Disastrous display to end hopes of Alexis Sanchez’s Arsenal stay?

Thierry Henry has claimed that Alexis will have no intention to stay after Arsenal’s disgraceful performance against Liverpool this weekend.

The Chilean has been strongly linked with the exit door for some time now, and has allowed his contract to enter its final 12 months, and looks highly unlikely to be willing to extend that deal.

Sanchez returned to the playing squad following an injury for yesterday’s defeat, and the collective display by our side was horrific to watch, and Thierry Henry believes Alexis will have to leave looking at that.

Henry said: “Why would he stay after watching this? After this type of performance?

“That is why they [Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain] are not renewing their contracts. There is something wrong with Arsenal at the minute.

“It was unwatchable, at one point I wanted to leave. I don’t relate to the team and I don’t think a lot of the fans do. That is a problem.

“The word I have used for a long time is comfort. Everything is comfortable at Arsenal.

“Everyone can stay, you don’t try to find out the player you can be, it’s ok to play well, and if you’re not playing well there’s not the pressure you should have at a big club.

“You are not even competing. It’s on them to change it, but everything is nice and it cannot be like that.”

Has Arsene Wenger lost the control of his players? Does the manager have the personality traits to fix the issues, or is he too comfortable in his role as well? Will Alexis push to leave this week?

Pat J

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  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    I wonder what’s going through the new signings mind in Sead and Lacazette. The Intl break came at the right time for Arsenal. I know it’s just three games but they needed a breeder. Right now, teams are willing to play Arsenal..

    Final week of the transfer window. Let’s see what happens. Other seasons, we fall short in Dec. Sometimes in February but this season,the disaster came on time.

    Which way Arsene.
    Which way Arsenal
    Which way.. ..

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      They will turn into average players in by the time Wenger’s contract ends in 2 years time because he just does not have a clue to motivate and influence players no more. He does not know how to play players according to their strengths and he now lacks the authority and respect in a position that the job demands.

    2. HA559 says:

      No even these seasons we’ve seen before, although not recently. We quickly go 12-15 even 18 points behind then we’re chasing and closing the gap to 9-10 points, mid decmeber and January. Then ending the season 20+ points behind.

      We finish further behind in points in seasons like this.

  2. Enda says:

    Off with you then and take any of the rest that won’t even track back back for there team. Overpaid Vernon. Rather have young lads giving their all for the club anyday

  3. Sam 111 says:

    Can’t wait to turn on the news on Thursday night to see who we’ve panic bought this time.
    My guesses would be:
    Golovin for £15 m
    Soares ( Southampton rb) for £25 m
    And some f***er like Sebastian Prodl (Watford CB) for £5 m

    God help us

    1. Tat says:

      More like panic sell is what you will see

  4. gmv8 says:

    There are rumours going around are that yesterdays debacle was due to the Ox playing, whille the rest of the team knew full well that he was p’ing off to Chelski. The way I feel at the moment, the money would be better spent watching his career go down the drain for a year. I realise Wenger feels very loyal towards his players, but why would you be loyal to this Judas, who it looks like Wenger has allowed to stab us in the back one last time.

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      There is a million and one reasons why we failed yesterday and yes the Ox situation is one amongst many.

  5. Eddy Hoyte says:

    every time Henry has spoken, he has always spoken the pure truth.. the truth some dumb and delusional fans refused to tell themselves.. Henry has always been a true gunner. Even though Wenger discovered him, the bro still knows this is not about him or Wenger, He has always been outspoken even though he knows Wenger wouldn’t like it, he’s always fvcking Wenger and the boys when they deserve it. you guys over there at London should stop attending matches for now, it’ll hurt but it’s our first step in moving forward

    1. Lanesra says:

      I accept it’s the right thing to do by not attending, but when you’ve forked out £1400 for a season ticket and don’t go….it’s hard and I don’t blame people attending. Don’t buy ANYTHING TO DO WITH ARSENAL AND THIS WOULD HURT TOO. I mean food drinks scarves shirts caps etc. Maybe leave early when we’re loosing to show empty stadium, doesn’t look good on tv and doesn’t look good for stock shares either. The less desirable we make it then Kroenke will **go away** and take Wenger too.
      I had to wait 12 years for my season ticket and to give it up for a protest when someone else will take is biting my nose to spite my face, and then will I have to wait another 12 years…?
      What do you think?

  6. Adam Criniti says:

    Well for those of you AKB’S keeping score at home…

    Keown—-“Im not sure Arsene knows what the F hes doing anymore,” or something like that.

    Ian W—“It’s time for Arsene to call it a day, the players don’t want to play for him anymore and the club is in absolute shambles at the moment,” or something like that.

    Henry—“There’s been something wrong at the club for a long time and its called comfort. Players aren’t pressured to improve and are perfectly content making ridiculous wages riding the bench. Why would Sanchez and the Ox commit there future to a club in such turmoil,” or something like that

    Merson—“Arsenal are still woefully short in many areas on the pitch yet Arsene continues to spout excuses and refuses to spend money,” or something like that.

    Carragher—“AFC were COWARDS for not moving on from Wenger,” or something like that.

    And yet business as usual continues @ the Emirates.

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      There’s only one pundit I can think of that is resisting and refuse to acknowledge where the problem is at, Gary Neville. This guy is just sentimental because he got the sack during his failed managerial stint at Valencia. But I believe the results speak for itself and the further Arsenal falter, more heads will turn. If Martin Keown, who has been a stern Wenger defender in the past, has been saying these in public then it’s a real telling of what’s wrong at Arsenal.

  7. imran says:

    I think this the right time to have a breather and 4 days is ample time to turn around in transfer market. But, the problem is wenger’s approach. I think he lost or else unable to handle the role of manager plus director(selecting players). Ox, Sanchez and Mustafi must go as we have to re-build the time. I think Tuchel – manager and Henry – assistant would be perfect replacement right now. There are no boldness in decisions taken by Arsenal board. They must be very strict in approach and demand for trophies. That’s where Arsenal FC is lacking. Shame on korenke, Gazidis and Wenger. How fool and hopeless guys are they? I am fed up to handle these kind of loses. Atleast players must take responsibilities. If they dont want to play f*** off from here. Why the hell you want to play for this club if you dont have values and attitude.

    I think Ox, Sanchez and Ozil with Wenger must go. It’s the right time. Tuchel with Henry would make sense in the current market. Also, I dont feel Wilshire, welbz and walcott must stay. Draxler, Mahrez, Danilo Perriera/Seri, Goretzka and Van Dijk/Howedes.
    Is there anyone who could kick all three korenke, Gazidis and Wenger out?

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      I don’t understand how people can say Ozil should go and Mahrez should come in…they are pretty much a like for like swap of each other. The only difference is one is a lazy german and the other one is a lazy Algerian. So the same defensive troubles we are enduring with Ozil are only going to be, at best, maintained with Mahrez joining.

  8. Sliq says:

    Ive never been so angry in my 20 years support of arsenal. Henry is right, why didn’t lacazette start against liverpool? I thought we were going to finally get to see Alexis Lacazette Ozil attack, but even ozil looks to have depreciated? Maybe its too early to panic, Arsenal dont want to improve, right now we are on the same level as teams such as everton, westham, stoke, Leicester and the likes. Nobody is scared of arsenal anymore. Who can arsenal sign before Thursday night deadline???

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Nzonzi and Goretzka, VVD, and Lemar.

  9. ZA_Gunner says:

    Henry has too much respect for Wenger as his success in his career was partly owing to him. Also they both won many things together. But if you read in between the lines in the conversation and his critique then it points out that he’s hinting at Wenger being responsible and to blame in terms of player management and all that is going on at the club.

    1. HA559 says:

      Yeah that’s something I don’t like about ex Arsenal players that are pundits now. Apart from Merson and his openness on Wenger the other pundits try to deflect away responsibility from Wenger to players and owners. But I can see Henry slowly trying to indicate it is Wenger’s fault.

      He said on SS after match that he asked Wenger on why Ramsey moves forward so much (after Tottenham game last season 2-0 loss for us). Wenger said he wants Ramsey to do that. That proves Wengers tactic is wrong.

  10. Hass says:

    Sanchez wanting to leave I can understand.
    Ox hasn’t had a decent run of performances his whole career! Who is that little fker to be a “wantaway star”.

    Pack his bags and fk him off! Honestly there would be some championship players with half the skill and 3x the passion that would run until their muscles melted to take their chance at his spot. This is what you get with making kids millionaires with such entitlement.

    1. Finding Dory says:

      Ox is far from being a “star”. He’s terrible. His soccer IQ is 35.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        That’s prob why he wants to move. The lad has good physical qualities and is an excellent dribbler. He would look better under a manager who likes an aggressive team.

        I don’t understand how we’re not trying for a player swap though, Willian would be a fair swap. Willian is better, but they’re the ones who are chasing our player and Willian doesn’t play as much.

  11. Rkw says:


    She’s probably right but u have to start somewhere and sacking wenger is the sign that fans and players alike need to believe this can be turned around

  12. imran says:

    Just in Ox is going to join Chlski. Why not have Cesc in the part exchange deal? Why not have Diego Costa who will be perfect replacement for Sanchez? I think these two deals also make sense. Ozil can be replaced by Golovin. Welbz and walcott can be replace by Draxler and Mahrez. Mustafi can be replaced by Van Dijk. Seri/Danilo can replace Wilshire. Why can’t we dream about that. I think that will make sense as we can have ample squad at least to compete in Europa League.

    Tuchel and Henry best deals in management.

  13. Frank says:

    Who cares, I’m over it.

    All you f+=king #WengerIn c$&ts have ruined us for another 2 seasons.

  14. Raoh says:

    If it is just that we would be lucky…Wenger had 1 thing to do this summer: tweak his approach both on and off the pitch…Appeal to the fans and to the famous now “contract rebels”.
    It is an embarrassment, the club is in shambles and it doesn’t even cut it:
    1) Failure to sell deadwood early…probably 10 players should have been gone before August, but can’t because everybody know how expensive they are versus the quality you get.
    2) Bloated wage bill. We are close to City or United in terms of wage bill yet we are tipped to finish mid table and they are title challengers as of now.
    3) Players playing average being rewarded with a pay rise and increasing game time. Walcott on 140k/w is simply wrong. Who thinks we are winning a title with Coquelin and Elneny?
    4) Players losing confidence playing out of position: poor Bellerin. Buying a player for a big time fee yet making him look like he needs adaptation in Lacazette where all other teams play there big signings game after game. And what about the best LB of the bundesliga…
    5) Half the team see that so well, that they do not want to play for him anymore. Ox refused 180k/w because he wants a club with ambition not because the money ain’t good, not because he is playing out of position. Ox, Ozil, Sanchez and maybe Ramsey a year from now might be joining the lot.
    6) Failing to address the lingering issues in the squad: CBs, DM or CM and a RW…nothing. No heart, no desire, no pride, no focus, no discipline…where have we heard that before?! From a club that has the most match day revenue in EUROPE, commercial portfolio deals increasing every year, tv deal coming into play, and it seems we are looking for a new kit manufacturer to get per year the same as clubs like CFC or MANU. For God’s sake Everton spent more money than us…and if we were to add and deduct we have a net PROFIT

    Fans from other teams laughed at us before but we are at a point where they pity us, they empathize with us…that is how bad it is!!!

  15. Nothing changed says:

    I pray Sanchez leaves, not because I hate the guy and not because I love him so much that I want to best for him, but if there is one thing clear after the Liverpool game it is that players that don’t want to sign and be part of our future should not play for us because they can not muster the motivation to deliver the fight we need.

    So for me, goodbye Sanchez, Ox and Ozil. I don’t care if we play some of our promising youngsters instead. The poisonous situation Wenger has created by keeping players around that don’t want to be here is rubbing off on the whole squad it seems.

  16. You know I really am starting to hate Arsene Wenger, it’s a shame cause I used to love the man. He bought me my best years in football but these days he has just lost it. Team selection, transfer policy, wage structure, tactics, and motivation are now just outdated. He actually thinks what he did to win the title in 97/98 will work to win the title in 17/18. I don’t understand him anymore it’s like he is deliberately trying to sabotage the club to teach us a lesson. How can he actually blame the fans for last season’s results. I thought the C.E.O said ultimately the manager answered to the fans. I don’t know anymore, all I do know is it’s breaking my heart watching this and I live on the other side off the world and have never been to the stadium to watch a game live. I can’t imagine how you guys that are there every week feel.

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