Did I see Xhaka complaining about being tackled against Leeds?

Xhaka gets a taste of his own medicine!

There has been many a times over the years that Granit Xhaka has gone in for some reckless tackles and has received red cards because of it.

Some of those tackles he will apologise for and accept that they were dangerous and some not so much. But in more recent times he has admitted that that is him as a player and that is his game and he won’t be changing for anyone.

But after our 2-1 win over Leeds United on the weekend it seemed that he got a little taste of his own medicine.

Mateusz Klich tackled him at one point during the game and Xhaka got back up as quick as he went down and started to have a go at his opponent for the tackle!

The tackle in effect earned Klich a yellow card much to the disappointment of Xhaka, who was no doubt doing his best to get the Leeds man sent off. But what made me laugh was that Xhaka surely cannot be complaining too much in that situation as he too has made his fair share of tackles over the years and games, some stupidly and some innocently, I must admit.

Although you never wish a player to get tackled or injured of course not but his reaction did get a little chuckle from me just because his always prone to giving out tackles but in this case it seemed that he cannot take it when it happens to him.

Of course if it is a leg breaker then that is a different story, although any dangerous tackle is not nice to see, but in this case he got back up to have a go and was lucky not to get booked for it.

Yet as I have previously said before, if we get through each game with 11 men on the pitch including Xhaka and Gabriel then it is an achievement in itself as we know the history these two have with regards to tackles, temper and cards don’t we.

But in this case Xhaka now surely knows how it feels to be on the end of some of the tackles that he gives out and maybe, just maybe, that will calm him down and make him think twice before making a tackle..

Well we can but hope can’t we!

Shenel Osman


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Video – Mikel Arteta talking about our nerve-filled win over Leeds United

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  1. It wasn’t a tackle!
    It was a ruthless “taking down” with the obvious intent not to get the ball, but to provoke Xhaka into a reaction, which could see him sent off.
    He nearly fell for it, but maybe the fact, that he didn’t, is a sign, he has matured.
    His complaining was quite understandable, though.

  2. I think you didn’t really understand the situation. Klich tackled Xhaka twice in the space of 3 seconds. The first tackle, Xhaka didn’t complain and kept on playing, but he (Klich) decided to go for a second tackle which was even worse than the first. If Klich was an arsenal player, he would have been given a double yellow card in the same run of play.

  3. Delusional article, I get it’s your opinion. Viera used to put in some mad tackle, Roy Keane used to do it, Gattuso used to do it, even Steven Gerard. You know one thing they all havein common? They react whenever they’re on the receiving end and some other player tries to take them out.
    Never seen y’all complain about how rough those players used to be.
    I only wonder if some of you will ever stop your propaganda against some of our players.
    You’re just going to pretend Klich didn’t have a go at Xhaka at first, to which the referee allowed the game to continue cause Xhaka retained the ball, and the moment Xhaka gave the ball and received it again. Klich went for him the second time under a minute, and you’re questioning why should Xhaka react the way he did.
    He shouldn’t have reacted, he should just stood there and he should’ve allowed himself got cleared off the pitch due to a tackle, by then when we’ll be another experienced player down. You’ll have Lokonga and Elneny as the midfielders for rest of the season.
    Wouldn’t that have been better for you?

    1. Calm down Eddie*

      You are taking the article too serious, it just an article meant to humour us of our player….it wasn’t toxic.

      No dirty player…..likes being dirtied and Xhaka ain’t an exception.

      Great team player….am so glad, we have him going forward to Europe next season.


    2. In absolute agreeance Eddie, we really love using Xhaka as the whipping boy. A very under rated player

  4. I think Xhaka has improved on his temper management and doesnt get easily provoked, maybe part of Arteta’s man management style. That said, i dont want any of our players, specially Xhaka, do something mad on Thursday because they will be surely provoked into doing something stupid. Our players should keep their calm, do their usual business on the football pitch, win the match and CL football is ours next season Wouldnt it be simply fantastic to clinch CL football on enemy territory?

  5. Great reply Eddie.
    It seems that Xhaka is on a hiding to nothing, whatever he does in the eyes of some of our fans.
    The point was made above, about two yellows being given over an incident involving referee Oliver…..it seems the “one rule for us and one rule for everyone else” continues to be applied and Xhaka was protesting about two fouls in the space of seconds.

    The guy was obviously targeting Xhaka, in order to get a response and it didn’t work.

    Well done Xhaka and Mikel for working on the disciplinary side of his game.

  6. I’m not good at writing articles but for someone to sit down and put these rubbish post together even to the extent of the admin approving it is appalling.

    Leeds were totally hard tackling our players all over the pitch, while I was watching the game I was screaming for our players to release the ball on time before dangerous tackle comes in, this was before Ayling did that stupid tackle on Martinelli.

    Years back it has been said that Arsenal is a soft team but they have forgotten of some players to have their legs broken from hard tackles Arsenal have but a few players to put on the list. Passion on the pitch isn’t about you having hard tackles everywhere on the pitch this too won’t show your manager that you are committed but rather you loose your head often.

    You can’t put up an article bashing our player for been tackles twice in a space of few seconds but Martinelli got sent off for making not even a tackle but obstruction and he was giving 2 yellows in the one game flow!

    If you ain’t got something positive to write about allow us to read other posts and deliberate on what tactics to use against a counter-attacking Spurs to to put up such disgraceful post.

    1. Oh sorry I didn’t realise that other Arsenal fans opinions are not allowed if you disagree.
      Maybe you could write one so we can see if our readers agree with it or not?

      1. Even though he said he is not good at writing articles, am sure he will write better than this. This piece is no no for me. Sounds like the idea is short of ideas

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