Disgraceful players should hang their heads in shame for their stance on pay

Maybe it is because the players have realised they are not actually heroes and have decided to throw their dummies out of the pram but their actions or lack of when it comes to taking a pay cut is reprehensible.

Thousands are losing their lives, the country is in lockdown, millions will lose their jobs and suffering is unfolding on a massive scale in front of our eyes but what do Premier League players do? They get all upset because they are being criticised for standing by and doing absolutely nothing to help society in this dire time of need.

The excuses they are trotting out are nauseating, lying about how much tax they pay, complaining about other famous people and big business, not wanting the money to go to the club and so.

Remember, clubs, even the big ones are losing millions now, Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea will survive but Burnley, Norwich, Bournemouth etc may well not, just look at the numbers.

Apparently some of the players do not want the money to go into the owner’s pockets. That was never ever going to happen and they know that.

It is said they do not want to give up their money for it to be used on transfers. Let’s think about that for a minute.

Arsenal will lose roughly £75 million, if that turns out to be accurate what sort of transfer budget will there be? Will the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang really want to stay at a club that invests no money in new players?

Players whine and bitch about lack of new top name players joining the club but when they are asked to give up some of their ridiculous awful wages then they are no longer interested in any new signings.

What about the staff that earn the average wage or in some cases minimum wages, who pays them, the owners? the very same owners that are losing tens of millions themselves that are restricted from how much they can pump into the club due to financial fair play, do you honestly think clubs can lose tens of millions and pay everyone and still meet FFP?

It is very telling that it is mainly footballers and former footballers defending the indefensible here, they live in a world alien to the rest of us.

Though there is the odd journalist that is brown-nosing the players, the repugnant Oliver Holt, renowned for lying about England fans obviously defends the players and goes after the owners, the fact he does not know the rules is clearly not a job requirement at the Daily Mail it seems.

Holt obviously thinks a team like Brighton or Millwall or Grimsby can afford to lose millions. There is something seriously wrong with that guy.

Robbie Savage, hardly the brightest bulb in the room, reckons the player’s taxes should go straight to the NHS, what is he on? In better words Savage wants the players to screw the club and fans that pay their wages, anything as long as the owners do not get it.

If anyone thinks that the top players pay their true taxes then they are being very naive, why have the biggest players in the world been fined huge amounts and threatened with jail time in Spain if they are paying their true wages? Why is the tax authorities in England investigating 173 players for tax avoidance if the players pay their taxes, give me a break.

Juventus players give up their entire wages for four months, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid etc have already agreed on wage cuts, so have Bayern Munich but Premier League players? Nope, not a chance.

Players are idolised by the fans but those very same fans also have long memories, they do not forget certain behaviour, yes a player like Granit Xhaka can swear at the fans but there was a way for him to rise from the ashes but there is no way they can walk away from their despicable greed at this time. Fans will not forget.

Football has shamed itself on a grand scale in England, who cares what the big companies do? Who cares what other celebrities are doing, footballers must stop trotting out useless excuses and do right by their club and fans.

There are the odd individual players I respect for the charity work they do and so on but as a whole group, they have been nothing but disgusting in their recent conduct.

As for the PFA, they are no longer fit for purpose, their chief executive Gordon Taylor, who earns £2 million a year and has refused a pay cut should resign with immediate effect, a repulsive man that should have no place in football, yes he has just given £500k to the NHS, but his actions have stopped tens and tens of millions from going to clubs that are about to go under.

Football in England has been rotten to the core for many years now with fans treated abysmally and those pampered millionaire footballers have now shown the entire world their true characters and it does not look good at all.

We salute the real heroes risking their lives daily to save as many people as possible, footballers, on the other hand, are mercenary vultures and that is being polite.

I hold them in utter contempt.

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  1. ThirdManJW says:

    I think they’re caught between a rock and hard place on this one. If they do agree to wage cuts, will the clubs/owners do the right thing, and donate that money? I think that’s the main sticking point. Will cutting their wages even go to helping the needy? I think they should keep their wages, but donate, because I do trust some of these owners.

    Obviously some of the excuses these footballers are using are absolutely ridiculous, but it’s just them. What about Kroenke? How much is he donating?

    1. Dan says:

      No I rather players pay taxes which go to nhs – you have no evidence they don’t pay taxes
      That at moment is more important then how much money we have in transfer window
      Still doesn’t explain why the Premier League are only giving 20 million and the owners nothing

      1. Admin Martin says:

        You could say there is no evidence or you could actually click on the links and read for yourself about the evidence

  2. Mobella says:

    Messi and his team agreed to 70% wage cut and further 2% to pay their club staff. They did it to help cushion the loss the club will get during this pandemic. Like you rightly said other clubs player are tolling the same line. Juventus players agreed to 50% cut. Some other league players are following their example. Comes the turn of epl players to show their club they care, we are having this debate and the question whether the cut will go to NHS and they are reminding us they pay tax. This cut is not for NHS but for the survival of the clubs. Several people are not getting paid this period and a lot who are on pittance have lost their jobs and this greedy bast**ds are questioning the sensibilities of other players like Messi or Ronaldo and their teammates who agreed to pay cut indirectly by demanding to know whose pocket the money is going.

  3. Jah son says:

    To the writer of this piece
    Where is tax payers money.
    Where is the profit the clubs have been making over the years.
    What about all the other professionals that take home millions. All this shit does is pump money into “charity “. Who owns these charity 😂😂. This is a world wide crisis hence world leaders should come together and resolve it. What ever happened to the profit businesses make. What if players rather send their money back to their home land. Where is Nike and Adidas or have anyone seen Puma. What a joke 😔. By the way who is Emerites?

    1. Admin Martin says:

      mmm, maybe read the links and then you will see where the tax money is, not for the NHS but by all means, support those vultures, not me, I have pride.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Couldn’t agree more with you Martin, I assume that was your article. biggest dog in the game Gordon Taylor, a creep as well, something seriously odd about the guy that will probably come out in years to come. Personally, i won’t spend another penny on the game. Yes, I’ll watch it, just not with the same passion.

    2. Solly gunner says:

      Jan son
      How about they just accept a 20 per cent pay cut to start as this is how the government is working with the average joe
      I.e people earning &8.50 ph
      I’m sure if your earning 100 – 180 pw and have been for years you can afford it
      And yet the great British public have accepted it and worse
      Fakin come on man

      1. Jah son says:

        At Solly
        My fellow gunner it is only an issue because we have access to players salaries. What is your take? Do you make it public? Who decides who gets what after your done taking the shit from spectators. And try answering who is Puma,Adidas or even Emerites. This is no crisis that the government shouldn’t be able to handle.

  4. SueP says:

    The players are in a spot and not necessarily one of their own making. But that doesn’t change the fact that their salaries are completely out of step with the reality facing millions of people even without this dreadful disease.

    The fact that the Tottenhams of this world have a business model that has more than 90%of its income going out on the players shows that in a crisis such as this, the model is deeply flawed. It is not sustainable because it is unable to pay ALL its staff

    The smaller PL clubs just about bob along paying players less but it is by miles their biggest outlay.

    At some point in the future football has to be run in a sustainable way and I very much hope that the cash cow that is the Premier League face and understand the growing reality that it’s malevolent greed, greed, greed may bring it’s downfall and I pray, less transfer fees, less money for those agent leeches and more realistic wages. When was De Gea worth £375000 pw? I could start a long list.

    The government scheme was not set up so that wealthy owners could shirk their responsibilities. Ashley and Levy should be ashamed. Liverpool FC did an about turn when public feeling in Liverpool turned against them.

    Kroenke- I’m not a fan but so far the club is paying everyone

    I don’t expect players individually to know the best way forward but that creep Gordon Taylor isn’t exactly my flavour of the month.

    It must be possible for a plan to come to fruition that the players take a pay cut which can be channelled where it is needed but not to help the owners out of a financial hole that they dug for themselves

    I hope that the smaller clubs up and down the land can scrape by because they are the focal point of their towns and local communities

    I know it’s not exactly relevant but the Grealishes and Walkers of this world are in a bubble totally removed from reality
    Mourinho organising a training session on Hadley Common with some of the Spurs players Out of touch and above the rules. I should have ceased to be amazed by now

  5. SueP says:

    Hi. I wrote a reply that went to be checked but I wonder why it hasn’t been approved

  6. Eddie says:

    I said I wouldn’t comment, and I didn’t for a while but this article is baffling.
    It’s not bout how others are taking pay cuts, it’s about the sense of entitlement fans and others are suddenly having.
    Why? Why are we telling them how to spend their money? Why are people talking about them as if they’re entitled to the money these guys earn?
    These guys are not robots, most of them engage in lots of Charity works with their wealth lowkey before this pandemic, most of them reached out already and helping their communities during this whole pandemic thing.
    Why do we feel the need to call them out because they refused to be told how they choose to help with their money?
    You talk about Messi and His teammates, CR7 and his teammates..
    The average English in average English football club ain’t earning up to 100k if you take out ther stars in their team, yet you expect them to roll out their arms to be chopped just because Messi and others did.
    Rashford been helping his community right from when this whole thing blew off. Others would be doing too, don’t tell me PEA ain’t got his community and people to help back in Gabon.
    Dong tell me Mane isn’t doing that in Senegal. Ozil spends his money all around the world, helping kids and IDPs whenever he can.
    You didn’t see or whine about it last week or so when the same English footballers were challenging each other with donations. When Holding called Bellerin, The Ox, and some I forgot on his list of challenge, and how they in turn were meant to challenge others.
    But we can all stay behind our keypads and whine and cry like babies as though footballers are doing nothing with their wealths.
    My point is these guys are spending their money where they know it’s actually needed and being used properly.
    Henderson, PEA and other club captains are already having calls regarding what to do. I don’t know what else you guys want and why you guys insist on telling them how to spend their money and where to put it.
    Everybody wants this to be over with and wants peace and sanity restored back but please quit moaning about it and stop whining like the kid who threw away the candy and at the wrapper

    1. Sue says:

      Hi Eddie, hope you’re keeping well!! Been a while! How are things where you are?

      1. Eddie says:

        Fine Sue, trying to be safe with family.. We’re all just playing our part by being indoors.
        How are you and your family? Hope y’all safe too?
        And Pat? Ken and Phil? Sir Jon Fox,m you too..and others i didnt mention.
        I hope everyone’s staying safe and sound?
        God bless us all

        1. Admin Pat says:

          I’m good mate but what about you. What’s it like where You are?

          1. Eddie says:

            People were being reckless down here like until a week ago…
            Everybody’s trying to survive though but nobody feels comfortable with the whole lockdown down thing.
            I can’t believe I’ll say this, but this is not even up to a fraction of what happens during war and it’s terrible.
            When I look back to just two-three months ago when everyone kept making jokes about World War III, I can’t help but feel we humans are stupid.
            The casualties mostly don’t come from the war front, it’s the people killed by the farmine and hunger.
            This whole lockdown thing and survival mode everyone’s in right now ain’t even up to what happens during war.
            Right now just as others, I can only be thankful for the air I breathe and value people more, because this whole pandemic thing doesn’t look like it’s slowing down soon.
            I was reading reports and seeing pictures of dead bodies littering the streets of Ecuador, and how they’re also resorting to using Cardboards as coffins.
            Like it’s goddamn scary, so I’m just thankful I’m alive right now, it ain’t nice down here a bit but at least other people have it worse and it’s heartbreaking.
            One day we’ll look back and tell our kids how a virus paused the World for a while.
            Be safe everyone

        2. Phil says:

          Hey Eddie- good to hear your back.Stay safe and well

    2. SueP says:

      The players have their contracts and I agree are entitled to spend this as they see fit
      I absolutely agree with you that Henderson has shown real leadership and a large dose of humanity as have others who responded to his call

      My difficulty is that large swathes of our country are facing untold financial constraints and don’t have the financial back up of even the most poorly paid PL player let alone the ones you mention by name giving generously to charity and good causes They are not on zero hours contracts or having to go to food banks.
      Please do not get the impression that I’m envious of their lifestyle and wealth. I’m not. What I am is aware that these young men will never have to worry about feeding their families. Even if they are generous they won’t be having to give up their Range Rovers or multi million pound houses. My step son has volunteered to help the NHS even though his salary has been cut and his job has been put on hold. Meanwhile, Kyle Walker and Jack Grealish can’t follow simple guidelines that the vast majority of us adhere to

      This is why I think that the average individual finds the behaviour of the Premier League as a whole pretty disgusting and would like them as a whole to show some compassion

    3. Admin Martin says:

      Well, when you said the article baffled you I expected a coherent response, silly me.

      1. Eddie says:

        I ain’t gon be doing none of that back and forth thing with you Martin.
        Keep writing your articles and let me keep making my comments.
        Stay safe

        1. ken1945 says:

          Eddie, thanks for asking I’m fine after 3 weeks of isolation – take care of you and yours.

    4. Mobella says:

      Eddie, I have never talked about this issue on till now. Please answer this, how many people do you know earning money at this moment in isolation without doing anything aside football players. The club that is paying them, though have contractual obligations to do so, ain’t making anything. This is why players in other leagues are agreeing to pay cut. It becomes talked about because epl players are slow in (helping their club)doing the same. Barca would have paid Messi €2.4m if he hadn’t agreed to pay cut in a month without making any money. Adding his teammates salary, we are looking at €10-€15m. Some might argue these clubs are rich enough to pay those players but players like Ronaldo and Messi think otherwise and according to them they are happy to help. IMO, the pay cut is about helping the club at this moment first and not the community they are in or come from and they still have enough left in a week that can set someone like me up. If you take 30% out PEA wage and convert the 70% into FCFA at the rate of £1 to 774 cfa franc we we have over 1 billion FCFA assuming he earns over 200k per week. That is a lot money to still help is community. Getting their wages as if nothing happens will take his toll on the clubs in the future. The pay cut is for the clubs the players play for.

  7. ken1945 says:

    Jon, a great post my friend.

    When we are told that footballers are not paying their taxes, it doesn’t mean they aren’t of course.

    As for greed and tax avoidence, let’s just remember companies such as Amazon, GOOGLE, Starbucks and Costa etc who were dragged, kicking and screaming, after being caught, before actually paying what was deemed correct.

    Just think how that would have benefitted the NHS.

    I don’t hold any truck with this argument about footballers wanting to help the country they come from – they can do that from their nett pay if they want and many do of course.

    However, while enjoying the fruits of their labour in the UK, they should live by the rules… we are being told how wonderful the players are behaving in Spain, but it wasn’t that long ago both Ronaldo and Messi agreed to pay enormous sums of money from tax avoidence.

    We have ministers caught with off shore accounts to avoid tax, we have actors/actresses being paid directly into said off shore accounts for tax evasion and we have multi millionaires buying planes and having them delivered to the Isle of Man, once again for tax avoidance.

    We have no idea what any player is doing regarding this issue, but I agree that they should be doing something and for all we know they are.

    I will assume that you give to charity simply because of your political (small p) views?
    I am sure you don’t broadcast it to the world as it’s none of their business and here I rest my case M’lud.

    1. Jah son says:

      Such a cool customer. At ken 1945 mate your a true big man in the room.

    2. jon fox says:

      Hi Ken,
      Seems my post on here that you read has now disappeared. Strange how this site works at times. My overall view is that whilst a number of players do give substantially to charity and good causes, they are hardly left short themselves, whereas the clubs , and therefore fans too, will suffer if they can’t pay their bills.
      Players need to realise their whole industry is in danger of going under because of the greed of very many of them.

      Frankly Ken, there is no moral justification on earth why any footballer should be earning as much in one week as some fans earn in ten years and that needs saying loud, clear and often.
      Players need to take a substantial across the board pay cut, certainly at Prem level, which is what I am discussing . In lower divs, there are many players on no more than decent ordinary wages and different rules should then apply.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Jon, your last two paragraphs are the ones that I really don’t understand…inasmuch as you are just singling out footballers.

        I agree completely with your principled argument, but we could name many different groups who also do not deserve to earn the same kind of differential pay…and who could see their field of expertise crash dramatically as football clubs.

        Bankers – Politicians – Stock Market Traders – the list goes on and on.

        I completely understand why this has appeared in a football forum, but to make it seem that players are the only ones who are being selfish, is completely misjudging the situation that we find ourselves in.

        Let me ask you this Jon, if the players were to give 20% of their salaries, do you think the bankers, politicians, traders or billionaires would follow suit?

        Would they volunteer to live on £8.00 odd a week (the given figure that we are told an adult can live on!!) in order that it looks as if “we are all in it together?”

        Grossly overpaid players are just one of the symptoms that corona virus has highlighted, but the rich and powerful will come out at the end of this still with their wealth, if the virus doesn’t get to them of course.

        Let’s see action across from all parties, before one starts throwing stones in the greenhouse.

        1. jon fox says:

          Ken , I ask you to scroll down to my posts below timed a t8.18, 8.35 and 8 17, which I do not know if you have read. My post at 8.35 hits your point squarely on the head. Whilst I totally accept and agree you point about others doing so too, my whole life philosophy, which I hope you share, is that one should always do first what is moral and right. Brave and decent people take the lead, whilst cowards wait for others and make the excuse of “well, what about them, they haven’t acted yet”. No person of real worth waits for others to do first what is right,. Brave and moral people take the lead and set the right example. That explains exactly where I am coming from. I would add that we on here are primarily talking football, not party or world politics, though on other sites I spend much time doing exactly that.

          On your question about would other rprofessions follow suit my honest answer is that some will but most will not unless forced into it. The huge practical difference football has over such as banks, utility comps and all corporations is the collective power fans wield when acting together. It is the passion and emotion of fans for their club that provides the oomph to act when the club is in trouble, No such comparable oomph exists among corporation customers. We fans have real power and we are about to find how much we have and to use it and I am cheered by that.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Jon, reading the same book for sure, but perhaps a chapter in front / behind!?!?

            A football site for sure – but to use that to vilify those within the industry, without discussing the complete picture, gives a false picture.

            We ALL know that the most of the players (ex and current), already support charities, some locally and others world wide – that is never discussed, or when it was on here, was scoffed at as being of no concern, it was football results that mattered – I’m sure you remember the article.

            We have no idea what the profession is talking about regarding corona virus and sure, it would be great to see them leading the way.
            However I always find that those who accuse others of not doing something (Matt Hancock) usually hide behind others to hide their own non actions.

  8. Reggie says:

    The truth is most normal people when their company has no work or less work, they go on short time and take less money. Some are made redundant, some just end up with no job or no pay. Why are footballers different? It sticks in peoples gullet when things like this happen and they expect no difference in their pay or working conditions. When i dont work, i dont get paid, most people are the same, footballers should take a pay cut to save the clubs and save the game. Greed is one of the deadly sins and they and their agents are rippng the clubs off and ripping us off. My love for football is decreasing by the day because of the bubble they think they should be entitled to be in, when the rest of us suffer.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Reggie, I agree with the message from your post, but some questions do arise, purely on the thought that footballers are not suffering.

      Every single contract I signed during my working life had clauses and/or conditions and I don’t believe professional footballers are any different.

      I would assume there are win bonus clauses, first team appearance clauses, final position clauses, fa cup progression etc etc.?

      I cannot believe that any club is paying out the same weekly salary when no games are being played.

      The reason players have agents is, surely to obtain the best deal possible?
      If it was only to discuss money, the player would not need anyone to negotiate that – he would just do that himself.
      Players pay a lot of money for their agents, they must be negotiating something surely?

      I am not standing up for the players in any way, they have lived a life of riley for far too long – but as I said earlier, there are companies/groups/countries and individuals who have been bleeding the UK for decades.

      The politician who started all this received a 3.1% salary increase to take effect from April 1st 2019, with a further expenses rise as well.

      What a gesture it would be if all 650 MP’s donated this above inflation pay rise for the forseable coronavirus future.
      Why haven’t we seen this group of well paid people do something along these lines – or the House of Lords, expanding to 834 members giving up their £313 tax free expenses for attending one day in parliament, along with their travel expenses?
      110 Peers who never spoke once in the House of Lords claimed over £1,000,000 in expenses, with the average claim a year being £30,827 – just two examples of other groups who, if we judge them the same way as footballers at this time, are doing nothing whatsoever, except blaming others.

      If only they did what they preached, we would have a base line to judge others on, wouldn’t you agree?

      Again, I am NOT siding with our overpaid primadonnas, but footballers should not be the ones being singled out for criticism.

      I did notice your personal situation in an earlier post Reggie and I do hope things work out for you and yours.

      1. Reggie says:

        I see what you are saying Ken but i think as a player gets higher up the pay ladder, the bonuses for win, draw, goals and position etc are not in effect. Its all about image rights and final salary, bonuses are not like they were, not saying thats for all but its what i understand. They have it all ways, when they are injured for months or years they get their salaries, most dont after 3 to 6 months. I dont mean to bleat on but i just think they are living to a totally different set of rules. Lower down the leagues, it is a totally different story, they will be worried for their jobs and their salaries. I think the prem and the players need a dose of reality.

        1. SueP says:

          Absolutely right Reggie
          Top clubs in the PL live in a different stratosphere

    2. jon fox says:

      Reggie, what I like about you post is that you get straight to the heart of the matter with no excuses and no ambiguous clauses, as some othe posts about wages say. The bottom line and the one that dwarfs all other excuses, is that the players at top level are bleeding their own industry to death and will eventually kill thieir sport and their livelihood IF -which in the end, will not happen- they were allowed to continue holding their clubs to ransom.

      I also take Kens point in his post below yours, that many others in society are doing likewise but in my life philosophy one should ALWAYS do what is morally correct, no matter what others do or don’;t do. Always stay on the moral high ground. It will be a particularly stupid and dull witted footballer who doesn’t acept that life truth. Sometimes in life a central overridingly important point needs sayingLOUD AND OFTEN and can be diluted when other connected but less important matters are also brought up. So WELL SAID REGGIE!

  9. Solly gunner says:

    Jan son
    How about they just accept a 20 per cent pay cut to start as this is how the government is working with the average joe
    I.e people earning &8.50 ph
    I’m sure if your earning 100 – 180 pw and have been for years you can afford it
    And yet the great British public have accepted it and worse
    Fakin come on man
    They can at least comply as the rest of us have
    Everyone is sacrificing

    1. Reggie says:

      I agree with that, 80% of £8.50 is a bit harder to manage on than 80% of £100,000. And they seem a bit slow in taking a hit.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Absolutely correct and that’s why the rich get richer when we have an “across the board” pay rise for all, or a pay rise linked with inflation – this country is riddled with examples of such hypocrisy and slogans like “We’re all in this together” are just words that have no meaning whatsoever.

        We can keep blaming footballers, who use their god given talents to enhance their lives by being paid by billionaires who made their fortunes on other backs – I’m yet to here from one of the twelve billionaires mentioned in another article, what they are contributing to society…a 80% cut in their weekly profits, would make the players 80% cut look like chicken feed.

        This agent, who has Ozil in his stable, is just making matters worse by trying to justify why footballers are a different case.
        They are not, just like any other person or group.
        The corona virus doesn’t differentiate, when one has the money to buy better healthcare, it becomes the same old story…money talks!!!

        We are all in this together and trying to single one group out, while ignoring other highly paid groups or companies is simply not helping the situation whatsoever.

        1. jon fox says:

          Ken, I do not think that society as a WHOLE is making one case out for top players wage cuts while ignoring other filthy rich owners, CEO’s and the like, also pop stars etc. But WE on here are discussing football , primarily, and what affects it.
          I do not think this site full of Gooners even remotely represents society as a whole, as fans have natural bias but customers of say Sainsburys or Lloyds Bank have not. Horses for courses, even though I much agree with your main point.
          Whatever those other greedy pigs outside football do or do not, is no excuse for footballers not to do the right and sensible thing. Otherwise many will find themselves unemployed and SOME of them unemployable anywhere outside football. Brave and moral people act first and for themselves; cowards wait for others to act and hide behind them. I detest moral cowards and always have.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Jon, with all due respect, this article said something along the lines of the players living in a different world to normal people – how do we define normal people?

            Do the bankers, the politicians, the billionaires, millionaires etc etc live in the normal man’s world?

            What we are doing here, is demonizing one group, simply because it’s a football site, while the picture needs to be opened up, discussed and dissected.

            A perfect example is SueP’s observation regarding Daniel Levy, or my earlier one regarding the former health secretary who earned another £500,000 a year, while running said NHS, with his other business concerns….it just stinks Jon, from top to bottom and football and the players is a part, not the whole.

            The article was written for debate and debating is what is needed.
            Perhaps the players ARE looking after No.1 by evading taxes, it’s not a new phenomenon is it?
            Plus it won’t be the first time the taxman has gone after people who were innocent.

            Let’s just be fair and balanced about this is all I’m saying, I really hope that this awful virus will show the difference in society actions between the haves and have nots…including the pampered and grossly overpaid players.

          2. ken1945 says:

            AND I should have added Jon, society is making players THE issue because Matt Hancock made it so in a goverment briefing.

            Has he made an issue regarding any other group, company or individual?

            It was/is the headlines in every single paper, on the news and on sites such as youtube – talk about deflecting criticism of such as himself,

        2. jon fox says:

          Ken In reply to your post at 9.22 I say this: We agree on the point that all, filthy rich folk from any part of society should pay far more. No argument at all. However I am trying to stick to football rather than range-on THIS site, onto wider discussion about the joys, as you see them but I DO NOT of Socialism. You post is overtly and mainly involved with far wider and far more important matters too than just football.
          I am a liberal thinker and reject the concept of socialism as I believe it works by govenment diktat rather than persuasion of the hearts and minds of society. The younger generation is extremely liberal minded and society is going more that way and away from failed socialism theory economically.
          The so called Lib Dems are misrepresenting both those qualities but I remain a passionate real liberal, though for all folk, not particular groups. I also believe in majority rule as in the Brexit debate. I consider a central European government to be remote from most of its citizens and profoundly illiberal. I CANNOT UNDERSTAND how any true liberal can believe in such a concept and I DO NOT.
          Ken, I much agree that societys many inequalities need to be put right and need to be discussed and I DO so but not, in any depth, on here as it is not the most suitable place for it.
          I will happily debate by phone any people related matter on this earth and will do so gladly but NOT on here.
          My central point remains that whatever and whenever non football filthy rich people do or do not do, or even filthy rich owners, you cannot get away from the fact that most Prem players are grossly overpaid and that, now we have this virus, society is fast revaluing its moral priotities and this is hugely a good thing. I am massively cheered by this move towards at least SOME more fairness in the game. i also stress that brave and moral people act first , cowards wait for others to take the lead. Nothing noble is ever achieved without some person or people taking the lead; slavery abolition, Suffragettes etc. To equate mere football with those matters is pathetically wrong.
          I will happily chat more on football and footballs morals but if you wish to talk on wider matters please give me a ring. I will always be happy to talk to you. KEEP WELL KEN!

      2. jon fox says:

        Reggie, I am not a Socialist by any means but it is not morally right, if fact it is deceitful and cruel, to make a person on the minimum wage take ANY wage cut while super rich folk are still creaming off vast wages, even after having taken a substantial cut. THE FILTHY RICH CAN EASILY AFFORD EVEN BIGGER CUTS , Folks on minimum wages and close to that level cannot and must not. That is not socialism nor capitalism; it is human decency.

        1. SueP says:

          Brilliantly put Jon

        2. SueP says:

          Wasn’t it magnanimous of Levy to employ some of the staff he laid off work at his estate
          Just about says it all

          1. jon fox says:

            SueP, right now , Levy is scoring more own goals than Mustafi. Plenty more in fact and far more damaging. Spuds will be hugely badly hit , more than almost any other top level club, given their stadium costs and if fans turn against greedy players enmasse which is happening as we speak across our country and in all top level clubs.
            Players will haveto get clued up and get real or kill their own industry and the game we all love. WATCH FANS TURN ON THEM THEN. They will need to go into hiding. Ultimately though tha twill NOT happen for the simple but overriding reason that fans follow and support clubs, way above any of their players, even the very best ones. FANS WILL AND DO, AND MANY TIMES HAVE, TURNED AGAINST THEIR OWN PLAYER OVERNIGHT WHEN THAT PLAYER DISGRACES THE CLUB OR ACTS LIKE RVP OR CASHLEY. Fans will never turn against the club , just those in the club owners, managers, players, who make bad decisions. The club will survive! So will the sport, but players are expendable, all and any of them. Bottom line Sue!

        3. Reggie says:

          Agree Jon entirely.

  10. Jah son says:

    Insurance companies
    Where does all our money go. Been an athlete is on of the easiest ways to get rich as a dunce. You don’t have to be able to read. There is not much other ways in life to get rich if you can’t read very so .
    So from here on in you could easily see why athletes money made public and easy to attack.
    Fans know that you can’t seriously take the rich money so pull the aspiring ones down.

  11. AndersS says:

    Pay-cuts in the PL will come and they aren’t many days Away. It is just a matter of how and how severe.
    They can come in 3 ways.
    A unison agreement between players and clubs as a whole.
    Or as each club making their own agreement with their own players.
    If none of those agreements are reached, what we will see, are clubs simply telling the players, that heir salaries have been cut by xx percent. Obviously this last model opens up for all sorts of legal counterclaims.
    But the fact remains, the clubs can’t survive without income, and right now there is no income. So sooner or later clubs will be in a position, where they might as well cut the salaries without the players’ acceptance.

    1. SueP says:

      I’m not sure on legalities but the one thing I do know is that both my sons have faced pay cuts whilst others where they work have been laid off. The decisions made by those businesses was not taken lightly Contracts or not I doubt that football could carry on as it is when the world around it is suffering untold hardship, uncertainty and illness. If the money isn’t there how could a contract be enforced? A few clubs are wealthy but the Bournemouths of this world have had to make tough decisions
      The despicable club owners who have been happy to let go of their employees at the bottom of the pile whilst still ensuring that their prized assets don’t take a hit are repulsive.

  12. Martin Mays says:

    I disagree with this article. Most football players make their entire career’s earnings over a period of less than 10 years. Taking a pay means they miss out on this money permanently, with no prospect of making up the ground later: why should they? It’s the clubs’ own fault for not taking account of this in the terms of the contracts they offer to players – an omission which I suspect they won’t make in the future, but at the cost of higher wages to reflect the risk the players will be taking.

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