Disappointed BFG worried that Arsenal won’t be so lucky this season

Arsenal’s BFG Per Mertesacker has been speaking about the transfer window and the upcoming season, and he admits that the Gunners were lucky in the last campaign and is expecting our biggest rivals to be a lot stronger this time around.

“The way last season went, we were quite lucky to finish second.” Mertesacker said in the Sun. “We turned things around at the end but it was kind of a miracle we finished runners-up.

“What really disappointed us was that Leicester were able to take advantage of all the other big teams suffering and we couldn’t do the same.”

When asked about the usual moneybags rivals splashing out in the transfer market, with new managers and new big-money signings, Per admitted that this campaign could be a difficult one for the Gunners. ‘Of course, those big clubs will be stronger this time.” he continued. “That’s what I expect as they’ll start the season with a lot of new players.

‘A lot of transfer business has already been done and it won’t be easy for us this time, especially with all the signings going to the other clubs.

‘So we also need to be stronger and I am looking forward to seeing how well we compete for the title with not a lot of signings and a lot of young players.’

“You cannot predict what will happen with the other teams. Even when you have bought three or four big players, you still need to complement each other.

“So there are still a lot of questions to be answered.”

And as for the moaning fans that the team had to put upwith last season(and probably this season too!), he simply had this to say: “Our strength is we have always been able to put all negative energy away from us.”

“In the last five or six seasons, whenever the criticism came, we always bounced straight back.

“Even though we didn’t finish top, we always managed to get a Champions League spot.

“But, honestly, I don’t care what people say. I can’t control what people are talking about.”




  1. Honestly, so gutted that Chelsea have beat us to mahrez. Man now everything I see is annoying.. Annoying Chelsea , annoying conte annoying mourinho, annoying Wenger annoying fabregas annoying fellaini’s hair annoying vardy’s lookalike annoying hotdog, annoying Terry’s neighbor’s dog, annoying this annoying that. Bwaaaaaahhhh

    1. Mahrez to Chelsea is more than likely to be some chavs photoshop hoax, just to wind up us gullible moaners… I mean Gooner’s ?
      Since the only source with the images of the Chelsea shirt with Mahrez’s name on the back was from a chav on Twitter, I would ignore this one.

      1. Times are hard. Let’s just take the Mahrez lookalike. If he can stay fit he is already more useful than the majority of AFC wide players.

  2. “Hmmmmm” ? …Well said Admin ?

    On other blogs, Mertesacker’s comments seemed more like a moan than anything else and I suppose everyone picks and chooses which parts they print.

    Of course Mertesacker is right about the lack of quality reinforcements and he was also right about being lucky to have finished runners up last season.

    Now we wait for Wengers response to BFG’s comments! ?

  3. Even the players know the team isn’t good enough no matter what. The talent simply isn’t there to win the league. Giroud no matter how you cut it cannot lead us to the title, Alexis our only good winger, and Mertesacker himself is merely average. Every summer all the fans and pundits see Arsenal’s problems yet Wenger never addresses them. It took us almost a decade to get a proper CDM, let’s remember that folks. Please don’t sign another contract Arsene.

  4. Uncertain mahrez future + mahrez flying to London + adidas selling mahrez no.7 chelsit jersey +Chelsea don’t have a no.7 = Mahrez is a Chelsea. Bwaaaaaahhhhh

    1. Hahaha ? ? It’s a Hoax man!… they don’t need Mahrez, they are trying to sort their defence out and they also want Lukaku.
      Chelsea are not as fash with the cash as before, they have baulked at a few valuations themselves.

  5. Most of these guys are earning and Living well at Arsenal …….. And thus Have no cause to be worried

    However, there are some who have the club at Heart….and would do just about anything for the club to show ambition e.g delay contracts, tend to make a switch to other ambitious clubs etc

    OT: steve bruce resigned as Hull city boss due to the hull city board’s incompetence and unseriousness in running the club especially in the transfer window + inability to bring in 3 of his identified targets….
    & he would rather take a walk to more ambitious areas without compensations

    on the other hand , there are some who would rather stick around recieving 8mil per yr even though the board doesn’t just care bout the club’s welfare…..
    If the fault aren’t such manager’s, be bold enough to tell it to the superiors….. I can’t take it anymore….release the funds or i’d leave!!

    Show u are not Like em board!

  6. very well said bfg.
    you to begin with arent good enough to be starting.
    Whilst players like wilshere giroud gibbs walcott and debuchy should find thenselves other clubs.

    coquelin el neny and ramsey should be
    Buy draxler mahrez van dijik and rodriguez
    For a start.

  7. Guess Per felt he can speak his mind without fear of retributions, since he was given the captains role, which in AFC terms means guaranteed marching orders. That, coupled with the fact he has a new movie out in cinemas. What has he got to lose?

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