Do Arsenal actually NEED any new players?


A lot of speculation has been raised about as to who Arsené Wenger will be looking to recruit this summer. But the real question is do we actually need anyone? We have been linked with a number of players this past few months, from goalkeepers right up to the frontmen strikers, but is our current squad good enough to challenge for the title next season?

Let’s start by looking at the goalkeeper situation. We currently have two very capable goalkeepers in David Ospina and Wojciech Szczesny. The Pole has been pushed out of top spot by the summer arrival of David Ospina, raising questions as to whether the 25 year old is meeting the Arsenal standards. We have been heavily linked with Chelsea’s Petr Cech who would offer plenty of experience to the Arsenal defence. However, a move would only be feasible if Szczesny were to move on.

Central defenders are still debated amongst some. Thierry Henry still believes we are missing that core strength at the back to win the league title. Mertesacker is nearly approaching his sell by date although we brought in Gabriel back in January whom has already shown signs of potential in this league. Arsenal currently have 4 competing centrebacks this season, is it really worth bringing in a 5th?

Holding Midfield is the biggest question on the fans lips. Arsenal have desperately needed a player in this position for some time now. But, with the suprising emergence of form from Francis Coquelin, he has started to make a statement for himself. With the already Mikel Arteta, Matthiew Flamini and let’s not forget Abou Diaby, do we need more cover?

Finally, Strikers. Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez have both scored a combination of 28 goals this season. Both have been in excellent form this season. We still have Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott that can provide service up there to. With Welbeck and Walcott in the mirrors, and some upcoming talent in Akpom and Sanogo, is it necessary to go out attain another striker?

It raises some interesting questions as to what we can expect to see from Arsenal this summer. In my opinion if Szczsney, Walcott or Wilshere, were to leave this summer then I could understand the need to address replacements. This is the strongest Arsenal team in quite a few years and we’re on the up, but with the likelihood of United to spend crazy this summer and City to potentially get a new manager, it may be forced upon Wenger to spend!


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  1. current line up is enough to win the title next season
    but if we want be in uefa semi final or final we must sign
    3 or 4 players

    1. Wow!!! Sweet clueless. What current line up is enough to win what title next season?

      1. Ospina
        Bellerin Kos Gab monreal
        Coquelin Cazorla
        Ox Ozil Sanchez

        How about this?

        1. rambo is our most hardworking and dynamic midfielder. Goals win you games and he scores morethan ozil and cazorla. how most of you can make and an arsenal team without rambo is baffling. If ozil carried arsenal on his back like rambo did we would have been calling him the new zidane and saying he is worth 70 million. If players like pogba are worth 60£ million then rambo is up there.

          Its a shame most Arsenal fans don’t see that. rambo is hugely unappreciated. Even when he plays outwide he does a fantastic and professional job. he is all over the pitch with his 4 lungs winning balls and leading the team forward.

          Ozil has to compete with cazorla. its that simple. If cazorla is better you bench ozil. I don’t really care about price tags. there are many expensive players in the world who are on the bench. for me its between Ozil and cazorla.

          rambo should never play out wide. he is the best box to box midfielder and should be starting. cazorla is wasted infront of the back four. he has even forgotten how tpo shoot a ball. When was the last time cazorla shot on target????

          1. I initially had Ramsey in there but then I thought of Cazorla’s recent form and that if we put in Ozil, Ramsey, and Cazorla then Ramsey ends up on the wing for some reason and that is much worse than putting Ox there.

            The point was that we have the starting XI.

          2. I agree with you on the point of Ramsey but Cazorla has been quite exceptional in the box to box role. Remember city game? I think he is a a better passer than Ramsey with capability to give accurate long passes. Its not as straightforward as that he HAS TO rotate with Ozil. Both have been playing well together in the respective central roles. Even Fabregas plays both roles for Chelsea. And I would rather have Ramsey wide than Ozil or Cazorla as he does better work defensively and is a better shooter than both. The only drawback him playing wide is that we loose pace through that flank.

            As for the article, I think we just need a DM and maybe another striking option like Reus maybe. But DM is a must. More than that I think our defensive play needs to be more mature. As much as we hate Chelsea’s style we can always learn from it and add our attacking flair to a rock solid defense.

            1. Whats the point having Rambo out wide when we have loads of natural wide players? If You think the wide players Oz Theo Welbeck campbell are not good enough to play out wide then we should sell them and buy a new right winger.
              rambo can play on the right but he has no business there. The reading and Chelsea games are examples. We had no width and struggled to break them down.
              Why can’t we bench One of ozil or cazorla? Oh ozil cost £42 million and cazorla is on form so rambo the 6 million player is the one that suffers. It is clear that cazorla has been better than ozil. If it was the other way round Cazorla would have been benched ages ago.

              At the end of the day it comes down to competition. Play players in their best position. cazorla should not play in that position. he is wasted. Its between Him and ozil. One of them should be benched. We wanted quality players and now we are scared of competition.

              theo jack gibbs have struggled to get in and rightly so. If we want to be champions we need to stop picking the best 11 and start picking the best team. Ozil and cazorla are definitely in our best 11 but both don’t represent the best and balance arsenal team.

          1. @KickAssFan, Seriously??? What kind of response is that?

            Best form of the last 19 games should be proof enough that they have the quality.

            1. @Tidal2, that’s the response of a realist. The team u’ve put out there can only come third or fourth, or even miss out completely.

              Other teams will strengthen, the league will get even tougher, and u think that team still wiLl suffice???

        2. You need more than 11 players to win trophies. Spend big money on very few single players, like Pogba in for Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini going out. Sell Campbell, Silva and Podolski, make Welbeck primarily a winger and buy (if the budget allows it, ofcourse) some big player like Lacazette.

          Our squad is fine, but we could always use upgrades.

  2. Breaking news: wenger says the recent form of his players in 2015 has made him to rethink about his transfers plans in the summer. I dont really understand what he means. can anyone explain to me?

      1. Agree. Worst decision by Wenger if that happens. Every team will invest alot of money in the summer. We cant be the only team who wont improve by buying top quality players.

        We have a good squad of players but can still be massively improved. He needs to stop overrating some of our players.

        We need consistency and AMBITION in both EPL and CL.

    1. @Clem, sorry I don’t speak Arsene, but I know guys that do. Try someone like @Arseneiayourdaddy or @BigGun

    1. an i want two women with low self esteem an high pain thresholds….whats ur point

  3. Of course, we should always be looking to improve in areas! That’s exactly what mourning did last summer and look what it has brought him!

  4. Do Arsenal fans live in a universe far, far away?

    Chelsea just celebrated winning ANOTHER premier league title with the Gunners a mere 10 points or so off the pace. Man U And Shitty will spend a combined billion to make respected runs @ the EPL and Champions League title next season. Liverfool will reinvest.

    Arsenal…….No additions needed. LOL

    If and its a BIG if Arsenal are serious about competing on 3 fronts next season they need imho to address three critical area.

    ST: Fan of Giroud, but Arsenal another quality striker.

    DM: Le Coq is a fantastic player but competition is needed.

    CB: Per is near the finish line, Chambers is very green @ the position and Gabriel is yet to establish himself.
    Fabian Schar

    If Theo holds Arsenal hostage in contract talks show him the door and sign Reus or Sterling.

    Still would love Cech between the pipes.

    This line up would legitimately challenge in the EPL and Europe.

    Kondogbia(Le Coq)…..Ramsey

    1. we’re not getting Reus. Everything else is possible, but probably won’t happen. Arsenal fans too think Ospina is good enough. Easy to say he’s been the best keeper this season when our defense has actually been stable. But when we transition back into shotty defending next season we’re going to need someone like Cech to bail us out, not Ospina. So sad to watch Gooners being hit with a harsh reality check that they refuse to believe. Another reality check being Wenger is not good enough of a manager to win EPL again.

      1. You’re so adamant but there is nothing to backup your claim that Cech would make any noticeable improvement on Ospina because Ospina has been top quality the whole time he has played so far.

        1. Do i really need to explain why Cech is better? You are just an idiot if you think Ospina is a better GK! My goodness, you are exactly the type of fan I’m talking about!

        2. Next to Van Der Saar he’s been the best GK in the EPL for a LONG time, has won countless titles, champions league… Ospina is a good keeper but doesn’t have close to the experience or ability that Cech has. PSG has Sirigu and they are STILL debating buying Cech. Thats the difference between ambition and mediocrity. And thats the reason why the club is not reaching its full potential. Everybody seems to love Ospina so nobody better turn on him ever next season if he goes through a rough patch because apparently people here think Ospina in goal is the best Arsenal can do.

          1. Take an imaginary beer from me and chill. Dont destroy their hopes, Santa ckaus is real after all.

  5. Here we go again, time to leave those holes in the squad, eh Wenger! Another season without the title, but another season closer to Wenger’s contract ending. Just keep us in the top 4 until you leave, because you obviously aren’t serious about winning anything important.

  6. No title challenge at all, we’ve gone backwards in Europe, players will be leaving in the summer…yeah, I think we definitely need some quality squad depth, and one, maybe two for the starting XI.

    1. we need one starting 11 player an two squad in mind….realistic 3 like….


    1. Can’t block Le Coq. He’s been brilliant so there’s no point paying 30m on a replacement for him. Pogba is a great player but I don’t think we need him.

  7. United, City and Chelsea will all spend big this summer. We may see the likes of Pogba, Vidal, Bale, Dybala, Lacazette, Cavani, Hummels go to these teams.

    How will we win the PL without getting more top quality players?

    Even Spurs and Liverpool will strengthen.

    I think that what we have maybe enough to stay in the top 4, but we need to strengthen to fight for 1st.

    That said, we don’t need a lot of players. 2-3 additions could be enough. A top striker, a top DM and back up left back should be enough. If Wenger wants to get another cb or winger that will be great too.

    We also need to release/sell a handful of players.

    1. Worst ever Arsenal EPL record after 12 games and best since 2010 after 33 games, you couldn’t ask for much more in the last 6 months so are you gonna make changes based on how they played back in September ?

  8. WE can have as many players as we want but Wenger will play the same 11 line up every week until one of them is injured or if we lose 6-0! I really wouldn’t want to start season on Wenger’s bench! You will never start a match again ……

  9. Looking at recent signings such as Chambers, Alexis and Ozil it looks like signings will either be of exceptional pedigree or youngsters with potential. No more gambling on players such as Bendtner because the money is available. There are always players out there that could get into the team but it’s a question of whether they’re available. Arsenal are the best performing team of 2015, we all know that the title was thrown away in the first 12 games. It isn’t actually necessary to beat Chelsea because Chelsea will always drop points against so-called lesser teams, they are set up to be hard to beat rather than to break down stubborn defences. The consistency of the last 5 months would be enough to win the title next season.

  10. We need to let players go to create space, and salary structure. No Reus will come if we do not offer something close to what our top earners get. Flamini/Diaby/Poldi/Ryo, let them go. If Sanogo or Joel can get a loan spell, let them play elsewhere. I am not for selling our maturing players, but 1 off sell among Theo/Jack or anyone who is good but will be at most a squad player, will not matter. This will create space, and wage. Get a CDM, anyone among Kondogbia/Morgan or Wanyema will do, there are many others who are good prospects. Keep Arteta for 1 more year, just in case. Get a striker, who can offer us attacking options, nopt hold up play. Reus will be great since that will present us with different options upfront, even a false 9 system. And I would like to see Arsenal invest for future. 10M/season on young players, Munir will be a gr8 steal. Follow Chelsea model, buy 1-2 each season and let them mature elsewhere.

  11. What we really need is for Wellbeck to get some shooting practise. He could be top draw if he improved his finishing. The fact that he still gets games and doesn’t get grief off fans as a striker who’s only scored 4 goals in 23 matches is proof of that. The rest of his game is excellent.

    1. . . . apart from his first touch of course which is why he does not get the chance to shoot in the first place. I like Danny’s enthusiasm and work ethic but I’d swap him for Lacazette any day of the week.

  12. Some Arsenal fans are the most negative of any club in the league. Arsenal have the best record of any club in the top 5 leagues in Europe in 2015, will probably finish second and win the FA Cup but some of you just can’t help complaining. Give us a break. If we won the Champions League you’d probably complain that they didn’t win by 5 goals. You must be a joy at Christmas “I told you to get me the Brietling with the chestnut brown strap, not oak brown, you’ve ruined my Christmas, boo hoo”.

    1. haha – its all about chesnut brown!
      its not just arsenal fans its fans in general , roll into blue moon or shed end forum…those guys moan more than jenna jameson in hoes from outer space 2

  13. OUT:
    Jenkinson (loan)
    walcott (don’t want him to go, but if wenger isn’t going to play him, he should let theo go)
    Jenkinson (loan) or chamber (loan)
    Per (if we can find a replacement)

    Schnielderlin or Kondogbia
    Lacazette or Higuin (i know he’s old but he can deliver straight away and thats what needed to win the title)
    Godin (same as higuin) or some1 young like schar
    Pedro (to replace theo)

    Don’t think we need a keeper

  14. Yes we do need new players.

    Goalkeeper – if Szczes leaves, we need to buy. If not, we don’t.

    CB – We’re fine IMHO unless a cheap option becomes available and we loan out Chambers for first team experience.

    RB – Over supplied with quality.

    LB – Maybe buy a new young player to bring through as Ottewill (or whatever his name is) doesn’t seem to be stepping up.

    DM – Flamini cannot contend for a starting position and is now a squad player. Arteta has missed roughly a full season. Both are nearing their final years. We NEED a strong DM option as well as Coquelin.

    CM + CAM – No need

    RW – No Need

    LW – No depth and we’re playing a RW on the left (Wenger often does this anyway). If a good option became available who actually plays wide I’d want them, though Wenger might not.

    CF – We have 1 out and out CF with lots of options if we’re desperate. An improvement on Giroud or a player to adequately challenge for the starting CF position would be a nice luxury.

    In short – we NEED a DM. We could use a LW. A quality CF would be a great signing. A CB of the right mould would be useful in the right situation, as would a LB. Our only pressing signings is a DM but there is certainly room for signings. IF we want to win the PL then an attacking signing is a must to freshen the team up. No more then 4 signings should be made whatever the situation.

    1. To state who I think we need:


      A perfect second signing would be:

      (totally unrealistic if you ask me)

      As for defence Mings sounds like a shrewd option. Otherwise I’m sure someone in Spain has a nice young LB or CB ready for us to steal so we can train them in real defender.

      1. If it were me I’d bid for West Ham’s Cresswell who has also played for Ipswich like Mings and let Jenkinson go the other way. Or look abroad at Valencia’s Gaya!

        1. I like Cresswell but I dunno if he’ll ever be truly top draw. I don’t know about Mings either for that matter but Mings might be a more available option (especially on a loan back system). Preferably if we’re buying at LB though they have to be able to go on to become a top quality LB and not a LB we’d want to replace. This is why Wenger is the manager and I’m sitting at a pc though – I don’t know who will become a great LB but he might 😉

  15. Do Arsenal need new players – well do che bayern madrid psg juve.. no doubt theyll get some.

    1. Also must add, it doesnt bode well for us after we miss out on league but think we will be good enough to go without and then there are teams who have won their leagues but because they didnt win CL they get new players with aim to win CL. And even the winner of CL will want to try keep the ground made because they know the teams which missed out will try make some ground.

  16. We do need a few players if we can get reus, higuan,kondgdogbia, and if we can get another centre back we are set and i think Wilshire, sanago, campbell should stay and sell rosiscky,Flamini,podolski,let go diaby,artetta oh remember i told u here that a fit gnarby is going to be a fantastic player he is gonna be better than all our winger the kid has wonderful potential and determination and he will succeed

  17. of course we need more players and we will get the players needed wenger doesn’t work the way the press wants him too. he wont start working on the clubs transfers until the season ends then he will go to work, atm he doesn’t want to rock the boat he has the sqaud in a good place atm, and when the time is right he will sort out transfer with his transfers team and send out his big hitter dick law to seal the big deals that we will be going in for.

    wenger has his shiny new stats team(this is an very important tool for the future) also who will give all the info he need to choose the right players, and he has generally good judgement on players usually, wenger knows where to fill in and who to fill it in with

  18. I believe every team needs some reinforcements. However I think what the writer had in mind was whether or not we can cope successfully without new additions. We don’t desperately need a player in any position but for purposes of width and preparing for emergencies we require at least two or three talented players who can act as understudy so that they can take over in the future. Mertesacker is approaching 30 as is Koscielny and Giroud is 29 so all these players need to get talented young players as understudy. However for Giroud we have Welbeck, Sanogo and Akpom; for central defence there is Chambers. Maybe we seriously need a supportive holding midfielder to back up Coquelin. The business of saying without additions Arsenal can’t compete for anything is really arrogant because the current crop has been on top of the form table since the year started. We need additions to ensure that in case of injuries we can still compete favourably. I wish to predict that come next season Arsenal will be a strong contender on all fronts.

  19. Arsenal fans logic on this site have a thinking syndrom of ,, my penis is bigger then yours,,.

    You people can tllk and tllk, yet you all are far from the truth. And if you refuse to admit the simple truth, other teams like Chelsea and co will be around to put you back on your places.

    How fickle all you can be is beyong pathetic. You will find Arsenal in the same situation next year believe me.

    The current poz is not thanks to us improving, but thx to the others failing aswell. Chelsea are not so great, but them planing and grinding points made them win the epl. The cl performances where terrible. Manures fate is terrible as well. The epl need a big team like Manure coz Chelsea cant be the team who represent us the champions. How much we we have fallen.

    Facts you people need to put into your head ; Ramsey is not worldclass, Walcott is not Thierry Henry, Giroud is not the striker to lead us, Coquelin must not be our only Dm, Wilsher needs caring to save him from being an another Diaby, Mertesacker is old and needs to be replaced, we need a new left back, we need a keeper, we need to ship out Poldi and some others.

    we need to buy: kondogbia, striker, defender to have even a chance to compete, bec, chelsea and co will turn even stronger. as compared to us, they dont play around.

    1. Best team of 2015. Would’ve been champions based on the last two thirds of the season. You don’t know what you are talking about. Boo hoo, we’re not Champions. If you can’t support your team now you will never support your team.

  20. Buy Kondogbia and Lacazatte. We do not need another keeper unless szszezney leaves, Ospina is doing just fine. Gnabry will play more games and we have wellington back too.

    Podolski, miyaichi, diaby, flamini, sanago, rosicky and arteta

  21. Yes we definitely need some additions.
    Kondogbia for them rainy nights away to Stoke etc
    Lacazette for flexibility to play anywhere along the front line.
    Get Walcott to sign an extension as he will come good next season.

    In terms of deadwood/not required players, the following we should let go:
    Arteta Flamini Diaby Ryo Podolski Campbell Wellington and Sanogo.
    These players will struggle to even get into the cup team due to the quality of the squad when fit.

  22. Giroud is a good finisher but I think the key to winning the title is to have variety up front. Plenty behind him but if you think as Giroud as similar to Dzeko we need an Aguero. Not much else in my opinion. Gnabry and the Ox will be excellent wingers.

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