Dinamo Zagreb v Arsenal review – Nothing goes right for Gunners

Well that could not have gone much worse for Arsenal in our first Champions League game. At least we did not pick up an injury and still have plenty of games to qualify but this one was a nightmare. We didn’t play well but luck was definitely against Arsenal tonight.

I don’t think that Arsenal were complacent or that we took Dinamo Zagreb lightly, but it was difficult to know what to expect and they soon showed us why they went last season unbeaten, defending well and breaking with real danger. Having said that, we were still on top and looking the most likely to score when they took the lead.

It was a good break and both Debuchy and Chamberlain were caught out of position on our right, but there was a huge slice of luck for them in the goal. Not only was it their first shot on target, but Ospina got down and saved well, only for the rebound to bounce off the Ox, I think, and into the net.

We can rightly complain about Giroud’s sending off as well but the ref was in no mood to be lenient and Giroud had no need to upset him for the first yellow. He was playing poorly anyway and should have given us the lead, instead we were in deep trouble at halftime. The officials gave us nothing all night to be honest.

The Gunners were much better after the break and it looked like we could hit back but once again we were knocked back and Zagreb scored against the run of play, this time from a corner and you have to ask questions about our defending. All hope seemed lost but Wenger rolled the dice and brought on Walcott, Campbell and Coquelin all at once.

It still looked forlorn but Walcott gave us hope with a great goal in the 79th minute. Credit to the players for their efforts but it was not to be.

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    1. zagreb havent played in champions league for more than 10 years

      so?! i know worlds best team when i see it…an dinamo are amazing

      1. Wtf are you talking about how sad are you to make up things to sound better they were in the CL 2 years ago

              1. I know I know but we just lost and look how quickly all of our “fans” turn on the team. And this is not the result we needed before we head to the bridge. Plus ozil, sanchez, and cazorla look exhausted and now we have to win this weekend and pray for no injuries

                1. Line-up was ridiculous. No depth in squad. Campbell on right doesn’t seem to work?giroud unlucky. Chelsea have momentum. Here’s to a rough weekend. No faith

                2. Yup, if i am not mistaken merson and some others already said that.

                  well please wake me up guys, if wenger has gone for good from arsenal.

                  maybe wait another 5 years at least?

          1. hey, don’t hurt AKBs feeling now mate.

            maybe if you shared their views, they said, it’s just 1 game,

            we are still have a chance to win UCL TROPHY this season.


      2. First of all ,not a few of the people who make comments on arsenal blogs are under the payroll of kroenke.
        Wenger: “If we find someone who can improve our squad “.
        I saw at least 5 players in the opposition better than what we’ve got .
        Secondly , half of our squad is average.
        Thirdly , bad ingame management by Wenger . not a few people in twitter say Giroud’s red card coming . we have all seen that petulance before .
        Fourthly ,Walcott is better than giroud who is one dimension and totally nullifies any counterattaking strategy.
        Fifthly , not surprising that after the red card, our midfielders had more space to work with . giroud sticks to defenders like horseflies on shit .
        No movement and wasteful

    2. we work so hard to get to the Champions league. Then when the first Champions league game comes we make 6 changes. well done Wenger. We should hv done this rotation in the Capital 1 cup. Now we are already 3 points behind bayern.

      1. Exactly!!!

        It has nothing to do with “nothing goes right” for us….the selection was not right!!

        What in the hell was Wenger thinking ffs?????

        I tell you, just for this one team selection I am abut to jump into the AOB bandwagon!

      2. You know what? Wenger is a …. . How can he present such a team for CL match when he had not qualified for the next round. We now know our best (first 11) players.

      3. Spot on. Where’s Budd and Josh along with the AKBs that flood this site when we beat sh1t teams? Another CL sh1tshow with Giroud showing his class as ever.

        Hats off to Wenger taking the first teamers all the way out there only to keep them on the bench and throw them on late in the day. Says loadssss about how much he rates the squad outside our first 11. Either rest the players or start them, took them to Croatia only to panic and throw them on early second half. Classic.

        The inept management continues. Summer really has set the tone for us this season. Terrific stuff. Wait until we get our next win for the usual delinquents to make an appearance yet again.

        1. I am right here. What are you actually saying? That Arsenal played bad? Correct. Is like you already knew. Easy to talk after things already happening. What would you have said if we were actually beating them? Staying under your rock?

    3. Explain to me why Walcott shouldn’t play as CF………….. While u are at it……explain to me why Wenger is still ArsenaL’s manager!

      1. Explain to me why the board thinks it’s okay for us to rely on Arteta !! He wouldn’t even make it into Everton’s first team !!!!!

    4. Here’s to those who think a win over stoke is a morale boost……….. While a woefuL chelshit found their groove against Maccabi………can anyone now boldly say Arsenal would ruin chelshit’s party at the weekend?….. I tell u!….Whatever is wrong with Arsenal…..must be deep rooted!…… Key problem => Wenger!

    5. one is automatically called “Deluded”……when he offers a player Like Arteta a contract after his best years are behind him!…….and when on goes on to make Late Subs(67th min)…….even after we are two goals down…. “Maximum delusion”

      1. Proof:
        Giroud and Arteta in, 2 goal down, No Giroud no Arteta, 1 man down, we score one goal, you AKB’S do the math with the dmaged brain of yours.

    6. I agree with you, up to a point. First, we should never have lost the game, but as usual we underestimatedoir opponent’s, and played into tneir hands. I thought, however, that the substitutions made a big difference, andif you think we were a man down, and that Campbell’s confidence must be rock bottom as he has not been given any chance, Theo, Coq and To some extent Campbell changed the game. Both Ozil and Alexis had poor games, but they both showed determination. Hopefully, Wenger also learned that he cannot use Arteta as a holding/defensive player. Santi couldn’t get in the game much, but I think that was because he was aware of Arteta’s frailties in defense. I know it’s not positive, but all is not yet lost. Realistically we always were going to come second in the group and hopefully, we still will. My biggest hope is that Wenger starts to learn from his errors.

      1. and i shook my head in disgust when u said……. “Ur biggest hope is that wenger Learns from his errors”….. U and i both know….the croaker never Learns

        1. I agree it is the most unlikely thing for Wenger to do, but I have to hope. To keep seeing the same mistake made over and over again and see Wenger look totally suprised in his technical area, youjust have to have faith that the penny drops.

        2. hey snoop, wenger always learnt from every mistakes he made.

          but he is just too OLD too remember it.

          cuz, so many and his brain is not computer you know.

          please give him a break, you WOBs should wait for another 10 years to get rid of wenger. he has boards back.

    7. Wenger’s response
      ‘We were maybe a bit unlucky and maybe lacked cohesion or some competition in some situations. I have to analyse that. It’s very difficult to give you a definite answer straight after the game.’

      Oh no we are lacking COHESION!! I thought we had a lot of cohesion thats why we didnt buy players in the window. That we were going to beat everyone with our cohesion! That our cohesion with mediocre players would be better than their quality players.
      Damn, now we dont even have that…

    8. As usual, Wenger and his overall Management style exposed by an ordinary team which was not in ECL for 10 years, and another AKB article try to cover for him, and blame it to all except the the inept and useless manager, this is why we got what we deserved:
      1. No Top class striker, and DMF, in transfer window, and he was forced to use Giroud, and Arteta having Chelsea match in few days.
      2. Him or his agents like the writer of this Article blame the whole world except him, Reffs, pitch, players, fatigue, lack of Focus(his famouse scape goat).
      3. Wenger was always blamed for not having plan B, but this time although a bit late, he replaced Giroud, Arteta, and Debuchy and field in Walcott, Campbell, Le Coq, proving that Giroud is not only useless and wasteful, but the others efforts were wasted on him, so Theo in and one gal. This proves that with Giroud we play with less than 10 man, since his inability to score the chances created by the rest of them is counter productive and have negative impact.
      3. All of those well known AKB’s, like Budd, NY Gunner and the others were claiming even few hours before the match, that Giroud is much better than Benzema, and support that with some phony stats, I was wondering what they have to say no. The proof is right in front of their eyes.
      Before I say the usual Wenger out, I have fear that Brendan Rogers do so bad that Liverpool management would Jurgen Klopp before Arsenal.
      Wenger out.

      1. Klopp is about to be captured by looserpool if rodgers sacked within at least 1 month to prove.

        do you think the board give a piss of your opinion?

    9. 6 changes to the side!
      What was yesterday? A carling cup match?

      And Wenger wants to win the champions league…

  1. reminds me of an article way back……….titled: “Things are finally coming together for arsenal at Last”………..BS!

    1. for some time i was thinking Spurs were playing Dynamo.

      In the past we were shit but we played sublime football.



      Now we are just meeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr poorrrrrrrr wooof to GIrouuuuuuudddd. Arteta and giroud needed replacement. Hope everyone has seen it today if they needed more convincing.

      1. But fans here will make you believe that Giroud is better than RvP. Shame RvP never got to play with Sanchez and ozil.

        1. Who the f*ck says that? Please show me 1 person whose said that you people are so sad making things up so you sound ‘right’

          1. mate ur like hercules on a unicorn with a leg missing an its horn broken.
            calm down

            let them winge- if we beat chelsea- it will all be fine again
            havent u learnt anything yet??

            1. Absolutely everyone can critique and say where we went wrong that is fine, what I don’t like is people making things and “facts” up just to sound better and make them sound right.

              You said Zagreb haven’t been in the CL in 10 years, they were in it TWO years ago

  2. OX and Giroud were disgraceful. The other one hasn’t learned to defend in his 4 seasons he’s been with Arsenal, and we LITERALLY played better with 10 men than with f’n Giroud.

    Giroud hopefully gone by January, never gonna happen though

    1. its so true …….giroud or so called “goal drought” in important matches must understand …..he is playing for the ARSENAL not the championship club…..the worst striker ever……….its a fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. i’m little bit confused about his scoring record against chelsea….did he ever scored against them ????? even the serious shot on target would be tooo muccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh for me …….HATRICK ??????? be realistic bro……….no hard feeling ….just telling you a fact……..

      2. Hahahahah muff! Seriously though, Giroud is average, Arteta is passed it. I applaud their effort but they wouldn’t be first team starters for Tottenham or Southampton. Wenger is seriously damaging the team with his loyalty, he should show it towards Walcott and Ramsey instead of these guys.

        1. Do not forget that wenger is trying to force Debuchy back into the first thing when what he should be doing is to ship him out of arsenal . He was never an arsenal standard defender.
          For me , even jenkinson is a better defender. And should be brought back .
          By the way , French football has been crop for years now so , Wenger should be looking elsewhere for players apart from the best.

  3. another embarrassing result in europe.
    we can fix it against chelsea!

    anyone care to argue that not buying suitable cover for le coq was a bad idea?

    1. I love how you lot are pointing fingers at arteta when cazorla was freakin awful. Not to mention the Ox and Gibbs were terrible too. Arteta played descent but you people can’t see many other players were much poorer

        1. Artefact was neither descent or decent. He was useless…Sssssssssssloooooooowwwwwwww & precise in passing to opposition.

      1. Go watch the higlights and let me know if you can see Arteta’s fault as well in the first goal. If you cant spot, you should better lighten the burden of football and stop watching it.

  4. Same old story. Too much possession. Too many passes. Very less effectiveness though.
    We played better with 10 men than 11 honestly.
    Realistically getting into the next round from this group will require a big will now.
    On a day when you see Roma holding a team like Barcelona for a point, you expect better from Arsenal. Unacceptable really.

    1. if we show up at the weekend with that weak a$$ sh#t, we might aswell get the lube ready.. because Chelsea are comming raw..

      1. quite the epic first post I’ve seen from you, you’re showing real promise with the under-21s comment squad. good stuff

  5. Having said before the game, it’s not the time to rotate the players yet. I was surprised that AW will do that in this game.

    1. I would’ve liked some rotation, I thought arteta should’ve came in for cazorla not coq and I would’ve rested sanchez for Campbell and brought him on at half if need be.

      But you have to admit the players wenger rotated on paper looked good

      1. i wouldn’t mind AW make rotation on a couple of position. at some point of time during the season, AW must rotate players. but it is early season now and surely not to rotate 6 players in such an important AWAY game. rotation is to bring in competition, fresh energy, rest players wihile keep momentum. but 6 in one go. its not rotation, i will call it a new team and its sending out signal of overconfidence.

  6. Well should i say it or not… ive tried to bite my tongue over the Giroud situation, but i can’t in all good conscious anymore… its an embarassement he is in that shirt on a consistent basis… Where are all the Giroud bible bashers… ‘le petit putain’ aint done sh#t again please for my own amusement defend him..

    1. Okay really try to tell me how when someone undercuts you and you receive a yellow? I don’t get that at all. Did I see that right? He didn’t use his arms or swat anyone in the face. If there are any refs out there please let me know what he saw.

  7. 2nd choice goalkeeper, 2nd choice fullbacks, 2nd choice holding midfielder, our only centre forward who’s firing blanks and gets himself sent off due to stupidity and carelessness. Add all those things together and the result was pretty kind for us.

  8. Rotation was needed for sure because of our run but when you have useless players like arteta as subs then you don’t stand a chance. Who noticed that ozil’s movement up top was better than giroud’s . Giroud is a good player, but he doesn’t suit a top team. Any striker that doesn’t have quality movement, pace, dribbling, composure and finishing doesn’t suit a top top club, maybe the likes of tottenham and everton but not arsenal. I am lost for words about wenger and his decision to stick with the likes of arteta and flamini. Chamberlain as gone back to his headless chicken displays again and debuchy and gibbs better enjoy the bench.

    1. You don’t rotate that many players in the first away game in CL. it’s kinda playing arsenal B team in this match. AW can rotate 3 players but not 6. It is a must win game for us. especially we gonna play away in next game against Chelsea. Chelsea is on bad run. even if they win their CL game, the team is very weak. it won’t give them too much boost anyway. but it is different for us. we desperately need an AWAY win to maintain the momentum. Now, after losing this game. physiologically, we are already 1:0 down. Worrying for the weekend.

      1. i have to disagree, so you expect us to play the same eleven players today as the one to face chelsea next game? Remember chelsea are playing at home to a much weaker team while we have to travel and we have another away game against tottenham on the horizon which is a must win for obvious reasons. The true problem is not having adequate cover that a team competing for multiple competitions should have. Our striker and defensive midfield situation is terrible and we should blame only one one. Look at this this way, if coquelin,belleri and monreal are injured, then this is still practically the team that would player against a team like zagreb or a team like barcelona.

        1. 6 changes are not rotation, it’s called backup team.
          I don’t expect same 11 to play week in week out. And I don’t expect we play same 11 at weekend. But it’s not right to make 6 changes. We have to build momentum to have a good run.

  9. funny thing is when we had nasri fabregas an rvp, yet denislon squid and senderos also..we were beating these kinda teams 5-1

  10. I’m tired of people saying things like “Actually feel bad for Alexis and Ozil. They don’t deserve this”. Were Alexis and Ozil not part of the team that lost today? If they were too special for this team, why couldn’t they help us win ;-/

    1. it doesn’t count for much as we still lost but ozil showed a lot of heart today and was a lot more involved in the game after we (forcefully) abandoned our tactic of playing the ball into giroud

      1. I LOVED what i saw from ozil today absolutely buzzing from his effort and heart. but sanchez was really poor today

        1. same, in fact this season so far he’s showed the most desire on the pitch for me, complete contrast to the past couple of seasons.

          1. I think physically hes in the best shape of his life and he’s fully adjusted to the prem and our style of play. Ozil actually runs a lot consistently but most people don’t realize it cause he drifts in between the lines and wing to wing.

            But his running today was different no doubt

    2. Dont feel bad mate, ozil n alexis will leave us soon, n i wont blame them cos with wenger the dictator n his akbs love childs incharge we will never win the big ones. Why do u think van persie,nasri,cesc n henry left to win things n they all have. Look at them akbs hiding behind keyboards n just thuming down every1

    3. You have never played a competitive team sport before because if you have , you will know that the impact of just 1 bad player can cascade down the team.
      Heck if you play MMO games , one bad player means you cannot finish a dungeon

  11. new 5 year contract for arteta,lifetime contract for giroud and please wenger believing in shittttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy players is the fooliest thing in the world…..

  12. Wated 2 hours from my personal time to watch this shiiiite…enough is enough,catastrophyc!!!!!!!we play nothing,some kind of primitive football,this is desgusting.The senile in charge must go,he lives in the past .Why so much effort to qualify for CL every year,if the movie is always the same?Shame on you,Arsenal.Wenger out!

  13. Campbell has not played a competitive match for a year.
    gabriel doesnt speak english
    arteta was passed it two years ago
    and AW doesnt change anything until we have less than 30 minutues left.
    I know our defenders were asleep for the second goal but if you are a top keeper and the ball is coming into the six yards box you OWN it.

  14. Gabriel is a special player. Really disappointed in Ozil. Sanchez worked his socks off today. Coquelin shows why he’s so vital for us. I don’t think we’ll qualify at this rate 🙁

    1. sanchez was a lot worse than ozil today, ozil actually managed to penetrate the penalty area when giroud was subbed off and sanchez as a wide forward should have been making better runs behind, just my opinion

    2. seriously what game were you watching? haha you literally said the opposite to what happened, ozil was very good he showed a lot of grit, fight and effort the only time i smiled was watching ozil put that shift in. sanchez was garbage

  15. Nothing is done right by Arsene. The tactics dint do us good. Player selection was okay except Artete who should not be our second choice DM.

    The whole world was literarily begging Arsene to bring in another DM and ST, he refused. Giroud does not feel threatened as such. If he were competing with a proven pointman, he probably would have his head cool.

    Anyway, we have started just like last season.

  16. Wasted 2 hours from my personal time to watch this shiiiite…enough is enough,catastrophyc!!!!!!!we play nothing,some kind of primitive football,this is disgusting.The senile in charge must go,he lives in the past .Why so much effort to qualify for CL every year,if the movie is always the same?Shame on you,Arsenal.Wenger out!

  17. ” Luck was against Arsenal tonight” . Pathetic writing. Even kardashian has more self respect and less delusional.

  18. Pathetic display, no passion , no class. I have said countless if we are seriously looking to match too clubs we can’t have that useless of a guy Giroud with us.

    I felt so sad for ozil , the man creates chances after chances and here we don’t even do anything. This is beyond joke now. Both Manchester clubs lost yesterday but at least they lost to better team and gave much better fight than we did against the so called weakest team of our group.

  19. Things we learned from this game:

    – For the first minutes of the first half, we were looking really dangerous playing without a striker. The commentator on the streaming even said that we were looking like Spain when they played like that, and I aggree with him. Wenger should really try that again with 11 players against a mid-table team.

    – Koscielny and Gabriel are the real deal. Gabriel makes me confident in a way Mertesacker has never been able to.

    -Bellerín and Monreal aren’t our first choice fullbacks for no reason. Even though Gibbs and Debuchy have been out for a while, they showed nothing today to convince me that they have what it takes to reclaim their spot. (We should really be looking for a LB on the next summer window though).

    – Arteta shouldn’t be playing again. I’d rather have Chambers as a DM, or even Wilshere when he’s back.

    – Walcott might become our first-choice striker. He is too wasteful sometimes, but so is Giroud.

    I don’t think this was entirely Wenger’s fault, at least not directly, but even though I appreciate all that he’s done for this team, I really want Klopp to come to Arsenal, the sooner the better.

  20. I skipped having sex with girlfriend to watch this match. She had just showered and everything. Now she is at her mums for the rest of the night.

    I blame Wenger, Giroud, Arteta for me not getting some

    1. hahahaha u fool!!!

      rookie mistake dude!!

      i stopped doing that after missing out cos the birmingham final in carling cup

    This is what we deserve
    No signings mean no progress, we’ve been in the CL 18 years and we/he has learnt nothing
    61 % possession but we do not have a plan, it’s like keep ball without a purpose
    I said it before and I will again , his time is up, and you can thumb me down as much as you want, if we end up in the shitty Europa cup it will affect our league position, AKB stop thinking we are quality , and who’s laughing at CIty and UTD now

    1. City and united showed much more passion and fight than we did today. United lost a young promising defender to a nasty injury , yet managed to play reasonably well.

      City lost to champions league runners up and if sterling wasn’t thinking about money and finished his chances they could have won.

      Both of them have better chance to do well in Europe than us. Sad truth.

  22. Just because you cost 42 million and are on 200k a week does not automatically mean you are brilliant. If you honestly think ozil was half decent let alone good you need to stay off the hard stuff.

    1. Ozil is on £140,000 per week not £200,000 per week

      In fact, even Bayern Munich doesn’t have any players on £200,000 per week. I think the highest salary there is £160,000

    2. In fairness to ozil he scored a goal that looked online not offside
      He also looked dangerous in the false striker role.

      This game solidify the death of arteta as dm he should be 4th cm plus he shouldn’t have got a new contract.

      When coqulan isn’t playing we should have flamini. I’m just fed up of us not doing the business flamini n arteta should have made way for serious dm.

      The pressure is getting to Giroud he looked a frustrated figure normally he can get wind up all game and get on with it. Theo should be marginally ahead of him as the St.

      Campbell had a decent cameo solidifying his spot as second rm in welbecks absent.

  23. WENGER MUST JUST GO,I was supprised to see the line-up and the bench,surely,Flamini!!,why did he to start with Giroud instead of Walcott?ALEXIS and OZIL dont deserve to be in arsenal,they deserve a better team than Arsenal.

  24. There is no doubt that the problem is wenger … Along with idiots who look at stats for individual players make cross team comparisons and actually believe they have a grasp of football .. Comical … The truth is that for 5 years wenger has failed to rebuild a winning team or even maintain a consistent style … Occasional forays in to top end of market have given us enough quality to grab a cl spot and that is it … There are plenty of fans and the board who think that is enough … Not for me … So let me repeat arsenal fc will never win a major trophy under current management …..never ever … On the game the fact we actually played better with ten men is pretty telling … One good thing is that Gabriel despite the result is a massive cut above mert and it is now obvious we have no replacement for coquellin … And neither giroud nor Walcott will take us to nect level Campbell is a championship level player …santi awful today and ozil was pretty lame too but they don’t have support around them …..The conclusion is what it was 4 months ago a quality attacker and DM are basic missing ingredients … In Arsene we trust !!!!

  25. Arteta to be next AFC manager. BFG will take Bould’s place. Giroud will be our head of scouts. And Wilshere the head of medical staff. #Future

  26. I can’t understan the season has just started why we have to rotate 6 players it’s madness half the team are still not match fit, we need to rotate if we have the points in hand and at home on there return match when our first eleven needs a break midd season

  27. I created a f****g ( smart admin, doesnt allow me avoid swear words, lol). twitter account only to rant in it with the hope that giroud somehow reads me adressing him as a donkey. But hey, why bashing him when we have a manager in Wenger you all love him so much when we beat second rates teams like stock and newcastle.

    The only posetive thing for today was paulista. I dare Wenger to bench him for Merti, bec he is playing very good.

    Not having Coquelin in the pitch is suicidal.

    followme on tw. @GunnerKs

  28. watch this match gave me cancer…………………………..
    sorry wenger, you must go now or all the arsenal fans will die (sooner o later)

  29. Arsenal (£200m in bank) failed to find a
    better player than Arteta or Giroud in
    the summer. Little bit worrying. #afc Gerrard (BT pundit): “Wenger said he’s
    made 6 changes & he’s brought in the
    same amount of quality. I have to
    Ian Wright: “Bring your first team here,
    win the game & then take your players off.”17 years in d game still he has not learn anything

  30. I often criticize Wenger’s lack
    of rotation and flexibility.
    To be fair I think Wenger
    got things spot on this game.
    His rotation was brave but wise.
    Sacrifice an away game then win the return.
    As it was with out the red card and Arsenal draw or win this.
    Chelsea’s won v a shite Israeli team.
    None of the English teams will make the ECL semis
    The EPL is the real target. Man U and Chelsea are woeful
    City are marginally better. Arsenal remain 2nd favourite.
    Arsenal should beat a ragged Chelsea 3-0.

    1. You know a manager who actually wants to win would have done” Bring the first team, win in 60 min and then take the players off. Changing 6 in the starting winning 11 is done for capital one cup. Not a fu*king ucl game.

    2. I hate when we act mighty&everything and start bashing other team.you must not have seen the match, Man Utd were not woeful last night. They saw their team mate’s horrific career ending injury, believe it or not that will affect the focus of some players on the pitch but through that they showed a real desire and fight. Yesterday Man Utd and City played real great yo be honest.Yes Giroud was sent off but the first goal was scored before that and starting from the first minute there was no desire and fight.
      And that rotations was so wrong. You don’t do this kind of rotation on the first CL game specially when it’s an away game.

    3. Are you kidding me, you don’t sacrifice potentially the easiest game in the group, you go out and win it, give yourself/team/supporters confidence and belief, this was totally horrendous to say the least. And further more who says we will win at home, #Monaco.

  31. This is a manager that passed on Kongdobia, Vidal, Schneiderlin, and decided to extend Arteta’s contract. This is a manager that is playing Campbell as a savior. This is a manager who refuses to learn from his past mistakes and strengthen the team when he can, and now Welbeck, Wilshire, Rosicky are out until December, but we have Flamini on the bench.
    We were all trying to be sympathetic to having sh*t players on the team due to financial constraints but we no longer have financial constraints but still have sh*t players on the team.
    Whose fault is this? Who calls the shots at Arsenal? Do we have a director of Football that overrides Arsene’s decisions that I am not aware of?
    Why is it that there are some fans that will always find an excuse for this man’s mistakes? Whenis it enough? When are we all going to see that he is past it, that his way is simply not the best way.
    Anyway, dear gunners, another bad day at the office, but do not despair we have all seen this movie before. We know where the limits of our ambition lie.

  32. I have had it with THE OX, what a frustrating player that seem to be stagnant, he is so inconsistent it’s unbelievable.. You think he is going to get out of his shell but just seems to keep disappointing..

  33. Hard part to this we have no leader simple and the why we play going down to 10 should make it easier. Why PC was dropped is madness. Thing is we play the Chelsea next and I can see a score line for them. We need AW upstairs and need kloop in before Liverpool take him. Could do with a number 2 that dose something like teach our players to put someone on the post to a corner and just get it away

  34. £400 to come to Croatia and watch that pile of shit.
    Arteta is finished
    Debuchy is god awful
    Chamberlain needs to learn how to help out defencively.

    The first half might as well of not even happened.
    I’ll take a loss from time to time. But to play like the way we did…. ? same old rubbish

  35. We don’t have enough fighters in this team. Coquelin is the main fighter, behind him right now is Paulista. Then who? Flamini, but that guy is out of position while trying to direct other players. Sanchez has realized the standard at this club and his performance is dropping, I hope this is temporary.

    As stating in an earlier article today I said both our first choice full backs are our biggest strength in this team, and without them you saw mistakes, lack of creativity, lack of width.

    Joel should be ahead of OX now. Walcott ahead of Giroud. Maybe even make Joel 2nd choice striker.

    My main question is why Wenger sold Podolski if he couldn’t find a striker? I mean for £1.8m or however much it was we sold him for, it would have meant more to keep him. It doesn’t make sense, he is a ruthless finisher in front of goal.

    1. Podolski .
      I do not think you have been following podolski.
      Podolski trips all over himself these day .
      Go on YouTube and see him .
      Finished player

  36. Where do I begin..

    6, yes six changes Arsene for a UCL match?!!

    Artefact, like always slow and partial to share the ball with the other team.

    Ozil, no show.

    We could struggle to get out this group.

    On the positive, nice goal theo.


  37. I don’t giver f**k if anybody thumb me down for my comment & I’m not gonna apologies or feel regret about it but Wenger and his team full of S*** they always disappointing us the fans when we don’t expect them to do that whatha f**k Wenger better get his a** out of this team before he get the smack up Arsenal is not just a one man club f*** Wenger.

  38. One thing this has shown us is our squad is not as strong as Wenger thinks. I mean, look at Arteta, just imagine going half of season with hm at CMD due to injury and Campbell, nothing special there. One one can tell me that Wenger couldn’t find anyone in the transfer market better that what we put out there from our bench. #pitiful

  39. Good news 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Giroud isn’t banned from Chelsea match just the next CL match.
    So he is available to play Chelsea

  40. People here say Ox should start and Ramsey is not a winger, but if Ramsey played on the right tonight we most certainly wont concede the first goal.

  41. So… we lost. With that team selection, it’s not really a surprise, is it? I guess all you AKBs didn’t see that coming.

    Hopefully tomorrows game against Chelsea, Wenger can do the right thing. But knowing Wenger, I won’t put my expectations high.

  42. Wenger realises the need to rotate the squad to keep them fit for extra matches, but achieves that through selling / loaning infinitely more players than he gets in. How does that make sense? Surely he must realise through tonight’s debacle underlines the stupidity of not signing another DM? He said he would not sign another player who wasn’t an improvement on what he already had. Although I respect Arteta for what he’s done, his scouting team must be in serious trouble if they can’t find someone better.

  43. For the second goal, I saw that the two Arsenal players in front of the Dinamo player that scored not really jumping for the ball. That is really bad defending. As for Giroud, he’s really not cut to be an Arsenal striker coz I’ve never seen him running with the ball and taking on opposition players and score a goal ala Henry. Though Theo is not as strong as Giroud, at least he can run into spaces or run with the ball and take on opposite players to score a goal. But Giroud can be a good sub when the opposition is already tiring to make and impact. I hope to see our players making amends and scoring a couple of goals when playing against Dinamo at Home. Its a must win and I believe we should win with our regular 1st eleven.

    1. That’s the trouble with Theo – every goal I’ve seen him score is more the type of goal a winger would score. That’s understandable given his pace is his main asset, but one thing that Giroud is definitely better at, is positioning himself where the ball is going to be infront of goal (although not always scoring). Theo has to be able to do this as well, if he is to be our main striker.

    2. One of our biggest problems defending set pieces is this ridiculous zonal marking Wenger likes. It just doesn’t work, players standing in their allotted zone are never going to out jump attacking players running onto the ball and jumping. Go back to man to man marking and you’ll soon see a much better defensive unit. Just another example of Wengers stubborness.

  44. To the words of Daisy, Daisy…..

    Wenger, Wenger give us an answer do,
    I’m half crazy over the football from you.
    We don’t have a stylish striker
    And can’t afford a DM,
    But the reserves look sweet
    And would make a treat,
    For a dividend paid to Kronke.


  45. Arsenal are championship material one week and a pub side then next! This is not a complete team
    therefore it`s consistency can`t be relied upon. It has been said we are two, maybe three, quality players missing before we can seriously challenge for titles and I believe that. Until we replace the likes of Giroud the team confidence will fluctuate with his performance. He`s just not reliable

  46. It is clear that some snobs were very happy to see Arsenal lose so that they could rekindle their childish diatribe against the club. Prior to the match there were dozens of predicted starting line ups here that were no different from the one Arsene chose. Some even suggested that we start with youth players such as the 17 year old Frenchman. We lost and the same people start crying out why make 6 changes blah blah. Give us a break. There are three possible outcomes in every match: a win, lose, or a draw. Unfortunately for Arsenal we got beaten.

    On the balance of play could we call this a disaster warranting garbage reaction? No. The performance might not have been top drawer but we were the team with intent to win, with two early chances, the first being superbly saved by their goalie, while the second cannoned off the post. Their goal while against run of play and an own goal was good goal because the midfielder did well to see a better opportunity and passed the ball. Debuchy and Chamberlain were to blame yes, and you may understand why they are not first teamers. So next time do not come up with childish claims that Chamberlain must start ahead of this or that player.

    The role of the referee in the defeat can also not be disputed. He looked like he wanted to prove a point against Giroud. Three fouls and two yellows that was remarkable. While the first yellow could have been justified on account of dissent, there is no reason why he did not do the same to the Dinamo player who remonstrated against the linesman in the second half. To make his decision against Giroud palpable, the foul call was completely wrong. Olivier out jumped the Dinamo player, never touched him yet the referee adjudged that to be a foul. Pure case of guesswork refereeing. The second yellow was even palpable. That was not dangerous play neither was it cynical but the referee appeared to say “yeah got you!!!!!!!!!!!!” and the rest is history.

    Down to 10 men and a goal down it was always going to be difficult as the team had to take risks, which eventually cost us the second goal. Kos trying to dribble on the touchline before losing the ball was the starting point for the second goal. Gibbs did not help his cause by failing to jump to clear the corner. Once 2-0 down and down to 10 men it became mission impossible yet the lads tried.

    Am I gutted by the results, yes but I am not stressed by such because that is football. You win, you lose, or you draw. Next bring on Chelsea.

  47. Come on, cheer up guys.

    it’s not the end of wenger’s era yet?

    he still want to mange arsenal at least for another 10 years.

    we have to be patience,

    give him that another 10 years of arrogance, he said it is not easy you WOBs think to win UCL.

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