Different Season, Same Old Arsenal….

Arsene is back with a bang in his true self‏ by KM

Hello Arsenal fans. Disappointed like me? No disrespect to Swansea but it’s a shame for us that they make a double over us in one season. I mean haven’t you seen this movie before? Arsenal dominating possession either having not enough chances – or not taking them.

Yesterday showed a few things. First, we need a top quality striker. Giroud in our last two games had zero impact. He was so bad yesterday, he got subbed. Another thing that was highlighted was the need of a top quality keeper. I’m disappointed with the goal we conceded.

Yesterday was another highlight of the difference between Chelsea and Arsenal. Thibaut Courtois would have saved this chance. John Terry would’ve rivaled Gomis and not let him score. We have average defenders and a weak keeper. If we want to make progress we need to be ruthless.

Yesterday we highlighted a manager with no idea how to break a team down when they defend solid. We are always a team that can concede a goal. It’s weak, really weak. The Emirates needs to be a fortress. The moment Coquelin left the field we had zero discipline in defense.

Our finishing was also terrible. All our shots on target came after the 60th minute, quite sad really and all of them were fired straight at Fabianski. I don’t buy this “it doesn’t go our way”. If you have the whole goal in front of you and you hit the goalkeeper, it’s poor finishing, not bad luck.

That’s that, next up, Old Trafford. I don’t know what will happen there, but I’m disappointed. We will not finish second. Not because of quality, but because of mentality. We need a new manager. Wenger will not buy a goalkeeper. He will not sort out the defensive issues. They are not here from yesterday, they are here for at least five years and we never learn. This has happened against Swansea before. I can put countless examples of how we make our life difficult from nowhere. Anyway, we will never learn. Like it or not, it’s a repeat of previous seasons.

We have a great spell that secures Champions League but other than that, we have no ambition. We might finish 3rd, but I will not be surprised if we finish 4th. After all Arsene achieved the Top Four. It’s always enough for him.

I’m really sorry, but I’m not up for another five seasons of Arsene misery. I want change. I want to see substitutions at half time if we want to win a game. I want to see us force mistakes, not sub our main striker when we want to win a game. Arsene will not leave. It is what it is.

With Arsene it will not change.

Konstantin Mitov


  1. This is an incredibly negative article, completely forgetting the incredible run we have been on since the defeat at WHL on the 7th February in the league. We still have a top 3 position to secure & with it automatic Champions League qualification and the small matter of the FA Cup final……..
    Come on you Gunnners!!!

    1. The article is friggin truth…infact very painful unless offcourse one is getting paid £10m a year to ease the pain!

      1. The truth is bent to serve the purposes of those who want Wenger out. Nothing more. I don’t care if Wenger stays but truth becomes very distorted on this website. The Fact’s are last season we got destroyed by the big clubs. Those are facts not opinions.

        The facts are Arsenal improved against the big clubs this season. An away win at United and City this season would have seemed impossible last season. Destroying Liverpool was an improvement. Losing 2-0 over two fixtures against Chelsea was an upgrade vs. last seasons performance.

        You can crawl out of your hole when results like this happen – you’ve had less an opportunity to voice your opinion this year. But the reality is Arsenal are a better club this year then last. Nothing more and nothing less.

        The time for now is backing the club, not indulging in ones passion for bashing Wenger. Support your club – we have big fixtures ahead to close out the season.

        1. You can type like you do, but then ask yourself – has anything really changed? We can get maximum 79 points – my guess is 77 – which is less than last year. Last time someone won the league with less than 80 points was in 98/99, with 79 points. We have not been above 80 since 07/08.

      2. I struggle to understand fans on this site. We lost a single game after several months of top quality performances and immediately everyone wants to p**s on Wengers chips.

        There is a somewhat unpleasant and very shallow element who have zero loyalty to AFC. Surely if you were fans you’d rationalise intelligently and say s**t happens, we didn’t take any of the gilt ended chances we had (unlike recent weeks) and got turned over by a pathetic one off goal, actually because Koz (not really Ospina) had gone missing. Is Koz suddenly shite…nope!!

        I’ve seen Cech, Hart, Lloris and Courtois all let in soft goals but do the fans turn on them, Nah!!!

        If Giroud took pens he’d be up there at the top of the scoring league despite missing a big chunk of the season. Do you even follow the fcuking club, some of you know fa and swing like demented geriatrics on viagra!

        Oh yeah…Wenger doesn’t change tactics, yet last night he did, he sacrificed le coq and we started to attack and create chances. Whether you liked his substitutions is pretty irrelevant, the reason we failed is we simply didn’t take our chances, but we had them.

        Over the months I see people saying Theo’s our best finisher…whys theo not playing…whinge whinge whinge….well now you know why and that your perceptions and management skills are worse than Bruce Riochs…assuming any of you know who he was.

        What really fcuks me off most is that many of you jump on the positives and claim to be hard ass gooners when the goings good, but come the day, you all turn on the club. All it takes is the slightest blip, and you grind your heels into AFC like s**t on your shoes. Plastic is too kind.

        1. I dont see how Wenger changed tactics. He subbed a DM for a more offensive player and a striker for a pacey winger, yet kept playing like we had a big strong target-man in the box. He started out with a naive tactic, made bad subs and made bad in-game tactic changes. Wenger hasn’t really changed.

          1. i dont like AW but i have to defend him this once.
            the team pressed continuously but were let down by poor finishing and lacked a bit of luck. to me 0:0 wouldnt have been much better than the 0:1 loss. i dont fault ospina or our defence much (they lacked focus towards the end, but what really was the lesson yesterday was that we rely too much on giroud now!)
            he had a good 6-8 weeks and so we did well. [coq has also been indispensable over that time]
            the other thing i think is that probably wenger is too nice to his players: they dont seem to have defensive discipline: this is at least the 3rd time we’ve conceded late and that means the players switch off . thats on wenger.
            giroud’s bad-day-at-office and welbeck’s injury shows us we need another striker. we should have 3. walcott, unfortunately to me, is out of chances at ST. he should focus himself on improving his tradecraft at RW.

        2. Well said gooner100 and bomber. “If you can’t support us when we lose, don’t support us when we win” – Tony Adams (although I think Bill Shankly said something similar before TA came out with it). Says absolutely everything there is to say really on the plasticity of the average fan.

          Supporting Arsenal is entirely a matter of free choice – we choose them, they do not choose us. Some of the commentary on here is just plain weird in terms of the massive stench of entitlement, self-indignation and delusional righteousness. Plastics are welcome on here but you can’t hide or shield your true nature.

    2. I agree this article is too negative and unfair,shit happens.last night we were unlucky as simple as that and they got lucky. We will get a point vs manure and even if we lose we will win our other 2 games and get that 3rd spot. We have a final coming up so please be a little more positive, I’m sure city will give away that second spot to us in exchange for the fa cup final…. So it is not a bad season as long as we finish third and win the fa cup

    3. Same old, same old. had a shitty start, great second half of the season.

      sounds familiar. Maybe – maybe because it’s happened pretty much every freakin year since 2004, only variable is if the shitty period is before or after christmas.

    4. But you have to feel a bit sorry for the writer – he probably penned this back in January and has had to wait 4 months to post it. Patience is a virtue as they say. Nice to see all the other AOBs out in force again – finally emerging from the shadows after a few months of Arsenal success. You can almost imagine them cheering the Gomis goal – YYEEEESSSS, I can chat some standard, knee-jerk BS again.

      The writer’s last para sums his thought process up nicely. “I want change” yada, yada, ya. Well bully for him. And Wenger makes a 60min substitution and now the standard AOB war-cry is it should have been at half time. Rest assured if he did make a sub at half-time it would have been “Wenger obviously got his selection wrong” or “should have done it after 30 mins” etc. We get how this works – if we lose, in whatever circumstances, the AOBs will know the reason why. Geniuses the lot of them.

      1. Unlike you, who obviously know that whatever wenger does -there could not have done anything better. You’re a joke.

        1. A “joke” maybe, but I’m not the one crying. Anyone with a few brain cells to rattle together knows it can always be better. Guys like you could make a serious living if just 1% of your football know-how is true – an on-line football coaching service, let every manager in Europe know why they lost and what they should do next time. It is terrifying to think that some of the armchair managers out there are genuinely and unflinchingly convinced they have it all worked out. The level of delusion is jaw-dropping.

  2. excellent article . it is honest , and a lot of people on here dont do honest , they see the world through red and white glasses .everything you have said in this article is very good , keep it up , please .

  3. I agree with your sentiment regarding the all too familiar nature of this season. However I certainly think there’s been genuine reason for optimism given the improvements we’ve seen in key aspects (finally a DM, pragmatism vs big boys). Yes plenty have gotten carried away with this run we’ve put together, and held us up as a more complete team than we actually are….but reality checks like this will hopefully keep us humble.

    Regarding Arsene I’m torn, I’ve always wanted him just to embrace the new-age and adapt his ways rather than replace him. He’s showing signs of change but it’s almost too little too late. With Klopp on the market it seems like we’re in a position where we have a young exciting prospect seemingly available, but we’re choosing to try and get a year or two more out the club legend who’s legs have started to go.

    I think we’re 2 quality additions away from having no excuses on the squad front. For me the DM has to be upgraded and so does the ST. I’m not saying Giroud and Coquelin aren’t good enough, they simply have their limits and if you replace them with Schneiderlin and Higuain we’re instantly more likely to win a league. The GK topic is speculation IMO, how anyone can say Ospina is not good enough is beyond me…we haven’t seen him in a title race to judge.

    Next year or bust for me with Wenger. No excuses not to challenge for the title, winning it is another matter….but we simply have to be part of the conversation.

    1. You just get the feeling that some fans (many infact) have got trust issues with Arsene. Every loss brings back bad memories from the painful past.

      Another FA Cup + EPL title should help improve the relationship.

  4. I can’t completely agree with what you said because we have enjoyed some great runs of form this season. I do agree with you howeve,r that ‘different season, same old arsenal’. I don’t expect arsenal to change with the kind of. Ambition the management and the coach show, year-in year-out.
    Every season we get beat off by chealsea and other top rivals; only to blame luck for our obvious failure.
    Transfer will open every season with arsenal linked to every single player out in the market , only for arsenal to end up not addressing its problems. At the end of the season, we all celebrate our sworn trophy (top 4). We’re so use to play off that even when we’re lucky to have climb high up in the table, we make sure we slipped further down.
    The only problem in Arsenal is that we’re not ambitious at all. We can not compete with the europe elites for any trophy (including PL) until start making ambitious desicions; decisions the likes of Madrid, Bayern, chealsea, Barca etc are making every blessed season.

  5. We lost the game because all our shots were straight at fabianski and their goal was a lucky freak goal.
    saying that,I have not big hope in next season with Wenger as he will again play the same players out of position.That good for competing but that not good enough for winning.
    The man has a love for midfielder and specially Wilsh,Ramsey and Ozil.
    What the point to buy new players if he insists to play the same old players.
    You people ask for a new CB,we had Gabriel who is better than Mert last window and he barely play.
    Fair enough,Wenger is good for stability but he is not good enough to win PL and CL.
    Maureeno is his dady unfortunately.The man is a copycat of Ferguson,a ugly serial winner.

    1. Mou and Sir Alex are
      serial winners because
      they are ruthless.
      Mourinho dropped Cech then got rid of
      Torres, Lampard, Eto, Schurrle, Salah
      David Luiz, Lukaku, Bertrand, Cole, Demba Ba.
      Kicked out 10 players. He did not worry
      about upsetting the team balance.
      Then he went and got what he wanted bang bang bang.
      Coutois Zouma Fabregas Costa Drogba Remi and later Cuadrado.
      Result EPL Champion.
      Wenger is not so cynical and ruthless. He hangs on to
      Szczesny Wilshere Walcott Chamberlain Gnabry Diaby
      Sanogo Rosicky Arteta Flamini Podolski Campbell Ryo.
      Mou would sack this lot and sign
      De Gea Hummells Knodogbia Bale and Cavani.
      Yet to be fair 75% of Arsenal fans prefer Wenger to Mou.

      1. I luuvvv you man!!
        Sometimes, life is not as complex as we make it out to be. To be successful (depends on what you call success though) you’ve got to know what you want, and then you go for it.

        “Yet to be fair 75% of Arsenal fans prefer Wenger to Mou”. I think you are being to generous to Mourinho. I’ll say 90% prefer Wenger to Mou.

        Arsene has had bit of history when it comes to ruthlessness. In recent past he has had reasons to hold back. Now the club says we are RRRRRICCH. Arsene himself continues to preach about our rediscovered money-power. I believe we will start to see the ruthless Arsene Wenger from next season -maybe.

        1. i dont believe we’ll see a ruthless AW next season. i think (i hope i’m wrong) that summer will show AW’s lack of ambition/imagination. he’ll buy a couple of players that are roughly at par w the ones we have now. perhaps if we’re super lucky, he might make 1 big buy like sanchez/ozil. i fear that wenger just always tries to do the minimum (read spend the minimum) he thinks he can get away with . never have i felt that he goes gang busters, that he goes all out for his last big season. he’s too milquetoast for me. if we buy a fast, clinical striker in summer and a someone who’s as good or better than coq, i think we can win. GK is 3rd priority for me, but would be nice and i really admire cech but mourinho would be a fool to sell cech to us.
          the main thing is the cold-blooded striker: martinez would also be huge. benzema and higuain are further down for me.

  6. Typical plastic fan article this one is. It was a classic smash and grab win by Swansea last night, one chance, one goal… All teams have nights like this, we deserved to win but sometimes it just doesn’t go your way, that’s just sport, I can think of countless examples this season of this happening, man city vs burnley, man utd vs west brom etc…
    Heads up gunners, we will come back strong and beat utd at old trafford…

    1. Agreed.

      One game and the fickle fans start chatting about “Wenger out!” – absolutely unnecessary, clueless article!

      Wenger wanted the win and pushed it by making attacking changes. If he kept Coquelin and Giroud on and played for the draw, the same fickle fans would have been shouting for Wilshere and Walcott.

      Sanchez was poor for me today. Too many shots at fabianski or allowing defenders to get across and block when he should’ve taken early; coming deep when we have playmakers in ozil and cazorla crying out for someone to run in behind. SANCHEZ was that man! Giroud and Ramsey weren’t going to offer that. Poor decision making in his part.

      In terms of transfers, I am certain we will see another one or two class additions in the summer but wenger is doing best with what he has.

  7. Sure we’ve lost the grip on 2nd place, but City still have to play Swansea and Southampton, both of whom are fighting for that final Europa league spot which is massive for them. Hopefully Monk can work his wonders at the Liberty. I think this loss just emphasises nothing is over until it’s truly over – it was not long ago that people were laughing at City potentially coming 4th.

    I think generally speaking though, we have seen undeniable improvement since last season, particularly in the second half of the season. Yes we were dominating the PL at the start of last season, but no-one else was really performing well, this time when we were on a run, the results around us were rarely favorable. So no, I wouldn’t say it is the same old Arsenal, we have shown progression when under pressure. The United game is a massive test, but do not let that undermine the importance of the Sunderland & West Brom fixtures.

  8. Going on a fantastic run Does NOT make up for the poor start to the season nor does it make up for repeated Errors in signings the fact remains that we have improved this season in the second half but this is how we should and could play all season through??
    Yesterday is a massive highlight of what we have NOT dne to improve the team and the mentality and its NOT good enough, this would be a negative article if we had not done the same thing over countless seasons but in light of all the trophyless seasons in the past this is just a truthful article NOT a negative one.

    1. We lost a game mate. Maybe we have forgotten that football teams lose games. Real Madrid have lost 6 times in La Liga, Bayern have just lost 4 in a row all comps. We lost one in the last 10; we measure ourselves against the competition – what can we say of our competitors United, City and Liverpool who have lost 3,4 and 3 respectively in the same period? You will say you don’t care about other teams but you would be wrong – our successes and failures are wholly related to how every other teams perform. If Ospina had gone with one hand instead of two and one of the 9 on target shots had gone in the article would be saying the opposite. Are you saying we lost because overall we haven’t improved? Do you think a single loss signifies an undeniable lack of improvement? Can you think of a good way to lose which wouldn’t point to lack of improvement?

  9. We did not need to win.
    The season finished a
    3 weeks ago for the top 4.
    We secured ECL mid April .
    Chelsea only got a point
    v Pool coz the’re on holiday too.
    Its a really pointless last
    month of the league for us.
    Just sit back enjoy the FA cup the
    summer and wait for the transfers 🙂

    1. I suspect you may be waiting a long time and will have a comparable disappointment to receiving a pair of itchy knitted socks given to you on Christmas Day instead of the exciting XBox you asked for..

      Just like last year

  10. We lose one game after a straight eleven win run, and we already have a miserable pile of dribble from the AOB’s. Amazing how you do not see these users on this forum when we are winning, like NIKK, but as soon as we we lose one game they are all over spouting their negativity.

    Yesterday, it is not that we we lost because we were poor. In fact we outplayed Swansea at every turn and a true telling should have been at least 2 – 0 to us. Swansea’s goal was completely against the run of play and an extremely lucky one at that. How many shots did they have on target all game? Like 3. I am man enough to admit when Arsenal DESERVES to lose, but yesterday we were simply unlucky. The only bit of criticism I can give is that we should have put the foot down on the gas much earlier in the game and tried to get an early goal. Other that, I am not perturbed…they basically parked the bus all game and the many shots we did have on target all ended up straight at the keeper. On another day, 3 of those would have been in the back of the net.

    1. @Big Gun
      Yes mate you have a point we did outplay them BUT we did NOT have that clinical finishing that is required to win the EPL, I don’t think from my point of view that its all “Arsene Out” ect as while Im a very vocal exponent of Wenger NOT being the right man anymore I do have to admit that he has improved the team since January and no one can take that away from him But, the fact remains that 2nd could have been ours and that’s unlikely now 3rd may be a more prosaic view but there’s also the horrible prospect of fourth again and that is not an improvement in my view. We have all discussed on this site many times the need to spend big on a world class striker I still feel that’s whats missing and that’s what we need, we have no options and in real honesty can any hardened AKB’s really say that Walcott and Welbeck are the answer? Giroud is good but NOT consistent and we have no other options when he’s having an off day. I published an article saying that in my view if wenger was to capitalise on getting second and spend some money on a key striker then we would not need to spend again for several seasons and winning stuff can only be good for the brand and the finances as a whole. as its is Everyone FROM us to the pundits is saying the same thing and it seems only Arsene Wenger is saying Giroud is good enough well if it looks like a turd and smells like a turd then its unfortunately a turd and with Wengers mentality you know its a turd that we are stuck with. I don’t want Wenger out I want him to improve and win before I or he dies of old age.

  11. Ruddy hell KM when did you start “supporting” Arsenal, 2 weeks ago? You are certainly no true supporter. We lose one game after a fantastic run and its effing all doom and gloom and shoot the players. I am so annoyed with this attitude. Please never post again. idiot!

    1. Idiot??!! Hahahaha. WTF?!!!
      The article is interesting -I enjoyed it. And I am enjoying the hilarious comments even more!

      PS: No one deserves to be called an idiot because of his views -especially if he hasn’t expressed them in a disrespectful manner.

  12. We always slay the team anytime we slip up. The same players we have had in the past five games and we have here praised the same players and rated them highly. Just one loss and we are acting like we are battling relegation or still in a position to win the league. Wake up guys! The league has already been won. Apart from avoiding play-off for the champions league, what more are we really playing for if I may ask? The league has already been won, we need just a win or even a draw to at least come up third and avoid the tricky two leg play offs. So why the over slaying here? Have we forgotten we still have 3 games + 1 important game? please give the guys and the manager a break. Every dog has its bad day. All we need now for this team is 2 or 3 addition next season and we are good to go.

    1. It’s not entirely about the additions @Chima. Mentality plays a huge role!
      Like it or not we were/are fighting for the 2nd spot -we are supposed to- atleast for confindence and mentality sake.

      The 2 or 3 addition of next season should add that extra bit of quality and squad strength, yes. But a “win-first” psyche and mentality will go along way to make us sustain a challenge from next season’s start to finish.

      PS: Who knows what this loss to swansea may do to our confidence ahead of Manchester United game (and by extension FA cup).

      1. its not just about this one game. swansea reminded us that when a mid-table or above packs the bus against us at our home and counters quickly, they’ll have a good day at the office. and we seem not to have found a solution.

  13. The killer Punch right to the heart of a team who defended like this. That’s what Missing!! and missing for years. We the true fans and supporters of Arsenal have been screaming years for a world class striker, but we get Wellback, Sanogo, and ofcourse Mr. Lamp Post Giroud.
    I give the full credit to the team yesterday because they played of the game with 9 men, Giroud was merely espectator, and Willshire as usual useless. I dont agree with GK remarks, Ospina done a great job since taking over from Spoiled kid SCHEZNEY (I never learned to spell his name, because I was hoping he would leave Arsenal !!!).
    Same old same old with Wenger, there were no plan B yesterday and that is what Hurt us the most.

      1. Must admit I thought it would take a lot less than 4 games without a goal for the “lamp post” brigade to re-emerge.

  14. I like wilshere and i am not trying to bash him or anything, i am one of those fans who thinks he still has a bright future at arsenal but why is it that we hardly win when wilshere is on the pitch.. is it coincidence or what?

  15. why lie?! we can never run away from facts…i respect Wenger..he has done wonders for arsenal but its time he left..second, i have always said Giroud is good but he is not what we need to be EPL chaps….WE NEED A STRIKER…RAMSEY IS NOT A WINGER—Wenger plays him there because he likes him and he has always played players out of position in order to accommodate all his favourites…AM TIRED OF THIS SEASON AFTER THE OTHER..we never learn. we never improve. MESS..

  16. Nice article for me. Arsenal need fans to put pressure on the manager and players.

    Just watch highlights again, from the first half we can see how poorly arsenal play. There is no energy there, like the players having a handover. Are the players think we are save in top 4th so they start to complacent? The 1st half we are like strolling at the park, Swansea didn’t play but we too. 2nd half than we decided to play but I think is too late.

    Championship is a whole 10 months not 3 months so to win is how you perform the the whole season. To show you are champion contender, you can’t switch off whatever you like.

  17. This article is spot on but the problem is Arsenal FC has a world wide audience and the fans are divided 50/50. Due to these odds it is hard to get all fans to have the same opinion about how the club should move forward which is the only reason why the current board still sits at their seats and why the manager is AW. As the article mentioned once the opposition defends as a unit we have a very hard time running our offense and the manager even after 18 years or so has not figured out a second game plan for these types of scenarios. There has to be a fan revolt at this club for things to turn around or i’m telling you it will be very slow progress, chelsea/utd/city will only improve this summer so i hope we do the same.

    1. We wont
      The major signings we need to make that last step into the light will neither be suggested by Wenger or authorised by the board and that’s the frustrating thing we are soo close but in truth we are sooo far away.

  18. WHY LeProf keeps Ozil,Wilshere,Ramsey is not hard to see if you look games or stats. they initiate 90% of the attaks and hav the assists more. OSpina is good enough,Courtis? isn’t the best & but champ wt 3games to spare. ARSENE’s end of season work is a cut out uphill task if he wants success again. the team need wholistic revolutionary overhaul NOT OF PLAYERS, of mntality,focus,precision. PLAYERS, leaders on their own. dnt know why Caszorla wasting talent and capabilits, he shd be doing wiggleswork in box!

  19. I am happy we,realise team weakness when we lose important games,now its clear a better striker and goalkeeper can do.A lose at FA final and you will see a revolution at arsenal Wenger going completly and klopp coming.I want to see klopp v muorihno

    1. REALLY??? you believe that if we loose the FA Cup the board will get rid of Wenger??? Really??? Cmon man surely no one is that Naïve surely??

    2. I was thinking the exact same thing
      but wishing that gives wenger too much importance which he doesn’t deserve.
      And we all know that the board don’t have the balls to sack wenger and wenger is too proud to quit.

  20. I am a Wenger fan. But I am fair.
    He should have had a plan B.
    Just saw some ratings n ther sites and the fact that any of our gunners had barely more tan 6/10 tells a story in itself.

    By the way by blowing our chances in this game we might have blown our second place. if we win all remaining games and so does City, they will be 2nd because of that goal difference.

    I just hope le prof has a plan for the remaining, i see 4th, play offs and no signings becuase of not being sure of UCL all over again

  21. i read a lot of Giroud this and Giroud that.
    He has improved.
    He has scored vs big teams.
    Now he is just not good because Henry said it and didnt score vs a super parked bus.

    For those of us who have been gooners since more tan a decade, I do remember Henry well.
    Was he good enoiugh after that 0-0 final vs Galartasaray that we lost on penalties?
    was he good enough after NOT scoring vs Barza (they were hardly the team rhey are today).

    check Henrys stats people. He was never a Messi Or Cristiano scoring 40 goals a season (in all fairness taht LIga is a 2 horse race so I dont rate thos goals too high).

  22. HONEST article….
    Well done!
    The pro-wenger delusional crowd may hate it but the fact is that we will NEVER win the league with wenger in charge. He is stubborn and tactically naive. He selects the same team weak in weak out. His training methods are old and are the reason for our injury problems. He has fixed time slots for substitutions (60, 75, 83)
    If the board really want to show the fans that they are ambitious then they have to let wenger leave.
    And u’re tight about the same old arsenal as well.
    every season we have our patch of good form (generally towards the end of season) and every1 aboard the hype train that “we have the best team…..best manager…..we will win the title next season…..”
    I may sound harsh but the swansea result was just a reality check. We have a long way to go before we win the league and to achieve that wenger HAS to leave 1st

  23. great article…..i really loved every bit of it………….
    yesterdays game was a replay of most of our shambolic displays……..typical arsenal passing the ball around with a slow pace and no meaningful purpose.
    the manager was just standing with no clue….
    we might have gone on a run,but the truth is we are still not there yet.worse of is Wengers tactics,i simply dont understand how you try to accomodate all your CM in one game,its pathetic;there was no pace yesterday everything was slow………
    The defence is another issue on its own we conceded an exact replica of the second goal at the liberty stadium(montero crossing to gomis)…its like a cycle.
    The bitter truth is if we continue with wengers stubborn philosophy we can NEVER win the EPL OR UCL……

    we are not too far away from it……just some additions in the right areas and a good tactical brain….and we will be a GREAT team

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