Did Nuno Tavares show he can challenge Tierney for a starting spot?

Tavares on point to rival Tierney!

Nine games into the season and Nuno Tavares finally got to make his full Premier League debut for Arsenal after joining in the summer.

Had Kieran Tierney not been ruled out with an ankle injury, Tavares may have had to wait a bit longer for his full debut, but every cloud has a silver lining and as disappointing it is that Tierney is injured, and of course let’s hope he is not ruled out for long, it is nice to see another player come in and perform to the same high standard that Kieran himself does!

Tavares did not disappoint on his full debut, where he impressed from start to finish, as he was linking up well on the left-hand side with his teammates and Smith-Rowe in particular.

Maybe the performance of the whole team, the pressing, the intensity and the teamwork as a whole helped him settle in much quicker, but he has done a lot to show the sort of player he is.

People will argue of course that it was only Aston Villa and it was easy for Arsenal to be truly dominant and his true colours may show when we play a tougher opponent, of course the same can be said for every player, but you can only judge a player on their performance one game at a time, and based on what I saw tonight against Villa I was very impressed with Tavares.

As both players are also still in their early 20’s can it be safe to say we have two talented and potential best left backs in the league?

Well, based on his performance on Friday, surely he has sent a message to Arteta, Tierney himself, and even us Arsenal fans, to say that he too has not come just to warm the bench or make up the numbers but to rival Tierney and compete for that left back spot.

Gooners are we on the road to being blessed with yet another talented left-back to rival that of Tierney?

Shenel Osman



  1. It’s obvious and Aston Villa aren’t pushovers. They are full of high quality players, won against Man United at Old Trafford and recently dominated Wolves

    Tavares is taller and currently more confident of cutting inside, so he’d better be a starter in Leicester. Let Tierney do some exercise first in the League Cup game

    1. Agreed👌
      He burns so much energy with his athletic runs so he will need to be also defensive minded. He leaves gaps at the back which if Gabriel fails to cover for him opponents will take advantage of. But no doubting the fact at the moment he is inform than Thieney.

  2. Having finally got round to watching the full game yesterday Tavares was MOTM for me and also tomi on the opposite side was brilliant also .
    Regarding challenging Tierney for his spot I think he’s got along way to go as of yet but if he keeps putting in those kind of displays then why not ,he looks the kind of player who could play multi positions which is good for him and the team if backup is needed .
    Regarding Tierney it was obvious he needed a rest so it worked out petered t for everyone involved ,overall a good game to watch and it was telling that Odegaard was benched we then put in our best performance of the season .
    Only negative for me was Martinelli once again not getting minutes except for the time wasting subs appearance,but that’s for another day so onwards and upwards .

  3. He had a great game, there’s no doubting that. He needs a run of games and a lot more appearances before making any judgements.

    He wasn’t really tested that much defensively on the left. I would be interested to see him against City, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

  4. I will surprise Shenel now by saying I like her article. I think it shows much sense and for once discusses something tangible and of relevance to Gooners.

  5. Maybe he may become the replicate of the Arsenal invincibles Cash Cole for the Gunners as times go on. Cole who was reported to have said, he almost crash his car on hearing that Arsenal offered him only £55k/w wages to tirndown going to Chelsea

    1. Because Vieira told him not to take less than £60K. Not sure if he’ll ever be that good, but we can hope.

  6. He is very talented, athletic and skilful. But he has still a long way to go, and Tireny is still much better. Tavares decision making is still poor, he had a few shots when he should have passed and put our strikers in front of goal. He pressured better than Tireny, but otherwise defensively he mad some unnecessarily fauls.

  7. Don’t like when we get carried away after one game. Tierney is obviously still our starter. It’s good for him to have that thought in the back of his mind though and no player feels too comfortable. This is why Bellerin never got much better.

  8. As for me all the players tried and Tavares performed well except the fact he was living the backline too much I thing arteta shld use him as a wing back or a winger cause he does not no how to mark but attack according to last match

  9. Lets hope he isnt a one hit wonder (i dont think he is) he is a talent, he could challenge Tierney, he could play left side attack, so lets see over the next few months. Its not about the odd game, its about getting and holding his place in the team.

  10. Tierney has for a couple of matches not taken on his full back as much. He seemed for a couple of games to get caught up in the fearful football we sometimes play. Naturally Tierney is a serious full back and excels going forwards, but Tavarez going forward is quite a sight and we should not suffer sentimentality……if Tavarez performs, and Tierney is out of form, then play Tavarez.

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