Do Arsenal deserve a place in the Top Four?

Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal head into the final weekend of the Premier League with just three points separating them. At, we’ve analysed how the three clubs have compared in 10 key areas this season to reveal which two are the most deserving of a top four spot, statistically speaking.

Manchester City go to Watford on Sunday, safe in the knowledge that just a point will cement a top four finish, while a win will confirm third place.

Of the 10 areas analysed, Pep Guardiola’s side lead Liverpool and Arsenal in six.

City have recorded the highest possession (61%) and passing accuracy (85%), as well as the most successful passes (18,869), successful dribbles (485) and shots (618). City have conceded fewer goals (39) than either Liverpool or Arsenal, while scoring more than the Gunners and as many as the Reds (75).

Liverpool host Middlesbrough in their final game, with a win enough to guarantee a top four finish.

The Reds lead City and Arsenal in two key areas. Liverpool have been the best in the air , winning a total of 647 aerial duels, while they’ve also won more tackles (703).

Jurgen Klopp’s side sit second in four areas; possession (58%), successful passes (17,698), shots (615) and goals conceded (42).

Arsenal welcome Everton to the Emirates on Sunday and will be relying on other results going their way for any hope of a top four finish.

The Gunners top Man City and Liverpool in just one key area, interceptions (530).

Arsene Wenger’s men rank second in four areas; pass completion (84%), successful dribbles (451), aerial duels won (624) and tackles won (655).

Overall, Manchester City are the most deserving of a top four finish based on statistics.The numbers go on to suggest Liverpool merit fourth spot ahead of Arsenal, having topped the Gunners in seven key areas.
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Russell Cane


  1. Ronny says:

    No they dont
    And if empty seats, a drop in merchandise sales and Europe next year is what it takes for kroenke to cut and run then let’s do it.
    Kroenke is a rodent that needs to go.

  2. John0711 says:

    As long as kronkie and wenger go I’m fine either way as it won’t be long before we are back at the top

  3. RSH says:

    Point total is the only stat that matters. If we end up with more points than Liverpool than yes. But as a fan that has watched almost every game this season, this has been aesthetically, probably the worst football Arsenal has ever played under Wenger. I’ve fallen asleep several times, stared at my phone, or just zoned out because of the poor, poor performances. And not just playing badly, but the obvious lack of effort. This season has really been a low point for the club, and it’s not because we are missing out on top 4. Arsenal’s identity is going through the toilet, and the passion from the fans, from the players, is dead. Things will only get worse if changes are not made with how this club is run. Because it hasn’t been working for a while.

  4. leoliberty says:

    I don’t even know what we deserve and what we don’t deserve… I only know after 14 years or so of mediocrity and lies told by wenger and the board arsenal fans deserve to be happy… we’ve watched teams like Monaco, Leicester, atletico Madrid, juventus come out from relegation to win the league yet we are not even planning to even try to get there..

    what a life???

    1. Robert Newton says:

      Agreed man Wenger has given up and he is not good enough any more. He has zero ambition of winning and is happy with 4th place trophy?

  5. Robert Newton says:

    We don’t deserve to be in UCL anway. We get hammered by Bayern or Barcelona every year in RO 16. We are in UCL just to make profit for greedy Kroenke and Wenger. Every year they break promise by not signing the right player needed. We need everything change at Arsenal from
    owner, manager, new DOF, new board members, new assistant coach, new medical team, new megastar players and get rid of deadwoods?

  6. Ronny says:

    Best signing of the summer?
    In: Usmanov
    Out: Kroenke

    Let’s dream that this can happen!
    Wenger may leave but it will all be the same old sh*t as long as Stan is top of the pile.

  7. paul35mm says:

    Teams deserve what they achieve, no more, no less. If Arsenal have enough points to finish fourth, they deserve to be fourth. As the pundits always say, the table doesn’t lie.

    If Arsenal win and Liverpool lose or draw, Arsenal will be fourth, they will have earned fourth, and they deserve fourth. If they win and Liverpool win, then the Reds will be fourth and they will deserve to be fourth because they will have earned it.

    The whole concept of “deserve” suggests some sort of moral imperative that just does not exist. Some teams, like West Brom under Tony Pulis and Man U and Chelsea under Mourinho, do not try to keep the ball, so the idea that having a high possession percentage against them is proof of superiority is simply wrong. Even Arsenal have, at times, decided to cede possession as a tactical approach, rendering the value of that statistic moot as a measure of quality play.

    This term Arsneal have 72 points, one more than last year (they were second) so it is really hard to make a legitimate claim that this season is a failure. The team, by the most objective measure, points taken, is better than last year. They will, mostl ikely, finish fifth, but fifth or fourth, they will have taken more points than they did last year.

    The Wenger Out Mob won’t like it, but the truth is, Arsenal, while they have not won the league and might not make top four, cannot truthfully be described as disappointing, poor, or failing.

  8. bran99 says:

    Even if we get the 4th spot, what if Man U wins the Europa league? We prepared ourselves for this torture when the team was playing super poorly and our so called manager could not do a single twist to save us, till it’s too late and now his fans are calling him genius coz of changing the formation (when it was already too late)

    1. RoyK says:

      Even if Man U wins the Europa league, it doesn’t matter, because a maximum of 5 teams can represent England in the CL.

  9. Ashley says:

    I think using the word deserves is the wrong word for this as no one deserves anything it’s earn’t and if you are asking if Arsenal has earn’t the right to be a top 4 team then I must say No. As all the teams above them have been more consistent and it could be a disaster for Arsenal if they don’t make it and not play In the Champions League next season as it will have a massive impact on Transfers come the summer as we have all seen how those top players looking to move teams will only go to another team playing Champions League football. I’m a Liverpool fan and hoping we get champions league football as I can’t wait for the summer Transfer Market to open as if we have C/L to offer players then wow can’t wait to see who Klopp will attract to the Club.

  10. JamBut says:

    But Wenger is so great don’t blame him. It’s the fault of injuries, referee, and Kroenke.
    Wenger can not expect to have an impact on this club’s performances and Kroenke only gave Wenger 90 million to invest last season.

    Wenger knows best (doesn’t he?)

    1. gmv8 says:

      Kroenke supports Wenger, Kroenke is the only reason Wenger is still there. And it isn’t Kroenke’s money, it belongs to Arsenal football club, of which 32.8% doesn’t belong to Kroenke. If Kroenke goes, you can bet Wenger will go as well if things carry on the way they have been.

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