Did Mourinho just admit the cheating Arsenal fans suspect?

While the disastrous competitive Arsenal debut made by their former number one Petr Cech has sparked widespread hilarity and taunting among the knuckle dragging Chelsea fans, they have hardly had the perfect start to their own campaign to win the Premier League.

Unlike Arsenal, Jose Mourinho and his hugely expensive squad did not manage to win a single game in pre-season, apart from with the lottery of a penalty shoot out. And I am surprised that their fans are so keen to bang on about keepers after their new number one Thibaut Courtois committed a foul on Swansea striker Gomis, that earned him a red card and gave the visiting team the penalty that brought the scores level.

And as well as reading with glee that their stupidly optimistic and pointless appeal against that red card was denied by the FA, I was happy to see that the Stamford Bridge club’s inner problems seem to be on the increase with Mourinho’s bizarre rant at his medical staff carrying on, as he has now banned the team doctor from match days and even the team hotel. Seriously Jose WTF?

But as I was reading about that in The Mirror today I spotted what looks like a slip of the tongue from their mouthy manager and I could not help thinking that he has inadvertently admitted to the cheating (or gamesmanship) that Arsenal fans have long suspected. While talking about his annoyance at the doctor going to treat Eden Hazard, Mourinho basically admitted that he knew the player was not hurt. How I wonder? Could it be because that is a clear tactic that Hazard and other members of the Chelsea team use all the time, with the full knowledge of their boss?

He said, “I was not happy with my medical staff. Even if you are a kit man, doctor or secretary on the bench you have to understand the game.

“You have to know you have one player less and when you go to the pitch to assist a player you have to make sure your player has a serious injury.

“I was sure he hadn’t a serious problem. He had a knock, he was very tired, but my medical department – on an impulse – was naive and left me with eight outfield players in a counter attack after a set-piece.”

Maybe you should have let your medical staff in on your tactics Jose. Will this make EPL officials even less likely to fall for Chelsea’s tricks? And will that help Arsenal to get the bragging rights back over them and shut their mouths about Cech?

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      1. Arsene said the target is having everyone fit. Good luck with that, Monsieur. When was the last time that happened at Arsenal?

        Reus or Benz, any better DM and we should be all good.

        Also, Ramsey is not a #10, he’s what some here call “box-to-box”. He should busy himself with winning back the ball and passing it to the guys upfront swiftly, in partnership with our actual DM.

    1. Exactly, and why judge Cech on one performance, when our attackers even were not on target… Hilarious….focus on palace Bob, why are worried about Moaninho….He will be taken care by Abramovich when the time comes..

  1. From Sky Sports:


    Arsenal are monitoring Sevilla star Grzegorz Krychowiak but Arsene Wenger is not keen to add to his squad this month, according to theLondon Evening Standard.

    The report claims member’s of Arsenal’s backroom staff think the club should strengthen in the defensive midfield position but Wenger is keen to put his faith in Francis Coquelin.

    1. If that is true I would say to wenger that putting his faith is not opposite to signing K player here.
      He can have all the faith IN COQUELIN but his faith can’t be on other players hurting him on the field. Or a flu!
      Actually signing K would mean caring for Coq!

  2. WTF is it with this blog and mourinho?? is it a vendetta with him?? better not to write at all than write bout this shit, whats our business with what he does?? keep looking at mourinho and fail to look beyond mourinho and see where we’ll end up..rubbish

      1. Don’t know about you, but reading about clowns is fun to me, particularly when they think their opinions count so much. No difference btwn Maureen and Daffy.

    Arsenal are monitoring Sevilla star Grzegorz
    Krychowiak but Arsene Wenger is not keen
    to add to his squad this month, according to
    the London Evening Standard.
    The report claims member’s of Arsenal’s
    backroom staff think the club should
    strengthen in the defensive midfield position
    but Wenger is keen to put his faith in
    Francis Coquelin

    transfer centre
    @sky sports

    if this is true WTF!

    why is this old man so blind.

    if we dont win the epl enough is enough.

    carlo ancelottti,jurgen klopp and pep will all be out of jobs next season.


    1. Only old age can finish him off, as he has to much power in the club. Wenger alone is the one who keeps the board together, without him the fans fury would finish the club off where it hurts them the most. $$ wise.

      That for Wenger can shame himself and the club as much as he wants bec in the end of the day there are consequences and no pressure from the board whatsoever.

      1. klopp klopp klopp klopp klopp klopp! lol
        we need a fresh direction at the club someone who can do what wenger does(in terms of giving youngsters a chance.) but can also do more in the dugout in terms of injecting a fresh passion in this arsenal squad, and not scared to get in the solutions we need when we need it and not holding it off.
        pep might be to technically/tactically minded for the p/l teams and for some of our players to handle. not sure if he would work in this league to much.
        you will only be getting one more chance to make it right arsene, and no more
        d/m and c/f please and pay the going rate for them to.

  4. If ivan Rakitic were to be available on the market……. Many would have regarded him as world class……. Forgetting a few season ago he played for Sevilla……. Would anyone have considered him then?…….. Nope!….but cuz he plays for Barca now….He must be world class *smirks*

    1. Many big teams in the world where after him even at the times where he played for Schalke. What you just said do count only for the noobs who have no ideas about football at all.

  5. The only consolation we have is that……..Arsenal would be playing away to palace(playing at the Emirates can be so painful)……. Otherwise, Palace are a different Animal…much brutal than the hammers……..We better get our acts right else its Trouble for us

  6. You know you got sh*ty fans when all what is there for you to do as a fan is to be busy speaking about others.

    Do you see Chelsea fans or others speak about Arsenal? I dont think so.

    Thank you Wenger for Turning Arsenal into Spurs vol 2.

      1. WHam have been speaking about us all week. In a mythically Jack and the giant killer kind a way. Graham has said that the young Oxford lad is the new P Vieira. We could do with not one but two Ox’s in our team.

    1. Trouble is @k-s unless we want to trash Wenger or talk about fantasy football management, it is often impossible to talk about anything because the site is, at times, overrun by the perpetually disenchanted. I won’t state the obvious about you commenting on a Chelsea article and what, by your own definition, that means about you.

      I think AFC is the same. In fact to many including you, I imagine, we are frustratingly, absolutely the same as we have been for the past 18 years.

      However, the AFC fan base that IS changing. Spuds fans always moan, shout their mouths off, are jealous of what we achieve, lack class (shitty way they turn on past managers) and have ridiculous expectations every year. So you ARE RIGHT, some of you are turning AFC into the same thing. That’s not Wenger. You need to look closer to home.

      Lol thumbs down I see it coming, but wtf.

    1. And for the record: According to transferleague, Chelsea squad cost about 300 million pounds, whereas Arsenal is at 230 (last season numbers). Calling Chelsea squad hugely expensive when we’re at 75% of their cost is pretty dumb. This year, Filipe Luis is gone and Cech transfered to us, making it 240/285 – 85% of their squad cost.

      I’m no fan of Chelsea, but this is pretty bad journalism from Bob (or whoever posts in his name)

      1. Squad values are 282m for AFC and 382m for CFC according to transfermarket for season 15/16. That’s 100m difference with us and the most expensive squad in the PL. Hugely expensive seems fair.

  7. So first game gone and TR7 and JW10 are both out for a month or two. Fantastic.

    No worries though, we still have Flamini and Arteta for cover, the dynamic duo!

    1. You must have not been around last season when we had one senior defender (not plural) we had one new striker – DW as Theo Oli injured. We had Flamini as only DM. Ozil Jack Ramsey Arteta Diaby Rosicky Ox were either out or in and out of team… but we had Sanchez!

  8. feel that we need to sign a cdm to give coq competition else he will take his place for granted with another cdm menas more depth & could bring the best out of them
    Hector Bellerin returns to full training. The defender is in line for a recall against Crystal Palace this weekend

  9. Ozil is on his 3rd season now. I think it’s only fair for Arsenal fans to expect their money’s worth from him this season. We need influential and dominating displays from our number 10. Silva and Toure do it for City, Hazard does it for Chelsea and Coutinho (occasionally) does it for Liverpool. We need goals and assists. Not just a nice flick every couple of games.

    1. Ozil in all fairness is a top player. It’s clear to most that what he needs is to play centrally behind the striker. Whatever AW does in the next game, I just hope he will stick to using our best players in positions where they thrive, (wingers as wingers like Sanchez and The Ox, le coq as DM, drop Ramsay for a while and put Santi back alongside le Coq) and for me it is time to put Gabriel out alongside Koz, hopefully with Belerin as RB. We need to find a team and formula and stick to it. Theo can cover for Sanchez if he’s not yet ready and or with Giroud for the CF role. We need to get back to basics and build some confidence in the team and with the fans.

  10. Wenger must go…

    Poor players selection

    Poor tactics

    Poor signings


    Refuse to strengthen

    time for a change

  11. I think there should be an enquiry to this. Even if he was allowed on the field he is not capable of diagnosing a player or injury. Players are supposed to get booked for feigning or time wasting so if a manager gives out instructions what should be the punishment. Severe I would think as he is turning what can be some honest players into conniving ones. And that routine where three or four of chelseas largest players go up and surround the ref before Terry moves them back and gets a word in. And the third and fourth outstretched leg if done by us or anyone else would be clear handball.

    Allot of what Che do should be highlighted, Id like to see it highlighted before an encounter with them and from our manager. It was a good spot by the author, totally went over me.

  12. stop talking about chelsea ffs. id rather hear about arsenal ladies, reserves…hell even the kit man’s favorite salad, over further chelsea gossip. good grief.

  13. Let’s sign Dr Eva as well – we could certainly do with her, as we have two long term injuries already.

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