Dimitar Berbatov reckons Man Utd must do one thing to beat Arsenal

Former Tottenham and Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov has been previewing the Monday night Premier League clash at Old Trafford between United and Arsenal and is of the opinion that his former club needs to get at Arsenal straight away and let them know who is in charge.

The Bulgarian used some colourful language to get his point across but in all fairness to the former Spurs ace he was very complimentary about the Arsenal front line.

“I am worried about the front players of Arsenal, especially Aubameyang – he is phenomenal, Berbatov said

“I like Pepe as well, he is so unorthodox, he’s really fast, he can go one-on-one and challenge defenders.

“On this part of the pitch Arsenal are so dangerous, they can kill you with their speed so United need to be careful of that and don’t lose any space to them.

“The Arsenal defence isn’t in the best shape of their lives so the Man United strikers have a good chance to hurt them as well. Both teams have big strengths and weaknesses, they will both be looking to exploit each other.

“United will have some advantage of playing at Old Trafford, but when the results haven’t been going for you, you know the fans will be a little impatient, you can think too much about it, make mistakes and it becomes a difficult situation.

“Sometimes when I have watched them I have noticed that United are have been too soft against the opposition, they need to be tough in their challenges, show them who’s in charge and let them know that this is f*****g Old Trafford.”

That could apply to Arsenal actually, too often they have been soft and do need to get in the face of the opposition a little bit more and United are the perfect foe for that.

The problem for United is that they no longer have that sort of aggressive player in their team, they have no Roy Keane or Paul Ince, I mean, which United player is going to frighten Arsenal? I cannot think of any.

In conclusion, Berbatov reckons that United need to let Arsenal know who is in charge, I just do not see them being able to do that and for me, this game will come down to which team makes the fewer errors.


  1. That game will show Arsenal’s mentality, whether they would chicken out at the Old Trafford as usual or work their socks off

    I hope the fans would not attack Emery and the first team players, at least until we see the official line-up

    1. Oh they will attack Emery . I agree fans should support Emery and the team for Monday. At least wait till the lineup is announced and 90 mins is over before attacking him.

      Today, tomorrow and Monday there will be hundreds of comments attacking Emery. It’s guaranteed

      I wish these so called fans would see reason.

      We are 4th place ahead of Chelsea, United, Spurs but that’s not good enough for them

      If Emery chooses a poor lineup and we lose or draw then I will criticise Emery myself

      But give him until the match is over before attacking him. Again we are 4th place. We have reason to criticise him, but not attack him (ie call him names, Emery Out!, calls for him fired).


      1. Well said. I’m still hoping Emery would change his defensive approach at the big away games

        Old Trafford is the perfect place to start that, because Man United have lost several key players

      2. We were ahead of them for most of last season. What was the outcome of our patience? 5th place on the EPL table after messing around with 3rd place and a consistent fear of lower teams as our so called captain has labelled it. And loosing 4:1 to out of form Chelsea in the Europa league final.

        Something needs to be done asap or we continue to loose it with team selection. I’ll keep praying the coach gets it right this time around

      3. Wait until the lineup !!!
        I think must of us already know what the lineup will be ,well atleast 9 or10 players.
        Emeryout .

        1. I would have joined you on the Emeryout but then I remember it’s not our call its the board call, so like gotanidea said, I will wait till after the match.

        2. If you already know 9 to 10 players that will start as you claim,then why do you emery out brigade keeps spitting you dont know what his line up could be and how unpredictable he is..

          1. Then please stop criticising emery of not having a first eleven.you criticise him of not having a first eleven for over a year and you claim to know 10 players who be starting on Monday,dont u think you contradict yourself. Everyday guys like you come up with new and different eleven for every match and you claim emery to be too pragmatic.no matter which line up he chooses he still get criticized even before the ball is kicked.

          2. Guys like me come up with different 11 players ,,
            I would love you to show me a post where I have posted a team .
            That’s right you can’t because I very very rarely do ,and if I want to criticise him I will do ,if it hasn’t escape your eyes he’s a pretty shit Coach ,his job is to get the best out of the players and he’s failing miserable.
            I’m glad that you find his work so brilliant and you must think he’s a great coach going by your post ,but I think different I’m sorry to say

      4. Well said Innit.
        No matter which line-up Emery chooses, he will be attacked by a bunch of fans saying it is the wrong line-up. And the funny thing is, the same fans will suggest at least a dozen different line-ups claiming each one is the right/perfect line-up.

  2. Bellerin is starting today for u23s

    So he won’t start Monday
    I hope Chambers starts instead of Niles on Monday

    Mavrapanos is starting today

    Also Holding and Tierney are not playing today so hopefully they will on Monday

    1. I hope Chambers and Holding get the nod too. But the fact they both played for 90 minutes against Nottingham Forest is an indication they won’t start.

  3. There is an easy way to beat arsenal and every coach is aware.

    Just attack attack and attack arsenal. The midfielders will succumb to pressure and the defence will commit errors.

    It is that simple.

    1. Nah, defend well, and close down the two central defenders, as well as Xhaka and Guendozi whenever Arsenal has a goal kick and you’re guaranteed to score from a defensive lapse.

      1. That’s why I’m so relieved when E.Martinez just kicked the ball in the EL match. They can’t move the ball with speed and precision so it only results in error or the fullback gets cornered. On the off chance they can bypass the line of pressure, the opponents have regrouped, so what’s the point?

    2. exactly. Midtable teams are going to keep taking points from us. The defensive setup is non-existent and hasn’t improved under Emery. We are discussing OT game as if it exists in a vacuum. The reality is Emery is an average manager that will keep setting this team up to be average. A 5-0 result against easy opposition hasn’t changed my opinion of Emery needing to depart at the end of the season. He’s not taking us forward and continues to force us to play a dire brand of football when it doesn’t suit the players we have.

        1. I didn’t see the game Sue but by the stats Sheff Utd troubled them? Haha and down to 10 men 😆 so Xhaka captain Emery has lost it 😂

          1. Did you watch it Sue 😮 like a drunk Captain Morgan more like 😂 Che Adams prediction of Southampton winning the league doesn’t look like materialising does it 😅

          2. No i didn’t, just what i read online 😂
            We need a Ward-Prowse free kick!!
            Hahahaha very drunk with wreckless lunges 😉
            No he jinxed it.. 😖

          3. Haha Harry Kane would claim it 😉😆 haha it wouldn’t be Xhaka without the customary lunge 😀 has Adams even scored? 😂 I was wondering how you would know that given how you avoid Liverpool games like the plague 😁

          4. Oh Kev, it’s all going pete tong 😩 i can see City losing this.. them the gap will absolutely huge!! Argh!!!
            They might be thrown out… fingers crossed… so i might not have to 😜

          5. But I want revenge 😂 if they lose I don’t think there is a way back Sue nobody can beat Liverpool 😬 Piano man was sent off today 😂

          6. Hahaha why was he subbed? 😂😂😂 3-1 now 😉 haha yes plenty of time for piano lessons now Sue 😄 yeah heard he missed a sitter 😮

          7. Because he was crap 😁 such a relief, Kev.. this has been really tense – just like watching us 😃 did you see Theo was stretchered off?

          8. No I didn’t see that Sue what happened? Glad they won can’t be having Liverpool running away with it 😬 so you don’t want him back in Arsenal colours? 😂😂😂

          9. About a minute in, Theo was hit on the side of the head by the ball.. 6 minutes added on…. he was taken to hospital. Doesn’t have a lot of luck!
            Did you see Tommy from the original Karate Kid died?

          10. Yeah crazy, he died in cobra Kai too 😲 concussion you think? Who do you think will win the Madrid derby Sue ? Watching sassuolo v Atalanta on free sports are you ?

          11. Poor sod. Yeah i reckon so, Kev. Oooh that’s a tough one… umm Atletico 🙈 how about you?
            No, watching Athletics.. waiting for the 100m!!

          12. You just wanna see thighs 😂 Hazard’s muse might strike tonight though 😉😂 I’ll go for a draw but we know what happened in that pre season friendly ath absolutely battered real 😂

          13. Hahaha i saw Sergio’s earlier, that’s more than enough 😉
            Well it’ll be about bloody time 😂 i might put it on, just to see haha!

          14. Yeah but your probably taller than aguero 😂 I don’t think it’s on I searched 😂😂😂 gonna watch poltergeist 1&2 later 😁

          15. Everyone’s taller than Sergio 😂
            It’s on hesgoal
            Ooh love both of them, Kev.. even though they’re old, still great! I don’t like the tree, or the clown 😂😂

          16. Or kane ? LET ME IN! 😂😂😂 Yeah always enjoyed Poltergeist old classics 😁 your not wrong Sue he is on the short side 😂 You watching it on your phone Sue ? 😁

  4. Emery is his own worst enemy.makes serial error man ,grant hacker his captain.Big mistake.huge pressure on both of them now not to mess up.The fans will be baying for both their bloods if it happens at old Trafford.no question.

  5. The game plan that was executed in Tuesday against Forest should be the template on our way forward and only Emery is capable of messing that up.

  6. Oh yeah the creepy old fella 🙈
    I watched a bit.. but soon got bored.. the goal drought goes on.. he was subbed 😂😂 i think i ought to stop predicting a team to win haha

    1. Did he scare you Sue 😆 his muse might strike next week 😉😄 don’t predict Arsenal to win on Monday 😬😜

      1. His muse has gone bleeding awol 🤣 just give it up, Kev haha!!
        Yeah he scared me, nearly as much as our defending 😉
        Oh don’t worry, I’m saying nowt 😃
        Ain’t that typical ending 0-0 🙄

        1. Hahaha he’s just warming up before it happens 😂😂😂 he didn’t scare you as much as that 😉😂 I think I predicted a draw 😊 when you off on hols Sue next week?

          1. You did indeed, Meg.. nice one 👍
            No, not for a few weeks yet, Kev…
            Jeez and there i was losing patience over Pepe.. imagine how those poor sods in Madrid must be feeling over Eden 🤣

          2. Who am I gonna chat with on here now your going on holiday?? Some might consider that being selfish 😛 haha jokes 😂😁 oh Sue they Know Eden is just in pre season mode the real Eden is just waiting for his chance 😂 Ter stegen got an assist today 😆

  7. Yeah but if things get worse with Coco, then i won’t be going.. I’m already a little reluctant about leaving her ☹
    Haha i could say the same, when you went awol (with Eden’s muse 🤣)
    I thought he’d be in double figures by
    Bloody hell did he?? That ain’t bad going!!

    1. I’m only getting your message Sue, that didn’t show up last night. Hahaha well just like Eden’s muse we always return 😂😂 double figures by next month you watch 😆 haha it was a great tackle and pass Beckham would be proud 😆 aww I don’t blame you Sue 😟

      1. And there i was thinking Kane (the old fella) had scared you sooooo much you’d gone to sleep 🤣
        Haha I’ll hold you to that.. and remind you, after 10 games and he still hasn’t scored!! 😂
        Newcastle down to 10… i bet Bruce is sweating.. big time!

        1. Hahahaha 🙈 Sue hat-trick incoming 😉 defenders are gonna see the real Eden in the weeks to come 😂 well that’s Leicester staying ahead of us Sue but they head to Liverpool next week 😁

          1. Oh Vardy had better bang in a brace next week, Kev 🙏
            Brenda would secretly love to get one over them i reckon! Is Maddison injured?

          2. Not Sure but did you see Maddison is rated at 100 mil ? He’s a decent player that’s just ridiculous money all because he’s English! 80 mil for slab head as well the world’s gone crazy 🙄 oh we might need Liverpool to do us a favour Sue and hope they lose another game 😊 do you like man city’s away kit ? 😂

          3. 100m? Sheesh!!
            Ewww that kit – had to take paracetamol after that game too bright, needed to go & lay in a darkened room after looking at it for 90 mins hahaha!!!
            I want to go on Thursday, but it’s 8pm kick off.. won’t get home till around 1am… tickets are really cheap! If it had been 5.55 kick off, I’d have gone!

          4. Hahaha I knew you liked it Sue 😉 puma kits like Nike are truly ugly 😁 1am you’d be asleep before then 😂😂 So Kevin Friend is the ref but what kit are we wearing the yellow? I’d rather we go for Ndidi but Leicester would probably quote 700 million 😂😂😂 imagine getting 80 mil for slab head? Has to be the best business ever done 😆

          5. Hahaha too true 😴😄
            Yes and Mike Dean is doing var (oh christ……)
            Got to be yellow, surely?
            No… Iwobi is the best business ever done 😉

          6. Oh FFS we are in for a tough night he’ll be screaming yellow and red cards through his mic 😂😂😂 you think so 😉 5-0 Leicester I think bruces time at Newcastle is coming to an end 😆 has to be Sue I prefer the blue 😁

          7. He’ll love sitting there, making the decisions, with Mike Riley giving it some in his other ear! Be as bad as him out there on the pitch!
            I agree… his p45 is being sorted, as we speak!
            I lurve the blue!!

          8. Hahaha that’s very true 😆 and Roy Keane as a guest tomorrow as well, could it get any worse ? Would you like Bruce to take over from Emery Sue ? 😉 Have you got it ??

          9. Oh christ he’ll love it if we lose.. just get Maureen in the studio too & be done with it 🙄
            Oh bloody hell, think I’ll stick with Unai 😂
            No, not yet – slacking!!!

          10. Haha have you got any new kits 😁 oh not mourinho as well 😅 add Graeme Souness and I won’t be watching it 😂😂😂 you watching any football tonight? Im doing a house move tomorrow, absolutely dreading it, there’s enough furniture to furnish 3 houses 🤪

          11. The home one 😍
            No, been watching Athletics.. but bored of it now!! How about you?
            Oh best of luck with that, Kev..there’s nothing more stressful… bet you’ll be knackered & will fall asleep just before kick off 😁

          12. It’s not me moving Sue it’s my mum and she just has too much stuff it’s a bloody nightmare, can’t wait until tomorrow is over 🙄 haha and yeah I’ll probably will be asleep 😴 what’s your print ? Jesus Britney spears has aged rapidly, I used to have the biggest crush on her 😂😂😂

          13. Jeez that’s going to be a full on day then, Kev! You’re very good for helping though 👍
            I saw her in concert once 😆 these stars don’t age very well, do they??
            Saliba’s back playing then & Debuchy scored their winner!!

          14. Haha did you ? I heard she just lip syncs her way through her concerts 😂😂 the only musicians I would like to hear live now is the killers 😁 oh god I know she better make the most of it she won’t see me until Christmas after this! 😂 How did he play? And debuchy has been good for them 😄

  8. Quite a few I’d like to see!
    He came on in the 89th minute!! I always liked Debuchy…
    Hope Bayern do a job on the spuds on Tuesday 👊

    1. I don’t think Jerry Lee Lewis still tours Sue and Elvis is dead 😛 as did I 😄 you watching it Sue ? Did you see the fella Gayle’s jump yesterday?

      1. Absolutely hilarious 🤣🤣 you missed out Johnny Cash 😜
        I might have a look – only if the spuds are losing of course! Although if tomorrow goes badly, then i may well be done with football… until Thursday!!
        No i missed it.. only watched the running & pole vault/running earlier!

        1. Watch that for a jump the man was gliding in the air 😂😂😂 bet you did your fair share of athletics back in the early 70s eh Sue 😉😂 The man in black damn damn missed that one 😄 if they lose they might be in trouble 😀 leige on Thursday should be a comfortable night 🙏

          1. I want a comfortable night tomorrow, been way too long! Although we’ll be sat on the edge of our seats all bloody night…that is if you are awake 😆
            Hahahaha was too long ago, i can’t remember 🤣🤣
            Yes Thursday should be ok!

          2. Yeah when you get to a certain age you become forgetful in your golden years 😛 you know what Sue if we don’t win tomorrow it’s all on Emery as that’s an extremely poor man utd team 😃 I’ll just steal one of your Pepsi’s to keep me up 😂😂😂 defeat incoming then 😂

  9. 😆😆 yes… and we’ll be so pi**ed!
    One? Make it 2 haha!
    I should really just shut up, as you know i have a way of jinxing things!
    Well, Kev… I’m going to put American werewolf on (& scare myself over the tube 😆) so, i hope tomorrow goes ok and you’re not too stressed (& shattered!) I’m sure you’ll have it done in no time 💪 then can sit down and watch a decent game 🙏
    Goodnight Kevin.. 😁💤😴😊

    1. Did you see old bill intercept car in loughton the other day ? Absolute madness 😯 or 3 😁 don’t let it scare you too much 😅 haha I’m not sure about that but thank you Sue and goodnight have a good sleep and no bad dreams about Mike Dean 😂😄😴😴😴💤💤

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