Disharmony continues at Arsenal as Aubameyang responds to reports

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang reacts to rumours of a rift in Arsenal dressing room.

The environment around the Emirates is threatening to derail Arsenal’s season and tear the dressing room apart.

Reports in the media claim that Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has reacted angrily to reports online that not every member of the team agrees with the decision to name him captain.

The Gabonese attacker was recently named as the club’s captain after Granit Xhaka was stripped of the captaincy.
According to the reports, the dressing room does not agree with how Xhaka was stripped of the captaincy and they feel that he has been made a scapegoat.

Aubameyang was also slated for his relationship with AFTV who seem to be championing the calls for the club to sack Unai Emery.

Aubameyang, upon hearing of the rumours, took to his social media account to vent his anger.

‘I just arrived in Gabon and heard a lot of ‘bullsh*ts,’ said Aubameyang. ‘I talk with who I want whenever I want and if somebody’s not happy with you…you already know.’

I hardly think that is an appropriate response from the Arsenal captain. If Xhaka had sent out a message like that and associating with people abusing Aubameyang, could you imagine the reaction? It would be hysterical.

This latest episode continues to show just how out of control the situation is. It is hard to see Emery putting things right soon. But he retains the club’s backing and has been assured that he won’t be getting the sack. At least for now.


  1. Auba is a nice gentle human being, mingling with fans, taking criticism on the chin, so what is the problem with those at AFC? Does AFC want all players to behave like Granit? If a fan wants to speak to player, what should he do? Use explicit words? We live in a civilized society and the players should behave in a civilized manner. The entire universe is criticizing Unai, save those in power at AFC, so what is wrong if a player likes that post? Granit is an utter disgrace, in my opinion, liking a post to his exit is wrong? We live in a world with free speech, that does not permit players to abuse fans, it does permit players to have cordial friendship with fans/friends. As the way things stand today, we expect to finish in the top ten, outside EL (forget UCL) so Auba may want to leave and join some other club with ambition, even Sheff are showing some pride in their game.

    1. Spot on

      As what Aubameyang said, the media spouted a lot of BS

      They could make up silly stories such as some of his teammates’ rejection, but they can never deny the fact that Aubameyang sets a great example in the field and he jokes a lot in the dressing room

      1. No, David Ornstein does not have a reputation for BS. He is renowned for getting it right almost all the time when it comes to Arsenal. The rest of the media may embellish it but Ornstein does not. And as for setting an example, befriending a man that insults your own teammates and tells them to F off is not in any way a good example to set from the team captain.

    2. I am quite shocked that you find it acceptable for the team captain to behave in this way. If it was any other player you would scream for his head.

      1. Oh please admin take a chill pill. I can’t believe this is even an issue. Is his friendship with aftv the reason we’re flopping. If not for his goals we’d be in the relegation zone right now. If anything other players should learn from him cos he is close to the fans and knows how it hurts to watch the utter nonsense the team puts on display. He has been critised on that same platform a lot of times(sometimes unfairly eg. When he missed the pen against the spuds last season) yet he still remains close with them. That’s the attitude of a captain in my books. The club should stop deflecting and fix the decline the club has please. Leave auba alone. He’s our only bright light this season

  2. Admin Martin it seems to me you are the one starting this “new” disharmony
    1. Aubameyang was replying to the media outlets reports that some people weren’t cool with his relationship with aftv who recently started calling for Unai’s head (meanwhile aftv is a fan channel who has never before been critical of Unai until the poor results started coming in {2 win in 10 games} which echoes what 70% of how arsenal fan base feels right now) and slating Xhaka for his poor reaction on that fateful day I won’t like to spend much time talking about.
    2. Ok Aubameyang liked their post but we remember the match I I think it was Tottenham where Xhaka made a stupid penalty and then said it’s not his fault if strikers don’t score goals so we feel Aubameyang has an opinion considering how Xhaka threw the armband on the floor (guess who’s captain now)
    3. Every big teams best player always have a certain influence that’s why in some clubs Managers are forced out by players revolt which is not so in Arsenal but considering the impact Aubameyang has managed this season which without I’m sure we will be in relegation zone by now.
    4. This is the time we should get behind our players now that it seems we’re stuck with this clown for the rest of the season and hope for the best, not start talks of disharmony or comparing to if Xhaka had said it. He had his shot and blew it. Keep working in training or move to Milan for all I care. We could use his and mhiky’s money from Roma when they buy him hopefully for a good purchase.

    1. I am responsible for the disharmony? seriously? get a grip. When you write a sensible comment I will respond in kind.

      1. That is what you get in a club that is being managed and controlled by a group of selfish, incesitive, irratial, and incompetent board that doesn’t know when to act. Please and please Mr Basket owner ( Stan kronke) pls let Unai Emery go. Cos we are now infested with the virus of confusion,from players to players, fans to fans and who knows where it would end. Please sack this average performing coach. Selah!

      2. Man you are out of line. this whole AFTV episode its starting to sound like jealousy to me.
        you are criticising them for giving fans platform to air their views…while you are also in here airing your view. The views here are as toxic as those of AFTV difference is they are in the spotlight and you are not. So stop the AFTV hate.

        1. No, and I will continue to call out their toxic hatred of certain Arsenal players and management. Just because they are AFTV does not give them a free pass. No one gets a free pass when they make money off the back of telling our players to F off, daily. If you are fine with that then, by all means, go watch their videos, join them in hating on Arsenal and give us a big miss.

    2. OG well said.No one condemned Granit when he publicly belittled one of the deadliest strikers in Europe for who knows how many seasons.And that too to the press.That is why I call him a disgrace. It seems that there is free speech for Granit, curbs for Auba.Preferential treatment for Granit, speak whatever he wants, Play whenever he wants.Disturbing indeed. No wonder there is frustration from the only pros playing for us – Auba, Torrera , Laca.
      And we miss loyal players like Ramsey or Giroud.May not be the best skilled, but they tried and delivered their best, lifted the players around them.This season no one plays with that passion or spirit.
      And finally, Ceballos is nowhere near Ramsey level.on the pitch, Unai got Ramsey saga wrong and he is now paying the price.
      Hope the international break is well used to regroup and cool down tempers and lower bloated egos.

  3. I just saw a news that Unai Emery was in attendance at a UEFA elite coaches forum. He should have been booted out as he’s not an elite club in any perspective

  4. I think we at Arsenal are becoming bbad losers. Just a month ago, Man U was in 7th position but no body was calling for Oles sacking. Why are we so desperate for top four without working for it?
    Even if we are to sack Emery, let’s give him time till the end of the season for him to self destruct. This sacking issue is killing the whole team slowly.

    1. Years of Wenger’s mediocrity and regression erroded all patience the fans ever had. Either that or there is just something about following this club that makes everyone bitter and frustrated in the end.

    2. Oh my God it seems we will never figure out our problems in arsenal. Here we have a manager that have been leading a team for almost 2yrs, yet this manager can’t even make a good substitution. Each time he makes change his team looses. Now what business has such a person has with a big club like Arsenal. For the first time I have missed 3 Arsenal matches in a row, since 99. Let Emery go!

  5. Just sack the coach. He is useless and clueless. He doesn’t know what he’s doing

    Management wise up and act NOW.Otherwise asernal is going down down

    1. The men (debatable description) from AFTV are not true supporters of the team but clickbait filth who muddy the waters of how a true fan should and would behave. Their filthy rants and loudmouth behaviour is disgusting and no wonder Arsenal Football Club distanced themselves from them some time ago and are trying to ban them from the stadium concourses. We should not give them the air to breath.

    2. Going down the AC Milan way. One of my other team I used to follow .
      Unai is a coach suited for teams between 11-17. No wonder he is taking us right there.
      Guess we win against S’pton, and all will seem sunny only to draw/loose the next. 2 points from 10 seems acceptable to some, when we have all players fit.

  6. Can someone please shed some light on the 15million costs to sack Emery. He earns 6m a season so even if Arsenal release him and pay his salary as usual it’ll be just 6m. So where did 15m come from? is it from sacking his other assistant coaches as well?

    1. compensation for loss of job…

      employees that get redundant usually get paid extra

      but for Emery case…he may have some clauses

      have you got a job before?

      1. Nope whole life been plucking money from my money plant at home. In any contract it doesn’t make sense to pay extra when sacking someone from their role. Just need to pay the remainder of the contract. That is the whole nature of a contract in the event you get fired you get paid for the full contract period. Not more. My money plant taught me this.

    2. @hardave, yes it will be to pay off the 6/8 back room staff he bought with him and so the £15 million is an estimate and could be 12 or even £20 million. As far as I’m aware, at the end of the season, if Arsenal don’t take up the 3rd year option they all leave without any payoff.

  7. I think the hunger for a league title and champions league title and the fact that we are going the wrong direction is frustrating everyone including the players. Emery is frazzled and can’t get this shit under control…..his brand of football is blah….nothing……just don’t lose,….he has a talented team but poor results…..he still should finish the season…

    1. Emery has a talented team but lack experience

      majority of the players are either young or in their 2nd season

      there is no main core of 5 or 6 players

      there is no team work

      1. John, if the players are “frustrated”, they could at least be professional, earn their money and not fail to pick up their opponent, miss tackles, misplace passes and be able to shoot on target.
        A new coach is not going to change the weak mentality, lack of physicality and inability to complete the basic fundamentals of football expected at this level of many in this Arsenal squad. Similarly it is not going to stop Torreira pining for Italy.

  8. This click bait culture is there to catch the biters. Its all stories twisted to get a response, get you to go to their sites because you are lining their pockets because of all us gullible people. The thing that amazes me is some actually believe everything they read as gospel. IT AIN’T!

    1. No Sue, not unless we can drag spurs, Chelsea, Man U etc down with us….
      Taking Liverpool with us might be difficult though….😜

  9. such BS. guys at AFTV are certainly brash but they are just the tip of iceberg. who is happy with arsenal situation ? they just get more visibility because they have lots of followers.

    anyway there is a simple solution, Arsenal start winning. that is all we ask.

  10. Its beginning to look like the whole club is in turmoil,I have not seen so much disharmony as i am seeing now,most of it is down to Emery’s poor leadership,and match day performances the board have to act soon although I very much doubt they will,if they don’t and performances continue to decline the ride for them is going to get a lot bumpier,I cling to the hope that their backing of Emery is a smokescreen and that they are as peed off with him as I am.

  11. Are Sanlehi and Edu seriously trying to tell us that while they were sitting in the back of the stand on Saturday that that performance convinced them that Emery is still the man and that they should throw their full backing behind him?
    I hope not.

  12. There needs to be a strong man or character somewhere in the club to stop all this BS. It clearly isn’t Emery but it doesn’t seem to be Raul Sanelli either.

    Is it me or would players think twice about this stuff if they had been put in a room by David Dein and told to keep their heads down and pull together?

    We don’t just lack leadership on the pitch but also up top.

    The fish rots from the head dowmwards.

  13. It won’t happened, board echoes & executes Kroenke’s words and orders; “we will make top4, we in progress, perfect coach.

    All these rumors make no sense then, it is all said clearly, or he would at least be fired now.

    Title race over after 5 games, top4 after 10 games, a run of 10 games with 2
    Win, we are closer to relegation than top4, got lucky to not lose and 4 games with so called smaller teams! What else is needed to make a change, stop this?

    But they won’t sack Emery, hoping he keeps us 5th or 6th when we out of EL by March/April at 8th or 1/4 final stage. With a month left, Kroenke rather see him leave at no cost, of course. We will finish 7th or 8th at best up to 12th place!

    This is Kroenke plan, swears he will succeed! A business plan, but he will pay the price of to disrespect and jerk us all, it is doing so to EPL and football, a very special game with so much beauty & values he is missing the all point!

    1. My bad, I reacted on wrong article, about new coach options.

      As far as Auba, gossip queens must leave him da heck alone, don’t start new issue for us. Of course it was not right to treat & handle Xhaka this way, after finding out about these threats and devilish wishes on his or any child!

      Club and Emery should have shown support as fans I’m sure, all shocked by such a news, reality check it should be! That is terrible!

      He should have played next game at home, with a special welcome to support him as players did, bring values and unity back this club is losing!

      Look what was done for Son at Spurs, really special!

  14. I reserve my comments bcz we had surrendered our club to some one who is not bothered even if they beat Arsenal 20 goals to zero he will say this coach should be given time and if you ask why do you participate in league games it leaves some one with no answer bcz teams play games to win trophies but without trophy what do you want? Simply Kroenke is all but after money and the day we shall ask him where is the money coming from he will not like it thats why i reserve my comments.

    1. That’s right! As long as we buy tickets and shirts, money will be flowing as for over a decade, with a stadium paid for too.

      Reality, in that decade, Wenger brought Arsenal value from ,1 to 3 billions and Kroenke went from 9% share to 100%! He made 2 billions and kept it all.

      Pepe was a flash to trick us, a payement plan, 30M, as Tierny and Saliba 15 each but sold for over 15M! Indeed same 40M budget average for over a decade! Meanwhile everyone got excited, buying season passes and shirts!

      It is backlashing now but he still hope to win EL, if not he will find a new trick to have us fill his bank account. He doesn’t give a crap!

  15. How many times must it be said that Stan Kroenke does not take any money from Arsenal FC. Due to his loan agreement with the banks he can not. The second point is that he (Arsenal Holdings) pays a considerable salary to people to manage the club. He did not chose the manager, the highly paid board did. He does not pick the team or dictate the playing strategy. Emery does. I my opinion if the Board decided to sack Emery I believe Kroenke would go along with it. If not, he might as well get rid of the Board and save himself a load of money and manage the club himself. That never going to happen. He has far bigger problems in the States than Arsenal FC. I sometimes wonder if people who go on about Kroenke and the value of Arsenal FC realise that Arsenal is only relatively small part of his overall sports portfolio. Believe me if the Kroenkes needed the money, which they do not,his wife is richer than him, they would sell Arsenal without hesitation.

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