Did Eddie Howe just pass Arsenal manager’s audition?

The question of when and if Arsene Wenger will step aside and end his long reign as the manager of Arsenal is a subject for debate and will probably depend on how this season goes for the Gunners and how the Frenchman himself feels about carryingh on.

With Wenger having recently turned 67 though, we can assume that it will be sooner or later and that is why the topic of who will be the one to replace him is coming up more and more often in the football media and among Arsenal fans.

There have been many names netinoed for the job and recently it seems that one of the most popular choices is the man who was in the opposite dugout today, the Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe. If the Arsenal board are considering the young Englishman then he will have done himself no harm today as the Cherries rerally got stuck into Arsenal and were arguably the best team for long periods of the game.

The way they played, with energy, passion and determination is someything thast many Arsenal fans feel that we have been missing for years and Howe also appears to be good on the flowing and fluuent side of the game that we have become used to under Wenger.

What do you think of Howe as the new Arsenal boss Gooners?


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  1. Budd says:

    If it wasn’t for the ref, Bournemouth wouldn’t even see the edge of the box. We won, but imagine otherwise. Just let that sink in. Howe is English. Thus overrated on the Island.

  2. Twig says:

    I always thought Debuchy was away on loan or something. Was shocked to see him in the starting XI. Was even more shocked when he went off injured. Again.

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    When you look at the way Eddie’s tactics managed to make our glossy lads look like the second rate away team, for most of the game, I would say that he is more than capable of taking us to the next level. Especially when you consider that Ozil probably cost more than Bournemouth’s complete squad lol.
    Anyways.. Once upon a time, We had a Don Howe in charge,so why not an Eddie, as well ? ?

  4. frisco says:

    Stop insulting Arsenal fans, Howe belong were he is now fighting for relegation you want Arsenal fighting for relegation????? Stop this nonsense rarely I find Arsenal fans who want Howe as Wenger replacement and please stop using the word “most popular” if you want to find out the most popular Wenger replacement just write the article about it and we’ll vote between Howe,Simeone,Low,and others.

    1. josh37 says:

      Simeone’s going to Inter.. Lowe’s resume is far from dazzling, other than managing the juggernaut of Germany.

  5. Dennis says:

    1- Ralph Hasenhüttl
    2- Thomas Tuchel
    3- Diego Simeone

    Enough of this British patriotism, this is a global game and we need the best man for the job i don’t care where he’s from.

    1. josh37 says:

      1) Ok… Umm his team is having a good run right now, (thanks largely to Forsberg who is absolutely balling!!) but Ingolstadt finished 4 pts off relegation last season. While his season is impressive so far, what are you basing the fact that he should be first choice on the successor list on other than being top of the league in november….?
      2) 6-3-3, 9pts off the top of the table with the second best squad in the bundesliga. Let in four goals at home in a recent CL game. Far from setting the world alight. Inherited a pretty fantastic squad as well with youth gems galore.
      3) Already said he’s going to Inter which needs a lot, lot, lot of work. Defo not a short-term project

  6. butters says:

    Eddie Howe brought poor little Bournemouth to the EPL, hes hands on approach with everything is resemblance of Wenger. He also thinks before he talks in the media, father figure like to his players. As a tactician, I am optimistic, but hes far from ready to manage the mighty Arsenal.

    1. Budd says:

      So did Karanka at Boro.

      1. josh37 says:

        So did Ranieri at Leicester….

        1. Budd says:

          Ranieri did not promoted with Leicester, it was Nigel Pearson. But I bet you had no clue about this and also the fact that Leicester wasn’t even relegated in the season before Ranieri was appointed.

          1. josh37 says:

            My point was more to do with nurturing a newly promoted side, but fair enough. The original comment wasn’t worded that way

  7. Arsenal Boy says:

    I think Jorge Sampaoli is massively underrated. He is doing a fine job at Seville and is definitely qualified to fill Wenger big shoes whenever he decides to call it quits. One manager though that has greatly impressed me in the Laliga is Eusebio of Real Sociedad. For a relatively unknown entity he has massively transformed the club and has them competing in Spain. He has taken a relatively average group of players and turned them to European contenders. Most importantly, Sociedad play a highly entertaining, tight pressing and free flowing possession football under his reign. I took time out to study the Laliga stats when I took notice of him and I discovered that Sociedad are among the top 5 teams in all the positive stats, including possession, shot conversion rate, highest no of goals scored and fewest no of goals conceded. I actually just watched their game against Barcelona and dare I say that any Manager whose team outclasses and outpossesses Barcelona on any footballing turf definitely has my attention. By the way Sociedad out possessed Barcelona today by 58% to 42%. They also led the stats in total shots and shots on goal. They were really unlucky to draw the game as they even had a good goal wrongly disallowed. What I am saying in effect is that if we need someone who is massively qualified but but has but has been flying under the radar to replace AW, then Eusebio is definitely the man. He is experienced enough at the age of 52 and by the way, he was a one time Barcelona By team coach which which probably which probably explains his obsession for possession.

  8. josh37 says:

    Honestly rate him massively. He has the balls to implement his style of play and play on his terms despite the fact that there’s far more chance of a result playing 2 banks of four while conservatively counter-attacking.. He has a clear philosophy, wants to, and does play very attractive football and a bit more quality in his sides erratic finishing and there are multiple teams he would’ve embarrassed this season, us included.
    He plays big-boy football with a little team.
    I honestly think he’s a different class to the other English managers and a fine student of the game. It’s too early now, and i doubt one game against us would bare into the equation, but he has a big future in the game… Either with us or elsewhere.

  9. butters says:

    no offence to Eusibo, but La liga ans EPL is a totally different game. If Arsenal were to transition peacefuly we need a big name manager who can attract big singings like Pep or even Klopp reputation. After Wenger, iexpect alot of players to leave and also signed

  10. Arsenal Boy says:

    Remember the Arsene who quote. My point is AW, SAF, even Jurgen Ķlopp and Simeone were not big name Managers until they started winning trophies. We do not need a big name Manager. What we need is a very good/experienced Manager that commands respect and discipline. Eusebio fits the bill. Other very good options include Sampaoli and Hasenhüttl

  11. Arsenal Boy says:

    And I still maintain that any team that dominates possession in a football match with Barca does not need to be ignored, less so the Manager. That even strengthens my admiration for Eusebio.

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