Do Arsenal deserve to be amongst the favourites for Europa League glory?

Arsenal are currently the second favourites to end the season as the winner of the Europa League, but is that title worthy?

The early betting on this competition is one which will rarely pay fruitful, unless you managed to put all your eggs on Jose Mourinho to guide his Man United team to glory a couple years back, with many of the eventual winners actually not in the betting at the opening exchanges. Teams drop out of the Champions League into the second-tier competition following the group stage of the competition, and many of the eventual winners have come this route, including current favourites Chelsea who won the competition in 2013, the year after winning the Champions League in fact.

With two of the last five winners of the UEFA Europa League, the Premier League is definitely a good starting point when looking for the eventual winner, and you can forgive the bookmakers for putting pressure on the English sides with favouritism, as I agree that the pair both have a great shout.

Arsenal are beginning to get to grips with the new systems being put into place by Unai Emery this term, and the partnership of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette is set to thrive (I can feel it).

If you struggle to find the easiest place to keep up with in-play soccer scores today, especially when there is a large number of matches in action as there is in the Europa League, then you may wish to try out the above.

At 9/1 to win the competition this season, I certainly wouldn’t put you off putting it into your novelty bets to see out the season, but do they deserve to be as short considering the amount of teams they will have to surpass? And will they prioritise a top-four finish when push comes to shove?

Pat J

Updated: September 13, 2018 — 9:34 am


  1. As what happened in the previous season, I think the Europa League would be Arsenal’s best chance to re-enter the next season’s Champions League

    By the time they enter the knockout group, Emery would have his main players tested and drilled as a team

    I predict Arsenal would also bring a new reinforcement in January

  2. Yes I think we do… and for entertainment value I think we’re definitely favourite for that!!

  3. Currently Arsenal is strong except for the leaking defense. If we can improve on this, we can beat any team with our Midfield and our strike force.

    I am happy.

  4. 21 years to the day Wrighty broke the goalscoring record!
    Ian Wright Wright Wright…. I love him 😊

  5. To be fair the season
    really starts now.
    All the players have settled in
    and the team will start playing
    3 games a week PL, Europa League / Carabao Cup.
    So finally we will see the full squad (minus those injured).
    It is conceivable Arsenal could go on a ten match run of wins
    and be top 6 PL by the time we play Liverpool on Nov 4th.
    By Xmas the team may be in the Carabao cup semis
    and should be through to the Europa knock out phase.
    Fans may well be singing the praises of players and manager at yule tide.

    1. barryglik, thank you for this positive post,
      I hope you are right and Arsenal’s current defensive frailties can be rectified. The attack will be OK, given that Aubameyang and Mhikataryan are now available for Europe. It all depends on Arsenal’s ability to beat the teams, which drop down from the Champions League.

  6. Completely off topic-Very good result for the U21 boys
    last night in the CheckaTrade trophy.This competition has our boys up against the First Team players of Division One and Two sides so they get the chance of competitive games in a Cup Competition.A 3-0 won sounds convincing with Smith-Rowe Eddie and Willock scoring which is all good for the future.
    I don’t understand why Wenger did not enter this Competition last year as the boys are at the age where they need these types of games and it’s a chance for them to show exactly how they are progressing.Our next two games are away at Cheltenham and Forest Green Rovers and I am going to make an effort to watch these if I can.Some of these boys are knocking on the door this season so it will be good to see them in a competitive match

    1. Just checked 30th October away to Cheltenham and the folllowing week away to Forest Green Rovers.A game for the Anorak Supporters I think

      1. And just read a report that Tony Adams was sat in the Away fans section to watch the game.
        Let me know if you are getting bored with this

        1. Hey Phil, you should have written an article about it!

          1. I might just do that for the Cheltenham Game Admin-I have an article planned in my head for an International Break as we all get pretty bored for 10 days or so but I will do this for the Check a Trade game

          2. Can we please have the like buttons back @admin

          3. I’m afraid not! You are welcome to write it sometimes if you like (like I did!)

          4. @admin why’d you end up getting rid of them again?

          5. They destroyed the website. I would rather have the website than thumbs with no stories!
            Anyway, I think most people are happier without them now…..

          6. I am happier without them. They attracted people with nothing of their own to say, just a moronic thumbs up or thumbs down, in a five year old child fashion. Better quality debate by far since they went. Only insecure people care what others think of them anyway. If you have the courage to write forceful thoughts of your own and the ability and keenness to defend them, or to reconsider your own point of view them when others disagree (as they have a perfect right to do, of course) then why do you need thumbs up to give you self esteem? You either believe in what you write or you don’t. If you don’t, then don’t bother writing at all. I prefer a site debated by adults, not little kids.

          7. Understood, never really considered that perspective. I guess it makes sense to not have the thumbs mechanism. If you really wanna collect data than a poll on people’s opinions than a poll should be substantial

  7. There are certainly times when fan polls are necessary. Like last years when so many wanted WENGER OUT AND AND SAID SO IN VARIOUS POLLS. BUT THE IMPORTANT POLL WAS WON BY THE THOUSANDS OF REGULARLY EMPTY SEASTS, WHICH TOLD THE OWNER, that beyond doubt WE WOULD NOT STAND FOR YET MORE OF Wengers shambles. Fans have far more power than many even realise but sometimes are afraid to use that power. WELL, LAST SEASON WE DID AND WE GOT HIM SACKED. LONG OVERDUE TOO, BUT BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

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