Did character flaw stop Arsenal pursuing striker transfer?

I am only trying to read between the lines here and could be completely wrong about the reasons for the Arsenal manager not even making an offer top Real Madrid this summer for their France international striker Karim Benzema, despite there having been plenty of hints about the possible transfer of the star to Arsenal.

It could well be just as we were told in the end, that Benzema never considered leaving, Madrid never considered selling and Wenger felt there was no point in trying. But we all know that the full story is rarely seen in the football media and there is definitely another way to interpret things.

Arsene Wenger did say that he was a big admirer of Benzema´s abilities but he also spoke this summer about the team spirit in the dressing room was more important than any individual player, so was he perhaps alluding to the, apparently, slightly murky side of Benzema´s character?

I´m sure that you have seen the recent scandal involving him and some friends, his team mate Mathieu Valbuena and an alleged blackmail attempt over a sex tape. While we do not know the ins and outs (ooh err missus) of the case or whether Benzema will be found guilty of anything, he has been arrested and charged and this is hardly the situation that Wenger would welcome from one of his players.

It is not the first legal trouble that Benzema has been involved in either, and even though he was eventually cleared along with Franck Ribery of soliciting a minor, it does suggest that he might not be the most savoury of characters and might have had a disruptive effect on the Arsenal squad.

Do you think there is anything to this theory or was it just the prof being tight with the cash again?

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  1. Ridiculous. Starting for one of the biggest clubs in the world with some of the best in the world. Why would he leave. He even said the rumors were silly. He was laughing at them. Take everyone away from Benzema and he looks half the striker. He doesn’t want to come and who cares.

    1. @jaweant
      Doesn’t matter who he plays for. Dude is a straight up punk. He’s up for trying to extort his own French National team mate Valbuena, by threatening to sell a sex tape of him. To me, he’s sc*m. I think Mourinho was spot on when he said that Benzema was a weakling…
      Why buy him, when we have Welbeck, who is much better.

      1. Omg Welbeck I completely forgot about him ! I actually agree, our midfield fully understand each other so the service will be constant and with his work rate which Welbeck will most likely make Ozil even more dangerous. Furthermore, Walcott can play as a RF to accommodate him and swing in deadly crosses to someone with PACE. He could easily become a top striker if he learns to be more composed, which he will be when he gets a solid run of games.

  2. Wenger has recently said that “he feels as if the club belongs to him” and thats his reason for being reluctant to spend the money! ??

    Wenger has and still does admire alot of player’s but that doesn’t mean that he is interested in buying them,
    unless they come free with a packet of Garlic and frog legs Crisps! Of course ?

    Something is definitely changing with Wenger lately!

    1, He doesn’t stick up ( made excuses) for the players bad performances, like he used too.

    2, He seems to be more open, unlike before,
    Kind of a… I couldn’t give a xxxx anymore, attitude!
    ( Maybe thats Because PSG want him real bad)

    3, And whats with those Modeling photos? ?
    And his comment about having man beauty? ?
    Don’t tell me that he is about to come out of the closet? ?

    It’s funny how, after years of fan’s screaming spend the ####ing money, it’s not yours!
    Then years later Wenger actually turns around and admits to believing that it is his, along with the club and thats his excuse for not wanting to spend it. ?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the main share holder,
    And Laurel and Hardy are his rich buddies Covering for him.
    ? Now that is a realistic and deluded senario ?

        1. @Fatboy Gooney
          I meant squeeze off a nut dude. Bust one, get laid, choke ya chicken, smack ya monkey. You see where I’m going with this?

  3. benzema is a classic on his day..d fact dhat his bin havin issues off d pitch is no xcuse 2compare him to welbeck dhat said i sure ll welcum him 2d emirate if it eva happens

    1. @Kelscent
      I didn’t compare him to Welbeck based on his off pitch antics. I based it on his on pitch play…I’d rather have Danny any day.

        1. You think Benzema is the better option because of his past achievements and not his current one ? If he was as good as Suarez or Lewandowski (the strikers we want) he would have won Madrid more than one league title in 11 years. Furthermore, remember how everyone thought DiMaria was gonna win POTY ? Look how that turned out. Attitude matters more than talent, if you haven’t learned that then you don’t watch PL that often or you’re a WOB bandwagonner.

  4. @ NY-GUNNER

    It would be nice to read your points of view based on the articles, instead of the sarcastic and know it all comments you make on other fans posts! ?
    We have one Bud for that already ?

    How about starting with. .. “Please Gooner Please”
    And then lay into your victims ? ? ?

    1. @FBG
      I’m gonna do me, no matter what. You do you…You want something to follow your lead, buy a dog…

  5. I don’t care what anyone says but Ozil deserves a better striker ahead of him.

    Koscienly deserves a better CB partner than Mertesacker.

    Aubameyang and Monalos/Laporte

    Arsenal fans deserve better.

    1. We deserve a better manager and many better players, but Wenger dont give a rats a s s what we want or deserve.

      And he keeps on fooling AKB’s, gullible little rodents.

  6. The other theory being that Benzema wasn’t for sale and/or didn’t want to come to Arsenal. The football world doesn’t revolve around Wenger’s decisions.

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