Discipline is the keyword for Arsenal win tonight

Arsenal may be going to the Allianz Arena this evening to face the full force of German organization and discipline in the shape of Bayern Munich, but our own German superstar Mesut Ozil is sure that we can be just as disciplined and clinical to beat the Germans at their own game.

Here is Ozil’s recipe for success tonight: “Firstly, we need to believe in ourselves and secondly we need to be as disciplined as in the first game,” The midfielder said on the official Arsenal website. “We know that they will have a lot of possession and that they will be going for the win.

“Our goal has to be to counter against them and make sure that we take our chances. Then we’ll have a good chance against them.

“We knew that they would have possession and our aim was to counter against them.

“We did that really well a few times in the first half, and Manuel Neuer made some excellent saves.

“In the second half we waited for our chance and we took them when they came. I think we were deserved winners, because we played in a very disciplined manner and didn’t allow Bayern to have many big chances.

“We’ve always got belief because we know exactly what we can do and we’ve got very good players in our ranks, who can be dangerous against every team.

“We know that and in Munich we want to show again that we belong to the best. We just have to play our game, be disciplined, believe in ourselves and then we’ll see if that’s enough against Bayern.”

Arsene Wenger is also very keen to stress the importance of discipline in tonights game. He said last night: “Defensively discipline will be vital tomorrow, of course, but I think we have players with experience at the back and what is important for us is that we show that discipline,” the manager said. “We don’t want to get stupid yellow cards and we don’t want to commit undue fouls. We need to manage a good balance between being committed and not giving fouls away.

“We are in a period where we are doing well and that should convince the players that they’re doing something right.

“We have a good togetherness and I believe we really a team who stick together when things don’t go well.

To be honest I would feel much better if Campbell and Bellerin were protecting the right-hand side, but I imagine we will be spending most of our time defending as we did in the first leg. But if Ozil plays to his awesome best and Sanchez regains his scoring boots, we should be good to go.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Sparkles says:

    Do I want a win? Yes!! Will I take a draw? Sure, happily…

  2. Gigi2 says:

    First: not to conceed.
    I cond; if we do…that it be not too much
    Third: counter as ozil says
    Fourth; don’t get desperate
    Fifth: focus

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    I have a feeling that Debuchy and Campbell will do well today…they will have a good shift knowing fully well that they are playing with the first team players…..Hopefully, they wont disappoint us….COME ON Boys………We gon win this.

  4. Raja Danish says:

    Just stay tight and disciplined at back and don’t allow them even half chances, they will bury it and play a counter attacking game against them just like the reverse game at emirates….. Cech debuchy gabriel koscienly monreal le coq santi sanchez campbell özil giroud…. Coyg!!!

  5. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Big ups to the gooners family, what our players need from us is our FAITH and SUPPORT.. they’ve been getting it lately and not disappointing us, I know some of us still have issues with Wenger not signing but we need to realize that’s gone now and we cant keep regretting it..this match is gone be tough,i don’t believe for us alone but also for Bayern cus this Arsenal squad is the most in form Squad from Us Bayern has played and will be playing tonight. Lets try not concede in the first half,and i think we shouldn’t sit too tight defending like we did last time else it wont work out easily, they know we will be defending and looking for counter now, it was a surprise to them at the Emirate seeing us absorbing pressure and defending. THIS TIME WE GOTTA SURPRISE THEM ALSO, ATTACK THEM EACH TIME WE HOLD THE BALL, they will be the one coming out fully cus they’re trying to prove they’re better. you heard Pep, i also knew it, they expect us to defend and counter,and play long balls to Giroud. If we defend too much without holding the ball am telling you the heat would be more than that of hell, we have Robben playing against us, he’ll look to get into the box 18 always cus we sitting tight back, and you and i know he deserves an Oscar when it comes to duving. I say hit them like a cyclone from start, let them know if they open their Ass while looking for goal that we gon screw the Ass without pity. And our attack must be world class tonight..meanwhile the defence should focus and stay sharp.

  6. Mick The Gooner says:

    I always felt we’d get a result from the first game. But for this game I’m really not feeling it. Hope the boys go out there and prove me wrong tonight. If we can somehow beat them again, it means we can still top the group. How strange would that be after such a bad start?

  7. Roe-hahn says:

    Bayern will come hard at us,no doubt about it..they will press us like crazy in their triangle style they are so good at..This game is a huge test for Coquelin imo..he has to protect the back four at all times and be quick to anticipate their counters..Cazorla can have massive influence as well..I would like him to try those diagonal aerial through passes for Alexis or Campbell to get to..Bayern defenders hate running towards their goal line and can be beaten for pace(like Aguero,J.Martinez)..Also we have to make the best use of set pieces tonight..That might be our only outlet for goals..Giroud looks hungry for goals again and if we put in good crosses he might have a field day putting those headers into the back of the net..But the most important player is definitelt Ozil for me..A lot depends on his performance and this season he looks very motivated and is even shooting at goal more than he used to..
    Hoping for a win but a draw would not be the end of the world..COYG !!!

  8. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It’s amazing how the injury to Bellerin has completely deflated any optimism I had for this game.

    Even Bellerin was getting twisted inside out by Costa at the Emirates, so god knows what he will do to Debuchy,
    He will probably end up getting sent off!
    We need more than luck tonight, we need a miracle!
    We will be heavily relying on Cech, no doubt, he will be extremely busy.

    The Emirates clash was a bit like a ROCKY movie,
    Where we were getting battered for 11 rounds,
    whilst tiring our opponent out, before unleashing that knock out punch to win the game.

    Obviously it’s going to be alot more tense in their backyard,
    Especially with our injuries.
    What’s the odds on a ROCKY II movie tonight?

    Maybe we should start with all our defensive players that are available and bring on Sanchez, Ozil and Giroud in the last 15-20 minutes? To deliver that knock out punch!
    That’s if we are still standing of course.

    1. Colin says:

      Crikey, I don’t half feel sorry for Debuchy. Please remember that he is not some half wit nobody, and if he hadn’t had that bloody horrible injury he would still probably be our first choice right back. He is a quality right back whose confidence will grow as the game goes on, so we need to trust him.
      As for Bayern, yes they are going to attack, and yes we know they are going to be blooming fantastic. To be frank I’m pleased, because we are at our worse when we underestimate our opponents, play a high line and get caught on the counter. And if Bayern haven’t scored withing 20 mins or so, they will start getting more worried about the possible Arsenal counter attack. So win, lose or draw, I think we will do a lot better than most people are giving us credit for even with Debuchy as right back.

  9. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Let’s not panic, there is no cause for alarm. Arsenal are in control and they will control Bayern Munich’s game as a master control his servant activity in his house. Arsenal are masters and they will master tonight’s game at Allianz Arena as they will certainly trounced the Bavarian club side by 3 goals to nil to the shock and disgust of Kaiser Franz Bekenbauer and his companions. The Allianz Arena faithfuls will watch to their disbelieves as the Gunners put to wreck, Pep Guardiola’s Game App Data Running Plan of: ATTACK ARSENAL RELENTLESSLY TO SCORE GOALS AGAINST THEM. But unfortunately for Guardiola and his Bayern side, the Boss and his Gunners has the Unlocking Game App Data Running Plan Key of: UNDO BAYERN MUNICH GAME IN THEIR GAMES to unlock their App and infest it with Trojans to reduce it to a ruble before the very eyes of their partisan home supporters.

  10. Sparkles says:

    We need to focus 100%, avoid committing stupid fouls and make use of our set pieces for goals. A lot will be required of Alexis and Campbell defensively while Ozil and Carzolar will need to deliver accurate balls into the box from set pieces.
    I see us getting at least a point but a win is not impossible. #COYG

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