Did Kroenke sanction the Partey deal to keep Arteta at Arsenal?

The Partey That Keeps Arteta For The Long Term? By Dan Smith

Because it looked like the deal was dead, Gooners are rightly overjoyed that we signed Thomas Partey. I woke up on Transfer Deadline Day reading we had sacked Gunnersaurus so that didn’t make me feel we were a club about to spend some serious money. I guess PR wise it would have been disaster to make our mascot unemployed then fail to make a signing.

I would go as far as saying that Stan Kroenke stopped Arteta from leaving long term by finding the 45 million to activate Partey’s release clause. Imagine if this is Pep Guardiola’s final season at Man City, I could see them approach their former assistant manager. If his owner doesn’t match his ambition, why would he stay? I believe our manager could be that good.

I’m not going to say well done to Mr Kroenke…

When you club finishes 8th, your worst position in 25 years that’s when I expect any businessman to step in, especially if your company is failing.

The sale of Martinez and Greenwood covered the Gabriel fee.

55 redundancies saved 2 million a year which got Runarsson.

Mkhitaryan’s salary was replaced with Willian’s.

Ceballos’s wage has always been covered by what we saved by releasing Ramsey.

Guendouzi and Torreira wages will now be given to Partey (I guess so will a hopeful transfer fee down the line?).

So 45 million on a squad that finished 43 points behind the Champions to me is standard practice.

Man City
Sheff United

All of the above teams had a bigger net spend than Arsenal!

What makes this deal such a commitment from the Kroenke family is that we have given La Liga 45 million upfront.

Atletico Madrid always made it clear that the only way the midfielder would be leaving was if his release clause was activated.

As they should, 45 million is more than fair.

Yet Spanish rules dictate that any release clause can’t be in instalments paid over the years. Picture someone from Arsenal flying over to Madrid, meeting Pedro on a bench and handing over a suitcase with 45 million notes inside.

So I do appreciate in this current climate it took a lot for Mr Kroenke to authorize this transaction, especially with us not raising as much funds as we would have liked (Kolasinac, Mustafi, Sokratis, etc will again be up for sale in January).

I don’t think this deal would have happened had Emery been in charge. You don’t become a Billionaire without noticing when you have skilful people in certain departments. Arteta has improved individuals, shown the man management where people buy into his ideas, has a rapport with fans, and acts like a young coach who believes his ideas are as good as any of his peers.

Whereas you always felt the previous regime were yes men, accepting mediocrity because they were grateful to have a high-profile job.

Arteta has the mindset that even if others are better you can still find ways to win. He thinks and acts like we are a big club and perception becomes reality.

I think Silent Stan didn’t approve the money because of the player (he wouldn’t know who he is or even or care) but because he would be advised how good Arteta is and could be in the future.

We are good enough to make top 4. We needed at least another creative midfielder to be anything else. Yet one day if Arteta is lifting the title at the Emirates, then we can look back at this moment as the time we stopped the Spaniard from thinking about going elsewhere.

45 million to keep Arteta sweet? Well worth it…

Dan Smith


  1. Why was the Pepe deal sanctioned? To keep UE? How about Aubameyang/Laca transfer and Ozil mammoth contract? To keep Wenger?

    I think the Kroenkes is no where near as frugal as most people paint them to be. Problem (in my opinion) has largely been player recruitment, not the funds. Xhaka, Mustafi, etc commanded sizable transfer fees.

    Good thing is we now have a Manager to fix the puzzle properly.. Leicester have been doing quite well without paying over the odds for players. If anything, they been losing their best players (Mahrez, Kante, Maguire, etc) yet still manage to replace them cheaply and still do well. Considering how much we’ve spent over the last few years, we should be doing better than we’ve been doing.

    Just my 2 cents…😏

    1. Wasn’t lacca brought then money recouped by selling ox ?
      Wasn’t Auba a consequence of letting Sanchez leave ( paid for by selling Coquelin , Walcott , Giroud in that window )?
      Didn’t we get pepe not Zaha on generous repayment plan of 15 million a year which was covered by selling Iwobi ?

    2. Agree with you. Funds that have been made available have been misused. Look at Emery’s first year purchases; LT, SP, and MG. Where are they now? Last year the outlay was very significant albeit tempered by a favorable payment plan. If we can land another playmaker, then we will be in serious business. Ceballos on his own will be stretched this season, unless Ozil is called upon for cup competitions, and against the so called lesser teams.

      1. ahmad, agree, with the comment regarding poor transfer business, but Emery had no say in who Arsenal bought. He was expected as “head coach” to coach the players provided to him.

    3. Yeah, I’ve been shifting towards this opinion more too. Investment isn’t my biggest criticism of him. It’s kind of just the fact he doesn’t give a crap how the club is being run as long as he makes some money. There have been windows where Arsenal dont deliver on transfers though and we spend little when we need a lot. The history is patchy. Not awful, but patchy in my opinion. I do think player recruitment has been a bigger problem than actual money to spend for sure.

    1. Dan, how are we going to make any cent on those 3 mentioned when all except kola are at the last year of their contract?
      Correct me if am wrong but isn’t it?
      I really think we mess up not moving on those guys, that’s another mismanagent

  2. United had a bigger net spend than us?

    Again, why’s Kroenke always to blame and never gets any credits?
    So many times we’ve mentioned how he doesn’t a cent from the club and he doesn’t put back a cent in to it.
    Would you pour money into the club if it’s yours and you’ve seen people waste and mismanaged your funds for years?
    At least now they’ve gotten rid of the old guys in charge that mismanaged the funds.
    All that’s required now is allowing this new regime balance everything. Good thing a lot of those players a lot for doing f##k all would be leaving at the end of this season.
    Then we’ll get to see how this new regime will handle whatever little money it makes.
    If the funds are managed and used well and we keep growing, there won’t be a need to keep screaming Kroenke.
    The only reason we keep blaming the man is because the club’s been wasting money and declining.
    Arsenal as a company ain’t entitled to Kroenke’s personal money.
    That will happen only if he decides he wants to invest his personal, and he’s not even a football fan so we’re just beating a dead horse

      1. So while you were making a list of player wages freed from our club used in paying paying others.. Have you added the money recuperated from cancelling Sanchez’s contract?
        Loaning out Diego Dalot?
        Andreas Perreira?
        The wage gained from Smalling too?
        Or these wages logic only works for only when players leave Arsenal?

        1. Eddie your arguing Man U net spend wasn’t as big
          That’s for you to prove not me
          Sanchez salary would yes go on Canvani ?
          Don’t get your point lol
          Net spend is transfer in / outs
          United’s is bigger

          1. Bro Sky Sports has Arsenal’s net spend at 64.5M and Manchester United at 36.4M so I don’t know what you you’re on about and why you’re always trying to make Kroenke the villain

            1. Okay Eddie
              Show me how you got to 36-4 million
              Your very quick to quote other sources but work it out yourself
              Your saying I’m wrong
              So it’s for you to show me

              1. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/manchester-united/transfers/verein/985

                This is just to prove have not lied about outgoings
                The irony as you gave misinformation throughout summer ?
                Eddie , I have zero problem debating or someone having a difference of opinion but if it’s just to try and trip me up , won’t be responding
                If you don’t like article don’t read them
                But if your going to say someone is wrong , you need to prove it
                My opinion is we .finished 8th , 43 points behind Liverpool which is shocking

                So yes , think owner could / should do more
                day we lift prem mate , that’s day I’m wrong

    1. Isn’t Kroneke responsible for the incompetence at the high level though? He has the most power at the club and he let Arsenal slowly descend from title challenger to top 4, to Europa League side. Not entirely on him, bad decisions happen at every club, but this has been a long term descent and he can’t be bothered with it. Arsenal is not his concern, just his asset.

  3. “Good thing is we now have a Manager to fix the puzzle properly”

    No I don’t think so if Arteta can get rid of Guendouzi.

    1. Well, I also do not like (agree with) the way MG and MO has been treated. But I’m looking at the bigger picture. MA deserves a lot of credit for what he’s building at the club (at least, so I hope).

      1. Yes, Arteta might be on Goudozi case for discipline reasons, but on Ozil I think Arteta is just being used. It’s the board VS Ozil.

  4. We are in fact among the high spenders again and again. Why do you insist on trying to manipulate this fact?
    Both on transfers and on salaries, we are spending big time.
    Your intellect could be used much more constructively by addressing facts rather than your myth about Kroenke.

    1. Mate I always said not my job to change your opinion
      If your happy with Stan Koronkes work as Arsenal owner and love the heights he’s taken us too then great
      If your happy with what’s he spent then good for you

      1. It isn’t really a matter of opinion.
        You simply don’t accept the actual facts and keep throwing dirt and discontent on the owner based on your own conspiracy theories.
        I think, it is a bit sad.

        1. What bits not fact ?
          We brought Gabriel.for 24 million
          Sold martinez 1for 7 and Greenwood for 3
          Arsenal statement said 55 redundancies were to fund playing squad
          They said it saves 2 million a year
          1.5 paid for a new keeper
          Myk salary given to Willian
          So net spent up to what 4 million
          Then we but partly 45 release clause
          So net spend approx 45-50
          Wat have I said which is a conspiracy or manipulation?

      2. Not 100% sure, but I believe Josh Kronke not Silent Stan is the hands on owner we should be thanking.
        Last year it was published that Josh would be the Kronke involved with Arsenal, and he would be the leading Kronke going forward with Arsenal.

      3. I am referring to your general and constant wish to spread poison against the owners and your blatant ignorance to the fact, we are actually the third highest spender on transfers over more than a 5 year period. On top of that, we have one of highest salary bills.
        Despite those facts, you try to paint a picture of lack of willingness to spend.

        1. No mate
          Like I have zero intention to change your opinion I am entitled to have my own
          I have every right to look at our owner and look where the club was and his / has been during his tenure
          I say all time , if your happy then great
          We did though finish in our worse position in 25 years so hardly going to say he’s done great job
          But in my opinion as an owner he has shown zero ambition at my club but it’s easy to just say I’m manipulating
          Fabregas / nasri money – only fraction was invested
          Vanpersie was sold to Man United
          Contracts allowed to run down
          We buy a Lacca , sell Ox
          Get Auba but Sanchez goes
          This year , those 55 sackings were terrible
          Think there’s a difference between not liking my opinion and me lieing ?
          Was it a lie we brought Gabriel for 23 million?
          Was it a lie we recouped 21 million.?
          Was it a lie we sacked 55 peeps to save 2 million.for playing squad – 1.5 million for keeper
          So we then spent 45 million
          Well done great signing but my motto is b e best you can be

          Has Stan Koronke done everything he can to make us champions ? In my opinion no
          And that should be the aim.

          but if you think he’s a great owner who’s taken us to great heights then I’m not trying to change your mind

  5. Very interesting question. There is no doubt that Kroenke would have to sign out the money.
    £50 million in real money all at once. Kroenke gives the money to Arsenal, which is his anyway, so he owes himself £50 million. He must have been aware of how many other clubs have really improved their lot, including Tottenham. He must also have been getting hated on his social media, and platforms…..and to top it all could he risk losing Arteta, who is now the jewel in our/his crown. The answer is Thomas Partey. There is still room for English league signings. Will we get shocked? Said Benrahma, Todd Cantwell….who knows?

  6. I advice you do your research very well before dropping articles..
    Only Chelsea, Astin villa, City, Everton and Leeds have a higher net spend than Arsenal.
    Not even Spurs or Man utd or Liverpool came close.
    Arsenal are the 6th highest spenders after Chelsea, City, Villa, Everton, Leeds
    And the 7th in player outgoings.

    1. Mate I given United breakdown and arsenal
      Not prepared to break down every team
      Will just be accused of manipulating anyway
      Off top of my head Liverpool – 45 for jota , 25 for Thiago , 10 for that Greek player , got in 22 for Brewster
      Spurs – Celso 28, Regullon 28, Doherty 15, holberg 14

      Even if you disagree with my breakdowns , fact you admit that ‘ only ‘ Leeds , Everton , Villa , Chelsea and City have spent more ….that’s not good lol
      If your happy mate then cool

      1. And you forget that we were unable to really sell players apart from loan deals.. Only sale was Martinez..
        Add Mari 8mil, cos we just paid that this season after making his loan deal permanent.

  7. Overall, we still have not addressed the root cause of our problems.
    We are having excess players, paying players to seat.
    Sokratis wanted his contract cancelled, Psg wanted Bellerin, wolves wanted AMN, mustaffi and chambers had suitors, yet none got shipped out, who is responsible for negotiation? Who is making all those mediocre decision

    1. Adajim, have you considered that :
      1. Players valuations by the club were not met?
      2. Players mentioned did not want to play or move to clubs that made a bid?
      3. MA didn’t want to sell them? Why would he sell AMN when he has stated very clearly what an important member of the squad he is, along with Bellerin?
      4. Why should Sokratis demand his contract be terminated? Isn’t it time our club took the initiative and told the players what will happen?
      We are in four competitions and letting go of five first team squad members, without any replacements, would be a suicidal act.

      1. But the wage bills?
        Aside, I seriously doubt sokrati musti and chambers will add much to this team.
        Seems like not letting go on time is detrimental in arsenal case of Walcott and others, hope we are not back at similar place.
        For me, I don’t see much in AMN, him and Bellerin are dispensable and at least 1 should have let out of the team this summer.
        However I hope the team continue upward so this flops are insignificant

    2. I agree we have excess players, but there is a reason these tranfsers werent completed. Arsenal always sell players on the cheap. Iwobi and Ox are really the only recent exceptions. If we want culture change and not to be bossed around in the transfer market we need to stand by the value of our players. If someone wants Sokratis, PAY. If they want Bellerin, PAY. AMN was not worth just 20-25mill if you look at all these other English transfers. We are taking losses with their salaries but hopefully we get better offers in January for some of our deadwood and dont get pushed around as much anymore.

      1. Exactly my point RSH, regarding the club’s valuations.
        Imagine the outcry if AMN went for £20 million or less.

        1. Meanwhile an academy player like Brewster went for 23mil.
          Arsenal players are really undervalued and its time for the club to take its stand.

  8. Aside from the financial aspects of the article which I am not very good at understanding lol, creativity wise I still think that we dont need any external impetus. In Partey we have got someone who can be the supreme B2B that we have been craving for, along with his defensive discipline which makes the team more forward thinking and more defensively solid. In addition to that we have Ceballos who would be freed of his defensive duties, Xhaka who is improving with his creative passing along the left channel, Willian who did well when playing in Midfield, ESR who is a great prospect, Saka who is brilliant and most importantly we have, in my opinion, a great traditional CAM in Ozil, who would thrive in a midfield setup which plays to his strengths. So in my opinion we have the necessary options in our disposal. I trust Arteta to lead the team to success.
    Anyway great article as usual Mr.Dan.

  9. I would like our fans to have a look at the bigger picture! Arsenal.
    7th on transfers fees spent
    8th on transfers fees received 5th on net spend 64,5M after Chelsea, Villa, Leeds City
    3rd highest on permanent recruits behind only Villa and Leeds
    3rd highest on moving on players, permanently 6 players and 11 players on loans behind only to Villa and Brighton, meaning that all the other big clubs like Chelsea, Man City, Man utd failed to move their deadwood too and lastly this summer only 2 PL clubs managed a profit, West Ham (9M)but look at their recruitment and Leicester (150 000),you make what you want of this information, source Sky sport.

    1. siamois, that’s the kind of factual information that we should all digest and think about – good information and well spotted.

  10. If we buy Partey for 45 M and sell players for 45 M our netspend is 0. Why is that a bad thing?

    Does that diminish Parteys skill? Does he become a better player if we pay 45 M and do not sell any players? Or will he be even better if Kroenke pays with his own money?

    A sound business sells for more than they buy. The opposite leads to bankruptcy.

  11. I must start by thanking the Stan Kroenke for his last minute intervention to give Partey to our New Arsenal. Mr. Kroenke you can see joy in your last thirty minutes intervention among your millions of Fans around the world
    Thank you so much

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