Has Wenger given Mourinho edge with Arsenal XI for Man Utd?

As we prepare for the Arsenal Premier League away clash with Manchester United, Arsene Wenger has been keen to play down the rivalry between him and the United boss, stating that is the players on the pitch that will be up against each other more than the men shouting orders from the dugout.

At the same time, the managers do have a big role to play and surely the Frenchman is keen to get one over on Jose Mourinho after the Portuguese has shown the prof little respect over the years. Even assuming that the Frenchman is only thinking of the points from the big game at Old Trafford, any advantage he can gain is very welcome.

That is why I am a little surprised to see Wenger be so open about which Arsenal players are likely to be in the starting line-up tomorrow. There were a few choices that our manager had to make but it seems to me that he has pretty much given away what they will be in his pre-match comments on the Arsenal website.

He said, “The options are basically Jenkinson – because Debuchy will play his first game back on Friday with the under-23s – and also Gabriel because he played a few times at left back for Villarreal.

“I do not want to destroy what works to put a player somewhere which is not 100 per cent his position. You have to keep your strong points in the squad and our central defence has worked well, so let’s not destroy it. Sometimes, to correct one position, you don’t have to change two.”

As well as revealing that he had little choice but to play Jenkinson instead of Bellerin at right back and declaring that he would not be changing the rest of the back four, Wenger said in another Arsenal.com report that he would have to look at the video of Alexis Sanchez playing for Chile on Tuesday before making his mind up.

Nice one Arsene, keep them guessing, except that he then said that the striker looks fine. But Mourinho might still be wondering if Alexis would play on the left with Giroud coming back. Well he need wonder no more after Wenger spoke at length about Alex Iwobi, so the set up of our forward line does not take much figuring out.

Could the boss be throwing Mourinho a red herring or has he just given his rival all the information he needs to plan his tactics against Arsenal tomorrow?

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  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    To be honest, I’m more worried about the early kick off, rather than our opponents. This seems to be an issue ?? that we can’t shake off.
    I would have been more confident if this game was an evening kick off instead, purely because our away form this season has been one of best in the league, (so far) and If the lads some how manage to be awake for this one, then we should beat the Utd scum.

    ⚽️zil & 2-1 to the Arsenal.

    1. Arsenal goonz says:

      In my opinion ,early kick offs tend to benefit our player as they have slipped occasionally when our rivals had games before us in which they dropped points and we only needed wins to move up ahead.playing manure is tough enough without the added pressure of trying to catch up or go ahead based on result of other rivals.

  2. Uzi Ozil says:

    Well said Fatboy. I don’t like early kick off but no excuses. Manchester United have been poor this season with early kick off. Looking forward to a good game. Hopefully, we win..

  3. Olivier's toe says:

    If Iwobi, Sanchez and Walcott lead the line, it doesn’t matter what tactics Mourinho tries he will be beaten by our superior skill.
    Especially with Ozil behind them.

  4. dragunov762mm says:

    Too risky for them. Jose will not let an open game. He’ll park the bus. And without Zlatan, he’ll plan counter attack with Marcus boy. I hope our defense keep their caution not to step in these traps.
    My opinion, how they kept Liverpool scoreless, that’s in Jose’s mind. He’s the master of negative football.
    First thing first, our men should keep it tight from back to front from the start. Push them to make mistake and punish it hard. Park the bus before them and punish it with counter attack. COYG!!!!

    1. Arsenal goonz says:

      When has Maureen never parked the bus,beating him will be down to our technical flexibility. Hit them hard with our speedy trio and if it doesn’t work but ,bring OG in early and Sanchez replace iwobi on the flanks

  5. G-Rude says:

    We need to attack from the start and keep them pegged back in their penalty area.
    Once we get through and score early then they will have to come out and open up more space.
    I can see another 3-0 to us.

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