Did Morata just fail his Arsenal transfer audition?

With the uncertainty still hanging around over the possible transfer to Arsenal of the England and Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, along with the possibility that Arsene Wenger would like to add more than one new forward to the Arsenal squad this summer, there is still plenty of scope for us to look at the many Arsenal transfer rumours about potential striker targets.

One of the subjects of these is the Juventus and Spain star Alvaro Morata, especially as it was reported that Wenger wanted to sign the talented young player when he was leaving Real Madrid two years ago. The theory going around is that Madrid are planning to activate a buy back clause in his contract but instead of playing him they are going to sell him as he is apparently worth more than the value of the clause.

So he is being talked about as a possible target for the Gunners this summer and that made me watch the Euro 2016 match between Spain and the Czech Republic today with added interest to see whether the Spaniard could be the answer to our problems up front.

And if this was an audition for a transfer to Arsenal then I have to say that Morata did not really do himself any favours. Spain dominated but failed to trouble the Arsenal keeper Petr Cech too much until Gerard Pique finally headed the winner with just minutes to spare and by then Morata had been replaced early in the second half.

In fact, when you look at Morata´s record it appears that he is not exactly a prolific scorer, even though he is a good player and his game is about much more than just goals. We already have one of those players in the shape of Olivier Giroud though, so did Morata just prove that he is not the signing that Arsenal need?


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  1. His a crock of ? and he has the cheek to snub Arsenal, ?
    As reports suggested that Morata would rather join Chelsea or Utd.

    I hope that Wenger has a plan C, D and E for our Striker,
    Because His gonna @#@#ing need it.

    1. Tbh we don’t need him and I never understood what made him so special. Sure’s he’s skill full but that’s about it, doesn’t have as much pace as we would like and definitely is the type to get bullied by defenders. On the other hand if Wenger is looking for potential then why not go for Draxler ? The guy has pace and really knows how to dribble, if you watch him play he really does remind you of a young RVP.

  2. I did not see the game but forming an impression on one game can be very misleading. We need a proven goalscorer and Morata is not that.

  3. he didnt just fail it…HE BANG FAILED IT WITH FLYING COLOURS!!!!! d issue of its only 1 match is not it…d same issues arise when he plays for juve…he’s only a good player outside d box with his speed, link up play and dribbling but inside???…..thanks but no thanks, I like my sexy French man just fan©©©

  4. I strongly disagree. I thought he showed immense potential& a strong all round game. He clearly will become world class; infact, if he was more clinical- he’d probably be there already. Remember he is 23.

    1. @AidanGooner i support you on that.Wait when he becomes world class then they’ll be like sign him up sign him up.Nonsense!!!I wonder what’s with the bashing of him by fans.This guy will surely be a world class player even if his goal scoring record is poor.You know why…cos he’s destined to be.Yeah that’s why but i hate it when they make it look like he’s garbage then after a few years when he starts showing the way it’s done then they’ll be like sign him up.Mark my words i said it here first.Its funny when you are ignorant but you know what might surely happen in the end and that its not what you thought.

      1. Except what makes you think he will be world class ? Don’t throw that word around so easily. A world class striker is someone in the mould of Suarez, Lewandowski, RVP, etc. They can carry a team for an entire season and break records in the process.

        1. Someone who’s watched a lot of football can tell pretty easily. Using one of your examples- Van Persie at the same age had 26 goals in 111 league appearances- although certainly Morata’s achievements at 23 completely eclipse Van Persie’s. When has Wenger ever bought the finished article- this isn’t a plastic team- a Manchester club or Chelsea (thank God). He certainly won’t end up at Utd- hardly a Mourinho signing. Too much entitlement up in here, not enough pride in the team ethos. I’m genuinely surprised it’s not obvious that he has limitless potentia, he has so much going for him- i will be gutted if we miss out.

          1. Except I’m talking about Van Persie in his prime where he was responsible for winning United the title. Even at a young age you could tell he his talent was special but Morata so far has shown nothing to make me believe hes gonna be one of the best strikers in the world.

            1. If you are going to try and argue that Van Persie showed more at 23 than Morata has, then I’m done- there is no point discussing this any further. RVP was yet to make his full international debut, and stuck out on the Arsenal left wing. Morata is starting for a top International team already & has memorable Champions League final & Italian Cup final goals, memorable Champions League goals against Barcelona, Real Madrid, Dortmund & Man City, equalled the Juventus record for consecutive Champions League goals, won 3 league titles across 2 top leagues & won the Champions League- getting in the team of the tournament, & won the golden boot in both the U19s & U21s Euro tournaments.

              1. second this motion, he reminds me of when luis suarez first came to the premier league, great ability but would sometimes fluff his chances, then all of a sudden it clicks and the goals just keep coming.

                His experience at such a young age and us having one of the best playmakers in the game makes me think he’d be a perfect fit, although I am worried it could take a season to adjust in which case I hope we can get enough goals from other players, maybe even play sanchez up top, if we don’t win something this season players will be leaving.

    2. Lukaku is also 23 and looks much closer to the finished product to me. Morata just has not impressed me enough to warrant his high price tag due to “potential”. At 23, you should be living up to that potential, not just showing you have it.

      Ask alex oxlade-chamberlain – fans are constantly saying he isnt living up to his potential and he is only 22….

  5. It doesn’t surprise mw that he doesn’t want to come and would rather chelsea and man u instead.. those two club like madrid have no soul nor any proper ethics when it comes to football, man u sold out when the Americans took over.. majority of of who play for those clubs are mercenaries and morata is no different, and to be honest I highly doubt it that wenger was in for him.

  6. Morata is over hyped, plain and simple..He can’t get into the Juve first team for a reason.. he is not good enough and he also showed that today..Spain play a similar game as us..And if he can’t shine for Spain then chances are that he won’t shine at Arsenal too..and for 50 million? Man Utd and Chelsea can have him anytime..

  7. People dissing Vardy and Morata should remember that even though there are better players than them (ie Aubemeyang, Mkthtaryan, Lewandowski, Icardi, Higuain etc) and hope we get one of those, I would prefer Vardy or Morata over no forwards at all. With Wenger this is a very strong possibility. If Wenger doesn’t get who he wants, he could stick with Giroud, Walcott, Akpom, Sanogo and Welbeck when he comes back.

    1. So on one hand you would prefer a striker that only has 2 seasons in him and is possibly just a one season wonder, and on the other hand you would prefer a striker who scores less than Giroud and hasn’t shown any sign of full filling his so called “potential” people keep talking about ? We can do a lot better than these options.

  8. to be honest i think it is unfair to judge a player on just one game also i read somewhere that morata would rather join either chelsea or man united because of his past relations with both manager,concerning his goals scoring ratio it has to be mentioned that the majority of his appearances came from the substitutes bench which makes it more difficult for any forwards to score regularly,we all know the benefits for a player to play week in week out .

  9. A player we would soon regret signing when he eventually becomes world class.Fair enough he hasnt performed well enough to be our top striker yet.But stop acting like you know his future and you think he will never be good.He is a player who will surely be linked to in the future again once he finds his feet and is well established.Then you will see what am sayinG.Dont act like you think he can never be a good player.There is also another guy here who claims there are ”know it alls” over here.His comments are so annoying and indeed he behaves like a true know it all.The same with Aubemyang see him now.I wont even mention that guy’s name.He’s so annoying.ALVARO MORATA will be a world class player.Mark my words.NONSENSE!!!

  10. I thought he actually played well, had about 3 or 4 chances but was snuff out by our keeper, he seem to be a player who would work well with a second striker, not to say he could not develop in the sole striker role.

    I would not mind Arsenal buying Morata, but not for any silly money, because he still needs to be polished for him to shine

  11. I knew he wasn’t good enough long ago.. fans and pundits are just attracted to his nationality, experience in Madrid and Juve and his age.. dude has a long way to go.

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