Do Arsenal even have a transfer plan? Worrying times again….

The summer signs are worrying as Arsenal’s targets keep snubbing us.‏ by KM

Hello everybody! How’s your summer going? Better than Arsenals I hope? The Euros are over and the real preseason starts, but so far what we’ve done is added Xhaka, lost Thierry and we’ve been snubbed by two of our targets.

Let’s start with Thierry and Arsene’s absurd decision to remove one of our most iconic figures from the club, because he was also part of Sky. I’m sorry if that ain’t a dictatorship I don’t know what is really. Why did we have to kick him out? Did he not attend trainings, or he was drunk or something? Thierry has a presence of a time Arsenal were kings of the premier league. Such presence is long gone nowadays. Paddy is at City, Bergkamp is not at the club, now Thierry is gone and even Arteta decided to join City.

Huge question marks over Arsene once again, but that’s nothing too surprising. Another alarming problem is the fact we are continuously being snubbed by our targets. We should be able to persuade Vardy to come to us and despite the fact he’s not really the striker we need, we shouldn’t really have problems getting somebody if we really want him, especially if he plays for Leicester, despite the fact they are champions of England.

The Draxler story is another indicator. Would you believe that Bayern Munich would have trouble getting him, if they wanted him? They are a big name and they completely dominate the Bundesliga. We cannot attract players in the same fashion because A – we don’t compete for the prizes and B – our transfer negotiation skills are plain terrible.

Real Madrid and Barcelona use the media, their players, their global fanbase, everything they have. If they want a player they get him. Man United can do it without champions league football. Ibrahimovic and Mikhitaryan were both improvements on our current situation. Why didn’t we approach them?

We don’t have a plan. I’ve said it a thousand times and as much as I hate myself every time I do it, it’s the truth. We are waiting for things to fall on our heads instead of forcing the moves. There is still time, but I’ve seen this movie before and I know how it ends.

Still though, every time I hope for an unexpected twist, but it just doesn’t work like that. You have to force your luck, not wait for it.



  1. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results

    1. @DennisTheMenace.
      I agree. Writing comments
      on justArsenal year in and
      year out and expecting
      the management to listen to such advice is insanity 🙂

    2. We pretty much all are insane! The board, the fans, management, all doing the same thing everywhere year and expecting a different outcome.. Let’s do ourselves a favor and all check in at a mental institute.

  2. We have board members who are selfish, we have a proud outdated coach dat will never learn from his mistakes ; we av poor negotiating teams. All the top are busy adding qualities to their side but Arsenal are satisfied wit ox, wishere,giroud,akpom, walcot who do not deserve a place in d bench..

  3. Deadwood out, fringe players
    moved on, very few injuries
    one 30 mill signing is a very good
    summer for Arsenal so far.
    We need to sort out the RB situation.
    We do need to sort out Giroud’s back up.
    But there are reasonable options available
    buy players or use who we have.
    If we get all our targets great if not it’s still fine
    because the Arsenal goal is top 4.
    That’s why there is no panic at Arsenal.
    Everything is on track.

    1. Not sure why the thumbs down, there must be fans out there who believe arsenal are aiming to win the PL. I like the optimism but so far this transfer window does not support this.

      1. Maybe because he said are problem is at rb? . when I thin St, Rw,defender is more what we neef

  4. Its simple really,Wenger is a very poor manager and has been poor very almost 10 years now,he makes insanely stupid decisions and moves than not even a non league manager would make e.g Kim Kallstrom, 40mil + 1 for Suarez,not siging an out field player last season,playing Ozil on the left wing for some time,Flamini siging,being snubbed by Vardy etc,the list goes on and on and on,Chelsea go in for Kante in within 4 days deal is done,But noooo Wenger goes in for crack head Vardy and gets snubbed ,I’m sorry but if we had to choose over 2 new world class sigings or a new coach I’d opt for the new coach,Wenger is a poor poor manager ,he ia lower than the level of our club,anyway thanks in advance for the thumbs down…..Wenger is a poor mananger that is the answer for every question on this site.

    1. The suarez bid was to trigger a release clause. Liverpool denied any clause had been triggered, it would appear now that the clause was triggered. This could only have been resolved by suarez taking liverpool to court, which he chose not to do.

      At the time suarez had been banned for racial abuse, was part way through a ten match ban for biting, had stated he was fed up with england and the media attention and gave every indication of being a troubled player..

      At the time of the bid RVP had just fired manu to the title and we sold him for just over £20m, believed to be against wengers wishes. £40m for suarez at the time looked a very good offer and a bid risk.

      The criticism was media hype. Arsenal make very fair offer for striker is no story. Comments about £1 and “what have you been smoking” is a story.

      The real point of all this is that liverpools attitude to players and their contracts is very questionable.

      1. Johnm, I don’t think Suarez had bitten anyone or was in the middle of a10 match ban for racially abusing Patrice Evera when Arsenal triggered his release clause.

        1. According to the bbc “The 26-year-old striker will miss Liverpool’s final Premier League games of this season – against Newcastle, Everton, Fulham and QPR – and the first six domestic matches of the 2013-14 campaign.” We put in a bid for suarez in the summer of 2013. The racial abuse incident was in 2011.

          So I will stand by what I said.

  5. With regard to thierry and coaching, arsenal supported thierry in getting his uefa A license. According to the telegraph, the ‘A’ license is a bit like getting an MBA in coaching. It makes you very employable. Arsenal then offered thierry a post in coaching the U18. I looked at the U18 matches and they play a lot of their games on a saturday all over the country. Surely a coach needs to travel with the team, watch the match, make substitutions etc. If arsenal U18 are playing away to say sunderland on a saturday, how can thierry do this and commentate for sky at the same time? To be fair I think it was an assistant coach position and thierry said he would do it for free, but surely the assistant coach has to be with the team as well. I think wenger got this correct.

    1. I’m not sure how anyone can thumb you down on this Jonm, but this is JustArsenal, so anything is likely on here lol.
      You got a thumbs up from me anyway.

      1. Stubill, thanks for the support, I think the thumbs down is due to disappointment that thierry is not at the club. At least we have tony adams doing the job now.

      2. I’m not sure but I think that Henry only worked for Sky sports on Sundays and Mondays?
        Wenger didn’t like the fact that Henry openly criticised him and his player’s whilst working for Sky.
        It was unlikely that Henry would give up his two day aweek pundit job, earning him £4 million ayear.
        Obviously, things will be different once he gains all his coaching badges and receives a good offer to manage a club.

        1. Thierry is supposedly the best payed pubdit on TV. Seems odd to me that he does not cover saturdays games. The U18 play a lot of their games on a saturday, a few on a monday.

          I have found that thierry is generally supportive of arsenal, the often quoted criticism of giroud is a fabrication, he never mentioned girouds name. Basically he said the spine of the team needs improving,

          There is an issue here though, as a sky commentator thierry has to give an honest opinion, if arsenal have played badly, made mistakes etc, as they do sometimes, then he needs to say so. This means at times being critical of some players and the manager, it is his job. How can he then go and work as a coach in the same club. How many employees can criticise their company on a sunday on national television and go in to work on a monday as if nothing has happened.

          It is one thing to criticise a player, face to face, in a positive way and suggest how they can improve. Completely another to criticise on national television.

  6. @ KM (Konstantin)
    I think you get it wrong with Titi situation there dude. Head coach is a serious full time job even at youth level. If Titi thought he can make it like part time job volunteer then get his A license while his real expensive job as a pundit, he’s big wrong. As footballer Titi is our legend, therefore as reputable pundit, but as a coach (head coach) he’s still amateur. There’s a process. You have to crawl first before you can run.
    About the transfer policy, I agreed. AW things is working like pandora box. You don’t know what will coming out from it next.
    Gone in flash at very first time by Xhaka arrival, and now stuck without reason. I mean come on please, Takuma Asano? That’s the A plan?
    It’s not for the first time that 31 August is still way to go, but I myself still can’t get use to the level of stress we are reaching.

  7. Arsenal were spot on over Thierry Henry. When I worked for major financial institutions I was not allowed to have any other jobs, paid or otherwise. Especially I would not have been allowed to work in the media. Thierry was offered a salary, but chose the much higher one on offer from sky.

    In any case, how bad is it that the greatest captain this club has ever had, will now get the gig instead?

    As for the transfers, I agree on that we don’t appear to have a target list now. Wenger said he wanted 3 first team players, he signed one,and has been snubbed by Vardy. Nor sure who or what position the 3rd target will be, but he obviously felt we had a need for a striker, so I am still hoping on that one.

    1. True Henri was a great player
      and probably had input at
      Arsenal and in NY but he
      has never managed a big club.
      Until he does he is a pundit
      who talks the talk … but

  8. So far this transfer window we know the following
    1. We have signed xhaka
    2. We have signed asano for the future
    3. We mafe a bid for vardy and it was turned down.
    4. Wenger has said he is after three first team platers?

    Everything else about, draxler, higuain etc is all media hype and we have no idea if it is true.

    To me it looks like a last minute scramble on deadline day after the season has started, with no preseason to bed in the new players (if any).

    Same as usual, or it may be like last year that we are all finished.

  9. Since Wenger signed Ozil, his trend has been one main signing during the summer transfer window and he only uses the January transfer window if the injury list is high.

    I said it as soon as the Xhaka signing was announced by the club that if we didn’t make any other signings before the Euro’s kicked off, that it would mean that Xhaka was Wenger’s ‘main’ signing.
    We were all expecting a WC striker to be signed but again we ignored Wenger’s statement before hand that he would be looking to sign cover for Welbeck and that Giroud would be leading the line next season.
    It now seems as if Akpom could be used as that cover, as it has been confirmed that he won’t be going out on loan.
    The way things are looking and if wenger doesn’t pull his finger out and change his stubborn ways, this could turn out to be Wenger’s worsed ever season in his history at the club.

  10. I read that Mahrez has rejected a new contract offer from Leicester and that he wants to follow Kante out of the club.

    Wouldn’t it make sense to go after him?
    Surely his worth spending 25-30 million on?
    His alot cheaper than Draxler and is premier league proven.

    1. Unfortunately for us, Mr Wenger will never see things in the same way as the rest of us and this is the main stumbling block that is preventing Arsenal from moving forward and upwards.

  11. its frustrating being a gunner every single period of the season including the transfer window…we want to b d best but our transfer situations begs to differ…how many tyms do we need to shout spend, spend, spend b4 dat happens???? wat is d point of being in d ‘top 10 financially rich clubs’ list every year but don’t spend like 1????? sure, we’ll buy d odd 30m player but is it enough… dat stingy prof will always look for ‘value’ for money spent but he has dat worked out for d past 12 years
    walcott-waste tbh
    chambers-so far, waste
    spending 15m five times is 75m which could have been used to buy 2 top 30m signings….always a gentleman, le prof…..we wanted mhkytaryan, dortmnund said not for sale, he ends up in man utd…who doesn’t know top clubs don’t want to sell???? offer, higher than his value(not d outrageous offer) and see if they won’t sing another tune….higuain, koulibaly and mahrez and I promise u, this season would b a success but no, le prof would rather tighten the purse strings like its his fathers money….man utd have spent >30m on three transfers this window(IBRA salary, signing on fees), Chelsea twice already with more to come, man city will spend like a confused lottery winner and Tottenham r papering the cracks of their team while we do wat????

  12. higuain will b a fantastic signing in so many ways….,
    belief to d squad dat we have serious ambitions this season
    Alexis and ozil will want to sign since they see we’re moving in d ryt direction
    d whole of england will take us seriously
    most importantly, we’ve got a genuine world class striker… score 25 goals, let alone 36 in serie A????? non of our players will get 20 goals there….
    mahrez will make that rw side his own with ease and is better suited to draxler in d EPL IMHO
    koulibaly is a mountain of a player with surprisingly quick feet….one of the best defenders in serie A…will scare most moronic strikers like Costa (will giv me much pleasure)

    Manolas, subotic, rudiger r better suited to partner boss than BFG and wouldnt cost 40m…keep in mind man utd signed baily for 30m

  13. Bayern Munich Wouldn’t have a problem signing Draxler because Draxler wants to stay in Germany and they are the top side in Germany. It’s not like Draxler has agreed to go to a premier league side.

    As for Vardy I think it is more about him wanting to stay at the club he loves than us not being attractive enough to lure away players. Allan Shearer stayed at Newcastle when he could have gone elsewhere and his team didn’t win the prem as far as I know.

    As for all of these so called snubs, most of them were false rumours to begin with. Every transfer window we are linked with players Wenger hasn’t even contacted yet we are apparently snubbed by them. If you believe everything you read then yes arsenal are always getting snubbed and lack the ability to attract players of quality yet in reality Arteta was willing to take a pay cut to join us, Ozil joined us and Sanchez joined us the following year.

    We didn’t go in for Zlatan because despite being a great player he is not an Arsenal type of player. His ego alone would have been a turn off for Wenger. Mourinho went in for him, he got him. They have worked together in the past and have a pretty good relationship.

    I don’t believe that Manunited or Chelsea could have signed Vardy. Vardy will most likely retire at his club and be a legend even if they don’t win the prem again.

    I think it goes both ways, we can’t prise away Vardy but who could prise away the likes of Bellerin, Koscielny,Ramsey or Wilshere from us?

    1. With regard to bellerin, the football club from the city he was born and raised in might do it in a few years time. Lets hope he looks at former arsenal players who have gone there, none seem to have flourished.

  14. KM, we all know that Arsenal cannot force their luck to buy any of their transfer targets save if they have sufficient money in their hands to contemplate forcing their luck. And the target(s)’ club(s) is prepared to sell to us if the target(s) has agreed to come us and also agree terms with us.

    In the case of Vardy and Mkhitaryan, both players don’t want to come to Arsenal for the reasons best known to them. I believe the Boss must be trying very hard at the market to make good of his promise to sign 3 senior squard players this summer. And he’ll undoubtedly sign 2 more if Asano isn’t one of the 3.

  15. Arsenal Arsenal. Arsenal are just not serious. The coach, the board, the owners, the fans we’re all not serious. Cmon Wenger, Really?? Takuma Asano?? And the fans who are always buying merch, paying incredibly expensive ticket prices to watch mediocrity. Cmon guys, claim our club. I always wish I were in London. Maybe I could start a revolution. Otherwise, I will be watching the NBA next season.

    1. Guys listen to me, I have some inside information. I know you guys won’t believe me but I know someone in a good place in football. He’s told me in confidence that arsenal are trying to pitch Campbell to clubs in Turkey, Spain and Italy. They believe he will go in the region of just under 20million. Arsenal are also heard to be going for Mahrez this deal will be closed before next weekend and if not then, it will be because they are yet unable to offload Campbell. Whom of purse I believe has done just about everything right and doesn’t deserve this treatment. However Mahrez at this point in his career will be an upgrade plus he speaks French and we know our manager loves this.

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