Did the Arsenal boss fail to scout Perez properly?

Lucas Perez joined Arsenal this summer from Deportivo La Coruna, but their manager Arsene Wenger seems has concerns about him.

The Spanish striker started in the midweek 4-0 win over Nottingham Forest, and bagged his first two goals for the club during the match.

Following on from the match however, the Arsenal manager has revealed that despite his good performance, he is not overjoyed with his new stars reliance on his left boot.

Wenger said: ‘He did well. He’s quick, he’s determined.”

He added: ‘He uses well his left foot – a bit too much in my taste. He doesn’t use his right enough.

‘Overall he’s like all the left-footed players, you know.’

For me, the manager should have known all of this prior to his arrival at the Emirates Stadium. We were keeping a close eye on Islam Slimani, and I was certain that Joel Campbell’s loan deal to Sporting was to set up the striker’s move to us, but that theory was not proven right.

We’ve now ended up with Lucas Perez, and Wenger’s words assure me that he did not know enough about the 28 year-old, but that’s not to say that he cant play a role for us, and prove value for money no less.

Perez has already opened his account, thanks to a penalty, but went onto score a hard-earned second in the same match, and could now be in with a shot of starting against Chelsea in the Premier League this weekend, with Olivier Giroud still a doubt for the match-up.

I cant help but think that Wenger would have signed Slimani or Lacazette had he not been so reserved with the spending, and super-agent Mino Raiola may have hit the nail on the head, by claiming Wenger was scared of taking a risk.

Did Wenger fail to study Perez properly? Are we happy with his performances thus far?

Pat J

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  1. Krish says:

    this article is a joke and ridiculous

    1. josh37 says:

      What!? Using the super amazing opinion of one of football’s most decorated and esteemed footballing minds in Raiola as a case in point is pretty much the only opinion I listen to about football….
      TBH I’m disappointed Wenger didn’t pay the same agent fees Raiola received for Pogba to purchase his most esteemed client.. The One, The Only… Balotelli!!!

      1. Krish says:

        hahaha josh37 unluckily for you/ the people on here dont get sarcasm ? i think its sad too, that a lot of people dont have a sense of humour :/

    2. destined4success says:

      Very bad an article. Should people just write articles just for writing sake and should Admin post articles just for posting sake???

      1. Admin says:

        There is nothing wrong with this article. You are all just jumping on the bandwagon.
        This simply reports what Arsene said after the forest game with an opinion on it. You may not agree with the opinion of the author but there is nothing wrong with the article…

  2. Uzi Ozil says:

    Irrelevant article I must say.. .slating a new player in the team is not nice at all. Player scored his first goals and all we can do is we think he isn’t good in Wingers books. We should allow him settle. Perez will hold his own for us.

  3. SUNNY13 says:

    100% agree with Krish and UZI. This article is completely irrelevant .
    Do not know what to say about the author


  4. dragunov762mm says:

    Arsene complained too much for a 17M pounds footballer. If you want his other foot to be “live” Arsene, then you should pay another 17 millions. Hahaha…

  5. Big Gun says:

    The guy is a fighter and hard worker. His skill is nothing to sniff at either. Give him a full season and decent game time and we have a top player trust me.

  6. Skandalouz says:

    The author really made myself wondering if it’s an article to just instigate discussion. What happened to giving relatively low profile players a few months to integrate into our squad? The ones you should be slating are Giroud and Walcott who have been at Arsenal for years and know the field through and through. Lucas is no slouch, putting up similar stats to Griezmann in La Liga last year doesn’t just happen out of the blue. If you paid attention to his play after he got off the mark vs Forest, you’d see that he has plenty of attributes to play a role for AFC.

  7. Fatboy Gooney says:

    The Lemmings have Spoken! ? wow! Normally, its only a fart and a giggle you’ll get out of them. Evolution eat your heart out! ?
    As for the Article, Theres nothing wrong with it and Yes, Wenger’s reaction does come across as if it’s the first time he saw Perez play. Lol ?

  8. Jansen says:

    I was quite stunned when I heard Wenger’s comments. Like you say, one would hope that a new player get’s scouted enough to know his tendencies and abilities to play with both feet or not.

    Maybe he thinks Perez is over confident? Why else would he not just praise the new player, at least publicly. Not a good sign for Perez IMO. Normally first comments on new players are complimentary to build confidence, not critical. I see no threat to Giroud and Sanchez in Wenger’s mind regarding the central striker role (at least in the near future)

    In any even Perez was low on Wenger’s wish list this summer and I doubt he will play a major part in Wenger’s plans.

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