Did the Arsenal players let Ozil down? Or not?

Oliver Bierhoff, you are wrong this time! By SK

The former German national team player, Oliver Bierhoff has come out to defend his compatriot, Mesut Ozil, claiming he has being failed by the rest of the Arsenal team, and wants him to switch club soon.

Mesut Ozil has had a difficult campaign with Arsenal and has struggled to reach the heights of last season. The 28-year-old was heavily criticised for his hand in the 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League last month.

However, Germany general manager Oliver Bierhoff has jumped to his defence, claiming Ozil has been let down by the rest of the Gunners squad. “Look at Mesut Ozil, who was singled out following the 5-1 loss to Bayern. In that match there wasn’t much support for a player like Mesut, who lives on his footballing qualities. The team let him down a bit.” Bierhoff told German magazine SportBild.

Did the team really let Ozil down? I don’t think so Bierhoff! If anybody let anybody down, it is Ozil who has let his team-mates down.

Ozil is a world class midfielder and as a world class player, he is supposed to have the abilities to change a game. When things are not going on well for Barcelona, Messi rises up to the occasion. Even our own Sanchez is a world class player who rises up to the occasion! We have lost many matches this season where everybody testified to Sanchez’s hard work. So, why the excuse that Ozil has been let down by his team mates?

Speaking further, Bierhoff suggested that Ozil should switch clubs, thinking that will be a better option for him, comparing his situation to that of Draxler who was struggling at Wolfsburg but found his form when he switched to Paris Saint German. This is what he has to say concerning changing of club: “He [Draxler] has got very good footballers around him (at PSG).That helps him,” Will a change of club help Ozil?

Right from his days at Real Madrid, Ozil has always been known as a player who hardly impacts big games, a reputation he has brought to Arsenal. Ozil, is a good player but his ability to stamp his authority in big games is something a change of club can’t change. I think what Bierhoff should be telling his compatriots, is to improve on his fitness, psyche and game. Ozil should step up his game because he continues playing as if his soul is not in a club, he may have difficulties with the coach of any club he decides to go to. So gooners, would a change of club help Ozil improve on his game?



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    When assessing the Ozil situation, it’s fair to blame Ozil to some degree, definitely Wenger, but I wouldn’t blame the other players. As I’ve said many times before, I only really blame the players in the short-term. For players that have been at the club for a long time, and are still not performing, then that’s on the manager.

    I think there’s two ways of looking at what has happened with Ozil. Firstly, in defending him, I would say he joined Arsenal at possibly the worst time. Not from a financial position, as Arsenal were just starting to compete with the big boys, but in terms of the quality of our manager. Wenger had been poor for years prior to Ozil’s arrival, and Wenger has only got much, much worse ever since. Ozil had nothing to work with upfront in that first season, and Sanchez has been our only quality forward, since Ozil’s second season. Only having Sanchez to work with, just isn’t enough in terms of quality. Ozil went from playing with the likes of Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuain, and Di Maria, to Walcott, Giroud, Sanago, the Ox. Now that’s a massive drop in quality. What is the point in bringing in a world class play-maker, if you’re not going to give him quality forwards to work with? Not just that, the midfield behind Ozil has been poor at times as well, with Cazorla being the only outstanding player. Arsenal are all over the place tactically, which affects Ozil, as it does with the other players, and not being dropped or even substituted has led to complacency from Ozil. But isn’t that the manager’s job? To improve his players, sometimes by criticising them, and dropping them?

    Secondly, one can easily blame Ozil for not pulling his weight though. For £42.5 million, and for a player wanting a massive pay raise, I would say his performances have been unacceptable! Especially in the big games, when he goes missing. Surely that’s why we paid such a high fee, so that we had a big game player, not for someone who only performs against the poor teams. I touched on the lack of quality around Ozil, especially in the attacking positions, but on the flip side of that argument, a top player usually still performs within a poor squad, and Cesc was very good example. He was also our play-maker, and had a lot less quality around him, yet he performed very consistently at a high level, and in the big games. People make a point of defending Ozil, saying he runs just as much as our other players, but when he gets in position off the ball against an opponent: he doesn’t press, he doesn’t tackle, and doesn’t go with runners. On the ball: he gets brushed off it so easily, usually falling to the ground, then demanding a free-kick almost every time. He doesn’t make any effort to get straight up, and challenge for the ball. I’ve also lost count of the amount of times when I don’t even know if he’s on the pitch, especially in big games.

    Overall, Wenger is to blame, because a top manager might have got rid of Ozil after his second season, or at the very least, sign better forwards, or change the formation and tactics.
    Of course Ozil isn’t blameless, but I feel giving him a new expensive contract would be a huge risk, even if we have a new manager for next season.

    1. Jansen says:

      I agree we should not give Ozil a new contract over the 180 per week offered to Sanchez. I would rather pay Sanchez the 250/week he wants and let Ozil go.

  2. Jansen says:

    Sorry to use your words against ourselves but if the following is true and I quote you:

    “Right from his days at Real Madrid, Ozil has always been known as a player who hardly impacts big games, a reputation he has brought to Arsenal. Ozil, is a good player but his ability to stamp his authority in big games is something a change of club can’t change. ”

    Why did we pay 42.5 million for him? If changing clubs wasn’t going to change Ozil?

  3. legend Henry says:

    Ozil is not considered as world class and best number 10 for nothing.
    He plays well under the German national team coach
    He played when he was at Real Madrid hence got the name “king of assists”
    One thing was common; he around him were better players.
    But in Arsenal ,the only players who are better are Sanchez,Kos ,mustafi and Bellerin.
    Ozil and Sanchez have a good chemistry hence why Sanchez gives him pass everywhere on the pitch.
    Ozil does the same. To Ozil and Sanchez,the rest of the squad are rubbish and are afraid to give them a pass for failure to control it properly.
    Imagining playing with Ramsey,Coq,Giroud,Gibbs,Theo and Ox.
    It’s not going to be like playing with Ronaldo,marcelo,Benzema,mordrich,pepe,ramos……
    let’s buy good players around him and let’s see how he will fare.
    A time will come Sanchez will play next to nothing at Arsenal cos he will be fed up with the “no winning mentality deadwoods” like Theo,ox,ramsey,coq,mert, Giroud,sanogo who have nowhere to go cos they always play shit but earning fat salaries.

  4. Tatek Girma says:

    Of course Ozil is a skillful player but his softness and laziness specially on high class games invites you to suspect his ability. As per his new book released by the media, he was substituted at half time by Mou when he was at RM because of this situation. As to me, he is no longer a member of Arsenal squad.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Ozil isn’t lazy, he runs more than Cazorla or the Ox in 90 mins, 12 months ago it was reported that Ozil was running about 1km more than Alexis during 90 mins.

      Yet you think he is lazy because Mou said so?

  5. Midkemma says:

    Ozils form has dropped since Cazorla has been out, Ozil was performing better when he had that little magician behind him and finding him in good spots.

    Ramsey can’t replace Cazorla while he is playing like he has been.
    ElNeny is a good player but not got the vision of Cazorla or the footwork.
    Xhaka… Hmmm… Potential but not impressing much tbh. Apart from his wonder goals he has been a bit of a liability 🙁
    Coquelin isn’t creative or great at the offencive side of the game.

    Who has been able to feed Ozil the ball at the right time?

    Ozil could have done more and I think he should have done more, let us not forget though that our CM isn’t as good as it should be and that has affected both offencive and defensive moments.

  6. frank says:

    Ozil is not world class. He is lazy and has no respect for the club or his team mates. I really hope he leaves at the end of the season. Read this, Jose is 100% right.


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