Did the Arsenal board really sack Wenger without replacement readied?

Arsene Wenger has admitted that the club made him announce his departure from Arsenal Football Club recently, but did they really force his hand without a new man lined up?

The Frenchman is the current longest standing Premier League manager with a whopping 21 years of service, but has finally made the decision to leave the club this summer, despite having a year remaining on his contract.

The 67 year-old has always reiterated that he wouldn’t quit the club, so the decision appears to have been made by the club, although I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t been against the idea.

Arsenal has needed a fresh outlook on proceedings for some time now, but I struggle to realise how announcing the decision before the end of the term helps us in any way, and I’m rather shocked that the move seems to have happened without his replacement being chosen.

There is a number of reports linking a number of options with the job, albeit most of those names are vastly inexperienced for such a role, and I’m amazed that Wenger would have agreed to leave without knowing the team would be in good hands following his departure.

Did the club really force Wenger to quit his post and announce the move at this point in the campaign?

Pat J

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  1. John Ibrahim says:

    its quite obvious….Wenger was fired….

    The board obviously has an issue with potential candidates due to their request for a big budget to sign players

  2. Wolfgang says:

    He shd have been axed years ago when Arsenal were constantly beaten by
    an avalanche of goals. Yet during this period of humiliating losses and an
    inability to mount an epl challenge to the end of the season,he showed
    no sign of changing his tactics ie kamikaze attack with the defence forever
    in aporous state.
    At any top clubhe would have been fired maybe in 2010.Next the subject of the next manager.
    If Arsenal don’t get atop quality guy due to the scrooge mentality it could backfire and then
    it will be back to the drawing board.Of course he could turn out to be a success meaning
    he starts winning games.The problem is the fm puts how to win his priority when it shd be winning as no 1 concern.

    1. David Rusa says:

      Have you really answered the question or just expressed your sentiments? The question is whether Wenger was forced out before identifying a proper replacement not why he had to leave. The way the situation looks on the surface that might be the case. However let us hope that a lot of work is being done behind the curtain.

    2. ThirdManJW says:


      Spot on! In hindsight, I also thought 2010 would have a been a fair time to sack him/not renew contract. It still would have been a respectful amount of time, considering what he’d done for the club, given that would’ve been 6 years since a league title, and 5 years since ANY trophy.

  3. Ken 1945 says:

    The observation about would Wenger have agreed to leave without knowing etc.
    I believe he was being forced out and he decided to say enough is enough.
    This, I believe, was not what the board expected at all and hence we have this crazy situation where every Tom, Dick and Harry is being tipped to be the new manager.
    They were caught out by his announcement as is plain to see and they only have themselves to blame for not plannung properly.
    I also think Wenger saw this as a opportunity to get his players to give him one last opportunity for european success and at the same time, ensure the club qualified for the CL next season.
    One day the truth will come out (at least as Arsene sees it) in his autobiography and it will be compulsive reading for all sides of the gooner family that is for certain.

  4. John Wick says:

    Fired or resigned it doesn’t really matter what matters is getting a good replacement but please not Buvac or Arteta! Now isn’t the time for experiments, we need a man who can start clawing us back to the top! We’ve become a laughing stock over the years and now us fans deserve better! If the owner and board start getting silly they’re gonna end up back to square one with disgruntled fans.. putting up with Wenger’s eccentricities for years is punishment enough! It’s time for a manager who knows tactics and isn’t afraid to drop underperformers! Arteta has no experience has never managed anyone and seems an all round nice guy! Buvac much the same hasn’t managed anyone of note and doesn’t seem a man that’s very vocal, I don’t think the man has ever even done an interview! Bit like silent Stan ? anyway onto Madrid I really hope we can do it.. not holding out much hope though just like every year in Europe we fail but hopefully with a bit of luck we can make it to Lyon ☺

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      John, I agree. However nothing would surprise me about the ineptitude of Kroenke and the board in regard to football matters.
      Hopefully the new managers such as Raul Sanllehi and Sven Mislintat, are giving them sound advice re the appointment of the new manager and prospective players to strengthen the Arsenal squad.
      Whether they take this advice remains to be seen. The spotlight is now on Kroenke and the board. We all await the outcome. I can’t see Sanllehi and Mislntat hanging around if their advice is ignored.

      1. John Wick says:

        Absolutely Ozziegunner if the new project fails Kroenke will be the man in the spotlight and as we know at arsenal things can turn sour fast maybe then he will regret not taking Usmanov’s more than generous bid.. if we continue to regress the club will become less profitable! Time will tell but without a 2nd year in the Champions league and a inexperienced man with an alledged paltry budget not to mention an absolute farcical of a defence it’s gonna be a long road back.

      2. jon fox says:

        I also can’t see them hanging around if their advice and talents are ignored by Kroenke. They have been the catalyst for Wengers sacking, as was totally predictable months ago. The empty seats was the result of fans, en masse, refusing to accept Wengers nonsense a moment longer. IF, I say IF, we end up with Arteta or Buvac, the empty seats will stay empty and many of those still occupied will also become empty. The fans will NOT accept a nonentity. THIS IS WHY I believe we will NOT get a nonentity. But for me, no mass bets this time. I did very well out of Wengers sacking, which was entirely predictable, BUT the future is far less predictable . At least not for certain!

        1. John Wick says:


  5. Innit says:

    Honestly, I don’t care if he was fired, retired or whatever. I am just happy he is OUT. Also I don’t wish to kick sand in a person’s face when he’s down. I have no hatred towards Wenger because of 3 PL trophies, 7 FA Cups and the invincibles.

    All I care about is that the Board gets the best person for the job and gives him or her enough room and money to maneuver in transfers so we get the best players we can

      1. Ray says:

        Yep, @Innit is right!

        It’s not important and kind of pointless. If we fail to appoint “The right” manager after Wenger leaves nothing changes anyway!?

        Who is “The right” man for the job? That, I’m quite sure will already be decided. Arsenal keep the cards close to the chest in these situations and Kronke being, well, Kronke, I doubt he will do anything un-businessman like. To him it’s a franchise and you don’t remove assets from a company “willy-nilly” and blindly!!

        I would say there are likely to be 3 or 4 candidates who have already been approached. It’s just a matter of who is the most appealing to Arsenal FC..

    1. jon fox says:

      Sensible people always look forward. So I salute you as Mr. Sensible!

  6. scientists says:

    please try to choice a appropriate one

  7. Innit says:

    Also even if the board didn’t agree contract with anybody they should have confidence getting someone. There are loads of people and Arsenal is a very attractive destination with attractive salary

    Loads of Possible candidates Enrique, Low, Allegri, Simeone, Ancelotti, Buvac, Jardim, Benitez, Conte. Also former players ie Henry, Viera, Arteta, Adams etc. Its almost impossible to enter the next season empty handed.

  8. Daniel says:

    Time will show how bad this board really is once the scapegoat is gone

    1. Sas says:

      Well sayed.

  9. Jackie Pikr says:

    I did cheer along with the WOB but I was completely heartbroken when Wenger announced he was leaving.
    Today, I realized that this feeling of Jekyll and Hyde clearly represents Arsenal on the pitch:
    No money because of the stadium, but great players – who eventually jumped ship
    Finally some money, but truly very expensive and lazy players are bought, the lesser expensive simply don’t gel with the likes of Ozil.
    Attractive football, but let’s get a shellacking from United and Liverpool.
    The only constant was the Champions League. And when that possibility became slim, because the team is not good enough to beat Atleti, I’m sure the board asked him to step down. This was announced early to see if the shock would get some players out of their stupor.
    What Arsenal need now is a way to get the WOB fans back and season ticket sales to go up. So the club is not going to experiment. The players who stay will need someone like Benitez or Ancelotti to get back on track.
    Bye Wenger, we love you but we are dying of exasperation. To not participate in Europe next season is exactly what Arsenal need. A little bit of focus on the Prem.

  10. Gooner says:

    I will be happy to see Wenger go as I do not know any business that would keep the CEO
    For ten years after he was a success, so on that point one fecker out and please one
    Fekir in

    1. Midkemma says:

      So how about AFC not putting any pressure on their CEO for failing to do anything for nearly a decade?
      Gazidis has penny pinched year after year and Wenger was blamed for treating AFC money like his own, we are now reading that the new manager will be given £50 million and we somehow have to improve enough to compete… Oh and not wanting to pay more than £8.5 mil a year for a manager so established good managers may not be an option.

      Just wondering if you feel it is okay for the CEO to be ignored in all of this considering you actually say a CEO in your post, not a manager who could have been sacked by the CEO years ago but FAILED.

  11. Bolivian gunner says:

    We need defenders
    Three cbs
    Two cdms
    Get rid of kos, mustafi, holding, xhaka

    1. Innit says:

      If we get rid of Mustafi, Koscielny and Holding we will be short of central defenders. We need CBs on the bench too in case our starters get injured and to play FA cup and League Cup matches

      Why can’t these players stay as backups?

      1. joseph says:

        All must stay as Subs

      2. gotanidea says:

        Mustafi and Holding can stay as they are still young, but Koscielny has to go because he really looks aging without any signs of improvement

        In my opinion, Koscielny has passed his peak like Sanchez and he made many offside trap mistakes in the past

    2. joseph says:

      Holding has just signed a new deal, just sign a good CB, a good DM and a good RB

  12. wenger says:

    Read an interview this morning about Sven commenting it will be a three man team between him, Raul and the new manager.

    1. Sue says:

      But will that work????

  13. antonioro says:

    Remember few years ago when all of us stated “ slowly we are becoming the new Liverpool”…not the case anymore,I guess…

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      take Sallah out of the liverfool team and they would have lost at least 6 games ….and that’s 18 points and more……

      Spud has Kane and they have Sallah….

      hence Chelsea and Arsenal are struggling cause we don’t have a 40 goals players to save our A**

      1. John0711 says:

        But hohn that’s a silly argument top sides have top player who improve their position and results.
        That’s why clubs buy these players
        Arsenal have the same opertunity to do the same

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Following on from your observations John Ibrahim,
          The problem is they HAVE got those players.
          It’s like saying take Vieria Berkgamp and Henry out of the Invicibles team and we wouldn’t have been Invincible!!!!!
          It is what it is and what that has got to do with the subject up for debate I fail to see.

          1. jon fox says:

            Ken, Why bother pointing out the obvious to the likes of John Ibrahim! He does not live in the land of reality. Nor does he even wish to do, so it is a waste of time pointing out clear truths to him. “IF ONLY ” people are the enemies of truth.

  14. David Rusa says:

    I wonder why some people can’t stick to the issue at hand but veer off to irrelevant matters. I believe the author wanted to generate a debate that would challenge the Arsenal owner, the Board and chief executive to act promptly and solve the managerial issue at Arsenal. This is where I feel we need to give our views on the kind of manager we need not to engage in the past events that are no longer useful. I wish to urge those concerned to move quickly and appoint a manager with good experience and reputation for winning trophies not a novice. We don’t need experiments. Recently Ivan Gazidis boasted that they have experience in matters of appointing managers let us see that experience at work now. Any appointment that falls short of fans’ expectations will in all probability attract protests. So the management need to tread very carefully. Let them remember that primarily it is the fans’ protests that forced Wenger out and work to satisfy our desire for a competent manager that will bring Arsenal back to the top of English and European football.

  15. Ackshay says:

    I just can’t believe the wenger lovers are using the board as an excuse to taunt people like me who wanted him out. Yes we know silent stan is a leech that has no ambition that i would happily dump in a endless fiery pit along with the old decrepit corposes aka our board.
    Arsenal have 3 huge problems; pathetic owner, useless board and a once great but now average coach. We cannot do anything to stan except pray his new stadium gets destroyed by a force of nature forcing him to sell the club or go bankrupt. The board is protected by stan and unless usmanov comes in or they die one after the other we again cannot do a thing.
    But we could help get rid of wenger and we have.

    1. Lexynal says:

      Dream on…..You dont agree with the owner of a business, policies and ideas – then you are not bound to remain with the club. Your prayer or thought (for any reason) for force of nature to destroy things in order for another to align with your own personal vision is absolutely abysmal.
      By the way, AW has been GREAT and will remain GREAT….that is certain. And watch out for unfolding events.

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      You really have a high opinion of yourself if you think “the Wenger lovers are taunting you!”.
      You have never crossed my mind once whilst thinking about the subject in question.
      Your post is really quite dumb anyway, because you then go on to castigate the owner and the board yourself!!
      If you really think that you are as powerfull as you say you are, then why not carry on down the same road? Wouldn’t that eventually force Stan to sell up?
      It really is time to stop this blame game and dividing the fan base.
      All I know is that WHOEVER the new manager is he will get my support and we can get on and follow the club.

      1. Lexynal says:

        @Ken 1945….great Arsenal you are. One of the few genuine ones around. Every other is so negative, disrespectful and abysmal like Ackshay.

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Thanks, but I don’t see it as black and white as you.
          In my years of supporting this wonderful club I have never ever known such a complete division of fans regarding one topic..Arsene Wenger.
          Every one knows I am a Wenger man, but his time is now coming to an end. For me he will always be a Arsenal legend, sadly not so for others.
          I believe the time is right, not only for Arsenal but Arsene himself to move on. Both entities need new challenges and this is going to happen.
          What this mighty club and its fan base needs to do is decide to become one again.
          When I see the Liverpool support it breaks my heart to compare that to our fanbase.
          We are about to enter a new era where the new broom is already in action and it should be an exciting time for all true gooners.
          I know that the new manager will get my 100% support, even if I disagree with the appointment.
          I have suspected that our board are negligent and Jon Fox, another gooner with completely opposite views to me, made me even more aware of this.
          So you see, it is great to have different views and opinions as long as they do not become personally abusive or fans are put into catagories that make no sense at all.
          This AKB and WOB rubbish should stop immediately. It’s caused so much personal friction between otherwise true gooners.
          Anyway, that’s another rant over with, sorry to bore everyone with an old mans vision of tomorrow.
          COYG lets stuff this Atletico team tonight and then onward to Arsene’s final farewell party.

          1. Lexynal says:

            @Ken 1945… I admire your objectivity. I am also a Wenger man and him leaving at this time is certainly not an issue. No Manager can remain at a club for ever. What I disagree with is the use of certain foul and disrespectful words against his person. Certainly not deserving – hence not acceptable. He is a legend and i dont care what anyone says against him. He is already being recognized and celebrated as a LEGEND and more are still coming; nothing can his haters do about it; they have to take it along. Even rival clubs, fans, boards, Managers know it…that AW is in a world of his own in his own right based on what he has accomplished given the resources available and on his own personal beliefs and values. Many clubs have fired Managers based on “unwritten and unspoken” comparison to AW (season after season). You can deny that.
            Already, AW has played final this year and already in the semi final in Europe. How many of the so-called better coaches with similar budgets as ours have played finals and won as many trophies in the last 5 seasons as AW?
            What a lot of Wenger-Out fans has obviously failed to realize and advocate is that it’s not all about Wenger. I dont necessarily agree with AW on decisions and tactics all the time – but most of the time – he is the man! If coaches are perfect all the time, then Pep shouldnt be limited to only double this year; Real Madrid shouldnt be loosing games and conceeding so many even at home; Barcelona should be playing finals all the time.
            The new manager will sure have my my support and I am supporting my darling club Arsenal come rain come shine.
            The so-called Wenger-out has uinfortunately failed to admit and recognize that it is not all about Wenger. I have highlighted in a few of my recent posts….” what about delayed players contract extension talks? what about transfer budget seal? what about prolonged player transfer (did it not take the entire Jan transfer window to close out Auba tranfer?…just recently); whayt about high gate tickets fees? Common…..!
            Given all those conditions – if they were to remain unchanged for the better – let’s see how much the new Manager can achieve and for how long…given what other clubs are doing and spending……fingers crossed. AW has done GREAT he will remain GREAT…he is moving on for good. There is yet a lot to be seen as to how much he is to be celebrated and how GREATER he will become ….just watch out the events of the next few months (or weeks).
            Meanwhile, I look forward to a great night…..I long to see our darling club make it to the EL final….it may be difficult against a good team (AM) but it is certainly possible. We can do it…!

          2. Ken 1945 says:

            I agree with everything you have said, especially the rhetoric used to describe Arsene Wenger.
            But that is their right to do so as it is yours and mine to honour this greatest of all Arsenal managers.
            We will just have to be patient and wait for the full details to appear.
            I believe that the anger he has over the way he has been treated and villified will ensure he gives his side of the story.
            We now have the opportunity to hold the owner and board to account for their actions as they don’t have the great man to hide behind.
            Let’s see how much of the millions Arsene and his players have made for the club during twenty continuous years of CL will be given to the new regime.
            Until then let’s unite as a club.

          3. Lexynal says:

            @ Ken 1945….God bless your soul. You are superb. I rest my case. Fingers crossed!

    3. jon fox says:

      I wanted Wenger out as much as any Gooner alive and was saying so on forums, before this one even existed , since end of 2007-8 season. Further, I almost alone, accurately predicted his sacking this May. I was wrong(early actually) by about a week. So, according to your post, I SHOULD feel annoyed with the “Wenger lovers who are using the board to taunt ME” and others like me. But, STRANGE TO RELATE, I DON’T FEEL THIS WAY. Could it be that , unlike you Ackshay, I and countless others have moved on and prefer looking forward to the time under the next manager. I point out to you that YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. You strongly seem to be resentfull and bitter when there is now no reason to be so. Ackshay, let bitterness go. it will only hold you back and prevent your being content. What will be, will be. None of us know right now what will happen. Of course we (the club) must NOT repeat past mistakes. But, other than learning from past mistakes, there is no sensible reason to cling on to the past and its resentments. Move on man and do yourself a favour!

  16. Anthony says:

    Firstly, I believe whole heartedly that Wenger was fired. He has said many times that he never breaks a contract, he also loves Arsenal too much … for good or bad. In answer to your questions, Arsenal had to announce that Wenger was leaving due to massive gaps in the terraces at the Emirates. Lets be honest the only thing that worries Kronke are the Bucks and the only way to ensure all those fans renew there season tickets is by announcing a change to the reason they are not turning up to matches …. Wenger. I believe Arsenal already know who the next manager will be, they are too well organized to sack Wenger without a replacement. However, Arsenal are a classy outfit and would never announce Wenger’s replacement before the last game of the season, and this is only right and respectful. But mark my words, shortly after the season ends the new manager will be announced 🙂

    1. jon fox says:

      I much like your post and the thinking behind it. However, I do NOT agree that the new man is definitely known to the board / owner. I DO believe they had one or even two preferred candidates but have been stymied in their pursuit of him / them. The club clearly know far more than is publicly known. That would be in keeping with all that has gone before, especially under Silent Stan. Multi billionaires are known for keeping their thoughts to themselves and being publicly silent. Abramovic, though visible, is never quoted either. Fans and media CRAVE info. That is normal but in the real world not always possible. I too wish things were publicly known but RIGHT NOW, it strongly seems to me that the club do not know themselves who WILL BE our next manager. This does NOT mean that they do not know who they want, BUT merely who they can GET.

  17. AndersS says:

    I think we will know much more about the situation once our season in reality is over. The season could be over after tonight, or after a Europa League final if we win.
    I don’t believe the board sacked Wenger without some kind of preparation for, who will be the next manager. They have had months to think it through, including thinking of alternatives if they would fire Wenger.
    I think, they at least have had some preliminary contact to either one or more candidates, and that these contacts have given them reason to believe, they can get a manager, that they will be happy with.
    I also think, they have so much respect for Wenger, that although they in reality sacked him, they let it play out almost as a resignation from Wenger, and they will keep this picture/illusion by not naming their candidate(s), before t is respectful of Wenger.

  18. pakigooner says:

    The article points to the problem we have at hand , the lack of money , you need a top notch replacement you show the dollars ! if not , go for some inexperienced guy like wenger was and hope for the best ,, just that wenger inherited players from an era who had to work really hard and focused on their game because football back then was everything (these days its more of showbiz instagram,twitter etc) .. to me it would be more sickening if we end up hiring someone without the pedigree , my best selection would be allegri , because of the discipline his teams play with ,, anyways ,, lets hope we win today !!
    P.S it will be interesting to see the new manager working with a ridiculous 50 m transfer budget .

  19. Break-on-through says:

    I’d be very surprised if they weren’t looking before now. I think last season they didn’t know what to to do when Arsene let his contract run down but surely they seen how bad things could get around the ground for a while now. They’d have to have smelled blood well before that announcement, nobody was shocked by it not in a surprising way. It was strange and something many people might not have believed Wenger would ever do. But surely the board seen that coming, I think we prob do know who is gonna manage next season but are keeping it under wraps out of respect to Wenger. These guys are all whispers and handshakes, they’ll have spoken to a few targets before that announcement. At least I hope so because if they haven’t then bring Wenger onto the board and lose a number of those clowns.

  20. Cosrules says:

    It’s gonna be Patrick Vieira guys, you heard it bear first #Paddypower ?

  21. Grimlar says:

    Wenger may not have been fired, but I certainly believe he was ‘encouraged’ to go, I suspect that the board werent 100% certain that he would take the hint, (like many, they possibly believed that ‘feet first’ was the only way Wenger would leave,) and you can’t really offer someone a job that isnt actually vacant.
    So to the specific question, did they push Wenger out without a replacement signed? Yes.
    I do think however that the individuals involved in the selection process each had their own thoughts about who the replacement should be, and quite possibly had sounded out the people they were considering as to whether they were interested. There is however a long way to go from a general query to having a contract with all the details signed.

    Also, Arsenal do generally try to do things on the quiet if they can and I suspect a lot of the stuff in the papers is being made up by journalists guessing and jumping to conclusions, ie a meal between
    two friends, and jumping to the conclusion an offer has been made. Some of it could even be leaked by Arsenal themselves to keep the press guessing.

    For example, I would have said that Arsenal were quite keen on Enrique until he asked for a big salary and a big transfer budget. But what if that isnt true? If Raul Sanlehi worked with the guy before and knew him so well, then wouldn’t he have expected the salary and budget requirements to be too big for Arsenal to sanction? Maybe it was just a smokescreen?
    I also find it interesting, for example, that one of the early candidates, Jardim, has said almost nothing to the press, and theres been very little written about him recently, yet Monaco are apparently looking for a new coach because he’s leaving. He also seems to fit the profile that Arsenal are looking for as well as or better than anyone else.

    Monaco play attacking football with a lot of younger players and dont have a big budget. He is only 43, but began coaching when he was 27, so he has experience too. Reportedly he wants to move to a bigger club so his best players arent sold away from him so often, which implies a desire to build and stay with a team, and perhaps also suggests salary requirements arent likely to be his primary concern. Whilst he has done well with Monaco, he has also won a few things in different countries at his previous clubs, maybe nothing major, but all the same, it shows some track record of success and adaptability. Apponting Jardim might also explain Wenger putting out such a young side for the Man U game if the plan was for the new coach to watch the video and decide who had potential to develop into something better. (Holdings getting a new contract for example.)

    It hardly makes him a certainty, and even if he does take over at Arsenal, theres no guarantee that he will succeed. (I would look more to Ancellotti or Allegri as lower risk appointments, although both are likely to cost more.) But I wouldnt rule Jardim out just yet either.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Grimlar, a well reasoned assessment. As usual the Arsenal board will play their cards close to their chests. The media will always throw theories in the air to fill minutes or column inches.
      The decision probably won’t be announced until the end of the season to allow Arsene Wenger a final dignified exit.

    2. jon fox says:

      An interesting, well argued and thought provoking post. Do, please. post more often if you possibly can.

  22. David Rusa says:

    Ackshay . That stadium is not Kroenke’s; it is Arsenal’s. Besides, I doubt if you are a real Arsenal fan because no true Gooner would wish the stadium to be burnt! You can’t impress anyone through such debase reasoning!

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      David, I’m hoping he was referring to the new Rams stadium in Los Angeles?

      1. Ackshay says:

        Yes i’m talking about la ram stadium, only a fake fan would wish ill on the club. Oh to everyone saying that I am bitter no i’m relieved wenger choose or was forced to leave before it became more toxic. But wenger wasnt the only guilty for our downfall the board and owner are equally responsible. Perhaps I didn’t write it well in the comment above I dont hate wenger but I sure do hate that greedy fossil board and that stupid American owner.

  23. Simon Williams says:

    The board may have felt (rightly in my opinion) that it would have been wrong to be interviewing candidates before agreeeing Wenger departure

    It would no don’t have been leaked – and that would be fair or give him the respect he deserves after such long and devoted service

    So I assume they had a shortlist at least – but probably no formal interviews etc until after the Wenger announcement

    Seems logical to me

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Simon, I agree.

  24. Ray says:

    What’s that you smokin’ Ackshay?

  25. Ger says:

    I suspect the board have spoken to at least 2 or 3 replacement managers in the quite before winger press conference to step down and alest some one has accepted the job in principle
    So all this talk about Liverpools assistant is just paper talk
    But always rember what wenger has done for our club I wish him the very best where ever he ends up New ear a new manager coming hopefully new attitude from the board as well
    Let’s hope for Euro success Go Gunners

  26. Midkemma says:

    I think Gazidis got out maneuvered by Wenger YET AGAIN.
    Gazidis clearly wanted Wenger gone for a while now.
    He failed to stop him getting a new deal by being out maneuvered by Wenger and it looks like Wenger read the writing on the wall soon enough and dropped Gazidis in it yet again but this time by announcing his own leaving before Gazidis had things sorted.

    Talk about a pathetic CEO, took him 9 years to get rid of the manager and then when he does it comes back and highlights his poor planning.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      That seems a perfectly sensible way of summing up this whole debate.

      1. Lexynal says:

        Not really……I tend to see the whole thing differently. The policy and values of two parties have to align for the relationship to have lasted this much. Take it or leave it, it has been MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL. Another way I have summed it is “TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN…MUCH IS EXPECTED”. You can make all your deductions from there but that is my strong standpoint. And that is how it works anywhere else. Wenger is leaving more because of fans protests; and the CEO or the board also having no choice – NOT because they have necessarily parted ideas or ideologies or philosophies. Take it or leave it!
        Until i see the club spending over 70M (or more) on more than one player per season and changing all those transfer policies, contracts negotiations issues etc ….I will never believe AW was fired (directly or indirectly). Once I start to see those changes….then I will take it also that the board was ready to start spending big but Wenger not aligning (but sticking to his own idealogies…a mark of a principled man though) – hence the parting of ways. That’s my VERY strong opinion of the debate….or the development.

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