Did Chelsea just teach Arsenal how to deal with the players during a pandemic?

While Arsenal has struggled to enforce a 12.5% pay cut on their top stars, Chelsea has just told their players to forget about contributing to the club and instead make contributions personally to the coronavirus pandemic.

Arsenal has recently announced that they have become the first team to successfully convince their players to take a pay cut to help their team due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Gunners caused controversy while negotiating the deal as several of their players opposed the proposal, especially Mesut Ozil.

The German came under fire for his stance over the issue and Chelsea players have exercised the same arrogance by rejecting the proposals that the Blues hierarchy put before them.

The Blues were initially looking to save £10 million from their players giving up about 10% of their wages.

Players and the club have held talks, but they have now abandoned the idea and they released a statement to make that known.

The statement informed their fans and the public that the players need not make any contribution to the club at the moment and they should contribute to the coronavirus pandemic personally instead.

A statement on the club website said: “Representatives of the Chelsea board have recently held extensive talks with the men’s first team to discuss how they can contribute financially to the club during the coronavirus crisis.

“The objective of these talks has been to find a meaningful partnership around ensuring we preserve jobs for staff, compensate fans and participate in activities for good causes.

“We are grateful to the team for having played their role in assisting the club with community activities as well as all the charitable causes they have been supporting in their respective home countries and through the Players Together initiative supporting the NHS.

“At this time, the men’s first team will not be contributing towards the club financially and instead the board have directed the team to focus their efforts on further supporting other charitable causes.

“As this crisis develops the club will continue to have conversations with the men’s first team regarding financial contributions to the club’s activities.”

Slightly different circumstances with the Chelsea owner not afraid to inject funds into his club and they were always going to handle this in a different manner, similar to Man City and Man Utd.

However, the decision that Chelsea have come to poses the question? Should Arsenal have gone the same way and avoided all the bad PR that has engulfed the club since?

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