Did the referee lose Arsenal the Cup Final? Or is it just another excuse?

Arsene Wenger said after the Caraboa Cup Final that he thought that Arsenal’s Shkrodan Mustafi was fouled by Aguero in the build up to the first goal, and he is absolutely certain that Man City’s second goal should have been ruled offside, and now Jack Wilshere is basically saying the same thing, but also believes that Fernandinho should have been sent off before the first half ended.

Jack posted on Instagram……

Well, maybe Arsenal would have still lost the game anyway, but obviously if those disputes had been settled in Arsenal’s favour it would have changed the whole complexion of the match.

But is Jack speaking the truth (facts!) or is he just clutching at straws?

Darren N


  1. McLovin says:

    Excuses. Wenger probably made him say those things LOL.

    1. Ray says:

      It’s not about the result, it’s about the performance (or lack of)!!

      The ref had nothing to do with the bad individual effort put in by an Arsenal team that can only be described as “spineless”!!

      No, stop blaming the officials, it’s a pathetic excuse!!!

  2. Koktafo says:

    No no no city was the better team in all areas…we are so easy to beat.no fighting spirit in our players.and that is the main problems since many years.who’s fault??
    Referee?? I think no.there is someone at the head of the team.and ï think he is the responsible

  3. Steven says:

    In the build up to the first goal Aguero made no attempt to compete for the ball but deliberately pushed Mustafi in the back to prevent him getting a header away. That is a foul. Yet Aguero has not been called out for cheating nor the referee criticised for failing to award a free kick. Instead Mustafi has been accused of ‘shambolic’ defending and weakness. Fouls committed against Arsenal are never regarded as fouls by the media. They are simply taken as evidence of the weakness of the players and the incompetence of the manager who selected them.

    1. Javea Mike says:

      Mustafi should have been goal side to the forward if he was goal would have been prevented and we would not be having this foolish conversation. Stick to the facts ‘SHAMBOLIC’ is the correct term to use. Another fact is we are not creating chances anymore, against Totts 2 at the end of the game, One chance again on Sunday not good enough!!!!

      1. jhud says:

        spot on. Mustafi was caught out of position originally slowly wandering back. Why did he leave Aguerro in acres of space? It would have been a pretty soft foul if given. Put it the other way round. If that had been PEA would it have been a foul to Arsenal fans? I’d say definitely not and we’d have been complaining about the ref. Again. I think it shows where Arsenal really are when we keep hearing excuses about refs, or their mind being on the bigger game (osterlunds). Fact is we have won less than 50% of our games this season in the league. Arsenal have a big problem. End of story. And it’s not the refs.

    2. Lupe says:

      If u think that is a foul, then go watch tennis, or some other sports where contact is not allowed, mustafu is a chicken, stop making excuses. Hypocrite, i am sure, if that was otamendi and aubameyand does the same, u would not say anything else but praise yr supreme leade wenger. How come you didn’t say anything about the two penalties that should have been given to ostersund in the first leg by your stupid logic. Shut up and go pray to your God wenger.

  4. Phil says:

    Jack said what he felt but can really have no complaints.
    Wenger on the other hand is reduced to blaming anyone other than himself when things go wrong.
    THE BOARD WILL TURN AGAINST YOU NOW (as they are more concerned for themselves than you)

    and incase you were unaware

    1. Thomas says:

      Phil we have competed for 8 trophies in last 8 years and won 5 out of 8 that is top drawer nobody has done better but many have done worse us chelsea, city, mu, have all been similar

      1. bran911 says:

        When you said 8 trophies in the last 8 seasons I thought you meant EPL, we won nothing. I even thought you meant UCL, we’ll never win that. May be explain how 4 trophies in a season (EPL, UCL, FA, Carling) turns into 8 trophies in 8 seasons and we won 5? Did you mean 8 FA cup trophies? Please clarify your pathetic excuse

        Hope wenger won’t see your comment coz he’ll go with your 8 trophies in 8 seasons and won 5

        1. Phil says:

          I’ve changed my mind now Thomas
          Let’s give Wenger a contract for life shall we?

          1. Thomas says:

            We won 5 but played for 8 3 fa cups 2 community shields and lossed 2 league cups and 1 community shield but only a few teams still get to win a trophie maybe not epl or ecl but there is only so many chances to win a trophie and i still like winnin them

          2. Thomas says:

            Lol wheel him out in a wheelchair but i think he say let me use the walker i dont think i could stomach that lest we won ecl with him hooked up to an oxygen tank but keep atleast one more year its bad to change managers on a world cup year

  5. John Ibrahim says:

    first goal was not a foul…it was just Mustafic being a softie….

    If Man Utd, Liverfool or Chelsea were playing instead, it would be a foul….

    2nd goal that kills the game was not an offside….

    If Man Utd, Liverfool or Chelsea were playing instead, it would be an offside….just look how sharp the linesmen were when we were playing against Spud….

    Even the referee and linesmen wants Wenger to leave???

  6. Steven says:

    Have the rules changed? Are you allowed to push players in the back before the ball drops? I was under the impression that you are supposed to play the ball, not the man?

    1. Thomas says:

      Steven your correct mustafi was back pedaling eyes on ball aguero had feet planted with no attempt or even looking at the ball he intentionally interfered with that space and it gets called all year its a clear foul if he trys for a header or makes an attempt for the ball then it is legal bit that was illegal you cant plant your feet make no attempt to play or battle fpr ball and just put your shoulder into back of a backpedaling defender but honestly the officiating across the whole league this year has been an embarrassment to professional officials of all sports its been bad game after game they need a real looking after and more training in off season

  7. Andy says:

    From the terrace it seemed we didn’t get much out of the referee the whole game. The first goal changed the whole atmosphere, partly because we seemed to lose belief. There is no doubt that the bump on Mustafi could have been called a foul, but that would have been more likely if he had made more of a show of competing for the ball. It looks as if he is not aware that he has an attacker behind him and that if it goes over him we are in trouble. We paid very good money for Mustafi and he does not yet look good value (he is only 25). He is impetuous, gives the ball away too often and is prone to gaffes like this. But, having watched the goal a few times, it looks as though Aguero could have been offside when the ball is punted upfield. He is behind Mustafi and the two defenders seem to be coming back when the ball sails over Mustafi. He seems to be at least a yard goalside of Koscielny even as the ball arrives.

    1. Roehahn says:

      You cannot be offside from a goal kick.
      Not trying to defend Wenger or the team, but Ozil does the same thing as Aguero every game and it gets called a foul. Also, for the second goal, Sane is yards offside and is blocking Ospina’s view.
      Having said that, we would have still lost the game with that performance.

  8. Sam-afc says:

    If we scored that first goal from Aubameyang doing that to Otamendi. All fans would’ve said it was fine. No foul whatsoever

    The manager and the players are never to blame

    Change needed, everyone is far to comfortable at arsenal

  9. John Ibrahim says:

    How useful Giroud would have been

    He would be there to provide hold up play and lay off for Aubameyang or head in the goals….

  10. barryglik says:

    Wenger and Wilshere are just
    giving Guardiola the weapons
    to quash any complacency after
    their cup win.
    Guardiola will be winding his team up by saying
    “Arsenal reckon we were lucky and the referee won it for us”.
    “Arsenal believe they should have won”.
    Wenger will need to try and avoid the City backlash
    by acting like a meek underdog but the damage has been done.

  11. John Ibrahim says:

    Utd is regretting signing Sanchez as he keeps losing the ball

  12. summerbreez says:

    When you are playing football and you got a high ball to control the slightest touch will push you off it for sure eguaro pushed mustafi but mustafi should have stock his leg out to bring him down or elbowed him in the face well i would have done that
    Arsenal were not hungry enough for the cup if they were we would have seen some blood running down of some Manchester players
    Arsenal need to defend in packs of wolves
    The first half was not to bad we should have scored though but yes no back bone no hunger and no fight
    What is going to happen on Thursday how are we going to line up against them ???
    I need to see Arsenal fight like man stand up like man and use their skill and agility to turn Manchester to a loosing side Well if we dont we need to separate the real man from the phony ones period

    1. Thomas says:

      You must of been a cb or cdm i like your style yellow card a game and let your opponents leave with bruises

  13. Thomas says:

    Poor officiating decisions been this way all year the officials are performing terribly poor finishing been this way all year laca will do better next year auba is to new to the club and epl he is finding how mich effort you need the hard way he should of scored and that is a blatant foul on mustafi people keep saying he put his hands up when he was hit, well that is the natural reaction when back pedaling eyes on ball and someone plants there feet and pits a shoulder in your back your arms come up its nature but we suffered again from poor finishin i dont care what sport that is high action especially football and hockey of you dont finish your chances you create when on top the other side most likely will when they get theres its been ou achilles heel this year we.cant kill games because we have missed our created.chances

    1. Ray says:

      A foul on Mustafi? GET REAL!!

      Mustafi was looking for a foul because he knew he would be beat in a on to one situation!

      It was feeble and Mustafi has been found wanting so many times this season!!

      Seriously delusional mate!

      1. bran911 says:

        True, that first goal is his doing. He was reversing and bumped into a firm Aguero who didn’t move or push, how could that be a foul? And instead of catching up, he raises up hid hands and let Aguero race clear to face the GK, why every week one of our defenders does something to annoy us?

  14. jon fox says:

    What a fatuous article to pose this question as a serious one. OF COURSE is it excuses . Excuses is Wengers middle name. Shame Jack also spouted this nonsense but he was only trying to be loyal to his club so I forgive his youthful indiscetion. Excuses are Wengers lifeblood and raison d’etre! But , thrillingly, not for much longer . My long term forecast of his sacking is only around 400 hours away in all probability; on MARCH 16TH , THE MORNING AFTER WE EXIT THE EUROPA. Whenever it is, that moment is when new life is breathed into this Wenger diseased club of ours.

  15. bran911 says:

    He’s talking of bad decisions against them, then what did you guys do apart from those decisions that went against you? You did nothing, waking on the pitch as if you guys are on London Colney? Something could be said on the ref if it ended 3-2 and there we could say they robbed us we should have won 2-1. But 3-0? And still you say the ref robbed you? Wenger excuse syndrome is spreading to all his soft average players, Iwobi started (we can win the league), Bellerin followed (don’t criticize us we have very sensitive nipples), then Jack, don’t know who’s next

  16. Midkemma says:

    Mustafi was fouled, Aguero clearly had eyes on Mustafi and not the ball, that is a foul.
    Soft foul but still a foul.

    What is more frustrating is how we didn’t play to the whistle, how Mustafi didn’t get goal side, how Xhaka and Rambo was walking back to help defend instead of busting a gut in a final.

    How many times have we wanted our players to play to the whistle and to see Mustafi gift a goal for not playing to the whistle, it makes it worse for us supporters who would throw our lives on the line if we had the chance.

    There are reasons why we lost, reasons can be twisted to be called excuses, the end of the day we lost due to some reasons and some of them was mentioned by Jack.
    Other reasons was the players picked for the position, Wengers tactics.
    I read that Wrighty has heard how some players are trying to avoid training… That is another reason, lack of desire.

    Some reasons we can work on as a club, others we have to accept (ref decisions), we should always look to improve ourselves and that means finding the reasons so those areas can be worked upon.

    I do feel Jack has posted with some emotion, he did try and he was putting effort in, he took how many fouls to drive us forward? For me, Jack was one of our best players and yet the team let him down, Jack should just call his team mates out this time and question how much they want to play for Arsenal instead of highlighting only the reasons which was out of a clubs control.

    Obviously I would hope that the manager would publicly support his players but in private, I would hope they get a boot to the face (Beckham style) and ripped a new one. Wenger supports publicly but then he dislikes confrontation and I feel this stops him from ripping the team a new one as much as this team needs it.

    New manager time, we are signing some quality players without Wenger being involved and that was his last thing, finding the good players while Gazidis was signing players like Welbroke and Perez… Now we need a man who will install that desire to fight for our club, to train and want to train to show themselves ready for the 1st team… Wenger constantly picking Xhaka can’t be encouraging AMN to try harder when he may not believe it will matter.

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