Disastrous defeats for Arsenal’s Men and Women in 2022 – It can only get better …

Are Arsenal cursed in 2022 already?

We are only ten days into the New Year but it seems to be the same old Arsenal! Predictable, no passion, no flare, no togetherness and no clinical ability!

For the first time in a long time though this is true for both the men and women’s teams collectively.

As if injuries were not enough, teams are now fighting the Covid pandemic yet again where it seems players are picking it up for the second time around, and more and more outbreaks are happening.

This weekend was the first one in a while where both of our teams lost, both teams were awful and us fans had nothing to cheer about other than the fact that the games were over after 90 minutes never to be looked at again. Thank god!

I am constantly asking myself what went wrong this weekend!

On paper, yes I am using that term once again, on paper, both the men’s and women’s teams should have beaten Nottingham Forest and Birmingham City respectively, yet were rather shamefully and embarrassingly put to the sword by both teams that we faced.

Going into the game the women faced a Birmingham side who were bottom of the league, yet got blown off the park by them from kick off and couldn’t find a way back in.

For the men they performed well against Manchester City, and had enough firepower on the field to finish off Nottingham Forest yet were abysmal.

As we say let’s start as we mean to go on, but in this instance I hope that is not the case for either team, because for the men a run that was looking good is declining, and for the women, an unbeaten start to the WSL ended in the worst fashion!

Let’s hope these two games were just a blip due to Covid, injuries and tiring and nothing more. Because if it is more we will really have something to be concerned about and the season is far from over!

But I never want to see those performances again from either team!

Shenel Osman

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