Do Arsenal even need a new striker now that Sesko is not available?

So, it turns out that Benjamin Sesko, the striker that many Gooners were hoping Arsenal would sign, won’t be joining after all. Do you reckon there’s a possibility that Arsenal might not end up securing a top striker, or any striker for that matter, and instead opt for a superstar winger?

It’s quite a contentious topic, isn’t it?

Alright, so here are two options for the summer: either spend a decent amount of the transfer budget to sign a top-notch right winger and rely on Havertz to lead the attack next season with Gabriel Jesus as his backup, or go for a more average winger and striker to give us more options in the attack.

What do you think?

Personally, I think it would be great if Edu and Arteta considered signing a top-notch winger. A new star winger will join Arsenal’s right wing to help share the workload there. Saka’s freshness and lack of strain will make him more unpredictable and impactful.

Arsenal’s attack will be highly effective, featuring Trossard and Martinelli options on the left wing, Jesus and Havertz options up front, and Bukayo Saka deputized by a new top winger such as Pedro Neto or Nico Williams on the right wing.

Definitely, Arsenal could still have plenty of firepower in the end, even if they don’t manage to sign a top striker.

Darren N


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  1. Zirkzee and Vlahovic are still available

    Vlahovic just rejected Juventus’ decision to lower his salary

  2. Arsenal was never interested in Sesko. It was media gossip spread originally by his agent in Germany to the German media, that was then picked up by the English media. All were fooled in the aim to get him a better contract with his club by his agent.

    Arsenal do not go after strikers that have performed for one good season. They must have a track record of at least two good seasons and be of a technical nature going back to the likes of Jesus, Henry and Bergkamp and even Havertz.
    The strikers that fit that mold at this present time is WIRTZ, Santiago Gimenez, Olise (if converted), Kvaratskhelia ( if converted), Lautaro Martinez.
    All consistent goal scorers and technical team players as well, which suits the Arteta player profile. The “if converted” means they have played successfully in the striker position before but maybe be deployed as a winger at this present time with their current clubs. Then so was Henry deployed as a winger before finding his true position as a striker when he was converted by Wenger.

  3. Arsenal strikers need technical ability to be a team player, to be able to link up, have an 80% pass completion, and consistent goal contribution over at least two seasons in the players history.
    A lot of the strikers mentioned are one season gambles that are also below average passers of the ball. In other words they loose possession. Edu will be looking for the right Arsenal fit.

    1. i am not sure there is striker on this planet that meets that description, even Haarland falls short

  4. Arsenal did not need a striker buy buy two wingers both right and left flank bakayoko and mitoma

  5. We shouldn’t buy a striker for the sake of having a new one. We should only add players we feel will add quality to a strong core group of players. We need a right winger whether we have another striker or not so it will be a good idea to bring in the best one we can. If it wasn’t for injuries Neto would be an excellent signing

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