‘Direct contact’ – Romano confirms talks with Portuguese left-back whose ‘priority’ is Arsenal

Fabrizio Romano has claimed that Nuno Tavares wants to join Arsenal as his ‘priority’ this summer, but is waiting on the club to make a decision.

The Gunners are firmly expected to bring in a new left-back in the current window, having allowed Sead Kolasinac to leave on loan in January, and without replacing the Bosnian, and they are not expected to return him to the playing squad on his return from Schalke 04.

The Athletic claimed that we were looking into bringing in a young inexperienced option who could profit from being Kieran Tierney’s understudy, and reports linking us with Tavares would fit into that category.

Fabrizio Romano claims that not only are we in ‘direct contact’ with the young Benfica defender, but both he and Sambi Lokonga, who has interest from Serie A, are prioritising a move to our club.

With Tierney, there is definitely not a strong need for an experienced left-back, given the Scot’s amazing consistency, but it remains to be seen whether the club will make Tavares’s wish come true by firming up their interest.

I would be shocked if a new left-back wasn’t brought in this summer however, or at the very least a right-back who is more than comfortable filling in on the left, and Tavares could well be an exciting option, while he is also claimed to have helped out on the right previously also(according to Transfermarkt).

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  1. Would be a pretty good solution to the LB issue. Young, cheap, plenty of experience in Europe and domestically. The only worry is that he spent most of the 2nd half of last season struggling with injuries. I’d be happy with this signing though.

    Tavares, White and Lokonga seem to be in advanced stages so far. I hear the powers that be have moved closer to Ramsdale over Onana of late. Not so sure about that one.

    1. Yes some good names there – we could have a really quick, adventurous but stron core there Sean.
      But Ramsdale? I can’t believe we are persisting with that one, at least not as a no 1

  2. Now this is really of interest as Tavares is a really talented young LB who can also play in left midfield.If we can get him and Lokonga it would be a good start to our dealings in the current transfer window to be followed hopefully by a DM and a more attack minded midfielder.

  3. Exciting player – quick, adventurous, good passer and crosser, tall’ strong, enthusiatic. Definitely not a defensive thinking full back, and a good price. If true its moving quickly (for a change). Can play on the right occasionally too, but is he too good to be Tierney’s understudy? If he was an out and out RB I’d bite your hand off.

  4. Has Kolasinac left Arsenal? What are we going to be doing with 3 Left backs especially since we are not in any European competition.

    Except Kolasinac leaves this summer, this makes no sense.

    1. Kolsinac is still here. He’s in the cafe now, eating pies. We cant even GIVE him away. Pretty sure even if he stays he wont make the aquad.

  5. Hi GoonerP, I find myself intrigued by your last two paragraphs, with the last one we already have Cedric who can do that and I thought when he was asked to cover Tierney on the left he did OK, a decent squaddie covering both flanks

    On the second to last para I am not convinced that there is definitely no strong need for an experienced left back, I think it’s a tricky one to call myself, Tierney is still young, work in progress as an English Premier League player, swashbuckling and exciting going forward but could and will improve defensively and although quite rightly he is a real fan favourite I wouldn’t call him consistent just yet, not least because of injury interruptions over the last two seasons

    He is a real asset in attack but that doesn’t always fit with Auba or Martinelli in front of him and there are certain games where we need a strong defender of a full back rather than someone bombing on all the time

    So in short I believe we need a complementary left back, as good as Tieney but slightly different in style, horses for courses and all that

    A tough ask, Cedric isn’t the answer, Kola isn’t the answer and I don’t know anything about Tavares so don’t know whether he is the answer

    1. Hi Fingers, agree that Tierney is not a great defender, and Tavares, whilst an exhilarating wing back/left midfielder hes also not noted for his defence. Of the three Cedric is the best defender. Agree with no talk of a sale he’s an obvious stand in but even Xhaka was preferred. Another one Arteta doesnt fancy.

      Are any of us considering we could by trying 5 at the back again? That accommodates White, Saliba AND Gabriel with Chambers, Mari filling the gaps and 2 attacking wingbacks alongside Partey?

      1. oop forgot Holding. That makes 6 CBs of reasoble quality. Has to be 3 CBs with White moving up to midfield to allow the tactical flexibilty. Means another CM isnt as essential as first thought – just need a great AM.
        The stikers being mentioned are often strong bustling penalty box guys with good heading, so maybe the forward plan is changing too.

  6. A mix of Mendy, Shaw and Masuaku.

    I don’t think he’ll accept to be second fiddle to Tierney if secured.

    He has all the capacity in this world to outperform Tierney.

  7. Tavares to LM, or Tierney to LCB, maybe? I hope the talk is true though as I love the guy. He’d be huge here! I think we agree on that, Herbz, and so cheap.

  8. Hi Guy, I wouldn’t want Arteta to tinker with the team too much match on match in the League, particularly if we found ourselves on a decent run but it would be good to assemble a squad over time to have the quality of player and flexibility of mind to change formations and/or tactics by choice rather than necessity on occasion, why not have a back 5 if it improves our potential to get a result in a particular match or two

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