Did Wales’ Euro 2016 exit prove Arsenal MUST start Ramsey?

The good news for Arsenal fans from last night’s Euro 2016 semi-final between Wales and Portugal is that we can now rest assured that the central midfield star Aaron Ramsey has come through the tournament without picking up an injury of any kind and so will be fit and ready to help Arsenal when the new season kicks off in about a month.

For those of us hoping that Chris Coleman’s dragons would keep their amazing summer of shocks going and knock out Portugal and Ronaldo it was a disappointing night and probably the worst performance yet from the Welsh.

The main problem seemed to be in midfield as well, with Joe Allen, Andy King and Joe Ledley struggling to have much of an influence and to link their defence and attack and the obvious thing to look at here is how much they missed the suspended Arsenal star Ramsey.

I would have to say quite a lot because Rambo has been huge for them so far, providing the most assists of the Euros so far and getting on the scoresheet himself. His great energy and precision passing was a major factor in the Wales system and he also made the players around him play better, just like his Arsenal team mate Mesut Ozil who will be in the second semi tonight does.

Will this tournament and the way that Wales suffered in his absence ensure that Arsene Wenger has Aaron Ramsey as a first choice starter for Arsenal?



    1. Ramsey is good against EPL
      bottom 10 sides and the weak
      teams in the EPL group stage.
      He is the ideal 2nd X1 captain
      especially for the league cup and FA Cup
      to give the 1st X1 starters a rest.
      He makes the starting X1 only because the likes of Walcott and Ox are so poor
      and Arsenal injuries are so high eg Wilshere Santi + Cazorla last season.
      He is not a starter otherwise well not against quality opponents.
      At best a good second string squad and bench player resting A-teamers.

      1. It’s like you don’t even watch Arsenal games for you to be making dumb claims like that

  1. I dont care what the other fans think, Ramsey IS one of the best Box-to-box-midfielders in the world

    1. Hahaha ? Yeah right And Wenger is the best Manager in the world ? Ramsey is only interested in playing into the box position! ?

      Anyways, it’s already been reported that he will miss the start of the season, he even stated that himself.

  2. Where though?

    Cazorla OWNS Box2Box (by far the best)
    Coquelin is DM
    Xhaka looks like an awesome backup

    Wenger plays Ramsey on the right but he isn’t a winger. He isn’t bad but we need better
    I think Wenger is too fond of Aaron
    Although, Theo and Ox haven’t been that great either
    Campbell isn’t a big scorer but I would put him ahead of Ramsey

    Players we have currently, these would be my starters


    I think we should get a striker, winger and CB and make Campbell, Giroud, Mertsacker back ups

    Something like this (just an example)


    Actually, I wouldn’t put any of these players as starters unless we had injuries

  3. I’m sorry, but no! If you watch Arsenal regularly, you’ll notice that Ramsey consistently under performs for us. Wenger has to take part of the blame for playing Ramsey out of position a lot, but even when Ramsey’s been given a good run of games in central midfield, he still looks one of our worst players on the pitch.

    He performs better for Wales because I guess he plays further forward, but who would you prefer in the CAM role: Ozil/Cazorla or Ramsey! I’d even prefer Wilshere in that position than Ramsey.

    For me, Ramsey is one of the many deadwoods that should be moved on. He’s only had one good season in eight! That’s way too many opportunities for me.

    1. Except you always judge him when Arsenal lack the DMs to shield him. Ramsey’s strength is attacking as much as he does defending but without Cazorla, the imbalance in our team causes us to have a lot of holes for opposition o take advantage of. Put Xhakha and Santi in front of the defence and he will thrive again just as he thrived playing for Wales when the other midfielders were shielding their back 4.

  4. Its best time for us to cash £50m for him, before the real ramsey is back. If you know what I mean.

    So that we can use that cash to buy a striker, and add a Winger like Draxler.

  5. Ramsay had a wonderful competition, actually looked like one of the best midfielders at the Euros, was unfortunate not to be in the semi-finals.

    Now back to arsenal, i think Ramsay’s best position is actually right behind the striker where he has space to run, and drift into space between and behind defenses, however, arsenal have players vying for that position, Wilshere, Ozil, Cazorla and a young Iwobi, now we know that Wenger is going to play Ozil in that position almost a 100% of the time.

    That leaves ramsay vying for the deeper midfield role, which is another crowded area and wide is also congested with a lot of young talent available to fill the wide midfielders.
    Wenger tends to force Ramsay in the team even if the team becomes unbalance and that at times is to the detriment of arsenal and its results

  6. Latest Bull? rumours:

    Arsenal have offered 43 million for Draxler ??
    and according to Ladbroke’s we are 7/4 clear favourites to sign Lukaku.
    Some reports suggesting that Everton will accept £40 million for the player, even though they are holding out for £65 million. ?

    1. How will you call these BS rumours?

      They the most credible set of rumours I’ve read after Takuma Asano.

      1. Hahaha ?…. It’s all Bull?, until proven otherwise! ?
        Abit like standing in front of a Judge and jury.

        Don’t want you getting your hopes up, for nothing. ?

  7. if RM is not suitable with ramsey, put him in the mid. change the formation, no more RM and LM, just wing back. since we don’t have proper flanker.

  8. They did miss him, allot. Bale missed him, the whole team did. They missed his drive from midfield, and one of his biggest assests is his fearless nature. He never hides, I really like that about Ramsey, always calling, always running, and always trying.

  9. No but a Ramsey in that form certainly looks undroppable. Now the problems are:
    1) At Arsenal he isn’t playing where he really wants
    2) He isn’t afforded the same freedom as with his national team

    That being said with Xhaka coming in there is the argument that he will be allowed and able to be a true box-to-box player.
    The only thing I’m concerned with Ramsey is that sometimes he wants to do and be everything. It works with Wales because he is with Gareth Bale the only true WC players in the squad and will commend every ball pretty much.
    But at Arsenal you have other players of another level in certain positions (Özil as a #10 for example) and for that reason it creates balance issues…something Wenger has to figure out to make this team formidable. Would be a joy to see the Ramsey of 3 seasons ago!

  10. If we don’t sign a striker…
    Bellerin Koulibaly Koscielny Monreal
    Ramsey Ozil Cazorla
    Sanchez Giroud

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