Do any Arsenal fans still like Alexis Sanchez?

Alexis Sanchez was brilliant for Arsenal in his first season or two and scored lots of important goals for us, but seemed to cause division in the dressing room and alienated a lot of his team-mates. By the end of last season it was very obvious that he wanted away from the Gunners and decided to sulk because he wasn’t allowed to go to Man City in a mega-money deal in the summer.

The first few months of this season he was absolutely awful and his body language told us he was no longer a team-player with the rest of the Arsenal squad, and I think most of them were relieved when we finally got rid of him to our arch-rivals Man United in January. He was shown to be a mercenary who only wanted to go where the money was rather than accept Man City’s lesser deal although that was where the trophies were to be found.

Alexis has hardly been impressive for United either, but when he finally had a good game against Tottenham he was asked what the difference was from playing at Arsenal, and he replied: “It is very different here,”

“I think United is a club with more history and we want to win trophies next year.

“We need to keep progressing; United is a big club, to which I am still adapting, and I am looking forward to giving everything I’ve got next year and aiming to win everything there is to win.”

That was bad enough for disrespecting Arsenal’s history, but he made it clear how he felt about us after being in the United side that got a last gasp win over our reserves on Sunday.

This is what he posted…..

I personally think he is a money-grabbing mercenary and we are well rid of his selfish and sulky face out of our club, but I wonder if any Arsenal fans still like him and miss him?

Sam P


  1. John Ibrahim says:

    Sanchez deserves some respect for what he has done for the club

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree. I still like the way he plays, but I think he is past his peak already. He would not join Arsenal again, so it’s useless to discuss about him

      Let’s keep moving forward and find a younger talent to replace him. Adama Traore and Gelson Martins seem to be fit to play as inverted wingers at Arsenal

  2. wenger says:

    Never hated him.

    In fact I didn’t hate Nasri, Fabregas or RVP. Only Adebayor for that stupid celebration.

    I think we get carried away believing that they owe us, which I believe they did during our time at the club. They had the right to switch, plus it was a mutual agreement not something only Sanchez agreed on.

  3. Malch95 says:

    I will confess I still liked RVP when he left cause he had valid reasons for wanting to go and had to put up with alot of nonsense whilst he was in stellar form for us (sold his main suppliers Fabregas and Nasri, signed Andre fking Santos, the 8-2 drubbing at united) and to his credit he probs almost single handedly won Premier league straight away so good for him. I did however hate Nasri cause he wasn’t even that good and decided to belittle arsenal and although he did win the premier league, he wasn’t that influential for them. To put simply he was too overrated to cause as much controversy as he did and was just a scummy bastard during the whole transfer saga. Sanchez I never really liked tbh even when he played for us, his transfer with the myhki swap was actually good business imo. I feel like mhykis a better fit for us tbh and Sanchez actually suits United’s style of play a bit better and plus we didn’t get Giroud this time (Giroud was a good player but not RVP) we got Aubemayang. So can’t say I’m mad about how that transaction was handled. I am however in awe as to how arsenal have let go of Gnarby, Ox, Campbell and Walcott whilst keeping iwobi and Welbeck. I also don’t understand why Coquelin and Gabriel Paulista weren’t replaced. Either Arsene is the most negligent manager in the premier league or this board are really trying to insult the arsenal fanbases intelligence

  4. arie82 says:

    For player who have 500k salary per week, he is so garbage, thank god hes gone.

  5. Sue says:

    I didn’t like how he left (the lead up etc) I can’t stand United so no I’m not particularly keen anymore…
    United can have his tantrums & pay his greedy wages. I honestly thought I’d never say this but I’m glad he’s gone & wouldn’t want him back. Glad he didn’t score on Sunday ?

  6. Primus says:

    Past is past, present is the future.

  7. Ingleby says:

    Liked his commitment and work rate initially, but soon realised it was all about ‘me’ with him. Very difficult to feel any affection for him. Just a goal-scoring egotistical character passing through.
    Hello and goodbye!

  8. John says:

    Sanchez is not consistent enough to be a team around………he can’t carry a team on a consistent basis………. I don’t think he will be good at United…………

  9. Ignasi says:

    It’s frustrating. I saw him as the first arsenal player that could take over from Henry. While i always hoped Van Persie would be the one, he was injured far too often to have any meaningful impact on competitions (apart from his final season). We have to remember that Sanchez carried Arsenal through two whole seasons and if we didn’t have him we would certainly have been far worse off. For that, i’m grateful. The only pleasure we can take from it all is that we’ve had him in his prime and in a system that complemented his style. He is more suppressed/controlled at Utd and will be approaching 30 at the beginning of next season. The other thing is that Sanchez won’t win the league at Utd while Pep is in charge at City as i anticipate City to dominate for the next few years under him. Overall, i don’t dislike Sanchez as he was very important to Arsenal and the closest to an Henry figure that we’ve had since…Henry (and Van Persie for one season).

  10. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Sanchez It was all about the Money. Glas he gone.

  11. Lexynal says:

    The success stories of the game: we played team B and we were good but for the late goal: Sanchez did not affect the game and he DID NOT score; our own swap part scored on his first game against Manure: we had two players wearing #7 jersey and at the end of the day – our #7 proved superior and hurt the other side; and finally, all stats thus far showed we got a better of the bargain at cheaper cost. I can’t be more satisfied…..

  12. Chau says:

    Sanchez, likes Cole, Nasri, Adebayor, RVP, Henry, Fab, etc.., were right to go to MU and get higher salary when he had chances. They would all smile to hear the news that Mr. Wenger was forced to retire or being kicked out at the end this season under pressure from fans and the Board. A loyal employee like Mr. Wenger, who has scarified best ten years of his carrier to this club, could still be treated like that. So Sanchez decision is vindicated. Being loyal to AFC will have bitter ending like Mr. Arsene Wenger.

  13. jon fox says:

    Sanchez? Who is he? And who cares? Not me !

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