”

The BIG problem is that he CANNOT be maintained without any injuries. Just today Wenger was asked if Gnabry and Diaby would be fit to face Burnley this weekend. He replied: “They are not quite ready yet. Gnabry is closer than Diaby fitness-wise. He is a couple of weeks away.”

So how far away is Diaby? And did Wenger really not buy a DM because he thought Abou would be able to cover that position?

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  1. Wenger preferred the cheaper way. It’s cheaper to rely on players you have than spend on new ones.

    1. He always goes cheap our spine which is CB’s,DM,Number 10 and CF needs to be quality world class players for us to be a force to be reckoned with

  2. Yes he did believe that,every season Wenger says Diaby is like a new signing and he never signed the DM we required because of this belief!

  3. Wenger is way past infuriating, his farcical transfer windows and his inability to beat top coaches, have tarnished his reputation.
    He should have quit when he was ahead (sort of, 10 yrs 1 trophy meh) with the FA Cup, I now believe he will end up being that punch drunk boxer who ruined his reputation by trying come backs against younger better opposition.
    Bigger issue is he damages the club every day he stays, a new manager would at least be able to use the January window effectively to plug gaps. The window will surely be wasted by Wenger.

  4. We love you Abou, we love you Abou,
    We’re all on our feet, and you should be too

    We’ve read that you’re tough, now don’t make us beg,
    We love you Diaby and your two broken legs!

  5. This discussion is foregone conclusion, the only thing is that arsenal are slowly going into downward-spiral and AVB during 2013 was wrong same statement now it is the truth. We can judge arsene by seeking the questions asked before him in the after-match interview withe BBC reporter,he failed to mention Diaby in the context only going on to say we need another CB. They will need to sack him as no supporter is convinced by his reasons.

    1. I have to disagree I think were closing the gap between us and man city in term of quality. Based on squad market value we are the most improved in the top 7 teams.

  6. We will not win the league again until we bid Wenger goodbye to so hang to your hat till
    he’s gone.Only 2 1/2 more season’s.

  7. He’s like an old miser, refusing to spend any money on rebuilding, while his shack (team) falls apart around him. Stubborn, single minded and infuriating to Arsenal fans. Even pundits and neutrals question his lack of coherent transfer dealings.

    Yes, we bought an amazing player in Sanchez, Welbeck is decent, but we failed to address defensive cover and DM, while the board keep smiling due to his ability to keep 4th place warm each season.

    Truly annoying! 😉

  8. Tbh I think he is probably waiting to see what happens with Khedira’s contract, and whether we can get him on a free… First things First we need a CB. Chambers can play CDM,

  9. “Did Arsene Wenger REALLY believe that Diaby would be Arsenal’s new DM”
    If you ask Wenger, he might tell you “NO”, but Diaby has been used as an excuse and he will use an excuse coming January. If you think Wenger will bring a DM in the winter transfer, you obviously being away for a long time…

    Diaby is fit, and will be let go “quietly” at the end of the season… Wenger special touch after realising he made “another” (another one) mistake…

    I am not worry about the club future and we will get better and gain accolades soon… It just won’t be under the current managerial structure because results are not the priority.

    Wenger is the fourth highest paid manager in the world…!!!!!!!!

    The guy cannot, JUST CANNOT, deliver trophies on a regular basis… But he will tell you we are “a top club”… Looked up the definition because we have not and never had the criteria… Except the stadium and the finances (and even that it is not clear as the ticket prices seemed to increase each season…)

    Ask Ancelotti what would happen to him if he does not finish first or second and win a trophy/trophies in the same season?
    Easy… He gets the sack !! They fired managers even after winning the league and the CL just because the “play” was not attractive enough (Capello/Del Bosque).

  10. I submit that LANS no longer means “Like A New Signing” but now means “Likely Abou Never Seen again”

    With how important and long missing a proper DM is for our squad its insanity to think that Diaby of all people could fill that void. With his injury record it’s downright irresponsible. Everyone sees that a DM is the missing piece of the puzzle for us. Pires mentioned it the other day. Something has to happen soon as Arteta & Flamini (age & ability) can’t do that job for us the way it needs to be done, to win the league

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