Do Arsenal already have the perfect young striker to be backup for Havertz next season? (plus video)

Arsenal’s failure to sign Benjamin Sesko has undoubtedly changed the dynamics of their striker quest. You can’t help but wonder who they’ll sign, and you might even wonder if they’ll sign a striker at all.

What if Benjamin Sesko was a smokescreen to conceal plans for academy-striking prodigy Mika Biereth? Last season, Biereth emerged as one of the most promising prospects. Those who watched him last season agree that he’s a rising star. While on loan, he helped Sturm Graz win the Austrian league, starting all 15 games and scoring 5 goals and 2 assists.

He contributed to the Austrian side’s success in the Europa League, scoring three goals in four games, and was instrumental in their league cup victory, scoring one goal and assisting in three games. Before joining Sturm Graz in the middle of the season, he played 14 games for Motherwell in the first half of the 2023–24 season, scoring six goals and assisting five times.

After his year-long loan out, he has returned to the Emirates ahead of the next season with two winning medals. Mikel Arteta is anticipated to take a careful look at him in preseason before making a decision on his future, but I believe he deserves a chance, and he would jump at the opportunity to be Kai Havertz’s backup.

His strong playing style and all-around abilities distinguish the youthful 6’2″ attacker. He uses his physical abilities and strength to be a nuisance in his opponents’ boxes. Although he can also play as a playmaker, his most comfortable position is as a traditional 9.

Those who’ve observed him say he has Jamie Vardy vibes; he’s a “poacher,” always in the right place at the right time to finish opportunities. We’re about to lose several of our finest academy talents, such as Amario Cozier-Duberry, Reuell Walters, and Charlie Patino, because we don’t appear to be able to promote young talent from the academy any more.

If we can trust Havertz to spearhead the Arsenal attack, I would prefer to have academy product Biereth as his backup. This could entail selling Eddie Nketiah and giving our trust in our up-and-coming starlet.

Have a look at some of his finishing. It’s excellent…

What do you think?

Daniel O


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  1. I agree with the sentiments of the article.
    Mika Biereth should be promoted to the Ist team.
    Equally, greater efforts have to be made to hold onto Cozier-Duberry (a real talent) and Walters.

  2. I’m already a big fan of him since his Fulham u18 days. I’ve rated him more highly than Bolagun when they’ve been playing together for u21. He’s smart and mature in the way he plays. Remind me of Henrik Larsson. Was sad to see his development stunt by injury but happy to see him finding form again. Really hope he’ll be giving a chance to prove his worth.

  3. the numbers 15 goals, 8 assists, 33 games (if have added up right) are compelling and are comparable with the likes of Sesko, Zirkzee, etc. granted in a lower league but with that comes lower quality players feeding him

    if anyone has stats on his goal contributions per 90 minutes that might be interesting

    of course a big step up and untested in PL, but same is true of others, and importantly for zero outlay

    personally i unconvinced by names left linked to us, either £100m risk, not good fit to system, not prolific goal scorers (non-pen), or all three

    so why not give the combination of Berieth and Obi-Martin a go, alternating between 1st team squad and youth games to keep them game sharp as most 1st team appearences will be off the bench as impact subs

    then come January if there is still a need for an outside striker we can enter the market then

    it seems a sensible approach given the ideal striker is otherwise not there right now, if going to compromise then why not do it this way and inspire the academy while we are at it

  4. I like him. Really seems to enjoy playing as a striker. And above all else, his mentality is super.

  5. He deserves a chance in pre-season. Arteta seems to be good with young stars but somehow fails to give our own (development) a chance. Mikel and Edu need to provide a clear path to the first team.

    1. We’ll never know until he’s given a chance but from what I saw from YouTube ( which sometimes can be deceiving) he looks capable. He’s a finisher, he has the skills. It’s up to the coach to give him a chance and play him to his strength just like he does with Havertz

    2. We’ll never know unless he is at least given a chance. We have to start using some of these academy players otherwise what is the point of the academy.

    3. How can he lead the line when he is just from the academy?

      If he is promoted now he might be leading the line in 3 to 5 years if he a quality player.

      Saka didn’t lead the line when promoted did he? It took time, experimenting and enough game time to be what he is today.

      1. He is 21 years old and has been scoring for fun everywhere he has gone. I think he now has enough experience to be given a shot. Mind you, Nketiah was also prolific at all ages until he was tried with Leeds in the Championship!

        1. Yes.

          My point was to Sanjeev that a player shouldn’t be promoted to lead the line rather he should be promoted to gain more experience with the seniors and if good enough naturally he will lead the line in the future.

          1. Bereith will not be leading the line, Havertz will continue to lead the line, he will start on the bench as an impact sub

            and that is true of any new striker we bring in

            yes, any new striker, even the £100m variety

            Arteta is no going tear up the very successful system that in PL 2024 delivered 12 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw and a humungous positive goal difference for any new striker

            this is critical to why Berieth may be a worthy option now no Sesko

            it is through this 1st team exposure and minutes off the bench, plus cup games, that a young striker, e.g. Beireth, gains that experience and developes there game

            does that help?

            1. “it is through this 1st team exposure and minutes off the bench, plus cup games, that a young striker, e.g. Beireth, gains that experience and developes there game”

              Isn’t that what I have been saying from the start?


  6. This Mika Biereth will certainly be good in the Arsenal first team if given a chance, May be as a 3rd choice striker…But we all know that Arteta does not give our academy players any chance at all, no matter how good they are.So there lies our problem. Otherwise players like him and Chido-Obi Martins would certainly make the upgrade..

  7. Well he’s already given Patino and Nwaneri some game time. The way the Patino’s two loan spells have gone at Blackpool and then Swansea would suggest that he struggles in the second half of the season. Last season he only started 14 games in the EFL and 19 as a sub.

    Nwaneri is only 17 and will more than likely get more minutes with the first team, while also playing for the U21’s.

  8. I am afraid the analysis is very superficial and tells us little about his potential to fit into the Arsenal team or be effective against the best defenders in the world. His raw stats are not otherworldly so it seems that the clamour for him is mainly because he’s been to the Academy.
    There are several elements of his game that need improving and at this time he would be a gamble.

    1. every striker name linked to Arsenal is a gamble

      not such thing as guaranteed goals

      the big difference is stakes of £100m vs Zero

      there is no perfect fit striker available so whoever comes in is a gamble, and on balance of risk and return Bereith in tandem Obi-Martin stacks well vs £100m alternatives

    2. Fair enough David, but the terms of your final paragraph could apply to virtually any young player.Having watched MB when he was at Motherwell on 3 occasions, I can tell you that this lad has a very good chance of making the grade and having cost us precious little why would he be a “gamble”?

  9. miles better than Eddie 100 grand a week this lad is the real deal but sadly will move for Penuts to a smaller club and then mega money to Barca Arteta knows best

  10. He should get a chance in the preseason with Arsenal. Too often we sell players without having a good trial in the first team.

    I’ve said before there is room on the roster for their inclusion.

    Elneny, Cedric, Vieira barely featured; why not those 3 spots? That still leaves 22, that is 2 complete teams on the 1st team roster.

  11. I always thought Mika Biereth was coming good and was always meant for us. Then we’re told there’s 200 per player and computer analytics and we can then only listen to the manager ….. trying to trust the process

  12. Looks physically very strong and able to operate in tight spaces. I’d start him ahead of Kai who can’t hit a barn door.

  13. Birreth is of the promosing strikers. He is the same age as Sesko, and almost same height. Him, Obi, Amario, and Raul Walters together with Nwanieri, should be given a chance to play during preseason.
    Our manager and administration need to trust our academy players.
    That way, Academy players will have confidence of joining senior team

      1. The Austrian league ranked 27th below Bundesliga 2 and the Championship. To place any faith on Birreth being able to make the massive jump up in class would be foolish. His underlying stats xg etc aren’t actually that good considering the level he is playing at and his age. Hopefully we can get a couple of million for him and we can all move on.

    1. I don’t think you fully comprehend the step up in class between the academy and the first team. We are trying to dethrone 115 charges and win the most competitive league in the world. Nketiah obliterated under 19 tecords, Nelson was singled out as a wonderkid and we had all pinned our hopes on ESR long before Saka took over. All 3 of thoes are in the shop window because, ESR aside, they are not good enough. Saka has shown that if you’re good enough you’ll move someone aside and take their place. Birreth is not that guy, but hopefully he’ll carve out a good career in the lower leagues.

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