Did West Brom just give Arsenal timely warning for EPL clash?

Any Arsenal fan who watched the lads toil against the League One side Doncaster last night will not need me to tell them that the performance will need to be better when we get back to Premier League action on Monday night, but perhaps that will serve the side well and avoid any sort of complacency.

And just in case the first team players that are likely to be in the starting line-up to face West Brom on Monday were thinking it might be an easy game after the tough trip to face the reigning Premier League champions Chelsea last time out, Arsene Wenger can get them to watch the Carabao Cup game between the Baggies and Man City.

Guardiola’s team have been in irresistible form of late, scoring goals for fun and not conceding either, so once they went ahead through Leroy Sane it looked bleak for Tony Pulis and West Brom but they showed grit and resistance to keep City out and then drew level.

Sane scored again but the Baggies were not done and should have taken the tie to extra time but Robson-Kanu missed a great late chance. Arsenal must take heed of this and be ready for a tough test at the Emirates on Monday night or we could be right back in the middle of a crisis.

Will Arsenal be up for the fight against West Brom do you think?



  1. Sue says:

    It won’t be easy as Pulis likes them to park the bus & score from set pieces. I personally think they’re really boring, sorry Gibbs. I hope we win as I was gutted when we lost to them last season (at West Brom though)

  2. kristoman says:

    I don’t understand this arsenal fans notion that if football is not played our way(wenger way) then they play boring football. It is enough already, you are making us look like idiots in the fandom world. Geez

    1. Vlad says:

      Jeezus… someone didn’t have their morning coffee yet.

  3. Sue says:

    My bad! They’re really good ?

  4. jon fox says:

    They are never easy to beat and unless Arsenal compete physically, I can see us dropping points, albeit against a much lesser side in talent. If Arsenal had competed over the last decade in the physical manner of WBA, the club would not be in the mess it is now and we would never play regular passengers like Walcott and often even Ozil in hard away games. Attitude, rather than lack of talent stops Arsenal seriously challenging the other real top clubs and that is a disgrace which is down to the unfit to manage, Wenger!

    1. goonball says:

      Yep all down to poor management, and nothing at all to do with the clubs above us spending an extra 100mil every season. If only we could compete like West Brom……………..hahaha that did make me chuckle though.

      1. jjayman@hotmail.com says:

        goonball, you know that money does not matter, right? Only heart! And, effort!

        I mean, you can put in Crawly in the EPL when they were on the way up three years ago, and they would have won the league!

        Ha! Ha! đŸ™‚

    2. Dom says:

      There are those that criticise and support, and those such as yourself that pretend to support and stick the knife in AW purely because you have a reduced reasoning capacity. You are only excited and revitalised when Arsenal falter and you can lay the blame at AW’s feet. I feel for you, please go and get some help.

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