Dixon says Arsenal’s signings suggests that Arteta will not be sacked anytime soon

Former Arsenal full-back, Lee Dixon has suggested that the Gunners will not sack Mikel Arteta any time soon as they want him to build a team for the long term.

This submission comes after watching the Gunners splash almost 200m euros on players who are all under 25 this summer.

They have made a terrible start to this campaign with three losses from as many games.

But they haven’t been able to call on their top players, which should change after the international break when Ben White and Thomas Partey, among other players, should be back.

Dixon has watched as they have signed Martin Odegaard, Albert Sambi Lokonga, Nuno Tavares and White in this transfer window and believes the Gunners are prepared to be patient with Arteta until these players become better and start delivering.

It could take two years, but Stan Kroenke will be patient as long as things don’t get too bad for the club.

“The club look like they’re going down [a road] of signing youth players”, Dixon told Stadium Astro.

“If that’s the case then that suggests to me that they [Arsenal’s hierarchy] are going to give Arteta time because these players aren’t going to turn it around tonight, next week or this season.

“It’ll take at least two years. Has he got two years? I would suggest they’re thinking yes, but ultimately there’s always a breaking point.”

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  1. that’s what I feared all along…of course, as Dixon likewise suggests, there’s a point when none of that matters and managerial moves will have to be made, but I think that the owners line in the sand is vastly different than many of ours…hold on, this is going to be a bumpy ride!!!

    1. I do think TRVL that it doesnt matter a jot about signings, most were made anyway before our maulings this season. Results will be the key. It cant go on too much longer without some sort of action.

      1. Reggie, I’ve followed several of his American franchises as I’m a big fan of the NHL, NFL and NBA, so you start to get a sense of when moves will be forthcoming based on a fairly decent sample size…weirdly enough he’s made some interesting changes to his normally static operating model in the last 2 years, which I thought might have some positive ramifications for our longstanding predicament, but I think, unlike with his Rams hire, a young savant named Sean McVay, he simply backed the wrong horse here and things have unraveled much faster than anyone in the hierarchy could have ever imagined…the fact that the European footballing model doesn’t include a playoff format means that the point of no return is pushed back a bit as expectations can be somewhat modified, without significant financial implications, so long as we’re not staring relegation in the face

        1. The Colorado Avalanche are #2 rated (by the athletic hockey staff) front office.
          It takes patience which Arsenal fans dont have to rebuild.

          1. dig a bit deeper and you’ll find a team that “tanked” for years, but kept their historically best player, Joe Sakic, on board in upper management, who fortunately, along with his staff, drafted well during those lean years, but when they started to come good, the hierarchy played the same “small club” card, we’re all-too-familiar with in North London…with this in mind, they preyed upon the loyalty of their best and brightest players, who came up together, so they took considerable “home town” discounts under the guise that ownership was fully committed to challenging for the Stanley Cup….unfortunately when it came time to complete the task they took some shortcuts in key areas, like we did when we wouldn’t shore up the DM position or the year we only picked up Cech, as the financial constraints of the business model were prioritized over doing everything necessary to win…of course, they’re undoubtedly a good team and very enjoyable to watch, but they usually are just relevant enough to compete for the NHL’s version of the Wenger Cup…as such, they have never even made it to a Cup final, even though they’ve been considered among the pre-season “favourites” for several years

  2. I suspect the owners have some “key performance indicators” that don’t necessarily translate into wins and losses for this season. I say this because owners of North American sporting franchises tend to be more comfortable/patient with rebuilding projects.

    Not saying it’s right but a top half of the table finish achieved by a younger team with a reduced wage budget may be enough to keep Arteta in post, regardless of what the majority of fans want.

    1. The bar has now been set at avoiding relegation, because any more relies on too much expenditure, or more importantly too much football nous.

  3. For me, it’s not the abysmal results itself, but the lack of improvement on the field. We don’t see the proof of the process other than the talking points. Since MA took over, I can hardly count matches that we controlled and dominated. Tactically, we are one dimensional and clueless in most matches. Week in week out it’s the same crappy performance with no end in sight. You can be patient if there is evidence of the process, but there is none at this moment. Anyway its up to the board- whatever that floats their boats

  4. Thats why when Humpty Dumpty fell all the money cant put him together .Seriously,Arsenal habeen in a rut along time ago.The problem was the fm s neglect of the defence.
    Thats why time and again he was humiliated with Drogba and the bull dog always scoring. I have read clubs firing mangers after a heavy defeat
    If Arsenal get stuck in a relegation scrap by Dec,
    it aint surprising if the owners havent taken action by Oct
    Arsenal have no divine right to be in the epl just like MU with Ronald think they can ride rough shod over other tems

  5. If the young players are signed with a long term view in mind, than the hierarchy is clearly patient and willing to wait so the axe will not fall on Arteta very soon. But the point is, young or senior, there is no sign of fighting spirit, grit, determination to play for the shirt and passion in our play. All this comes to proper man management and the buck stops with Arteta. I hope the Board realises it soon before it is too late and no manager can save us, unless of course, there is a miraculous change in our results post Sept. The PL games in September will be do or die for Arteta. Not only should we have good results but show significant signs of improvement in our play. And I hope for the sake of our dear Club, we sign Aouar and Bissouma on deadline day, along with a RB. They are a must for our survival in the PL.

  6. Really you are saying the truth but actually our players are not putting there body in the field I noticed something if player doesn’t like coach Like aubamayag ,pepe and so on

  7. I guess we can expect a pretty toxic Emirates for a while too then!? The fans won’t support a long term plan if we’re getting dragged into a relegation battle. If the Kroenke’s are happy with that scenario then I guess they really don’t care about the supporters or the club!

    The club have become so unattractive to players and it’s only a matter of time until the club become unattractive to sponsors and investors. This =will only end much more badly than we could all imagine!

    If you think it’s bad now, worse times lay ahead..

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