Did Barcelona loss show Arsenal’s style is obsolete?

While Arsenal fans have been left to come to terms with how far off the pace our team was against Bayern Munich in the Champions League and reeling from being on the end of our joint worst result in the competition, there is also a feeling that it was coming and so it is not such a big shock.

The same cannot be said of the result the previous night, when PSG really made the football world sit up and take notice after battering Barcelona with four unanswered goals. The Barca players and their manager Luis Enrique have understandably been taking a lot of stick from the press and the football pundits, but I wonder if maybe this is just a sign of the times.

Both Arsenal and Barca play the same sort of possession based football and for years it has been the blueprint for a lot of clubs. Under Pep Guardiola the Catalan club became arguably the best club side ever and at the same time the Spanish national team was playing the same way and won three consecutive tournaments.

Nothing stays the same, though, and football over the years has seen any number of tactical changes, so I wonder if we are now coming to the end of tiki-taka in favour of a more athletic, robust and high pressing style of football. It worked for Leicester in the Premier League last season and is working for Chelsea this time.

It is what we expect from Real Madrid and the likes of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund as well and they all seem to be thriving, so assuming that Arsene Wenger does call it a day, do Arsenal need to replace him with a coach who will change our style?



  1. muffdiver says:

    listen to his press conference, he is not retiring

    he said whether its this club or another he will keep working, theres no way hes leaving a club where he wouldn’t be sacked , where he knows the ins and outs , has more power than any other club will offer.

    looks like hes taking that contract extension
    the only outgoing im definite of is el nino marivilla

  2. Twig says:

    “I’ll manage next season”

    Arsene Wenger

    1. muda says:

      french national team may be.

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    For the love of Arsenal, Wenger should leave. I support the club and not the manager but you can’t support a team and hate the manager knowing fully well that the result affects you as a fan.

    If Wenger extends his contract, I won’t take Arsenal very serious and I won’t support Wenger. Maybe I will take a break from football as I can’t see myself supporting any other team. That’s a bold statement.

  4. lucia says:

    Next manager has to be Simon
    Players that won’t survive under him
    1.ozil-too lazy doesn’t work hard
    2.iwobi- doesn’t work hard enough
    3.walcot-no idea exactly what the guy brings to football
    4.Gabriel – has no talent
    5.gibbs- lacks tactical ounce. Always out of position
    6.giroud -as Simeone likes to play with mobile strikers.
    7.Xhaka-too slow,can’t tackle no enervy
    8.ox even though he has power but very inconsistent
    9.jenkinson-we all know d story
    10.chamber-no energy
    11.cech age and distribution zero

    Players that will survive under him
    1.sanchez-our very own duracell
    2.koscielny-experience at international and
    3.monreal experience and have tactical ounce
    4.mustafi -very aggressive. His type of player
    5.Ramsey -though lacking in techniques but has engine
    6.elneny -better version of Ramsey
    7.bellerin- pace and technique
    8.Cazorla- everything in one package
    9.welbeck-strength stamina power simeone kind of player
    10.holding-young agile and has a footballing brain
    11.perez- simeone kind of player
    12.ospina-perfect for him
    13.coquelin energy and stamina power

    The rest needs selling out

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      You’re havin a laugh right.
      *Simione likes mobile strikers…Thats why he’s got Torres leading his line. He’s the Spanish Giroud. LOL
      *Ramsey.”Though lacking in techniques, but has engine… So does a Volvo…LOL

    2. ragnorkhan says:

      dont totally agree with your selection – iwobi is young and is still learning dont think hes a first team player but he will get better
      xhaka is a tough ball winning midfielder just gets booked too much
      OX is getting better and sthey will stick with him
      giroud is simone perfect player will lead the line (like torres does at At mad
      i dont think Coquelin is good enough for arsenal

      we need more dept if bellerin gets injured no oen of real note to replace him
      same goes for cazola (obvously already missed as he is injured) if ozil has a bad game he cant be dropped as again no replacements
      need deeper squad wouldnt start selling 11 players straght away

  5. NY_Gunner says:

    If you’ve been watching Barca. You would have noticed, after Pep left they abandoned the “tiki-taka_ style, preferring to go with a more counter attacking game. Their ground game is virtually non-existent, as is their”win the ball back immediately” work rate.
    One thing they do have in common with AFC though, as witnessed in their loss to PSG, is their forwards leave the defending to the defenders and vice versa…

  6. frank says:

    When did Barcelona last win the Champions League, La Liga or Copa del Rey compared to the equivalent to Arsenal?
    Please don’t ever compare Arsenal to Barcelona, it’s just not the same.

  7. Pablo Picaso says:

    Arsenal has never played like Barca, hell Barca cant even play like Barca without Xaxi and Iniesta at his prime. We are all huff and puff with our clueless manager.

    Wenger’s press conference has left a bitter taste and tears in my eyes. What will take this man to leave the club in peace.

  8. Godswill says:

    Simeone on my mind. Or any rugged one that takes match as war that must be won.

    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      Simeone and Özil would fall out immediately. Özil would sh*t his pants the second Simeone rages at him.

      Good riddance. Lazy and moody players are not welcome at Arsenal.

  9. ragnorkhan says:

    for me i am jst so shocked that arsenal have a set style to dominate and when they are dominated by munich or barca (games you expect to be chasing shadows) there is just no plan B – they dont hold there shape they dont do anythign urgent if anything solidified my want for wenger to go was Wednesdays performance – another year gone and no progress made also the lack of depth – ozil needs to be dropped but who replaces him ??? – we cant replace him so we just keep playing him and hope he comes good again

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