Do Alexis and Ozil work better with ruthless managers?

Do Alexis and Ozil work better with ruthless managers? By Goonerboy

It is becoming more and more likely that Arsenal will lose both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, of which some Gooners are already resigned to, and personally I can’t wait to see them leave, as I only want players that are committed and loyal to the cause…

Speaking of loyalty in professional football, many people have different opinions about it but I am not here to lecture anyone on loyalty or disloyalty… I am pretty sure that many of us will agree that Arsene Wenger is one of the most loyal managers in the world as he is loyal to a fault, in fact, many believe that his loyalty has caused more harm than good to the club….

It is a known fact now that some players do not care about us, they just want money and success and the same could be said of other top managers. Many are not loyal to any player, they just want to get the best out of their team and should they feel the player is not good enough, they discard him like a used condom.

This brings me to Pep and Sanchez at Barcelona, Mourinho and Ozil at Madrid.
Pep bought Sanchez from Udinese and he didn’t really play him, ahead of him were Messi and Pedro and this eventually led to his transfer to Arsenal, Arsenal made him a superstar as he became our main man (same thing Neymar wants at PSG) and he gained even more recognition. The fans adore him and the manager gives him freedom, but what did we all get in return?

Alongside his energy, drive and hard work, he sulks, he is childish and ultimately desires to go back to the one that kept him warming the Barcelona bench. Where did that love come from?
I guess we just have to wait for his unveiling at Manchester City just to get that answer.

What prompted me to write this article was a report in read this morning (Although I have seen similar reports before now but chose to ignore) claiming that Ozil won’t extend his contract and will instead move to Man United on a free… Really???

Of course it may not be true, but it could be true too, and it makes me wonder what Wenger has done to deserve this…. This is a player that the manager treats specially, giving him all the necessary support even when he is below par but yet he wants to return to a man that blasted him in front of his team-mates and one who won’t tolerate his inconsistencies… Why???
Does it mean these players appreciate or love a ruthless manager more than they a gentle and loyal one?

Loyalty is a good virtue, but in the football world, it is becoming irrelevant and Wenger and Arsenal must act accordingly. I believe I don’t need to expand more on this as we all understand this from Gunners’ point of view

Ozil and Sanchez will leave and they say will the good words about Wenger…..’I love Wenger, he is like a father to me but……..’

If it eventually happens, why do you think these players want reunions with their ex-managers??


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  1. tatgooner says:

    No hard feelings if ozil and Sanchez want to leave.
    Football isn’t about loyalty but about a player’s ability.
    I wonder why fans give ozil an easy getaway when he has no passion strength or energy of a class footballer.
    He is way too operated IMHO.
    Let’s now start talking about Sanchez.
    Whatever has he done for us?
    Since he came we have list 5 1 against Bayern thrice and have finished below top 4 for the first time in two decades.
    Its a good thing he is warming the bench

    1. Lance says:

      @Tatgooner. So now it is Sanchez’s fault that we lost 5-1 to Bayern on three occasions. What is the role of the manager in all of this?

  2. big g says:

    Because they are winners and they’ll earn more money than they are already.

    1. big g says:

      Just to clarify, i meant Pep and Mour.

  3. Joe says:

    Arsenal dont have ambition, we never talk of winning titles top 4 is always what the club wants. Players dont play forever at the age of 34 many will retire, managers can go on upto 75 years. Players want medals and as a fan I cant blame them honestly, yes its true pep and mourhino are ruthless and winners that is why top players want to work with them. They will do anything to win.wenger is a fear his players, and he wants them to stay happy.

    1. Mobella says:

      You need to stop talking crap. I’m sorry for my choice of word. You guys keep talking as if these guys had not won anything with arsenal. It is not ok for them to win fa cups and shields with arsenal because we make them believe so and we will see it will be ok for them to win with other clubs if the rumors are true. Do players need to win every trophies every season to be satisfied. How many trophies Gerrard, Jamie Red, Totti, Robson, charli Nicholas, Wright, Merson, .etc won. Are you saying every players that have ever played and playing football won and must win a trophy. We keep blaming the clubs and the manager for these players wanting out but refuse to blame ourselves and stupid ex players and pundits who make the atmosphere at the club toxic for these players to want to stay. Don’t other clubs have their problems. Do we hear their ex players and fans dragging them in the mud. Is arsenal as great as Liverpool. They have not win epl in 27 years and nothing bad has being said about them. Did you hear their fans and ex players saying Suarez needs to win trophies and their club is not ambitious enough so he has to go when barca came for him. Do you hear the same thing being said about Coutinho when barca came calling for him. We think it is a divine right for our best players and our club to win ” major” trophies and by so doing creating more problems for the club. As it is the general opinion that to win big, you need to spend big then arsenal doesn’t deserve to win anything at all. People should not bring Leicester issue into this because it wasn’t only that failed that season every top clubs failed that year and out of them arsenal spent the least that year.

  4. Twig says:

    Can’t wait to see the end of the Ozil/Sanchez chapter.

  5. Sam says:

    I can’t blame these players for wanting to leave. No serious and ambitious employee would want to continue in an organisation that is not improving. Arsenal is suffering under Kroenke and wenger bad management. These shameless old men are driven by their selfish ambitions and love for money and don’t care about winning trophies. Any Arsenal player that wants to win a major trophy before he retires must as a matter of urgency leave this club because no major trophy will be won under this bad system. This trend will continue as long as wenger remains the manager. I’m a gunner for life

    1. Admin says:

      Why do you not consider the fa cup a trophy? 6 of the top teams in the world aim for the EPL and the Fa Cup. Only 2 succeed every year. We have won THREE in 4 years. Ask other teams fans if they would like to win it once!

      1. Nothing changed says:

        The FA Cup is a trophy, but does it rank higher than a top 4 finish? Not for me. I think CL football is more important to a club than an FA trophy. But I would, and I think Wenger would also gladly trade places with any of the CL team and hand his FA cup back.

        This arguably means the FA cup is the 5th most important trophy in the UK. No?

        1. Mobella says:

          Are you now saying top four is trophy because that was what a certain manager has being saying years yet he gets abuse for it.

          1. Nothing changed says:

            Hahaha, I guess so, in a way. And I never disputed that top 4 is better than FA Cup in my eyes. I just think the recruitment boost, the status boost, and financial boost is something the FA Cup doesn’t match.

  6. Nothing changed says:

    It is very simple IMO, money is no issue for these guys. Believe it or not, they want to win major trophies and there only two major trophies you can win with a club, the national title (PL in our case) and CL.

    Man U and City are much closer to winning major trophies than we are and they show ambition with the way they act in the transfer market and the way their managers believe anything less than a win is acceptable.

    We, on the other hand, can only offer “values” and “there is more to football than winning” etc.

    If my daughter’s life depends on it and I would have to pick next years PL winner correct for her to survive I would also bet on City or Man U before I would bet on Arsenal.

    Ozil and Sanchez have only a few more chances to win a major trophy and they are not stupid and have seen the inside workings of our club up close.

  7. Uchman says:

    On individual level, Sanchez hads bn more productive in arsenal than any club he has played in europe, ozil has bn as productive in arsenal as he was in real Madrid,the only difference is that he had more potent strikers (C Ronaldo,Benzima,Huguin) than he has in arsenal,ozil has won six trophies since his arrival,winning d world cup as an arsenal player and being 5 out of six German footballer of d year,,while Sanchez has won 5 trophies in arsenal ,become two times Copa America winner as an arsenal player and today he’s a global name, yet fans and ex players alike r making it look like their stay here has bn useless,its just a pity,we have d most ungrateful fans in d history of football!!

  8. Vlad says:

    Some of the comments just make me laugh. “Money is no issue to the players”, “they all want to win medals”, and so on, and so forth. There’s a very good saying – Money Talks, and BS Walks. It IS all about money. If if wasn’t, Chinese Super League wouldn’t have any players in it. Why do you think Ibra, Pogba, Mkhitaryan went to United when they didn’t even have CL football? Because Mourinho is such a wonderful manager, and a swell guy? MONEY. Why did Neymar go to PSG? To win medals? He’s won all of them already with Barca. MONEY. Ca$hley Cole, Clichy, Nasri, the list goes on and on – they all left for MONEY. So don’t give me this whole “they want to win trophies” crap because it’s not true. Sure, it’s a nice bonus, but long gone are the days when players stayed loyal to their clubs. They are mercenaries, and mercenaries like to get paid. Do I blame them for it though? Absolutely not. Football careers are pretty short, might as well take use the opportunity while you can. But I repeat, only a very shortsighted person would say that players are in it just for the love of the game or other similar crap. Wake up, people.

  9. The barrel says:

    Be realistic, money is the issue because Sanchez wants 400k/week and Ozil wants 300k/week. If they want medals, they could have made sure that they win game. They were always in the starting X1. Now everyone names Wenger. The coach does not score goals. No one will eat medals, instead they want more money to fi ance their lavish lifestyles. Let’s the go, let’s see how it turns out at their destinations. Let’s not jump the gun

  10. Turbo says:

    Alexis and Ozil are currently half-hearted players with their eyes on supposedly greener pastures. We need totally committed, all-in players. Alexis will probably play hard regardless, Ozil maybe less so. Let’s hope we can get some of the best possible from them given the situation before they (very likely) leave. That might make this at times a frustrating year. The good news is, if we can finally close the deal on Lemar and bring in a top class midfielder to take Ozil’s spot (and ideally also an imposing holding midfielder and either another top class center back and/or Mustafi reaching more of his potential consistently), next year and beyond could be a lot of fun!

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