Do Arsenal deserve to be amongst the favourites for Europa League glory?

Arsenal are currently third in the betting to be crowned winners of the Europa League, but their season has hardly screamed glory has it?

The Gunners have been up-and-down in form since the campaign began. We started red-hot, winning six of our first seven matches in all competitions, including two wins and a loss over Premier League champions Liverpool.

Since then we have seen our side drop down to fifteenth in the table to flirt with relegation, before rising to within touching distances of the European places again.

None of the above would tell a betting man to invest their hard-earned money in backing Arsenal to win the Europa League, but there are reasons to get behind them.

While sitting at around about 5/1 in the betting with various firms, the teams around us all have question marks over them also.

Manchester United have dropped to second-favourites in the betting after AC Milan left Old Trafford with a 1-1 scoreline last night, in a match where the Italians were largely dominant, and they could well be eliminated if a similar showing was to be seen back in Italy next Thursday.

Spurs have temporarily moved into favouritism after the midweek results, a team as accustomed to winning trophies as the moon is with spacecrafts landing on it.

After Arsenal we have Ajax and Roma, who while are big names from the history books, both have done very little in recent seasons, although the Dutch side definitely deserve the most respect.

Despite offloading the majority of their stars over the years, their academy appears to have a magical way of breeding the next generational talents, but that does make it difficult to build winning teams when your better players leave when they have gained a certain level of experience.

The Gunners may well prove to be the best option, and their league position could well be a blessing.

Arsenal have largely enjoyed their best performances this term in the EL, as highlighted by the heroics shown against Benfica and they could well have nothing but this competition as a route into European competition for next season.

Just like last year, their last game in all competitions was their only chance to scrape their way into the EL, and they managed to overturn an in-form Chelsea side in the FA Cup final to do so.

Arsenal have showed fight and the ability to come out of sticky situations under Mikel Arteta, and with most of our rivals having other competitions to concentrate on, we could well be the value bet you have been looking for.

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  1. Wyoming says:

    I think Spurs and Arsenal are the favourites because the other top teams will qualify for the CL from their respective leagues so don’t absolutely need the EL win for CL.

    1. SueP says:

      I mistakenly thought that in 2019 and came back down to earth with an almighty bump. What a depressing night that was

      1. Dan kit says:

        One of the worst performances I’ve witnessed in a final sue .
        Mind you we was managed by the worst manager in our clubs history .
        Let’s hope if we get there this season Arteta can give us something to look forward to next season .

          1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            Oh, you mean the winningest Europa League manager ever!!! that’s just a ridiculous take…Wenger had left a shambolic situation for any successor, yet instead of pointing the blame squarely at the deserved party you attack a COACH, who didn’t even have any say in player movement or transactions

          2. SueP says:

            Whilst I’m old enough to know that Emery wasn’t the worst Arsenal manager in living memory, the capitulation in Baku was one of the worst nights in Europe that I can recall. It was he who got the team to the final so blaming Wenger for such a weak team performance is ridiculous – to use your words. Other things can be laid at Wenger’ door but not that.
            I’ve noticed that you often write in a confrontational manner. Try just expressing an opinion pleasantly thank you

          3. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            You’ve got me all wrong SueP, in fact I’m taken aback by the fact that you would even suggest such a notion…anyways, I too was very disappointed by our seeming capitulation in Baku, but please take a second and closer look at the team that was selected for that match, then likewise look at the alternatives on the bench that evening…you will find that minus Auba, this was an incredibly underwhelming group of players that Unai had sadly inherited from his predecessor…frankly, I’m surprised he actually found a way to get them to a final…no one likes to get to any final then functionally crap the bed, but I was more of a half glass full observer as I was pleasantly surprised by their appearance in just such a game considering our obvious roster limitations…let’s face it, Unai had overachieved, considering he was largely brought in to be a sacrificial lamb of sorts

          4. SueP says:

            Well I am glad that I have We all support the same team

          5. ozziegunner says:

            SueP, Dan Kit doesn’t have a good word about Emery; however I expect you to be fairer. 😔 Emery coached his players to beat some pretty decent teams, including Napoli on the way to the final. He certainly beat better teams than Olympiakos along the way and in his second campaign had an away win in the bank against Olympiakos when sacked. Unfortunately the players let him, themselves and the Club down badly against Chelsea in Baku.

          6. SueP says:

            Hello ozziegunner
            I agreed with Dan kit that it was a terrible night of football, and I have detected that he wasn’t an Emery fan.

            You are right that the players let the club down but I will have to differ with you on the reasons – insofar as it was Emery’s job to motivate- it was a very winnable final after all with Chelsea already guaranteed a CL place. He had got them to the final so that was impressive

            I felt that UE was on the way to losing the confidence of his players. Certainly the senior players called the shots and the power that they wielded was part of the problem. Was it that they saw a man losing control and decided not to fight? I don’t know but it unravelled quickly in the Autumn

            You have probably worked out that I believe Arteta has a good chance of bringing Arsenal back to being a force in football. After 15 months I don’t detect that the players are not playing for him. Not by any means the finished article but moving the right direction and I am especially pleased that Arteta has wrested control back.

            I think you and I will always disagree on the Emery era but I don’t doubt he will have success elsewhere

    2. Highbury Hero says:

      Every participant want that trophy regardless they have champions league spot or not from their leagues.

    3. Reggie says:

      Like Chelsea in 2019, you mean.

  2. PJ-SA says:

    I’d love to win the UEL but I would be lying if I said I think we deserve it. Nobody deserves anything, let’s get that straight! It’s about what you earn, not deserve.

    If we do win it, I just think it would be papering over the cracks the exact same way winning the FA Cup did. We had massive expectations after that with top 4 being a minimum for most and some saying we’d win the league….now we’d be lucky to end 8th.

    1. RW1 says:

      Sad but true state of affairs with AFC … along with spuds ( who I suspect will claw themselves in) we are the only team deemed among “favourites” outside top 6 of their league … we can win it but it’s a long shot and with no more realistic chance than Roma or Ajax or villareal

    2. Highbury Hero says:

      We don’t deserve it but we have a good chance like others. Champions League football will help with recruitments and revenue so they should do all it takes to win the EL.

      It’s not the end if the world if we lose it (it may be the end of Arteta though) but winning it is better than not.

      1. Ayan says:

        Wishfull thinking! With all our unforced errors that is becoming a norm in our matches. I doubt if we can make top 6 and win the EL. Personally I’m looking beyond this season and hope we will compete by then. But presently I think this season is done already!

  3. Reggie says:

    I do think our league campaign has been that poor that if we dont win the EL Arteta has to go 100%. If we do win it, give him 3 months to sort our league campaign out next season or else. The football we are playing is self harming and we cant carry on playing like we do with the types of players we have in the squad. A great manager gets the best out of the best players in his squad, not dull them.

    1. RW1 says:

      Exactly … should try bielsa .. at least Leeds play the kind of football that arsenal used to be identified with!!! Though without the players completely comfortable playing football at pace mistakes are inevitable

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