Did Arsene Wenger really believe two signings would be enough?

Arsenal have signed only two players this summer to the first-team squad after finishing a disappointing fifth placed last year, and this is simply not good enough.

Prior to manager Arsene Wenger signing a new two-year deal in the close-season, reports claimed that he was tasked with moving quickly in the transfer window to have a squad worthy of challenging for the Premier League title, and that simply has not happened.

We’ve brought in Alexandre Lacazette and free-transfer Sead Kolasinac so far this summer, and with the window coming to a close on Thursday, alarm bells are ringing…

The two players brought in definitely look the part, and will play an important role in our season, but much of the deadwood in the squad needs shifting, and we certainly need a number of improvements.

Shkodran Mustafi looks set to leave the club before Thursday’s deadline too, and he isn’t one of the player’s I include in the ‘deadwood’ category, and will certainly need replacing.

For me, we need to bring in another centre-back or two (preferably ball-playing defender like Van Dijk), as well as a more defensive option to replace Francis Coquelin who has failed to build on that one impressive season he had for us.

Alexis Sanchez still looks keen on an exit too, and we should be actively seeking a replacement for him, so we can allow him to leave before his attitude has an inverse effect on our playing squad.

Wenger last week claimed he was happy with his transfer business, hinting that they would not be adding any more names to the squad, but he likes to keep his cards close to his chest, and he best just be playing games, because our options at present could leave us dropping down to sixth this term…

Is Wenger being coy about his transfer business or really doesn’t imagine signing more players? Are Kroenke and the board partly to blame for the transfer window or is it down to Arsene?

Pat J

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  1. Wenger is the main problem. If we had a good manager with a solid plan, 3 signings might’ve been enough to convince Ozil, Ox and Sanchez to stay, but as it stands we are in shambles and Wenger is to blame, although Kroenke didn’t really help by offering him a new contract, it’s not him that picks the squad completely wrong. I think Wenger did sign 2 players to please fans, as we see, he doesn’t even intend to play them in the important games.

      1. Would rather get rid of everyone that wants to leave including ozil, Do not buy anyone play the youngsters get rid of the whole lot Kronke and all the board members and manager, And start from scratch, All the fans unite for this season back the team then start the rebuilding next season, Will take a few years but i think the club would then come back stronger than ever.

        1. Well said! 100 percent this! Get rid of all that don’t want to play and play the kids.

          Sick of these mercenaries in my club!

      2. I believe Mahrez would raise a lot of Arsenal fan’s spirits but the problem is his price tag. He isn’t worth $50m pounds and there are more pressing positions to fill on the team. I expect Wenger to bring in two more players before the transfer window closes. We need a quality defensive midfielder more then anything, but if we sell Alexis we’ll need a player like Mahrez to fill the gap. I doubt we get Van Dijk. Mustafi will stay and maybe we pick up another centerback to replace Per and Kos. I don’t think things are as bad as people think, though I am an optimist in regards to such situations.

        I’m still surprised Wenger wasn’t fired after the Liverpool humiliation. Maybe the board plan on sacking him after the transfer window closes? I can dream.

    1. JUST IN:It really looks likely Julian Draxler is going to join Arsenal tomorrow ie. if there’s no penny pinching.We are currently front runners for him and are in a meeting with his agent currently.There’s hardly any strong challenger for his signature.
      Sancho update:Jadon Sancho set to make last decision over his future.It looks like he really wants a club where there’s a very clear path to first team for him.Arsenal lead the race and are expected to win but the youngster wants to make sure this is the right vhoice.

      1. I hope you are right this time. If Draxler and Sancho come, then Ozil leaves, it would be great for Arsenal.

        1. I’m not saying Draxler is coming.What I’m saying is we have a free run for his signature.If we don’t sign him it’s because we don’t want to and not because we can’t like Lemar.The truth is we’re in negotiations for him.Up to Arsenall now.Draxler is in our hands if we want to sign him.
          As for Sancho he just wants to make sure this is the right choice.
          I’ll update you on the meeting outcome.

          1. I hope I’m wrong here.
            I’ve had it confirmed that Arsenal have pulled out of all possible deals and even those involving Sancho and Draxler.News even coming in is that we won’t be signing anyone.

            1. They do this every year – season renewal time we are buying loads- after that no one.

              We should be used to this by now.

      2. Draxler would a good addition if this rumour comes true . We still need to resolve the issue of Oxelaide Chamberlain and Sanchez. We are in desperate need of a quality solid centre back so if the Ox wants a move to Liverpool then swap him for Sahko . We rated Ox at 35 million and they are asking the same for Sahko . As for Walcot I’m sure everyone would agree if Southampton want him in exchange for Van Diyk then it’s a no brainer. A straight swap , player for player , we get shore up our defence and be rid of 2 frustrating players on massive salaries . Sigh but we have Arsene Wenger in charge and he truly lives up to his name , that tight Arse won’t get any deals over the line and we will remain in turmoil

        1. Wouldnt it be wonderful to wake up to that reality tomorrow morning, to actually witness our beloved Arsenal act like a Big Club for once

          And is it really beyond feasible, although I would offer a few tweaks. ?

          Deal Sanchez for $35 + Sane to Oil City
          Sell Ozil to BD for $35-40M
          Sell Ox to Fool or Chelshit for $40M
          Loan Mustafi for initial $5M to Inter with obligation to buy for another $25-30M

          $120M to spend

          Buy VVD for $40M + Theo
          Buy Draxler for $45M
          Buy Goretska for $40M
          Loan Krychowiak from PSG with option to buy at the end of season.

          Roughly $125M spent

          Return to a back four set up and field this starting 11


      3. I just read Yogi Lov say Draxler was not leaving PSG, he was going to fight for his place. But realistically how does he do that with Neymar, Mbappe, and De Maria all in front of him? I believe Draxler is a great player but there’s no way he can compete with those guys. Not because he isn’t good enough but because PSG spent so much money on them that they have to play them. It looks like De Maria is in a similar situation now that Mbappe has arrived at PSG. He might move to Barca so he can play with Messi.

        How do you know Draxler’s agent is in talks with Arsenal? I read that they had some contact about two days ago but nothing to suggest they were close to signing him?

    2. Arsenal like to keep Wenger around because they need him as a scapegoat. And Wenger is happy to be a rich scapegoat.

      What will happen if another manager replaces Wenger and the club still do not achieve anything? The fans will leave the club.

      That is why Wenger is still the manager, so they can keep milking Arsenal for profit and let Wenger take all the blames (with 8 millions per year as salary).

  2. What the heck is going on in Arsene Wenger’s mind. Other clubs are busy making key additions to strengthen their squad and no tangible addition in Arsenal apart from two. Something is wrong!!!This is total disgrace to the fans.

    1. It’s the board and Wenger. Either the board won’t allow Wenger to spend the money (which seems to be the case) or Wenger is inept and should retire. I think it is a mixture of both. While Manchester City, United, and Chelsea spend hundreds of millions of dollars, Arsenal rots from within. Even Liverpool are making serious moves now (which means they came to an agreement with Barca and will sell Coutinho). Arsenal have zero excuses at this point.

  3. No, I believe Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain will leave soon, and we will get their replacements. Unfortunately maybe their replacements could be panic buys.

    Arsenal have been trying to convince them to stay. One of the methods is by keep using them as starters, even though Arsenal have to bench the new players.

    After Arsenal replace them, I am sure Arsenal will have new motivation to get up. Because there will be many new players with new spirits. Lacazette + Kolasinac + Three new players.

    1. Good luck with that. Panic buys never work out very well. This is a problem that should have never happened to begin with. The problem is we’re stuck with a lying American owner and a Frenchman who is willing to do his bidding and lie for him publically. Arsenal have the cash to spend upwards of $200 million but refuse to take any risks. They’re comfortable fleecing the fans and breaking promises because they’re making serious money off of the corpse that was once Arsenal F.C., now facing the real possibility of becoming a mid-table team. I honestly cannot believe they would be so blind as to not see the writting on the wall.

  4. What is the point of new signings if they are benched in crucial matches? Wenger seems to like players who are loyal to him. Players like Welbeck , Walcott, Ramsey , Ozil with the kind of performance these guys are putting in they would have been substituted by half time. We need reinforcements in every departments – defence , midfield and forward but the deluded old man is lost in his own fantasy. We just don’t look at our opposition before the match and we have a just plan A , If that plan A fails we don’t have a backup plan . It seems like when all managers are moving forward , our Le fraud is stuck in 20th century.

  5. Every season Wenger believes his squad is strong enough, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but what does it matter when no one wants to play for him anymore?

    1. And there lies the problem, if Arsenals squad was strong enough we would have won the league over the last 10 years, but we havent so there is the answer to that question, Time for a change !!

  6. Expect no one in the door just out goings make over 100m profit nice summer for ya silent stan wenger doing you proud on the profits such liars…

  7. West Brom have signed Kieran Gibbs. Good luck to him, never fulfilled his potential but he always tried his hardest and was never one to cause trouble. West Brom are also close to signing Krychowiak on a season long loan- what are we doing?!! Nzonzi, Danilo Pereira, William Carvalho and Krychowiak are all quality holding midfielders that would represent a huge upgrade on what he have. Seri is also available- perfect replacement for Cazorla. If we end the window without signing at least one quality CB and at least one (preferably 2) quality central midfielders then we will be screwed.

      1. Seriously, I can see 1 signing max. Always leaves it too late. To let Gabriel and seemingly Mustafi leave without replacing them is suicide. Even if Wenger keeps Sanchez, his heart wont be in it. Ox will go, Gibbs has gone, even Martinez has gone so who is our 3rd goalkeeper! 2 more seasons of this, potentially more!

      2. A player with ambition and some intelligence might very well join the club, if they were betting men. I suspect Wenger will get fired and Kroenke will sell his shares in the club. When that happens (less then two years) Arsenal will be poised to become a powerhouse. But it’s a huge gamble for any young football player to go all in on such a risky outcome. This might be a blessing in disguise or it might be an anticlimatic end of a once great football club. It’s tough to say what will happen at this point.

  8. the next 2 days will show wether Arsenal are a club that wants to win trophies, or just another ‘also-ran’ happy with profits…
    unfortunately, my thoughts are that we are happy with profits.

    if the team is not strengthened, and a statement of our intent shown, then i urge all supporters to boycott all club merchandise…
    i have 2 sons, both have normally had a new arsenal shirt each year, but not this year, lets hit Arsenal where it will our them in the pocket, if shirt sales and merchandise sales fall, Puma will not be happy, and it will be more difficult to get a shirt sponsor if we are not selling them..

  9. We Arsenal fans should not have any expectations on winning anything this season. We do not need the #wengerout stuff and all the banners. Can you gunner fans in London do the beloved Arsenal a favour by not going to the stadium for sometime? Can you really do that? May be that can effect changes in the leadership and change the manager. May be Wenger will do is a favour and resign if he has any shame whatsoever, after 12 years of dullness.

  10. The Ibrahims recommend to banish Ox to the reserves and never to play a game for Arsenal again …..not even the u23

    1. I recommend that Arsen Wenger never manages Arsenal FC again – not even the under 23’s. stick him in a burger van outside the ground, though. He could slice the onions. He’d be good at that.

  11. I am DONE!! Fed up beyond words…it is getting to the point where I may not watch any of the games until real change is done…

    What are we playing at shortage of CB and we are letting Mustafi go (treating him like an outcast for no reason)???
    We are trying to get Sterling of all people as a part of a swap deal for Sanchez??
    Liverpool look like they are set to buy Lemar after 3 days of trying…………..whiel we dicked about for over 1 month
    We are heading for a serious crisis, Wenger and he board are destroying our club..we keep on been the laugh stock of the league yet they say we have so much money.
    This is outrageous just really poor I pray that someone comes and saves our club, buy it of Kronkre and replace Wenger.

    It looks like we are in for a long season

  12. why is Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshire still in arsenal team? does wenger think of arsenal without him or he thinks he is the alpha and omega

  13. Gabriel has gone, Gibbs has gone.
    Debuchy should be going.
    Chamberlain and Sanchez are going
    and apparently Mustafi too.
    Always injured Wilshere should be got rid.
    Walcott may go if Stirling comes.
    Why is so much happening in the last 36 hours
    when we have had a 100 day transfer window?
    Is it all about maxing the money?
    Do managers get some kind of rush from the last minute trolley dash 🙂
    This is Mertesacker’s last season while Monreal 31 Giroud 31
    Cazorla 32 Koscielny 31 Cech 35 will be gone next summer.
    I agree with the nearly 70 year old getting rid of his dead wood
    and those who don’t want to be here any more.
    But should the nearly 70 year old also spend the money
    on the new players he wont be managing in 2 years time?
    Unless.. oh no please don’t tell me unless…
    unless the “new manager” is going to be a 72 year old French man 🙂

  14. Wenger : deal for Lemar is dead .Monaco have closed the door .he stays

    Klopp : hold my beer

    G.A.M.E. O.V.E.R

  15. If Arsenal can’t get rid of Ox, you will see Wenger taking him back with open arms and say Media keep making things up. He is that deluded.

  16. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!
    I’m a new player about to sign for arsenal and say to myself let me check a few arsenal fan sites on the Internet and I came across __ justarsenal and what I’m reading is dejavu all over the club I think I might just stay where I am never mind the money mate,
    Too much negativity from fans rightly so but their is a limit and it’s bordering on violence now

  17. I think it’s more likely that we see departure than arrival of players.

    I saw an interesting preposition of boycotting the game. I think that is the right way to go. Kroenke needs to be shown that there is no such thing as nothing (investment in players) for something (financial returns). He is leeching on fans for far too long. May he stay away from the club and be kind enough to take AW with him.

    Get lost and stay lost.

  18. Wenger is gambling with his final HOORAH, i think people are being put in place to take over from Wenger (Lehmann and Mert) are the likely candidates two years down the road.

    Presently his gamble on some of the players has not gone down well with the squad itself and has cause issues in our performances, it is left to see who remains and who comes in at the final bell

    1. Wengers already tames the bald eagle Steve Bould and the white lion Jens Lehmann. If you don’t adhere to Wengers way of working you are out. That’s hwo much power and control he has. Wasn’t it him that also told Henry to choose between coaching Arsenal youth and Belgium and not both?

  19. 2 players would’ve been enough, if you actually have some tactics. For Wenger he just throws in player expecting them to do their thing.

    When it comes to off the ball situation the team is clueless apart from a certain individuals. This comes down solely from the manager, it’s nothing new either.

  20. Just boycott the matches, stop investing your money on the club & they will start listening. Arsenal fans are the easiest to fool. I don’t care if we buy the whole Real Madrid squad before deadline day, Wenger & Kroenke must go!! I’m not spending any money on this club until the cancer called Kroenke & his delusional manager Wenger are out of this club. I love this club too much to just sit & watch it go down the drain while contributing financially to that. Let’s save our club before it’s too late.

  21. Good luck to Gibbs, never was a show off, never complained. Hope Pulis makes him a better defender fist and then he can show his attacking skills. Great signing for £7m, bargain for WBA.

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