Did Madrid just end Arsenal’s Benzema transfer hopes?

First of all Arsenal fans, I am not going to read to much into the fact that the long linked and much reported transfer target of ours, Karim Benzema, did not feature in the starting XI of Rafa Benitez’ Real Madrid team for their first La Liga game last night.

The France international was not on the bench either but that is supposedly due to a minor thigh injury. THere may be more to that than we know but it could just as easily be true so we really cannot use it to give us an indication of what is going on with the striker and his La iga club.

What I am looking at is how Madrid set up and played without him, and it is not good news for Arsenal to be honest. For one thing, Benitez did not do what some had suggested and put Gareth Bale or Cristiano Ronaldo in the centre forward position. Instead he used the young Spanish forward Jese Rodriguez as a straight replacement for Benzema.

The three front men did have some interchange of positions during the game but without much success and Jese was replaced by James Rodriguez before the hour mark.

So that kind of throws a spanner in the works of one theory of why Arsenal might be able to sign Benzema. And for another thing, Jese did not have the brilliant game that might have convinced their manager that he can do without his number nine. Madrid havre another game next weekend jut days nefore the transfer window closes, but are the hopes of the Gunners signing Benzema already dead in the water?

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  1. Am always positive about Arsenal( my dear club) and Mr wenger but my GOONERS fans on Facebook and twitter thinks am not calling a spade a spade. Their reason(s) being that i defend Mr wenger on his Decisions concerning AFC alot AND always defending the players when they have a below per performance. NOW if you think am doing my duty as a gooner, thumb-up, if you think Otherwise, Thumb-Down…

    1. so karim benzema wasn’t in the madrid squad or on the bench tonight?????? ……. Well there’s one way to find out if he’s in London….. Please who knows the names of all the 5star hotels arnd london?……. Lets check out their directories and book ins to see if a certain karim benzema is on it…… L()L

      1. but hes famous he wont give real name! he will be under an alias…!!!
        footballers use disney characters usually
        i just called travelodge…
        hi there can i be put through to mulan?
        no mulan sir
        no sir
        in room 203 with olivier sir
        elsa? wait! what?!

      1. @muffdiver, the last time I checked dreaming was still free lolz. By the way if we can sign ozil and sanchez, cavani who??

        1. Both Özil and Sanchez was brought in because Real and Barca had others replacing them. Obviously Real Madrid arent buying any striker this year, so why we even think of the posibility of signing Benz is to me a bit moronic.

  2. There are alot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know. Benzema may be slightly injured or just plain speculation. Rumour has it that Reus will be leaving dortmund for Real Madrid then Benzema to Arsenal….I don’t understand anymore but sooner than later, We will know if we get Benzema or not…..Just hoping we defeat Liverpool tomorrow….

  3. Been positive is one thing, but been BLINDLY positive is another. Is good to be +ve but is also good to be realistic.

  4. Can we please forget about Benzema already ah!!.He was never close to joining us yet when he does not come again this season peeps will see it as a disappointment whilst he was never close to joining and i mean never ever.Who is Real Madrid signing to replace him.He is the natural cf over there i dont get it.Its so annoying even crying over milk that was spilt ages ago.Forget him and accept reality.

  5. Muzzi Ozcan tweets this on 22 Aug

    Arsenal fans ! Please don’t believe these nonsense reports about Benzema ! He won’t be coming !

    I never said Benzema is coming ! We are fully aware of the situation !

    I have been involved in football business for a long time an I haven’t heard any one called …@AlexisDun85

    1. this ALEXISDUN85 has got everyone going mental- he has alot to answer for

      muzzi ozcan is a well known agent- other guy made a lucky guess with pedro, an just trawls alot of sites like we do for transfer news.

      people stop falling for this bullsh*t
      indy kalia, alexisdun, all these bell ends should have real names exposed

  6. Arsenal are NOLONGER INTRESTED in signing Benzema,we were told in early june that he is not for sale. Damn the media or you will disappionted

  7. I wonder why the club would raise the weekly salaries of both TW14 and OG12 in drastic ways if they did not plan for them to be featured performers? I really don’t think another forward with a weekly salary in the £150 range will be coming. A DM I can see however.

  8. Only one factor explains botched transfer market …again and again and again ..stop looking for excuses and start acknowledging the real problem

  9. The Benzema news is so annoying its not even funny anymore.Stop setting yourself up for disappointment when there was actually no reason to my brothers.Are we even in for him is also another big question though a lot of news has been reported about his transfer.This is just absurd but i know peeps are just believing it because we need a player of his caliber or better in our cf position so i get you guys but hey do not lie to yourself for one second.BENZEMA WAS NEVER EVER CLOSE TO JOINING ARSENAL.

  10. Benzema is not the only CF out there.
    Wenger needs to just get busy, if not already and send good offers

    Lewandowski, Cavani, Ibrahimovic, Benzema, will all be difficult but not impossible

    If not then get a versatile top winger (again difficult but not impossible) Reus, Greizmann, Draxler, Gotze

    As for DM: Krychowiak, Carvalho, Bender, Moutinho (more of attacker cm but can play defensive), Gustavo, Wanayama

    We missed out on Pedro, Jackson Martinez, Mandzukic, Dyabala, Dzeko, Depay, Sterling, Schneiderlin, Kondogbia, Schweinsteiger, but there are still quality around

    Only 9 days left to save the season

    1. None of the strikers are coming
      Reus wont be coming, Griezmann won’t be coming, Draxler is an injury prone winger who is more or less what Cazorla was in Malaga and Götze is an attacking midfielder.
      Carvalho is an overrated product from apple – aka overpriced too.

  11. i belive jan aage fjortoft more than bbc and sky sport… this man sad that he belives thet benzema is on the table and that wenger is sitting in that table, but he didnt say all in yet… This man muzzi ozcan nobody didn’t know him until he start tweeting in this transfer window and we still dont know is he serving coffe there in that company or he have some power either way he can hear some informations…. this man @AlexisDun85 broke to public some transfers and we still don’t know is he false or not, but also we don’t know who is hiding behind that profile… all i know is that wenger is smiling all the time in last press conference and that benzema was not on the bench tonight or stadium and sky reported earlier that he is not injured…

  12. I have just finished a
    teleconference with
    Arsene Wenger and
    Ivan Gazidiz.
    I made my final transfer decisions
    which Arse and Gadz have accepted.
    Everything is on track Gooners.
    davidnz delivers miracles again.
    You will be thrilled with the in comings.
    davidnz the transfer master.

  13. I’m not reading anything into the way madrid set up tonight. I still believe by wed/thurs this week reus will be a real madrid player and benzema a gunner. If the wheels fall off this deal wenger will hope to get cavanni. I hope krychowiak or lars bender are also signed. Roll on the end of what’s been another long summer of speculation and nail biting!

  14. Benzema is not injured now. He had a minor thigh injury that he picked up in training some weeks ago but the injury story is now a cover story.

    He will leave Madrid (not saying for Arsenal) but possibly PSG.

    This then means Cavan or Ibra will then be available on the market and may have been the reason PSG were looking to bag Benzema as a marquee replacement???

    1. Benzema was not match fit for today. He wont leave Real Madrid. Real arent that stupid to let their only striker leave and sign no one. There is no top striker available.

      1. Yep, not match fit and not fit to watch the match.

        Rafa Benitez is introducing a new system of play there that is to be more dynamic and therefore less dependent on a traditional/fixed Centre forward (ala Barcelona)

        They also want Reus or Griezmann and may use the funds of the Benzema sale to get their man (madristas want new blood/marquee signing).

        So my guess stands,
        Cavani or Ibra out from PSG and Benzema in at PSG

  15. We should go all out and sign Icardi from Inter. Benzema wont be sold even if we offer 50 m
    becoz Real dont have any good replacement out there. Icardi scored 22 league goals last season
    in a team which has no creativity or pacy wide players. I think if we offer 35-40 m for him we can sign him. He is also only 22. If he somehow flops we can sell him to any other big clubs from Spain or Italy. Icardi is as good as Diego Costa.

  16. Forget about Benzema
    It doesn’t make sense why Real Madrid would get rid of one of the best CFs in the world, unless they were getting Lewandowski or Aguero or someone
    Even if they tried Ronaldo or Bale up front they would still want to keep Benzema and Benzema is very popular with the fans too.

    Cavani seems more realistic but also very difficult
    I don’t see Lewandowski leaving Bayern. Don’t see Ibrahimovic leaving for less money.

    We can make an attempt at Reus and Greizmann but again highly unlikely

    My best guess for possible strikers would be :
    1. Cavani
    2. Draxler
    3. Cheryshev (don’t want him)
    4. Aubmeyang
    5. Gotze

    As for DM, we could probably get anyone of these players, IF Wenger is interested and makes good offers: Krychowiak, Bender, Carvalho, Moutinho (CM but can play both attack and defense), Wanayama

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