Do Arsenal attacking tactics need Coquelin to succeed?

We have all seen it happen to Arsenal a fair few times in the past, when the need or desire for a goal has the likes of Ramsey and the full backs pushing further and further forward to link up with the forwards only for the opposing defence to hold firm and then spring a counter attack that sees us concede a goal.

Arsenal have done just that against much lesser attacking units than the Man City side they will face in the Premier League tomorrow, so although I cannot help but admire the determination of Arsene Wenger to send his players out with the intention to attack, as he explained to Sky Sports this week, I cannot help but worry about how exposed this may leave us.

Wenger said, “I believe we can beat them.

“I’ve been told we’ve only lost once in the last nine fixtures against City, so let’s continue that.

“Maybe if I listen to the so-called experts, City are better than ever before, so that could be a bigger test for us.

“We have to try and contain them when they have the ball as they are a force going forward. The number of goals they’ve scored is quite impressive. It would be suicidal not to be careful defensively. We need to produce a strong defensive performance as a team. That might not be enough.

“It could be an open game as we will attack when we have the ball – although we won’t play with seven strikers.”

With Ramsey, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Lacazette Arsenal do have six very attack minded players, though. They have the ability to create and score but also have the tendency to give chances the other way. That is why I think that for the tactics to work we need to have Coquelin in to protect the defence.

The Frenchman loves a tackle and can sniff out danger. Xhaka would add more to our passing game and could help going forward but he is not in the same league defensively as Le Coq. Do you agree? Will Wenger also see this and make the change? If not are we heading for trouble at the Etihad?



  1. Wolfgang says:

    Arsenal need to speed up the attack to prevent more MC defenders
    clogging up the goal mouth. Sanchez needs to lessen his step overs .
    If Arsenal indulge in obsessive passing like RM, they could be prone
    to the quick incisive break out.Then any of the MC guys will have time and
    acres of space to shoot and score.
    The bg will be aliability and could be exposed .There is nothing to say
    Arsenal cant win. Afterall they aint expected win against Pool in 1989
    and boy did they do it to win the title.

    1. Luke bratzi says:

      Well no one replying to the post may not understand the game. So yes Coquelin is better used than that so called midfielder Xhaka. What was so difficult in answering. CB

  2. Mitch Connor says:

    I just saw a photo of Cazorla’s foot that he released. A really nasty scar. I feel so sorry for him. He has had 8 Achilles surgeries. Also He nearly had his foot AMPUTATED for gangrene.
    I miss him so very much on the pitch but he is lucky he is still able to walk, let alone play.

    Cazorla is up there with Alexis in terms of quality. Truly world class in my opinion. None of our central midfielders come close to him. That is our biggest problem. Our central midfield is not as good as United, City, Liverpool, Chelsea or Spurs. What the hell has Wenger done to us?

  3. GB says:

    Yes we need Coq to succeed but we really know he won’t. But Xhaka is a liability too. I would risk Niles at DM which I think is his natural position in U23 team.

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