Do Arsenal already have Theo Walcott’s replacement?

There have been many Arsenal transfer rumours regarding who could replace Theo Walcott if he failed to sign a new contract and got sold this summer, but should we be looking at outsiders like Raheen Sterling, or should we be looking closer to home?

Serge Gnabry arrived at Arsenal from Stuttgart in 2012 with a great youth reputation behind him, having played for Germany at U17 and U19 levels. He made his debut at just 17 years of age and after an excellent season with the reserves, and an impressive pre-season, he was called into the Gunners first team squad by Arsene Wenger for the 2013/14 season.

After making 8 starts and 7 sub appearances, including a goal against Swansea in the Premier League, he was unluckily injured and has been out of action for a whole year. Arsene Wenger was obviously very impressed to have put him in the First Team at such an early age, so if the young German has retained his excellent striking ability then he will probably be ready to play now.

Along with Jack Wilshere and Abou Diaby, he has played in the last two Arsenal U21 games and feels like he is getting back to his best. Gnabry said after last nights game against Reading: “I am feeling good, I’m feeling better and better. It is my second 90 minutes [in the space of a week], I am playing and over my injury so it is all good and I am looking forward to the next game.

“It is always nice to play here (at the Emirates), there was also a decent crowd so I was very pleased to be at the stadium again.”

Despite only just returning from injury, he has already been called up for the Germany U21’s, and has already had some recent playing time, which can only add to his fitness levels. “It’s good, I have been injured for a long time. I have been away with the young national team for the past few weeks, which was a good experience with a good side so I am looking forward to the Euros so hopefully we can go there and win the title.”

So, how is enjoying being back and playing? “I think it is team spirit. When you are away for a long time, you get together as a team. I think the stronger the team, the better the performances on the pitch.”

Okay I understand with such an important run-in ahead of us, Gnabry may not get many chances from now until the end of the season, but there are definitely possibilities in the future. It is interesting that Wenger gave him his debut when Theo Walcott was pulled out just before the game against Stoke City in September 2013.

Is it possible that if Walcott doesn’t sign his new contract, Wenger will already have a ready-made replacement in Gnabry?

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  1. Lets forget about Sterling – prefer to take our chances with Gnabry and Ox regardless of what happens to Theo. If Liverpool are looking for £50M+ then they need their heads examined – for not much more you could probably get Draxler AND Depay or Reus AND Dybala. Did you see Sterling last night – his finishing is absolutely shocking, makes Danny look like Romario. I haven’t seen an English player hyped this much since Gazza and Sterling is not in his league imo when it comes to ability.

    1. Don’t see why you keep drumming Ox into the convo when Sterling is concerned, any purchase would be at Theo’s expense or a plain addition. You clearly don’t like Sterling so you’re not at all objective when commenting on the matter.

      Sterling turned 20 in December and you’re sitting here bashing his finishing from one game last night, then you compare him to a 24 year old striker….so he’s not the finished article? Shocking. How was Theo’s finishing/game in general at 19/20? Pretty crap if you care to remember, same with Ox. You’ve read a daily mail article spouting 50mil and ran with it, he won’t leave for that sum and to think as much is daft.

      Only player of those you mentioned that’s currently better than Sterling is Reus (by some distance). But hearing Wengers comments about squad age etc it seems he’s looking to put a little more youth into the squad to preserve longevity. Replacing Theo with Reus would be an upgrade, but Reus is 25 and has a poor injury record – Sterling is recently 20 and would walk straight into our 11 at RW no matter your disdain. He’s merely an option in the summer, and of those you mentioned I’d take him all day long. Bitch about the hype all you like but he’s quality and his stats back that up, he’d be a terrific addition in the summer.

      1. Jeez, you really do love this guy don’t you? “Best young player in Europe”, he might not even be the best young player at Liverpool – hear lots of scousers more excited about Ibe and Can than RS. You and Brenda rate him – I don’t, along with most of the others below by the looks of it.

        1. Love nor hate, I can simply recognize a player at 19/20 who is arguably one of the top prem teams best player. Wenger called him a “great player”, but cos you don’t rate him others should follow suit? Ok….

          Tout gnabry all you like but he’s a teenager who’s been out of football for a year and played about 10 first team matches in 2.5 seasons. I’ll take match winner Sterling over that all day and give Gnabry a loan. You would rather “chance it” because you dislike a player. Yawn.

          1. Wenger calls everyone a “great player”. Yes I would rather take a chance on one of our players. If you think that £30/40/50M on Sterling – for lets face it, at the very best, a possible incremental improvement some time in the future, in a position we have well covered, with an attitude and ego that hints at future trouble – is not “chancing it” then good luck there.

            It would be nice for a change to see you on here eulogising about an Arsenal player rather than a rival’s. You have told everyone repeatedly that you only want what is best for Arsenal and you represent the “real supporter” but the better we do the less you are seen around these parts. I imagine you lurking around hoping for a bad result so you can gleefully jump in with a “told you so”.

            1. Yep you nailed it, not once came with that attitude and now you’re going to judge me via my activity on a forum…..get help mate that’s just sad. I sporadically come on here and give my view, if you don;t like it I couldn’t care less. That’s why it’s an opinion.

      2. Well you hit the nail on the head there Charlie,Stirling 20 and comparing with Oxy 23, so Coquelin 23 shouldn’t be compared to Schniederlin 26, make up Ya mind on players abilities CB

      3. Just like Coquelin the stats add up and at 23 he will be better than any now and at 26 will be priceless and captain of Arsenal CB

        1. Yet again you only comment in response to me about coquelin…..who isn’t even the subject of what I wrote about yet you have the audacity to say I “crawl out the woodwork at the mention of his name”. Drop the obsession mate it’s embarrassing.

          Schneiderlin turned 25 in November, has comparable defensive stats to coquelin but is light years better in possession. If you think a DM is only there to tackle and hassle then why not put Gabriel in there?

          A top class DM needs the defensive acumen AND the ball playing ability. Coquelin has the former while players like Schneiderlin/Gonalons have it all. But for the umpteenth time I’m done rehashing the same Coquelin vs Elite DM’s argument with you. You’re wrong and time will show show, so zip it on the matter and stop bugging me on here.

          1. You are the only one who doesn’t give Coquelin the credit that is going around even Wenger praises him as do other professionals.Look this is not about Coquelin this is about your coments on players age that you say at 20 are not in the same league as any at 25 bull shit, Fabragas Rooney Wiltshire Bellerin Ashely cole even Welbeck at United are class players at under 21You think that a player only matures at 25 or older you have no idea on a players ability ,you just come out with this bull shit to make out you know about players.Well let’s see as you say at end of season who has more knowledge on a player to make the big time CB

            1. Luko you’re honestly thick as two short ones, I AM DONE on the coquelin matter with you you;re like a dog with a bone….drop it. I’ve said my piece on coquelin, praised what he’s done yet pointed out he’s not as rounded as the position requires. You ignore what I say and make up the rest. Go ahead and do that, but stop looking for my name on here to rehash arguments about coqulein ffs. This article was about Sterling/Walcotts replacement.

          2. The Arsenal system is pretty straightforward at present – we have one specialist DM who is significantly more effective in a defensive capacity than MS whose sole remit is to give it quickly and simply to another Arsenal midfielder who is significantly better creatively than MS. FC doesn’t have a VW to bail him out and cover his arse either. All about systems and to my mind MS wouldn’t warrant a place in our 4-1-4-1 in the DM role – not the best defensively and not as good as our creatives to get a place further up the field. I could see him in a 4-2-3-1, good player and good option.

            1. “Not the best defensively” – don’t bother talking tome if you’re just going to make sh1t up. He’s been the best DM in the league for going on 3 seasons, backed statistically and you’re going to sit there and say he’s not the best defensively? Give it a rest you’re pathetic.

  2. … Sterling is out of the equation for me…. How many goals and assists has he got to his game all season… He is seriously over-hyped…. Meanwhile, both Gnabry and Ox are fast, poweful, dribblers and they can destroy defenses singlehandedly…. But, their goal scoring is not up there yet…. If they can work on that, then we have the replacements for walcott.

    1. Sterling was really hyped up before the World Cup. ‘Best teenager in Europe’ and all that. But after England’s pre-tournament friendlies started, people weren’t talking about Sterling, they were talking about the Ox. Such a shame he got injured.

      1. Barkley also looked good. A bit flakey though.

        Wilshere has always performed well for England. Pity it hasn’t translated to his arsenal form as much.

  3. I hope and think Theo will resign although his behaviour is a bit disappointing given the lack of return on investment since he signed his last contract. If not, then Gnarbry, Ox, Welbeck and one of Silva, Campbell or Akpom is plenty of cover. Keeping in mind that Ramsey has done a decent job in the last couple of months. Although I wouldn’t say no to Reus.

    1. Lol resign? Love it. First I thought you meant he would quit. Then I realised you meant he would sign again.

  4. I think Gnabry can make right wing his position. If theo does decide to leave i think we should go for Gerard Deulofeo for competion. The guy done well at Everton, has pace, dribbles with ball better than Theo and can bang in some goals. Wouldn’t be expensive too, 10m should be enough i reckon.

  5. why do we need sterling?? we have miyaichi
    i want miyaichi to surprise us like coquelin did

  6. I like Gnabry, but for me Oxlade-Chamberlain is out best RW at the moment, assuming Alexis is on the left of course. Ox has power, pace, skills, the ability to drive the team forward and take players on and is a good finisher. Pretty much everything a top winger needs. If he adds more goals and assists to his game, he could be one of the best around in the position. He’s shown he can do it, he just has to get in the position to do so more often. Ox is still only 22 years old, he’ll get much better. To me he’s one of the best prospects in the PL, not because he’s the best young player, he isn’t. But because he has so many strengths to his game. Sooner or later it’ll all come together, as he gets more experienced.

    1. Who is the best young player? Sterling? Barkley? Dybala? Draxler?

      I like Barkley, he reminds me of oxlade. Not as quick. A bit foolish in his game but extremely creative. Sterling I never liked.

      1. Define young player (under what age)? For me Pogba is the best all around young player followed very closely by Reus.

        Gnabry definitely has it in him to be top class if he stays healthy

  7. I like the article and there isn’t many articles on here I like much.

    Look at those liverfool fans and their sterling. They are also going on about losing and replacing him. But those liverflop’s think Ibe IS his replacement and some go as far to say he is better.

    But the truth is he isn’t that great. Technically average, slower and worse movement then sterling and believe it or not if you could be a worse finisher then sterling he has managed it.

    But at least the loserfools are optimistic and I like that about them.

    Thing is we aren’t foolish to believe oxlade or gnabry are better or could be better then Walcott. Sure they have different types of qualities. Oxlade is massively strong and that aspect goes unnoticed. Gnabry is technically brilliant. All are fast.

    I like Walcott and I’m certain he adds a lot to our team and I will miss him if he goes but we have youth players who will replace him either as a first teamed or a squad player.

  8. Right wing players we have got Theo, Ox, Gnabry and Gervinho when he comes back. Theres no need for Sterling if you ask me. We are light on the left wing. I know I keep on saying it but when you watch us most of our attacks go down the right. We need to be more two dimensional.

    1. PS If Wenger works his magic again Bellerin could move to the right wing position in years to come.

  9. The announcers over here just compared Varane’s run down the right flank to Theo Walcott.

  10. Yeah Wenger will definitely give Gnabry and any other a good shot at making first team even if place doesnt open up.

    When everyone is fit and playing well it will be difficult for some. We have Walcott/Welbz/Sanchez/Ox/Gnabry/Campbell/Wellington and Wenger moving Santi Mesut or Aaron out there also.

    We have in middle Wilshere/Ramsey/Ozil/Cazorla/Coquelin/Arteta/Diaby/Rosicky/Ox when are at peak best are all deserving… even Sanchez can play no.10.. very tough decisions.

    Maybe a liv formation could work in some games
    ……….Gab Boss Monreal……..
    Something like that against certain opposition, depending if you want extra width or extra central. I think they would play some fantastical football.

  11. Walcott will sign a contract to stay at Arsenal. Problem solved

    If not, then just get Reus.

  12. I would love Theo to stay but he needs to have more vision and pass the ball accurately. If he could do that he would be world class.

  13. We can bitch about Walcott and Wilshere, but both are home grown under old rules and the newly proposed rules. So is Sterling. Gnabry is home grown under current rules but would lose it under new rules. Wilshere we will keep, let City struggle rebuilding their squad. Also if Theo goes, Sterling makes sense to keep the HG numbers up.

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