Did Wenger and Alexis get lucky with Man City injuries?

There have been so many Arsenal rumours lately about Alexis Sanchez and his wish to leave the club as soon as possible that it is becoming to look like a certainty, but the opposing Man City gossip is saying that they are happy to wait for a free transfer in the summer rather than pay any cash in January.

But today’s Man City draw against Crystal Palace may have changed all that as Gabriel Jesus was injured and is expected to be out for a month, while De Bruyne had to be carried off on a stretcher and his problem may be even more serious.

With the rumours also saying that wenger would rather cash in on the Chilean, and the gossip that the Arsenal players are also keen to see him out of the dressing room as soon as possible, these injuries could force Pep Guardiola to be a little more proactive in the transfer market.

When Pep was asked about Alexis after the game, the City boss revealed that there would have to be discussions but that was all he would give away.  “I don’t know,” Pep said. “He is a player for Arsenal and I think he is going to stay there.

“We will have internal meetings and see what is for the best, but he is an Arsenal player and I think he will be [after January].”

But the fact is that if Wenger and the players really want Alexis to leave, then this could force Man City to put in a substantial bid to get the Chilean before the summer. and give Wenger a good fund towards bringing in a replacement. The boss has never been shy about taking large chunks of oil money off the Citizens in the past, so would he do so again in January?



  1. Arnold Ngereza says:

    Happy new year!
    He should have gone last summer for atleast 50mln and Ozil about the same amount, you cant keep a players against his wish and congratulation to Mr Wenger for being a longest service manager in club history and everything he did in the past – but for this sanchez/Ozil he didnt handle very well

    1. Eat Pie says:

      Ozil will stay and the way he is playing I want him to stay.

      Sanchez can go and then we bring in Draxler

  2. Drayton says:

    No, unless they offer us at least 35 million pounds. Anything lower, no. I still believe we can take top 4, which is worth far more than 35 million. We have the team to do so without Alexis, but soft little injuries keep popping up ie Ramsey, Koscielny, Özil, Mustafi. With these soft injuries on a regular weekly basis, we can’t possibly be top 4/win the EL without Alexis. We must get back in the Champions League with a big summer coming. See Alexis’ contract out. Özil will re-sign.

    1. Drayton says:

      On a more positive note for 2018, has Mourinho’s inevitable implosion come early?

  3. Roy says:

    Your headline should read did The Arsenal get lucky?

  4. ClassyGunner says:

    I want Arsene to sign Wilfried Zaha.
    OK, you can start thumbing me down 🙂

  5. ClassyGunner says:

    Slightly off topic – Absolutely gutted that palace didn’t end City’s unbeaten run. Not even the stupid non-existent penalty decision against us piss me off that much.

  6. Ronan McNamara says:

    If Sanchez/Ozil were sold last summer, fans would have gone mental.

    1. Vlad says:

      Exactly. 95% of the fans were applauding Wenger for sticking to his guns and not letting Sanchez and Ozil leave in the summer. Yet now everyone is screaming how come they weren’t sold. Fickle bunch. Myself, I don’t care for Sanchez. Never really have. He’s a 3-year mercenary who only cares about himself. The first couple of years he was getting away with murder because he was actually producing on the pitch. Now, when his goals and assists have dried up a bit, his selfish personality is on full display. He gets dispossessed more easily than anyone I’ve seen play the game of football. His passing is off, and it just seems to me that mentally he’s not in it anymore. Ozil, on the other hand, we’ll miss dearly if he leaves. Because it’s a lot harder to find a quality number 10 than it is another speedy winger who can’t dribble past two defenders without losing the ball.

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