Do Arsenal already regret Martinez departure? (opinion)

Emiliano Martinez shines on his Debut! Can we have him back please?

On the day Arsenal signed his replacement, Emiliano Martinez made his debut for Aston Villa and proved just why Arsenal should have fought harder to keep him!

In the early evening kick off against Sheffield United at Villa Park, Martinez took to the sticks to make his debut for the team he joined last week. After a slow start and then a sending off for Sheffield United, it looked as though it would be an easy game for Villa as they held the extra man, but it was deemed to be a more difficult task then they first imagined.

United went down to ten men on twelve minutes when John Egan grappled with Ollie Watkins and the linesman flagged for a foul in which referee Graham Scott walked over and pulled out a straight red card. Of course, the incident then went to VAR but his decision stood and Sheffield were down to ten men with over 70 minutes left to play of the game.

Villa then began to control the game, but it wasn’t until the minute 33 that Martinez was properly tested, as The Blades went forward on a counter-attack in which Burke used his pace to drive into the Villains box, Targett was caught out of position and had no choice but to clip the player sending him down and out and Graham Scott signalled for a penalty. Over to VAR it went, decision stood, and Emi was about to face his biggest test on his debut. Trying to save a penalty.

And he did just that! After failing to save any of the penalties in the Community Shield final against Liverpool for Arsenal, he found himself up against Lundstram, who stepped up and fired a shot to the bottom left of the goal, Emi guessed rightly and pulled off the save diving down to his right to keep it at 0-0.

After making a few more good saves and with a goal from Ezri Konsa giving Villa a 1-0 lead, Emi helped to lead Villa to their first three points of the season and what a key asset I am sure he will be in helping them stay in the Premier League for yet another season.



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  1. Well, i wasn’t happy when we sold him(Martinez)
    To me he is way better than Leno
    He has the right attributes that is needed for a keeper who plays for a big club. Good distribution, commanding in the boss and installs confidence in his defenders and he himself oozes confidence. To me he is good for a top team where the goolie is not expected to make 30+ saves per match.
    But it is what it is we have Leno now and we should get behind him and support him even thou i see Martinez better i still see Leno good enough bar occasional errors which i have come to accept it’s just part of his game.

  2. Dear Lord… I can’t with this fanbase.
    Really what’s the point of this discussion or article though?
    Yesterday everyone of us discussed about Leno and the stuff he should improve on because he’s our GK.
    Now “do Arsenal regret selling Martinez ?” .
    Should we get ready to have more influx of this question and articles after every gameweek?
    The same energy we’re seeing right now, like someone said yesterday. Will you guys start giving us articles and question about Arsenal letting Gnabry go and keeping Walcott?
    Come on man, we don’t need this or vibes that comes with it

    1. Have to admit, we seem to be going round in circles. Is there that little to discuss or debate?

      Can we just make a pact that we will not post about:

      1.) MA having a great or poor season
      2.) Regretting the sale of Martinez
      3.) Ozil (in any shape or form)
      4.) How crap our midfield is
      5.) How crap our defence is

      Until at least January 2021. By then we should know if any of the above are worthy of discussion!! 👍

    2. I think Admin Pat has to do a better job (you’re already doing a great job BTW) of selecting Articles to post. I don’t think it’s every article that should be posted to be honest, even though I have similar views as the author, I still think the issue is being over flogged because we just had a similar article yesterday. This is where I ask that Admin Pat becomes more selective in Articles to post. Once an article is similar to a recent one, no matter how paraphrased it is, it shouldn’t get posted on the website. But then again, I understand it’s your website and I can’t tell you how it should be run, but we’re your customers and sometimes customers can be right 😉

      1. But then again, how do I choose which writer I should allow to give their opinion?

        It’s a difficult one but I’ll consider your advice…

    1. I don’t know if Arsenal regret it but if this site had one more rehashed article about an Aston Villa player, I certainly will regret it.

      As my grandma used to say ” no point crying over spilled milk”. Especially true if you don’t even know if the milk was spilled, or even it was actual milk. Or if it was spilled because the fellas holding the glass prefer the consistent flavour of whole milk rather than flavoured milk that only tastes good for two months every ten years… (I’m paraphrasing Grandma in that last bit)

    1. Exactly TMJW, it is difficult to keep an ambitious player, who wants to be and has proven good enough to be #1 goal keeper at a club and will be unhappy sitting on the bench.
      Arsenal and Martinez have made their respective choices, so let’s move on and support the players wearing the shirt.

  3. Having both Martinez and Leno once Emi impressed so much was going to be an impossible dream

    Better in the short term does not mean better going forward, and there is nothing to be gained by going round and round in circles as was mentioned above and in posts yesterday.

    I found Emi a reassuring presence in goal but in Leno we have a good keeper who now more than before needs our support

  4. Some arsenal fans are becoming so anoying… Emi is gone and hes gone for his good or do you guys wanto tie his destiny on the bench??
    just 1penalty save and youre already regrating letting him go. How comes he cudnt save even 1 of the 5 he faced against liverpool (penalty is a game of luck). Hope runnerson(macey) will save 2penalty from the shootout he will face today and see what this mourning fanbase will be like. You start seeing post like (no martinez no problem, runner is the best backup gk in the world, runner should unsurp leno as our no1 etc)..
    admin enough of martinez he aint our player no more pls

  5. I once comment on same article like this saying Arsenal fans are funny someone call me out, will say it again ARSENAL FANS ARE THE MOST FUNNIEST FANS AROUND THE WORLD. We always always always find negativity in every performance of the team always putting bulls eye on players to attack even when we know negative words demoralized psotivity in people. EMI made is choice and Arsenal made theirs, thank God it was documented that Arsenal offered him improved deal to stay but he rejected it so why flogging the dead horse.
    Would challenge the Admin to please or anybody that could help with data collection towards the 10 teams EMI faced during the last run in against same opposition Leno faced during the same season and see who comes out top. Example Liverpool away Leno VS Liverpool home EMI. Let’s see if EMI was that good and Leno that poor or maybe it was the hard work or Arteta and the defense that makes things bright.

  6. It is simple as the adage in my native land, literarily being ”gold is sold(in this case, bought by) to the person who knows its worth/value”
    I was curious, why Villa, now I know why. JT is there, and probable, recommended from a certain training sr partner. With Terry’s mentality, Villa may not be Blacburn Rover, or Leceister City, but I see Emiliano in EPL long term. And What? The average team like Aston is the challenge that will make up for lost time, likely to be enough to convince the National team Coach to turn to Emi.

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